Power and Wealth
Chapter 171 – The status of the family changed!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 171 – The status of the family changed!

Everyone in the house was still digesting the shocking news of Dong Xuebing becoming their County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief.

Dong Xuebing laughed and pulled Tang Jin’s arms, which was still wrapped around his neck, and patted her on her head. “You have been mischievous since young. You are all grown up now, and why are you still behaving like a kid?” Tang Jin did not attend university and had started working after High School. She is currently working at a leather bag factory in the village. She was not much younger than Dong Xuebing.

Tang Jin laughed. “I am happy… This is the first time our family has a high-ranking official.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “It is only a Deputy Section Chief position. I am the lowest rank Deputy Bureau Chief in the Bureau. What high-ranking official are you talking about?”

Tang Jin laughed. “This is still not considered high rank? Where else can you find a Deputy Bureau Chief in his early 20s? Brother, will you be staying here in the future?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I should be in Yan Tai County for the next 1 to 2 years. I am not sure in the future.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt saw her daughter pestering Dong Xuebing and said: “Xiao Jin, your brother should be tired. Let him take a break. Oh, he has punished those hooligans for you, and you haven’t thanked him yet.” After knowing Dong Xuebing had become a high-rank leader, she becomes more reserved when she speaks to him. She saw Dong Xuebing’s cup was almost empty and quickly help to pour water for him.

Tang Jin said: “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Dong Xuebing said and quickly stopped his Second Aunt from topping up his cup. He grabbed the themoflask from her and poured water into her husband and her cup. “Second Aunt, you don’t need to be so polite with me. We are a family. If I don’t stand up for Xiao Jin, who will help her? When my father is sick, your family lend us all your savings. I will never forget what you all had done for us. If you all encounter any problems in the future, let me know. I will do my best to help.”

Second Aunt was touched and smiled. “It is only a few thousand.”

Dong Xuebing purposely mentioned the past, and his Uncle and First Aunt were embarrassed. When Luan Xiaoping approaches them for help, they refused to help. They knew Dong Xuebing’s father’s condition was a bottomless pit. No amount of money will be able to cure his illness. This was why they refused to lend any money to Dong Xuebing’s family.

Luan Xiaoping was very kind and does not want her son to fall out with her siblings. She quickly changed the topic. “Xiao Bing, do you have any place to stay in the County? How about staying in the village? It is not very far from the County’s town. You can buy a motorbike. Staying in hotels is expensive.”

Dong Xuebing held his mother and sat down on the sofa. “Mum, I am also a leader. How can the bureau don’t arrange lodging for me? I got my apartment in the afternoon. It has 2 bedrooms and equipped with home appliances. It is much better than the hotel rooms.”

Dong Xuebing’s First Aunt asked: “Your workplace even gives you an apartment?”

Her husband gave her a stare. “What’s there to be surprised? Xiao Bing is a leader now. The higher-ups must arrange lodging for me.”

Other than Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt’s family, Dong Xuebing does not want to speak with the rest. But his mother was around, and he can’t be rude. “It is a temporary quarter. I have to return it when I am transferred.”

Tang Jin looked at Dong Xuebing enviously. She had lived in the village all her life, and her dream is to buy an apartment in the County Town.

After chatting awhile, Luan Xiaoping suddenly remembered that she still has not washed the dishes. “You all chat first. I will go and wash the dishes.”

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle heard it and used his leg to nudge his wife secretly.

His wife immediately got the hint. She looked at Dong Xuebing and quickly stopped Luan Xiaoping. “Xiao Ping, let me wash the dishes. How can I let you wash the dishes after you had worked the whole day? Take a break and have some fruits.”

Luan Xiaoping waved her hands. “Sister-in-law, I am not tired. I can do the dishes.”

Luan Xiaoping’s sister-in-law pretended to be angry. “Go and accompany Xiao Bing. I will take care of all household chores in the future.”

Dong Xuebing’s First Aunt also moved towards them and smiled. “Xiaoping, you have not met Xiao Bing for a long time. Go and accompany your son. Leave these chores to your sister-in-law and me.”

Luan Xiaoping felt bad. “Sis, sister-in-law, how can I let you all do these? Let me do it.” Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt and she were the ones who do these chores usually.

Dong Xuebing’s grandmother said: “Xiaoping, your health is not good. Leave these chores to them in the future.”

Luan Xiaoping was now the Deputy Bureau Chief’s mother. Dong Xuebing was still sitting on the sofa watching them. His First Aunt and Uncle’s wife dares not to let his mother do these chores. It was different now. Luan Xiaoping could feel her status in the family had changed. Although it was sudden, she knew it was all because of her son.

Dong Xuebing felt better when he saw their attitude towards his mother changed

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle moved closer and took out a pack of cigarettes. He offered Dong Xuebing a stick. “Xiao Bing, have a smoke.”

Since his Uncle showed him respect, Dong Xuebing must return the favor. He lit the cigarette and offered his Uncle and First Aunt’s Uncle, his Zhong Hua Cigarettes. But when he saw his mother staring at him, he realized that he had never smoke in front of his mother before. He smiled: “Mum, I seldom smoke.”

If this were the past, Luan Xiaoping would start lecturing her son. Smoking is harmful to his health. But now, her son is a high-rank official. She did not scold her son and felt it was normal for her son to smoke. Which government official does not smoke?

After a while, Dong Xuebing’s Uncle’s wife returns after washing the dishes. “Xiao Ping, I went to the County Town a few days ago and bought some clothes. Let’s go and see which one you like. I will give it to you.”

Luan Xiaoping knew about this. Her sister-in-law had boasted about the clothes she bought after she returned. Those clothing were expensive. “I still have clothes. Thank you.”

Her sister-in-law held her arms: “Don’t stand on ceremony with me. Let’s try them on.”

Dong Xuebing’s First Aunt followed them. “Xiaoping’s figure is better than me. You will not fit into my clothes. I will buy some for you when I go shopping.” Luan Xiaoping had suddenly become the VIP of the family. After Dong Xuebing had become a leader in their county, they felt the need to mend their broken relationship. More importantly, Dong Xuebing’s First Aunt and Uncle’s wife knew Dong Xuebing was still angry with them. They were doing these to show Dong Xuebing.

9 pm.

Dong Xuebing remembered that he still has something to speak to his Second Aunt’s family. He called his Second Aunt’s family over to his mother’s room. After entering his mother’s room, Luan Xiaoping returned, wearing a dress given to her by her Sister-in-law.

Tang Jin laughed. “You are so pretty.”

Second Aunt added. “That’s right. This dress suits you.”

Luan Xiaoping smiled. “I am almost 50 years old. How can I be pretty?” She said this, but she was still feeling great in her heart.

Dong Xuebing laughed and praised his mother too. After that, he took out his wallet and turned to Tang Jin. “Xiao Jin, I did not prepare any gifts for you today. Here…….” Dong Xuebing took out a red packet he prepared. The red packet was very thick and could not be sealed. “This is for you. Since Lunar New Year had just past, just treat this as a New Year red packet from me.”

Tang Jin waved her hand. “No. I cannot accept this.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt also pushed the red packet back to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing, we cannot accept your money. Keep it.”

Dong Xuebing forcefully pushes the red packet into Tang Jin’s hand. “Sis, just keep it. You want to make me angry?”

Luan Xiaoping nodded with approval. Her son had become more mature. “Xiao Jin. Since this is given by your brother, just keep it.”

After pushing the red packet back and forth, the red packet was torn, and some of the cash in it were exposed. Everyone was shocked. They thought that the thick red packet contains only 10 yuan bills and did not expect it to be full of 100 yuan bills! There is 10,000 RMB in the red packet!

The biggest red packet Tang Jin received every year was only 100 RMB. This was the first time she received a 10,000 RMB red packet. She was shocked. “Brother, this……. This is too much!”

Tang Jin’s father was stunned. “Your sister’s annual wage is only 10,000 RMB. This…… No. We cannot accept this.”

Dong Xuebing ignored them and forcefully pushes the money to Tang Jin. “Just take it. It’s fine. You are at the age where you should get a boyfriend. You need to doll up and get some pretty dresses.”

Although Luan Xiaoping felt 10,000 RMB was too much, she still said: “Just take it. Your brother is earning a lot now.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt sighed and patted the back of Dong Xuebing’s hand.

Tang Jin looked at Dong Xuebing gratefully. “Thank you.”

“Haha, don’t mention it.” Dong Xuebing laughed. “I will prepare a bigger gift for you when you get married.” Dong Xuebing had grown up in Beijing, and Tang Jin had been living in the countryside. They had only played together a few times when they were young. But because of Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt and her husband, Dong Xuebing, felt the need to take care of her.

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt and her husband knew Dong Xuebing was repaying them the debt and was touched.

When Second Aunt’s family were about to leave, Dong Xuebing whispered to Tang Jin. “If you need money or encounter any problems, just give me a call. Do you still have my number?”

Tang Jin nodded. “Thank you.”

After they left, Luan Xiaoping sat on the bed with her son. She looked at him and did not say anything.

Dong Xuebing asked. “Mum, what is it? Huh? Are you mad with me because I gave Xiao Jin so much money?”

“No.” Luan Xiaoping looked at her son cautiously and said. “Your Uncle and First Aunt might be selfish in the past…… but they are not wealthy then. They are unable to lend us money. Can you don’t blame them? You had given your sister so much money and have not returned home for so many years. Shouldn’t you……. Give something to your grandmother, Uncle and Aunt?” Luan Xiaoping saw her son frowning and quickly says: “You don’t need to give them 10,000 RMB each. A few hundred will do.”

Dong Xuebing did not reply.

Luan Xiaoping pushed her son’s arm. “You are our County’s leader now. You have not visited them for so many years, and you didn’t even bring any gifts with you now… Son, just treat it as helping mum. Buy your Uncle and Aunt a few cartons of cigarettes and a few hundred RMB to your grandmother. Ok?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Mum, if you are not around earlier, I will not even bother about them.”

Luan Xiaoping did not want to trouble her son and did not want him to give them money. But Luan Xiaoping was still a member of this family. Her sister-in-law and elder sister had treated her well earlier. It would be rude if her son did not give them some gifts. She saw her son sitting there keeping quiet, refusing to give in, her tears dropped.

Dong Xuebing was afraid of his mother crying. “Huh? Why are you crying again? Fine… Alright. I will go and buy cigarettes now!!! Stop crying! I apologize!”

Luan Xiaoping nodded and wiped her tears. She knew her son was good to her and will do whatever she tells him to when she cried.

The store in the village does not sell Zhong Hua Cigarettes. The best cigarettes there was only Yu Xi cigarettes, and Dong Xuebing bought all the remaining cartons of cigarettes in the store, before returning to his mother’s room. He placed the cigarettes and 1,000 RMB on the dressing table. “Mum, give these to them tomorrow. Just say it’s from me.” After saying that, he took out an ATM card from his wallet and gave it to his mother.

Luan Xiaoping asked. “What’s this?”

“There is about 300,000 RMB in this account. Keep it. Just buy whatever you want.”

“Huh?” Luan Xiaoping was shocked. “Where did you get so much money?!”

“Eh? Don’t get so excited. I will tell you slowly.” Dong Xuebing laughed and had his arm around his mother’s shoulders. “I don’t dare to tell you in the past, because I am afraid that you will think I received bribes. This money is earned by me. During my university days, I worked part-time at the Antique Market. I learned a lot there. I used what I had learned and found a few treasures, which I sold for 5 million. Now, I am setting up an Auction company with Aunt Xuan. The company will be set up soon.”

Luan Xiaoping almost fainted when she heard 5 million. “Are you telling the truth? Are you lying to me?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Of course not. You can ask Aunt Xuan if you don’t believe me. the Auction Company will be in operations soon.”

“5 million…… 5 million…….” Luan Xiaoping was worried that her son had gotten his money through illegal means. She questioned her son for a while before she believed him.

Dong Xuebing gave the ATM card, which was registered under Aunt Xuan’s name, to his mother and told her the pin. After that, he laughed. “I have so much money now, and I don’t know what to spend it on. Just take it and buy some clothes or an electric bicycle. Just go ahead and spend it. If you finish spending it, let me know.”

Luan Xiaoping hesitated for a while and accepted the card. She wrote the pin on a piece of paper and started tearing again. This was the happiest day of her life. Her son is now the County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief and still got 5 million RMB! The Dong family will not be looked down upon again!!!


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