Power and Wealth
Chapter 173 – Look for Xiao Dong whenever there is trouble!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 173 – Look for Xiao Dong whenever there is trouble!

A few days later.

The result of the welcome meal was shown. Because the leaders in the Bureau did not think highly of Dong Xuebing and did not assign any work to him, the rest of the department heads in the bureau did not welcome him. The higher-ups had not consulted the County’s Bureau Party Committee and transferred Dong Xuebing in straight. Many people do not like this arrangement. Another reason was Dong Xuebing’s age. He was too young, and no one will think he is capable. Dong Xuebing also stayed low since he joined the bureau, and no one felt he have any backings.

Morning. Dong Xuebing walked into the Bureau with a bun in hand.

“Chief Dong.”

“Good morning, Chief Dong.”

A few police officers smiled and greeted Dong Xuebing. But they were influenced by the department heads and were not as welcoming towards Dong Xuebing as before.

Dong Xuebing is a sensitive person. He could feel the changes in everyone’s attitude towards him. Back in his office, he rubbed his temples. He was frustrated. If this continues, he will have no authority in the bureau. Now, everyone is treating him as if he is invisible. What is Chief Liang thinking? Why didn’t he assign any duties to him? Things should be better after he is entrusted with some responsibilities. With authority and men, people will look at him differently.

Although Dong Xuebing was anxious to make a name for himself, he did not look for Liang Chengpeng. He was afraid that he will leave a bad impression.

9.30 am. Office Director Hu Silian called Dong Xuebing’s office to attend a bureau chiefs meeting.

Dong Xuebing thought this is it! I will be assigned some duties!

The Bureau Chiefs’ meeting is in a small meeting room on the top floor. Other than Dong Xuebing and other Deputy Chiefs, some department heads will also be attending. After Dong Xuebing entered the meeting room, he quietly observes the others. He wants to know who is closer to who and if there is anyone who is at loggerheads against each other. Dong Xuebing was still new in the bureau and was not sure about the relationship between the leaders. He needed some time to figure out the different factions. He does not want to make any irreversible mistakes. This was the reason why Dong Xuebing stayed low in the past few days.

5 minutes later, the meeting starts. Hu Silian was in charge of taking the minutes.

Liang Chengpeng updated the progress of the bureau’s work for the previous month. He praised the officers involved in cracking a case of burglary and rape. After that, he approved the procurement of 20 new blankets for their lockups and some stationaries for the offices. From Dong Xuebing’s observation, Chief Liang has a lot of authority in the bureau and no one challenged his decisions. Everyone just agreed to whatever he says.

After a while, Liang Chengpeng cleared his throat and looked at a file in his hand. “Next, we shall discuss the case of our County’s website.”

Executive Deputy Chief Hu Yiguo and the rest of the leaders frowned.

Liang Chengpeng threw the file on the desk angrily. “Someone is openly challenging the County Government. The government’s website had been hacked several times. The hackers caused the malfunction of the server and defaced the site. 1 month. It’s been one whole month, and last night, the site was hacked again. The County’s leaders called up and scolded us. Chief Hu, you are in-charge of internet security. When are you going to solve this case?

Hu Yiguo replied: “These criminals are very skillful. Our internet security team has only been set up recently……”

Liang Chengpeng interrupted him: “Didn’t we get someone from the City Bureau to assist us?”

Hu Yiguo said. “The City Bureau’s Cyberspace Administration had sent some internet police officers to assist us. But no matter how they tried, they are still unable to stop those hackers. They waited a few nights for the hackers but the hackers did not appear. Last night, the hackers appeared immediately after they left. The internet officers think that this hacker is very skillful and cunning… We might not……”

Deputy Chief Chao replied casually. “I think we should shut down the site temporary before any significant damage is done.”

This case had been troubling Hu Yiguo for some time. He added: “I think so too.”

Liang Chengpeng furiously replied: “This will be bowing down to the criminals! They will continue to commit these crimes! There is no room for negotiations! Contact the City Bureau now and request for more officers to assist us! Chief Hu! Put aside your work and focus on this case! This case must be solved as soon as possible!”

Hu Yiguo sighed in his heart. “Yes……” He wanted to shut down the site. If not, he will have to bear full responsibility. Hu Yiguo was someone that craves for more authority. Almost half of all the departments and stations are under his charge. Now, he was regretting his decision to take over the Cybersecurity department.

Dong Xuebing had also heard about the hacking of the County Government’s website. He had heard about these hackers from the Sixth Bureau when he was in the State Security. If the City’s Internet police are powerless against the hacker, that means the hacker is very skillful. It should be impossible to arrest or stop the hacker for the time being. It will depend on luck to capture the hacker.

Suddenly, the meeting room’s door opened, and someone ran in.

Liang Chengpeng’s face changed and was about to scold that young man. That young man quickly passed a handphone to him and whispered: “The County Chief is looking for you.”

Liang Chengpeng paused for a second and answered the call. He started frowning as he spoke over the phone.

Dong Xuebing and the rest looked at each other. They wondered what happened.

After hanging up the phone, Liang Chengpeng banged the table in anger. “Ridiculous! They have no respect for the laws!” Chief Liang saw the confused look on everyone’s faces and said: “Just a few minutes ago, the County Government’s website is hacked again. All the contents on the site are changed, and the hackers even exchange the names of the County Chief and Deputies!”

Everyone took in a deep breath. Exchange the names of the County Chief and Deputy County Chiefs? This is considered a serious political crime! The hacker is too bold!

Liang Pengcheng roared: “The County had issued an order! This case must be solved within two days! If not, the leaders involved will have to bear the responsibility!”

Hu Yiguo turned pale immediately. He is the leader involved. “Chief Liang, two days, is too short. Can you…….”

“Only two days!” Liang Chengpeng said. “If you cannot solve this case, I will hold you accountable!”

Hu Yiguo almost cursed out loud. How is this possible?!

Dong Xuebing was someone who bears grudges. When he met Hu Yiguo for the first time, he had made fun of Dong Xuebing. Now, Hu Yiguo is in trouble and Dong Xuebing was smiling happily in his heart. Two days? You might not be able to arrest the hacker even if you have two months! The other Deputies and department heads looked at Hu Yiguo with pity. Anyone will also be in trouble if they were tasked with solving this case.

After that, Liang Chengpeng continued discussing some other cases.

Dong Xuebing was waiting eagerly to see which station will be assigned to him. The station Dong Xuebing wanted to take charge of was Hui Tian Village Police Station. That place is not only his hometown, it also has better facilities than other villages because of the gold mine nearby. But Hui Tian Village is under Hu Yiguo jurisdiction, and Dong Xuebing does not have the chance. Sigh… Dong Xuebing prayed that the village he will be in charge of is not a poor and lawless village.

5 minutes…

10 minutes…

The meeting ends.

Dong Xuebing was stunned because Chief Liang did not assign any duties to him! He was furious. Even if everyone belittled him due to his age, he is still a Deputy Bureau Chief. How can he not have any duties?

Dong Xuebing could not hold back. After the meeting ended, he went to Liang Chengpeng’s office. “Chief Liang, I have familiarized myself with the bureau. Can you let me know which area I will be taking charge of?”

Liang Chengpeng took a look at Dong Xuebing. “The bureau will assign duties to you soon.”

Soon? How many days has it been? This should be done on my first day.

Liang Chengpeng was not making things difficult for Dong Xuebing. Firstly, Dong Xuebing had not mentioned this and secondly, Liang Chengpeng had not thought of how to reassign the duties of all the deputies. The former Deputy had made a mistake and all the stations and departments he was in-charge of were taken over by Hu Yiguo. Now Dong Xuebing had taken over the former deputy, and there is no more available work for him.

After leaving Chief Liang’s office, Dong Xuebing’s face becomes black. On his way back to his office, he noticed everyone looking at him weirdly. Some department heads only smiled at him and did not greet him respectfully. They are treating him as a Deputy Chief with no power.

Dong Xuebing knew that all duties are taken over by other leaders. But this is not an excuse to not assign any duties to him. It is still because he had not done anything to impress the leaders in the bureau. Liang Chengpeng has the final say in the bureau, and he can easily assign some stations to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing also wants to show his capabilities. But he does not have any duties. How is he going to prove himself? How long is he going to wait? Dong Xuebing had encountered his first real problem since his transfer to the Grassroots level!


If it is any typical day, people in the bureau will be discussing Dong Xuebing for not getting any duties. But today, everyone in the bureau was talking about the hacking of the County Government’s website. Not only the County Chief was furious, the County’s Legal Affairs Commission Party Committee Member and the County’s Deputy Chief, who was in-charge of Public Security, came over to the bureau for a meeting. They reprimanded Liang Chengpeng, Hu Yigou and the other leaders. They emphasized that this case must be solved within two days!

Hu Yiguo was in a bad mood. He and the cybersecurity officers worked throughout the afternoon and could not get any clues.

Everyone knows that Hu Yiguo is in deep trouble now. The County’s leaders will not let him off.

Liang Chengpeng was also under immense pressure. The County Chief matters about his reputation. His name was placed under the Deputy Chief column, and a Deputy Chief’s name had replaced him. Even when this is done by the hacker, the Deputy Chief should also be in trouble. If this case is not solved, Executive Deputy Chief Hu Yiguo and Liang Chengpeng will be in trouble.

But until 8pm, there was still no progress.

Liang Chengpeng ordered them to work throughout the night, before leaving the bureau. Liang Chengpeng also knows that 2 days is impossible for them to solve this case. He was thinking of a solution when his phone rang. He looked at the caller display before answering. “Old Zhen? Why are you calling me?”

It was Beijing’s Western District State Security Branch Chief Zhen Anguo. Zhen Anguo was from Fen City’s Public Security. Although he was not from the same county, he had met Liang Chengpeng several times in the past. “Haha, I am calling to ask about you and ask about the young man who was transferred out from my branch. How is Xiao Dong doing?”

Liang Chengpeng was surprised. He knew Chief Dong had formerly worked under Zhen Anguo. But he never expects Zhen Anguo to call him personally to ask about Dong Xuebing. Both had not contacted each other for a long time. “Chief Dong has just reported to our bureau and is still familiarizing with the work. Ok. I will take care of him in the future.” He thought Dong Xuebing had made used of Zhen Anguo’s connection to get his transfer.

Zhen Anguo heard what Liang Chengpeng said and understood what “Take care” means. “Don’t need to bother about me. He is your subordinate now. Just treat him normally. I don’t have any other meaning.” Before Dong Xuebing left the Western District Branch, they had some conflicts, and Zhen Anguo will not help Dong Xuebing.

Liang Chengpeng could sense that Dong Xuebing and Old Zhen were not on good terms.

“Old Liang, how come your voice sounds so hoarse? You have too much work?”

“Don’t talk about it. I have a difficult case on hand, and the County gave me only 2 days to solve it. But we do not even have a clue now.”

“This case is so difficult to handle?”

Liang Chengpeng rubbed his temples. “That’s right. Sigh… I am prepared to take on the punishment.”

Zhen Anguo did not even ask about the details of the case and said: “Old Liang, if you really have no other ways, look for Xiao Dong.”

Liang Chengpeng was stunned. “Him?” He could not tell what’s so special about Dong Xuebing.

“Yes. Although I do not like Xiao Dong’s character, I got to admit he is really capable. If you encounter any problem, just look for him.”


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