Power and Wealth
Chapter 174 – Special Investigation Team Leader!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 174 – Special Investigation Team Leader!

The next day.

Dong Xuebing was in his office thinking about how he is supposed to solve his headache when someone knocked on the door. After that, the door opened. Dong Xuebing wondered who was so rude. I still have not asked you to enter, and you open the door like that? This is too disrespectful. But when Dong Xuebing saw it was Executive Deputy Chief Hu Yiguo, he stood up immediately. “Chief Hu, if you want to see me, you can just give me a call. Why are you here personally?”

Hu Yiguo had dark circles around his eyes. He looked like he did not sleep last night. “It’s fine.”

Dong Xuebing does not like him. “… Is there any problem?”

Hu Yiguo sat on the chair and smiled. “I heard that you are still not assigned to any duties.”

Stop adding salt to my wounds. Are you here to laugh at me? Dong Xuebing nodded and replied calmly. “I still have not familiarized myself with the work here. This is still not the time for me to start work.” Dong Xuebing made up an excuse for himself.

Hu Yiguo shook his head. “You can familiarize yourself with your work while working.”

Dong Xuebing was feeling frustrated. What’s the meaning of this? You know that I do not have any duties, and you keep mentioning this.

But what Hu Yiguo said next surprised Dong Xuebing. Hu Yiguo said: “Chief Dong since you are transferred to the grassroots level, you must be capable. Everyone in the bureau is waiting for you to show your capability. Yes. I planned to speak to the Chief to give you some responsibilities. What do you think? Are you confident?”

Responsibilities? Want to arrange some duties for me?

Dong Xuebing was still troubled over this, but Hu Yiguo suddenly mentioned about this. Could he want to pass some of his stations to me? What is he up to? I am not very close to him. Oh, among all the deputy chiefs, Hu Yiguo is in charge of the most departments and stations. Maybe Chief Liang had spoken to him and asked him to pass some stations to me. Hu Yiguo must be pretending to give in and want to sell me a favor. Dong Xuebing understood what he is up to. “I will listen to the leader’s arrangement.”

Hu Yiguo nodded. “Alright. Wait for the official orders.”

Dong Xuebing quickly thanked Hu Yiguo and walked him to the door. After Hu Yiguo left, he returned to his chair. It seems like his talk with Chief Liang yesterday worked. He will be assigned some duties now. Will it be Hui Tian Village Station? It should not be. Hu Yiguo will not give up that place. It should be some run-down village.

Dong Xuebing waited until it was almost noon when he received news.

The duties assigned to Dong Xuebing was out of his expectations. The County Bureau had set up a Special Investigation Team to handle the hacking of the County government’s website. Dong Xuebing is tasked to be the team leader of this investigation team! The Deputy leader of this team is a small leader from the County’s Cybersecurity department. None of Hu Yiguo’s people are on the team!

Dong Xuebing furiously stood up immediately once he received this news.

This bastard!

Hu Yiguo did not receive any instructions from Liang Chengpeng to pass some of his duties to Dong Xuebing. He was only playing with words to make Dong Xuebing misunderstood him. When Dong Xuebing agreed, he will throw this case to him. This way, he will have nothing to do with this case and does not need to bear any responsibility. Since there is an investigation team, it will be the team leader’s responsibility if this case is not solved!

Motherf**ker! This bastard!

Dong Xuebing flared up. He hated people who played despicable tricks behind his back. This case had nothing to do with him, and it should be Hu Yiguo’s responsibility. But now, he had become the scapegoat.

Dong Xuebing was furious and went to look for Hu Yiguo.

Stay low?


Dong Xuebing did not even knock on the door and entered Hu Yiguo’s office.

Hu Yiguo frowned. His attitude was totally different from this morning. “Knock before you enter next time!”

Dong Xuebing threw the order document on Hu Yiguo’s desk and banged the table. “Chief Hu, you are in charge of Internet Security. What has it got to do with me? Why am I the team leader?!”

Hu Yiguo was not pleased with the way Dong Xuebing speaks to him. “You agreed to it.”

Dong Xuebing replied furiously. “What did I agree?!”

Hu Yiguo replied coldly. “Chief Dong, watch your tone. I had told you that I will pass you some responsibilities and you said you will listen to the leader. Why are you going back on your words? This is settled. I had already told Chief Liang and he had agreed to let you be the team leader!” Hu Yiguo is not a responsible person. When he sees that it was impossible to solve the case within 2 days, he came up with an idea of setting up an investigation team to escape responsibility. But if the leader of this investigation team is not a Deputy Bureau Chief level, the county government will still penalize him. He suddenly remembered Dong Xuebing who was forgotten by the Bureau Chief. He can throw everything to Dong Xuebing, and with him in front, Hu Yiguo will not be taking on too much blame for failing to solve the case.

Dong Xuebing knew what this bastard was thinking. He did not expect the bureau to have such people!

Hu Yiguo laughed. “Chief Dong, don’t let the leaders in the bureau down. Hurry and solve the case. We believe in you.” He got his Deputy Section Chief rank in his 30s, and that’s the reason why he was unhappy to see Dong Xuebing holding the same rank as him.

F**k! I will remember this! This is not over yet!

Dong Xuebing stared at Hu Yiguo and left to look for Liang Chengpeng. He can’t be bothered to argue with this despicable bastard!

Only Chief Liang can retract this order.

Bureau Chief’s office. Dong Xuebing explained the whole situation to Liang Chengpeng.

Liang Chengpeng was also unhappy with Hu Yiguo’s actions. He does not like people who do not have a sense of responsibility. Making Dong Xuebing shoulder the blame for his department was too much. But what Zhen Anguo said last night made him think. He also wants to see how capable Dong Xuebing is to let Zhen Anguo praise. “Chief Dong, your position as the team leader, is fixed. Hurry up and solve the case. You don’t need to arrest the hacker as lots of hackers are overseas. You only need to prevent the Government website from being hacked.”

Dong Xuebing was disappointed!

You did not assign any duties to me, and now you want to push all the blame to me?



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