Power and Wealth
Chapter 179 – Arranging transfer for Mum!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 179 – Arranging transfer for Mum!

The next morning.

Dong Xuebing entered the County Bureau with a headache. He is suffering from a bad hangover after last night’s drinking, and the first thing he did after reaching his office was to drink a few mouthfuls of tea. He thought about what he should do on the first day after he was assigned duties. After finishing his tea, Dong Xuebing decided to visit Hui Tian Police Station for inspection.

Dong Xuebing picked up his phone and called the Bureau Office. “Hello, I’m Dong Xuebing.”

Hu Silian answered. “Chief Dong, you have any orders?”

“How many vehicles are there in the bureau?”

“Oh, other than the investigation team and traffic police, there are 4 police cars reserved for the leaders. There are also 2 civilian vehicles.” Yan Tai County Public Security Bureau does not assign vehicles to each leader. 3 police vehicles were reserved for the Bureau Chief, Political Commissar and Executive Deputy Chief, and no one can use them. The remaining police vehicle and two civilian cars had to be shared among other leaders or for emergencies. It might seem that there is a shortage of vehicles in the bureau, but it’s not. Qin Yong oversees the traffic department and the department will reserve a car for him. Political Commissar can also use his department’s vehicle and it is the same for the Union Chief. Only Dong Xuebing and a few other leaders do not have this benefit.

Dong Xuebing said. “Help me prepare a car. I need to go to Hui Tian Village.”

Hu Silian replied. “Ok. The 2 civilian cars are still around. One is a Buick MPV, and another is a Passat. Which would you prefer?”

“Buick MPV will do.” This is Dong Xuebing’s first time going to the village for an inspection, and a 7-seater MPV will give him an imposing manner.

“Shall I arrange a driver for you?”

Dong Xuebing knew that his rank will not be assigned with a driver. Other than Hui Tian Police Station, he is not in charge of any other departments. Hu Silian should be getting someone from the patrolling team or her office to be his driver. Dong Xuebing replied. “No need. I will drive myself. Thanks. Sorry to trouble you.”

After a while, Hu Silian send the car keys to Dong Xuebing’s office personally and accompanied him to the carpark. Dong Xuebing felt the bureau’s officers had a change of attitude towards him.

The vehicle is Buick GL8, 2.4 liters. The bureau should have bought this car recently.

Dong Xuebing sat in the driver’s seat. Hmmm… it’s spacious and comfortable. After graduating from High School, Dong Xuebing took his driver’s license and have not driven any vehicle after that. He spent 5 minutes familiarizing with the controls and slowly drive out of the bureau.

This is the first time Dong Xuebing is driving on the roads, and he loves this feeling. Driving the bureau’s car is different from driving the vehicle he bought himself. Anyone can buy a car as long as he got the money. But the Public Security vehicles are different. This is a symbol of his status. No amount of money can let someone drive this vehicle.

Hui Tian Village Police Station.

Dong Xuebing parked the car in front of the station’s 3 stories building. Station Chief Liu Dahai received the news and quickly came out of the station with Deputy Station Chief Chen Fa and Instructor Li Sanmiao. If Dong Xuebing is not in charge of this station, they will not need to welcome him in this manner. But now, Dong Xuebing is their direct supervisor, and this is a must. The whole county’s public security knew what happened between Dong Xuebing and Executive Deputy Chief Hu Yiguo. The incident shows how capable and daring Dong Xuebing is. Liu Dahai and the rest were afraid Dong Xuebing will establish his authority by stepping all over them.

Liu Dahai was grumbling in his heart. Why didn’t Chief Dong did not notify them in advance before coming? He can be better prepared for his visit.

Dong Xuebing saw all the officers in the station came out to receive him and shook his head. “I don’t like these ceremonies. The leaders remain behind, and the rest go back to work.” Dong Xuebing said this, but he was overjoyed in his heart.

Liu Dahai hesitated for a few seconds and wave the officers back to work.

“I represent the whole station to welcome Chief Dong dropping by for an inspection.” Liu Dahai extended two hands to shake Dong Xuebing’s hand. He was bent slightly forward, behaving like a subordinate, despite everyone there were much older than Dong Xuebing.

Instructor Li Sanmiao smiled and shook hands with Dong Xuebing politely, followed by Deputy Station Chief Chen Fa.

The regulations in the County states that a police station with under 10 officers will not have deputy station chief. Stations with officers ranging from 11 to 20 will have 1 deputy station chief. Therefore, Hui Tian Village station only has one deputy station chief. These 3 men are the station’s top leaders.

Dong Xuebing was here to familiarize himself with the ground and asked Liu Dahai to bring him around the offices of the station. He also rejected Liu Dahai to organize a meeting with all the station’s officers. Dong Xuebing is in charge of Hui Tian Village Station, but in the station, Liu Dahai is the station chief. Dong Xuebing felt he should not interfere with the station’s operation, and setting the general direction for them is sufficient.

Noon. Liu Dahai and the rest hosted lunch for Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing did not reject the lunch as it would be rude to leave without having a meal with the station leaders. After eating, Dong Xuebing went and drove around the village to familiarize himself with the roads there.

At around 4 pm, Dong Xuebing finishes his work and have a good understanding of the area.

Go back to County town? Since I am here, I should pay my mum a visit first!

Hui Tian Village Middle School.

The school gates were rusty, and the school building is built on a patch of yellowish-brown ground. When the wind blows, clouds of dust covered the school building. The basketball hoop and board in the court were broken, and the parallel bars were placed in a corner. The school’s environment is impoverished and even the worst school in Beijing has better conditions. Dong Xuebing sighed as he looked at the school. This is the grassroots level and his mother had been working here for several years. It must be tough for her. Dong Xuebing thought that he should help his mother get a transfer to a middle school in the county town.

Dong Xuebing drove the Buick MPV into the school compound without anyone stopping him. The guard at the guardhouse did not even look at him.

Dong Xuebing parked the car and walked into the school building. He asked a teacher where is the second-grade language teachers’ office.

In an office on the second floor, Luan Xiaoping and her language team leader Zhou Mei was talking.

Zhou Mei is a middle-aged woman in her 40s, and despite her age, she is still gorgeous. She is smiling as she pushes a few packets of dried mushrooms and tree fungus into Luan Xiaoping’s hands. “Teacher Luan, don’t stand on ceremony. My husband had brought this from his hometown, and we can’t finish it. Just take it.”

Luan Xiaoping tried to reject her. “This is too much. How about I… I just take half of these?”

Zhou Mei laughed. “Just take it. Bring back everything.”

The other language teachers saw their team leader treating Luan Xiaoping so politely but were not surprised. Her son had become Yan Tai County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief and her status in the school had changed. Even the head of department and school leaders treated Luan Xiaoping respectfully.

Luan Xiaoping knew everyone treated her politely because of her son, and she was proud of it.

Suddenly, the office door opens, and Dong Xuebing entered.

Luan Xiaoping was surprised. “Xiao Bing? Why are you here?”

Zhou Mei looked at Dong Xuebing and quickly walk over to offer a handshake. “You are Chief Dong? Nice to meet you.”

Luan Xiaoping introduces Zhou Mei. “This is our team leader Zhou Mei. You should address her as Aunt Zhou.” After saying this, Luan Xiaoping felt this is not right.

Zhou Mei quickly waves her hand. “No… just call me Old Zhou will do.”

Dong Xuebing smiled and shook her hand. “Aunt Zhou. Thank you for taking care of my mother for so many years.”

Zhou Mei felt pleased when she heard Dong Xuebing addressing her as Aunt Zhou. “It’s my duty.” After chatting awhile, Zhou Mei said to Luan Xiaoping. “Teacher Luan, you don’t have classes later, you should go back with your son.” She could tell Dong Xuebing was here to fetch his mother.

Luan Xiaoping replied. “Director Yu will be holding a teachers’ meeting later. I…”

Zhou Mei said. “It’s fine. Just go back. I will help you take time off.”

Out of the office, Dong Xuebing asked his mother, who Director Yu was.

Luan Xiaoping answered. “He is Yan Tai County’s Ministry of Education Director Yu Zhengzhi. There is a fight in our school two days ago, and 4 to 5 students were injured. Some parents had a complaint to the county’s Ministry of Education and Director Yu is here to investigate this incident. You did not see them when you come?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I saw a few cars parked outside but did not see anyone. Uhmmm, how is Yu Zhengzhi’s character?”

Luan Xiaoping paused for a second. “Why are you asking this?”

“Mum, the conditions here are too poor and there is dust everywhere. It is bad for your health. If you agree, I will speak to the County’s Ministry of Education to help you get a transfer to a school in the county town.” If Dong Xuebing is the Deputy Bureau Chief of the Ministry of Culture, no one will bother with him. But Public Security is different. Even if Dong Xuebing did not ask directly, the County’s Ministry of Education would take care of his mother.

“Transfer to the County town?” Luan Xiaoping was moved. All the teachers in the village want a transfer to the county town. Not only they will get a higher salary, but the working environment is also much better than the village schools. Furthermore, her son is working in the County town and she can be closer to him. “Xiao Bing, will it be troublesome?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “No worries. They should not mind doing me a favor.”

Luan Xiaoping patted her son’s hand. “I will listen to you.”

“Oh, you still have not told me about Yu Zhengzhi.” Since the County’s Ministry of Education Director is around, Dong Xuebing decided to speak to him directly.

The mother and son walked towards the field, and Luan Xiaoping looked around her. She said softly. “Director Yu’s reputation is terrible. He… he… often ‘bullies’ the female teachers in the schools under his care.” Luan Xiaoping paused for a second and sighed. “The team leader Zhou Mei you met earlier had been raped by him. I heard about this from someone else. Director Yu had dropped by our village for dinner and asked Zhou Mei to accompany him. During the dinner, Zhou Mei got drunk and Director Yu brought her back and… Anyway, everyone here knows this Director Yu is a bad person.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “This really happens?”

Luan Xiaoping asked. “I also heard about this from others and is not sure if this is true. But Teacher Zhou took two days off after that day, and she was promoted to team leader, and her salary was increased after she returns. Xiao Bing, will your Public Security investigate this incident, or this is under the Commission for Discipline Inspection?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “If a report is made, it will be a criminal case, and we will investigate. Did Teacher Zhou report this incident to the police?”

Luan Xiaoping shook her head. “I don’t know. But civilians dare not to go against government officials. Director Yu is a high ranking government official and is in charge of our school. Moreover, Zhou Mei is a married woman and will not dare to tell others about this. She can only suffer in silence.” Luan Xiaoping is a kind-hearted woman and treats Zhou Mei as her friend.

Dong Xuebing said. “Mum, maybe this is only rumors. Who knows if this is true?”

Luan Xiaoping gave her son a stare. “I heard about this from more than one person. How can this be a rumor?”

Dong Xuebing have a strong sense of justice and was prepared to air the grievances for the people at the grassroots level. But he can’t act base on rumors, without police report or evidence. This incident might not even be real. The government service internal politics is very complicated. Who knows this rumor might be spread from Director Yu’s rivals? Dong Xuebing was not totally convinced.

“Mum, let drive out for dinner.”

“Eh? You bought a car?”

“No. This is my unit’s car. I have just entered the government service for less than 6 months, and it will be too suspicious if I buy a car now.”

Just when Dong Xuebing was about to open the front passenger door for his mother, a middle-aged man shouted from the school building. “You are a teacher at this school?”

Luan Xiaoping turns around and quickly answered. “Yes, Director Yu.”

Director Yu asked with a stern face. “Didn’t I asked all the teachers to go to the hall for a meeting at 5 pm? No one is to be absent from this meeting. What’s wrong with you? Ah?”

Luan Xiaoping was speechless and did not know how to answer him.

This man is Yu Zhengzhi? Dong Xuebing turned and look at him. He was a balding man in his 50s. Maybe Dong Xuebing was too sensitive, but he felt Yu Zhengzhi’s eyes were wondering on his mother’s butt. This made Dong Xuebing very uncomfortable, and it seems like his mother was right. This old man is not a good person.

Dong Xuebing stood there without moving and answered. “You are Director Yu? I am here to fetch my mother. We have something on.”

The village school’s Principal, who was beside Yu Zhengzhi, said softly. “He is Chief Dong.”

Yu Zhengzhi was surprised and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong from our County Public Security? I heard about you. Your mother is working in this village’s middle school? Oh, since you all have something on, go ahead.” He did not smile or say any pleasantries, and just walk away with the principal.

Dong Xuebing was pissed. Although Yu Zhengzhi’s rank is Section Chief and is one level above Dong Xuebing, they are from different agencies and got nothing to do with each other. In terms of status, the Public Security is much higher than the Ministry of Education. Yu Zhengzhi knew Dong Xuebing is the Deputy Bureau Chief and still speak to him as if he is giving out orders. He has no respect for Dong Xuebing and purposely said this.

Dong Xuebing does not have a good temper. I am from the Public Security and you are from the Ministry of Education. Who are you to act like my leader in front of me? “Oh, since I happen to see you today, other matters can wait. I am looking for you to talk about something.”

Yu Zhengzhi looked at his watch. “I have a meeting at 5 pm. Let’s talk some other time.”

Dong Xuebing walks over with a smile. “Wait. Director Yu is a high ranking leader, and it is not easy to meet you.”

The Principal and the other school leaders noticed something was off and kept quiet.

Yu Zhengzhi frowned. “I am going to a meeting now. Wait until my meeting ends first.”

You really have no respect for me! You want me to wait outside while you attend a meeting? Who do you think you are? Dong Xuebing was mad. He saw Yu Zhengzhi was about to walk away and put his hands around Yu Zhengzhi’s shoulders and laughed. “Director Yu, you are not giving me face? There are still 10 minutes to your meeting, and I want to discuss something with you.” Yu Zhengzhi wants to go to his meeting? Dong Xuebing will not let him go so easily.

Yu Zhengzhi looks at the hand on his shoulder and felt disgusted by Dong Xuebing’s actions. “What is it? You can tell me here.”

Dong Xuebing did not want to fall out with him on the spot. “Fine. It is about my mother’s work arrangement. I am now working in the County town, and my mother is in the village. It is hard for us to see each other. Director Yu, can you transfer my mother to a school in the county town? It doesn’t need to be a prestigious school. A normal middle school will do.”

The principal and other school leaders felt this is a small matter and do not need to bother Director Yu. Even if Chief Dong did not say anything, the Ministry of Education would transfer Luan Xiaoping to a better school in the county town.

But to everybody’s shock, Yu Zhengzhi replied: “Chief Dong, this cannot be done.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “What do you mean?”

Yu Zhengzhi looked at Dong Xuebing and then at Luan Xiaoping. “Teacher Luan’s teaching license is still not approved and she is not qualified to teach in the County town. Furthermore, there are no vacancies in the town’s middle schools. I cannot make this arrangement.”

The principal and other school leaders did not expect Director Yu to say these to Chief Dong.

Dong Xuebing was furious. Yu Zhengzhi just has to say a word, and his mother can be transferred. It is not troublesome at all. You are using your ministry procedures to reject me? I have met people who do not give me face. But you are the first to be so direct! You want to shame me in public? Dong Xuebing noticed something strange. Yu Zhengzhi knew his mother’s name and also know that she still has not got her teaching license. He seems to know a lot about his mother. That means Yu Zhengzhi must have known Luan Xiaoping is Dong Xuebing’s mother and he purposely pretended not to know her when he shouted out to her earlier. Damn! Yu Zhengzhi is deliberately finding trouble!

Dong Xuebing could no longer control his anger. “Director Yu, are you sure you can’t do anything about my mother’s transfer?”

Yu Zhengzhi replied impatiently: “Let’s talk about this another time. Alright, I got to go to my meeting.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Director Yu. I will remember what you say today. I hope you will remember what you said today too.” Dong Xuebing patted Yu Zhengzhi’s shoulder and walked away with his mother.

Yu Zhengzhi was disgusted by Dong Xuebing and cursed in his heart. You dare to threaten me? Wait until all your hair is grown out!

The principal and the vice-principal looked at each other. They also felt Director Yu was too much. Director Yu can just do Chief Dong a favor by transferring his mother to a school in town. There is no reason to offend Chief Dong over this small matter.

Inside the car, Luan Xiaoping asked worryingly. “Xiao Bing, forget it. I am used to village life and don’t need to work at the schools in town.”

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Mum, rest assured, and leave everything to me.” He drove out of the school, but they have no appetite to eat outside. After sending his mother home, Dong Xuebing called Deputy Chief Qin Yong. “Hello, Chief Qin.”

“Brother Dong? What is it?”

Dong Xuebing heard Qin Yong’s way of addressing him and knew he is at a place where it is convenient to talk. “It’s like this. Do you know when I offended Yu Zhengzhi from our County’s Ministry of Education?”

Qin Yong paused for a few seconds and asked. “Ministry of Education’s Director Yu? What happened?”

Dong Xuebing told him what happened at his mother’s school. He believes Yu Zhengzhi will not make things difficult for him purposely, as this is not beneficial to him. There must be other reasons and that’s why Dong Xuebing asks Qin Yong.

Qin Yong frowned after listening to Dong Xuebing. Yu Zhengzhi was too much. Chief Dong was not asking for some leader position for his mother and did not even ask for an excellent middle school. He just wants to live closer to his mother and why can’t Yu Zhengzhi just do him this favor? Purposely separate the mother from her son? Qin Yong said. “There is something you might not know. Director Yu and our Chief Hu Yiguo are distanced, relatives.”

Damn! Dong Xuebing finally understood what was going on! He had offended Hu Yiguo, and Yu Zhengzhi is helping his relative to take revenge!

Qin Yong thought for a while and said. “Chief Dong, I can try to help your mother get a transfer.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Brother Qin, thanks, but I can settle this by myself.” He does not want to owe Qin Yong any favors. Moreover, Qin Yong had also offended Hu Yiguo, and he might not be able to get the transfer for his mother too.


You don’t want to transfer my mother?

I will make sure my mother is transferred!


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