Power and Wealth
Chapter 182 – Another discovery about BACK!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 182 – Another discovery about BACK!

That afternoon, Dong Xuebing drove Luan Xiaoping back to the County town’s 1st Middle School to report.

There is no school on Sunday and only the year 3 students have tuition classes in school today. Dong Xuebing drove his mother into the school’s compound and walked his mother into the Principal office at the top floor. The principal was very polite to Dong Xuebing and Luan Xiaoping. It was almost evening, and the Principal invited Dong Xuebing and Luan Xiaoping to dinner. The other leaders in school were also invited to the dinner. But Dong Xuebing foot the bill for the dinner as he needs to return the favor to the Principal for giving him face.

After dinner, the principal of 1st middle school smiled and gave Luan Xiaoping an envelope. “Teacher Luan, these are the keys to your quarters.”

Luan Xiaoping was surprised. “I am new to the school, I…”

The Principal replied. “Your house is located in Hui Tian Village, and we should not let you rent an apartment here. Under special circumstances, we can make exceptions.”

Not all teachers can stay in the 1st Middle School’s quarters. There are strict criteria like families in poverty, good results, etc. Luan Xiaoping was unqualified to get an apartment in the school’s quarters, but the principal was right. They can make exceptions as Luan Xiaoping is Dong Xuebing’s mother and the principal got to do this favor.

Luan Xiaoping does not know whether if she should accept the envelope and looks at her son.

Dong Xuebing hesitated and said. “Leave this apartment for those teachers who have financial difficulties.” He was afraid people might gossip about him.

The principal laughed. “Chief Dong don’t worry about this. All the teachers with financial difficulties had been assigned with apartments. Also, our staff quarters still have 5 to 6 apartments empty.”

Dong Xuebing did not reject the principal’s offer and nodded. “Thank you.”

After receiving the keys, Dong Xuebing boarded the Buicks MPV with his mother. “Mum, are you going to live with me at the Public Security Bureau’s family quarters or your school’s hostel?”

Luan Xiaoping thought for a while. “I will live in the school’s quarters. It is not convenient for me to live with you. It’s your colleague’s family living at your quarters, and I might say the wrong things and get you into trouble.”

“What are you talking about? You sound like I am not filial.”

Luan Xiaoping smiled and held her son’s hand. “Who says? My son is the most filial son on earth.”

“Haha. You are flattering me. Alright. Let’s go to your school’s quarters. Anyway, our quarters are not far away, and I can live with you a few days when I am free.” Dong Xuebing did not force his mother to live with him. He thought about it and felt his mother should have some space and her own social circle. If she lives with him at the Public Security Quarters, it will be inconvenient for her. “Oh, I forgot to give you money. Buy an electric scooter for transport first.”

Luan Xiaoping nodded and smiled. She was satisfied with her life now.

After reaching Luan Xiaoping’s apartment, Dong Xuebing stayed until 8 pm to help her mother unpack.

On his way home, Dong Xuebing lit a cigarette. Recently, he had been offered cigarettes often at work and had become addicted. Whenever he was thinking about stuff, he would lit a cigarette. Now, Dong Xuebing is thinking about what he should do to help the people living in the area under his jurisdiction.

1 Kilometer…

2 Kilometers…

Dong Xuebing was 5 minutes’ drive away from his unit’s quarters when he saw a group of people by the roadside. The crowd was looking at something and Dong Xuebing’s first reaction was a crime had happened. He frowned and immediately park his car by the roadside and walk over.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” Dong Xuebing squeezed through the crowd.

Dong Xuebing thought he would see a corpse or an injured person, but what he saw was the opposite!

The people there were surrounding a mother and daughter pair. The woman was in her early 30s and dressed in dirty clothes. Her hair was messy, and she was kneeling on the floor, hugging her daughter who was around 10 years old. They were sobbing and looks helpless.

“Sigh… They have been kneeling here for the whole afternoon. They are so pitiful.” A passerby said.

“That’s right. I wonder what happened to them.”

“They don’t look like conmen. Let’s give them some money.”

A few kind-hearted people threw some money to the mother and daughter.

Coins and some notes, ranging from 10 to 100 RMB, are in the container placed in from of the mother. Dong Xuebing immediately knew the mother and daughter are begging on the streets. Beggars exist in every Chinese city and town, and it is nothing special for a crowd to form. But the mother and daughter were too pretty, and their looks attracted the crowd. Even Dong Xuebing was memorized by the mother and daughter’s beauty.

The mother and daughter look alike, except the mother have a mature look, and the daughter have an innocent look.

From Dong Xuebing’s memories, the prettiest woman he had met was Qu Yunxuan, followed by Xie Huilan. Both women were special in their own ways, and it’s hard to say who is prettier. But compared to the movie stars and celebrities, Aunt Xuan and Sister Xie were much prettier. Dong Xuebing felt it should be impossible to find another woman as beautiful as Qu Yunxuan and Xie Huilan. But along the streets of this small county town, Dong Xuebing met two women who are as pretty as them. That’s right. This mother and daughter pair’s looks can be comparable with Aunt Xuan and Sister Xie!

Dong Xuebing immediately remembered what Qin Yong said. Yan Tai County is famous for its pretty women.

But why did these two pretty women have to beg on the streets? Dong Xuebing looked at the empty space in from of them and saw a piece of cardboard with something written on it. My father had passed away and we are heavily in debt. Please help my mother and me.

“Girl, which village are you all from?”


“How much do you all owe?”


No matter how the crowd asks, the mother and daughter did not reply to them. They continued to sob and kneel on the floor.

Dong Xuebing looked at the mother and daughter and remembered his father passing away a few years back. His family was also in debt. He and his mother had to scrimp every cent to repay their debts. They had to eat preserved vegetables and cold hard buns to survive. It was years before their lives got better and can afford to eat fresh vegetables.

Dong Xuebing took out all his money, about 3,000 RMB, from his wallet and placed it in the plastic container.

Yu Meixia was stunned and quickly pulled her daughter to kowtow.

Dong Xuebing cannot accept their bows and quickly helped her up. “Get up. I can understand how you feel. But you are not allowed to stay here as you will disrupt the traffic. Go back.” He was trying to help the mother and daughter. They were too pretty, and who knows how many men were lusting after them.

After Dong Xuebing said that, a silver-colored Audi A4 stopped by the roadside. The driver, a muscular young man, alighted and make his way to the front. He shouted to the mother and daughter. “My boss will help you pay your debts. Come with me!” The boss should be in the Audi and did not alight.

Dong Xuebing frowned, and the crowd knew if the mother and daughter follow that man, they will end up on his boss’s bed. This wealthy boss should be lusting after them. If not, why would he help them settle their debts?

Yu Meixia also knew what that man wants and quickly hugged her daughter tightly. “We… We… don’t need it. Thank you.”

The driver’s face changed: “You are not in debt? Come with me now!”

Yu Qianqian was scared and burst into tears. She held onto her mother tightly. “Mum…”

Yu Meixia patted her daughter’s back. “Don’t be scared. I am here and everything is fine.”

The mother and daughter should be ordinary farmers or villagers. Although they are pretty, they do not have a strong character like Xie Huilan and Qu Yunxuan. They seem very timid.

Dong Xuebing frowned and look at that driver. “Didn’t you hear they do not need your help?”

“Is that your problem?” That driver gave Dong Xuebing a stare and looks at the mother and daughter. He reached over and grabbed Yu Meixia’s arm. “Let’s go. My boss is waiting for you all.”

Dong Xuebing was furious and pushed that driver’s hand away. “Stop touching them and get lost!”

The crowd was also mad at that driver. “That’s right! Go away!”

“So, what if you are wealthy?!”

The driver got mad and gave Dong Xuebing a punch on his chest. “It’s none of your business!”

Dong Xuebing was punched and took 3 steps back and fell on the ground, clenching his chest. Damn! Dong Xuebing was about to explode. The County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief was beaten up along the streets? If words spread, he will be too ashamed to face others. He must not allow this to happen, but he remembered he only has 1 minute of BACK left. That driver seems like a good fighter. Even if he returns to 1 minute ago and manages to dodge that punch, his counterattacks might not be sufficient to bring him down. This was different from the previous few fights. The driver has a strong punch and Dong Xuebing could not win despite being trained in martial arts for a few days before his transfer to the grassroots level. This is the limit of his power!

What should I do?

The driver looks at Dong Xuebing, who was struggling to get back to his feet and reach out to grab the mother and daughter, determined to bring them back with him. Dong Xuebing knew one phone call is all it takes to arrest this driver and his boss, but after getting punched, he was mad. Dong Xuebing stares at the fit driver and suddenly, he had an idea!

In the past, Dong Xuebing used his power by shouting BACK multiple times, and later, he found out that he can set the time of BACK. For example, BACK 5 minutes and time will return to 5 minutes. Will it be possible if BACK is used in seconds instead of minutes?

Dong Xuebing mumbled under his breath. BACK 40 seconds!



Everything in front flashed, and Dong Xuebing could no longer feel the pain in his chest!

“That’s right! Go away!”

“So what if you are wealthy?!”

The onlookers were mad and started shouting at the driver!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed! He returned to 40 seconds ago! Exactly 40 seconds!

“It’s none of your business!” But before Dong Xuebing could react, the driver threw a punch and hit Dong Xuebing’s chest again!

Motherf**ker! Dong Xuebing was about to explode!

F**k!!! BACK 3 seconds!


“It’s none of your business!”

The fist got nearer!

This time, Dong Xuebing did not think of anything else. He took a step back and dodges the punch easily. He then raised his leg and kicked that driver’s thigh. That driver sneered and used his shin to block Dong Xuebing’s kick while using his elbow to hit Dong Xuebing’s face. Bam! Dong Xuebing almost faint from that blow!

Damn! BACK 2 seconds!


In front of Dong Xuebing’s eyes was that driver’s elbow!

Dong Xuebing knew which direction the driver will attack, and he punched into the air!

The next second, the driver’s elbow appeared, and Bam! Dong Xuebing’s punch hit a vital spot on his arm!

The driver felt pain and looked at Dong Xuebing in shocked. He did not expect this skinny young man is a martial arts expert. He no longer belittled Dong Xuebing and dodged Dong Xuebing’s next punch. Suddenly, the driver moved a step forward and kicked Dong Xuebing’s knee!

“Ah!” Dong Xuebing screamed in pain and felt his kneecap was shattered!

Motherf**ker! I don’t believe I cannot win! BACK 4 seconds!


40 cm… 30 cm… 20 cm… the driver is almost in front of Dong Xuebing!

The driver thought his surprise attack had caught Dong Xuebing by surprise, but Dong Xuebing knew clearly where he was going to kick next. Before the driver could deliver his kick, Dong Xuebing counter attacked. The driver was about to shift his weight to his other leg and deliver his kick, Dong Xuebing kicked out with all his strength. He was aiming for the other leg, and the driver noticed it. He tried to dodge, but all his weight is on that leg and could not react fast enough. In that split second, Dong Xuebing’s kick landed on the driver’s knee. Crack!

The driver shouted out in pain and fell to the ground. But he is an experienced fighter and gave Dong Xuebing a sweeping kick the moment he landed on the ground.

Dong Xuebing was kicked and also fell to the ground!

Damn! BACK 2 seconds!


Time returned to 2 seconds ago, and Dong Xuebing raised his leg. The driver’s sweeping kick was about 20 cm away from Dong Xuebing and Dong Xuebing stomp down with all his might. Cracked! His feet landing on that driver’s shin. The human’s leg and knee are the most fragile. The driver immediately screamed in pain and was sweating profusely!

This was the first time Dong Xuebing was beaten up so badly. Although he had used BACK after being attacked a few times, he still remembers the pain he suffered. He was furious and went up to the driver and stomped on the driver’s stomach!

“Aaargh!” The driver vomits!

Dong Xuebing had vented his anger and scolded. “You want to abduct them in front of so many people? Ah? Who gives you permission to do this?!”

From Dong Xuebing’s perspective, this was a tough fight, but it was different from the onlookers. Everyone saw a skinny Dong Xuebing bringing down an opponent bigger size than him effortlessly!

Many people were shocked and felt that the muscular driver is too useless! He lost within a few moves! What’re all those muscles for?

Only a handful of people could tell that it was not the driver who was weak. That young man is too good at fighting. He seems to know where the driver was going to attack!

The crowd starts to cheer: “Well done!”

“This type of person must be taught a lesson!”

Yu Qianqian was shaking in her mother’s arms. “Mum, let’s get away from here.”

“Ok.” Yu Meixia looked at the driver on the floor, and then at Dong Xuebing. “Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Don’t mention it. Hurry up and pack your things. Don’t set up stores by the roadside in the future.”

Yu Meixia wiped her tears and thanked Dong Xuebing again.

Actually, Dong Xuebing was the one who wanted to thank her. Without this incident, he might never discover the new way of using BACK. After today, his power is not limited to using once a day. It will be 1 minute and can be used multiple times. If he uses BACK 1 second, he can use it for 60 times! Of course, he still needs to experiment with his powers to see if this is possible. If he really can use it so many times, his ability will not be limited, and he could do many more things with it!

For example, if Dong Xuebing uses his power in a fight, even two or three opponents are no match for him!


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