Power and Wealth
Chapter 184 – BACK training!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 184 – BACK training!

The following 3 days, Dong Xuebing had been practicing his power, BACK.

All this while, Dong Xuebing had been using BACK in 1-minute intervals, and it’s hard for him to react if he used it in seconds. BACK is his ultimate hidden card and he got to depend on this power in the future. That’s why Dong Xuebing had to familiarize himself with his power and make sure he can get used to returning time in seconds. Dong Xuebing’s training is simple. Balls juggling with one hand. He had played this game when he was young.

Dong Xuebing was good at this game when he was young. He could juggle two balls for 2 to 3 minutes.

But when Dong Xuebing added BACK to the game, the difficulty increased. BACK 1 second or BACK 2 seconds will change Dong Xuebing’s rhythm and when the scene changes in front of him, the positions of the balls will change suddenly. At the start, Dong Xuebing wasted more than a dozen times of BACK 1 second and failed to continue juggling the balls. But after that, he becomes familiar and his success rates increased as his reflexes increases.


Dong Xuebing had familiarized and trained enough with his power. He stopped his training and arrived at the bureau early today.

Shortly after Dong Xuebing entered his office, Office Director Hu Silian, in her police uniform, came in. “Chief Dong, the second Bureau Chiefs meeting is at 10 am later. I am here to notify you.” She dropped by to inform Dong Xuebing personally.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Thank you for telling me, Sister Hu. Next time, just give me a call will do.”

Hu Silian smiled. “Oh, I heard Chief Hu is not pleased with Hui Tian Village Station’s logistics procurement. I am not very sure if this is true. Chief Dong, I will make a move first.” Hu Silian said casually, but she was reminding Dong Xuebing what to look out for during the meeting. As the Office Director, she got better access to news like these than others.

Dong Xuebing looks at Hu Silian gratefully. “Thank you.”

Hu Silian smiled and left Dong Xuebing’s office.

Over the past few days, everyone in the bureau knew Dong Xuebing is challenging Hu Yiguo’s faction. Taking over a police station under Hu Yiguo and beating up Zhao Jingsong’s son’s driver showed that there was no way both sides can settle this conflict. Dong Xuebing had also become closer to Qin Yong. Both of them had been targeted by Hu Yiguo’s faction and it’s no surprise both decided to join hands.

During the meeting, Hu Yiguo brought up the subject of Hui Tian Village Station’s logistics procurement.

“Our financial is tight and we should spend our money wisely.” Hu Yiguo is also in charge of the bureau’s finances and he looked at Dong Xuebing. “Hui Tian Station’s procurement request can be settled by themselves and why must they ask the bureau for money? Things like PC and office supplies are not urgent, and such requests should not be submitted to the bureau!”

Dong Xuebing was prepared and said. “Chief Hu, why all other stations can submit procurement requests except for Hui Tian Village Station? Are we not part of the County?”

Zhao Jingsong frowned and said: “Chief Dong, don’t get emotional. Every station is different, and one or two computers is enough for a police station. Stop adding burden to the bureau.”

Qin Yong took a sip of tea and said. “We are in a digital age now and our officers need to use PCs. Every new PC will increase their efficiency by a bit, and this is a necessity. I also know about the situation at Hui Tian Village Station. Those two computers mentioned by Chief Zhao are obsolete. If we don’t change them, how is the report office going to function?”

City Police Station Chief Chang Wantao said. “When we don’t have PCs, our stations can function normally too. I have never heard of our stations’ report office have problems. You should think of ways to overcome these minor problems!”

Dong Xuebing looked at him and sarcastically said. “I heard the City Police Station had changed all their PCs two months ago.”

Chang Wantao and Zhao Jingsong are on Hu Yiguo’s side.

The remaining Deputy Chief Gong Zhongwen and Deputy Chief Sun Changhong are on Chief Liang’s side.

Liang Chengpeng also knew it was Hu Yiguo creating problems for Dong Xuebing. He thought for a while. “Let’s talk about this another time.” He was the one who makes the final decision during the Bureau Chiefs meetings and Bureau’s Party Committee meetings. Liang Chengpeng had been running the County Bureau for years and is well respected by everyone. Although Chang Wantao is close to Hu Yiguo, he will not go against Chief Liang.

Meeting dismissed.

Zhao Jingsong was smiling and walking together with Hu Silian. He was asking for some documents from her.

Chang Wantao and Hu Yiguo were talking as they leave the meeting room.

Dong Xuebing and Qin Yong left for Qin Yong’s office and had a smoke together. They were smoking silently and did not say a word. These few days, not only Dong Xuebing felt the pressure, but Qin Yong was also having a tough time. Hu Yiguo was in Yan Tai County for many years and has many supporters. Dong Xuebing and Qin Yong were newly posted here, and it was almost impossible for them to fight against Hu Yiguo’s faction.

“Chief Dong.” Qin Yong said. “Chief Hu is starting to act.”

Dong Xuebing grumbled. “He only knows how to create trouble for others. I still have not seen him solve any major cases.”

Qin Yong laughed. “That’s right. Our Chief Hu has lots of credits and had solved 3 to 4 major cases. If not, he will not climb to his current position. But I heard all the cases solved by Chief Hu, is actually solved by his men and he snatched the credit from them. When I am newly posted over, I solved a drug trafficking case, but Chief Hu stole most of the credits from me.”

Dong Xuebing snubbed his cigarette. “Is Chief Liang on his side?”

“No. But Chief Hu is very close to a few County Government leaders.” Qin Yong said softly. “Like the County’s standing committee head and Publicity Department Head, Chang Qiansheng.” Qin Yong and Dong Xuebing were on the same boat, and he did not keep anything from Dong Xuebing. “This is why Chief Liang could not do anything to Chief Hu even when he dislikes Chief Hu’s actions.”

After chatting a while, Dong Xuebing returned to his office.

Currently, Dong Xuebing cannot win Hu Yiguo and Xie Huilan was right. Dong Xuebing should focus his attention on doing something for the people. That will be his foundation, and he can only win Hu Yiguo with a strong foundation!


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