Power and Wealth
Chapter 188 – Rage!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 188 – Rage!

Arrest Dan Dalei?

Liu Dahai heard this and knew Dong Xuebing and Finance Department’s head, Section Chief Wu Jun’s negotiation had failed. Wu Jun is still refusing to release the incentives. All other stations had gotten the incentives for their officers except for Hui Tian Village Station. This is too much, and Liu Dahai was furious. But he still maintained his composure. “Chief Dong, Section Chief Wu’s brother-in-law is Da Wang Village’s tyrant and the village is located next to the Gold Mine. Many of the mineworkers and hooligans there are his men. We had wanted to arrest him in the past, as he had been getting into fights and harassing women. But the two officers who went to arrest him were beaten up by the hooligans. In the end, he was not arrested. He… he is not easy to deal with.”

Dong Xuebing asked seriously. “He attacked our officers?”

Liu Dahai replied. “I heard he even broke a villager’s two legs. There is nothing he doesn’t dare to do.”

Dong Xuebing was furious. “What sort of Station Chief are you?! Ah? Why didn’t you report this to the County?”

“I reported a long time ago, but the County Bureau did not reply and this matter is forgotten.” Liu Dahai knew Wu Jun and Hu Yiguo were close and this is the reason why the County Bureau did not act.

Dong Xuebing banged his desk. “These bastards! They must be severely punished! They are too lawless! They think they can do whatever they want because someone is protecting them? Old Liu! Get the best fighters from our officers and bring guns along! We will go and arrest them! I will answer if any problem arises!” Dong Xuebing did not expect this to be so serious. His mother and Uncle had told him about Dan Dalei is a bully, but they did not say to Dong Xuebing about them assaulting police officers and breaking a villager’s legs. Damn! This Wu Jun and Dan Dalei is too much!

Liu Dahai gritted his teeth. “Yes! I will make the arrangements!” Liu Dahai has no more worries after hearing what Dong Xuebing said. The officers beat up by Wu Jun’s brother-in-law are very close to Liu Dahai, as they were from the same hometown. He had wanted to arrest Dan Dalei a long time ago.

“Who is the officer in charge of Da Wang village?”

“It’s Xiao Zhang.”

“Ok. Ask him to scout the village and let me know Dan Dalei’s location! Remember, I don’t want this operation to be leaked!” Dong Xuebing did not want to enter the village and arrest Dan Dalei openly. If they clashed with the villagers or the hooligans, things would be blown out of proportion. This operation must be conducted secretly.

The station officers start to move.

Xiao Zhang has some connections in the village and got Dan Dalei’s location fast. Dan Dalei is drinking with friends in a small restaurant near the village’s entrance. He was only with 2 of his friends and this is the best time to arrest him. Dong Xuebing ordered his officers to get ready and boarded the station’s van. Liu Dahai and Chen Fa got into Dong Xuebing’s Buicks MPV together with Dong Xuebing.

Da Wang Village.

The village is surrounded by mountains, and it was misty.

7 to 8 officers alighted from the van, near to the village’s entrance. Dong Xuebing instructed: “The restaurant is over there. You all must act fast. After you all arrested him, bring him back to the station immediately. If necessary, you all can draw your guns. But try not to open fire unless necessary.” Once a shot is fired, this matter will not be resolved, and this is not what Dong Xuebing wanted. The only people armed were Liu Dahai, Chen Fa and an officer. The rest of the officers are not armed, including Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing’s personal issued gun is still in the County Bureau and he did not have time to go back to retrieve it.

After giving out the instructions, the officers boarded the van again.

Zoom… the van and Buicks MPV sped into the village and came to a screeching stop in front of the restaurant!

The doors opened. Dong Xuebing and Liu Dahai kicked the doors of the restaurant opened and entered with their men.

There is only a table of customers in the restaurant. Before this operation, Dong Xuebing had read Dan Dalei’s criminal records and saw his photo. Dong Xuebing recognized him immediately. Dan Dalei was drinking beer with two hooligans.

“Don’t move! Police!”

“Dan Dalei! Come with us!”

Dan Dalei and the two hooligans were surprised to see the officers entering the restaurant, and after a while, they started laughing. Dan Dalei raised his mug and waved at the officers arrogantly, before gulping it down. “Mr. Policemen, did you all make a mistake? You want me to follow you all back to the station? I am a law-abiding citizen. Other than stepping on a few ants along the streets accidentally, I did not commit any crimes!”

One of the hooligans laughed and raised his mug. “Brother Lei, let’s have a toast!”

Dan Dalei knocked that hooligan’s mug. “Bottoms up! Just ignore them.”

This group of people is too arrogant. They think they are above the law and all this while, no one can do anything to them. The few officers looked at Dong Xuebing and Dong Xuebing said coldly. “Why are you all looking at me for?! Handcuff Dan Dalei and bring him back!”

The few officers surrounded Dan Dalei immediately.

Dan Dalei’s face turns cold and puts down his mug. “Who dares to arrest me?!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “If I don’t know you are a hooligan, I would have thought you are Wu Jun.”

One of the hooligans stood up and points to an officer. “Try touching Brother Lei, I will kill you!”

The officers ignored the hooligan and went over to pin Dan Dalei down on the table. One of the officers handcuffed him!

Until now, Dan Dalei was still smiling coldly. “Fine. You all got the guts to arrest me. I want to see how you all are going to bring me back!”

Dong Xuebing gave him a slap on the back of his head. “Don’t blink and open your eyes wide.”

Dan Dalei was escorted out of the restaurant in cuffs, and the villagers saw it. They were shocked and were jumping with joy in their hearts. Dan Dalei had been creating havoc in the village over the past few years. Many of the villagers were bullied by him and dare not retaliate. Everyone knew Dan Dalei have connections and still have a group of hooligans as subordinates. But the villagers remembered the previous time the police tried arresting him, he and his hooligans beat up those officers, and continue as if nothing had happened!

Suddenly, Chu Feng, who was on watch outside, ran over. “Chief Dong!”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Chu Feng was panting as he points to the entrance. “That group of hooligans is here. There are about 20 of them and all of them are carrying poles.”

Dong Xuebing tensed up and turns to Liu Dahai. “Quick! Get Dan Dalei into the car and go back to the station!”

But when the officers boarded the van and MPV, the group of hooligans ran over. They outnumbered the police officers by more than 3 times. The hooligans quickly surrounded the vehicles, and they were armed with poles and knives. One of the hooligans is holding a police baton. “Bastards! Release Brother Lei immediately! No one is allowed to leave!”

“Release him! Release him!”

“That’s right! We will kill you all if you don’t release him!”

“Police can arrest anyone they want? Brother Lei did not commit any crimes! Release him!”

Dan Dalei laughed coldly in the van and gave a provoking look at the Buicks.

Dong Xuebing sat in his MPV quietly. Liu Dahai knew this matter had become serious and frowned. He doesn’t know how to settle this mess. “Chief Dong, that bald guy leading the hooligans is also Wu Jun’s relative. His name is Dan Dabing and is also Wu Jun’s brother-in-law. Although he is not wanted for anything, he is mixing with Dan Dalei and the hooligans all the time. All the hooligans here are under these two brothers.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Section Chief Wu has good relatives.”

Liu Dahai asked. “What should we do now?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Fire a warning shot! I want to see who dares to stop us!”

Liu Dahai felt this was the only solution and looked at Chen Fa. Chen Fa nodded and drew his gun. He did not alight for the car and fired a shot towards the sky from the window. “Police! Get away from us, or we will shoot!”

The hooligans stirred.

Dan Dabing looked at the hooligans and cursed. He swings his baton at Chen Fa’s arm, which is outside the window, holding the gun. Bam! The baton landed on Chen Fa’s arm and he shouted out in agony. Luckily, he did not loosen his grip on his gun and quickly retrace his arm back into the car!

Dong Xuebing saw the hooligans attacking police officers so openly and was furious. “Old Chen, did they fracture your bone?”

Chen Fa was sweating as he replied. “My bone is fine. F**k, these bastards!”

Dan Dabing laughed. “Bros! Don’t be afraid of them! They don’t dare to shoot us!”

The hooligans were worked up and waved their weapons. “Release him! Release him!”

Dong Xuebing took out his phone and called Wu Jun. Wu Jun had also received news that Chief Dong had led a team of officers to arrest his brother-in-law. He was furious at first, but after that, he laughed. Dong Xuebing really dares to arrest anyone he wants. Didn’t he find out how influential Dan Dalei is in the village? When he saw Dong Xuebing calling him, he smiled and answered. “Chief Dong? Is there anything you need with me?”

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes. “Section Chief Wu, as a leader with the County Public Security Bureau, what have you taught your relatives? Ah?”

Wu Jun replied coldly. “What are you talking about?”

“Your brother-in-law had committed several crimes in the village, and I had arrested him. But his brother and his men had surrounded our police vehicles and assaulting us. They even hit Station Chief Chen. Section Chief Wu, these are your relatives? How can you allow your relatives to do such things?”

Wu Jun replied. “Stop talking nonsense. I seldom mix with my wife’s family. What have they got to do with me?”

“You still dare to avoid responsibility? Fine. Even if this got nothing to do with you, I want you to call Dan Dabing to ask him and his men to get lost!”

Wu Jun said. “Chief Dong, I said I have nothing to do with them, and it is beyond my control.”

Everyone is biased, but there should be a limit. Dong Xuebing will also side with his friends and relatives, but there should be a bottom line. If his friend committed murder, Dong Xuebing will also not allow them to get away. This is a matter of principles, and Dong Xuebing hated people like Wu Jun, who have no principles. “Your relative had assaulted police and you want to ignore it? Are you trying to cover this up? Can I report this to the higher-ups?”

Wu Jun got mad. “Chief Dong, don’t put words in my mouth. I got nothing to do with this… Fine… I will try to speak to them.”

Wu Jun also don’t want things to get out of hand, but he also does not want his brother-in-law to be arrested by Dong Xuebing. If Dan Dalei is arrested by Dong Xuebing, who knows how many crimes he will be charged with? Furthermore, this will be a disgrace to Wu Jun. Wu Jun did not ask Dan Dabing and his men to leave. Instead, he asked them to not go overboard. After that, Wu Jun called Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, I tried to persuade them, but they refuse to listen.”

Dong Xuebing knew what Wu Jun was up to, and his blood was boiling. “Section Chief Wu, there is also something you cannot achieve?”

“Why don’t you just release Dan Dalei? It is not a big deal anyway. Fighting is common, and is there a need to cuff him and bring him back? Chief Dong, don’t make the matter worse.”

“More than a dozen villagers had reported against Dan Dalei. He is also involved in assaulting police officers and others. How can this be considered a small deal? Section Chief Wu, you are really a good officer and role model for our Public Security. I must organize my men to learn from you!”

Dong Xuebing is also considered Wu Jun’s leader, and Wu Jun did not argue with him. “I still have some work. Bye.”

Dong Xuebing did not know what Wu Jun said to Dan Dabing, but the hooligans were getting more out of hand. They started kicking the van! Although Wu Jun had told Dan Danbing not to go overboard, seeing the officers hiding in their vehicles made him braver. All this while, the Dan brothers had been doing whatever they want in the village and no police officers dare to do anything to them. So, Dan Dabing raised his baton. “Brothers! There is no point in talking to them. If we don’t use force, they will not release him! Let’s smash this van and save Dalei!”

The atmosphere becomes tense!

Dan Dabing was not afraid of anything and hit the van with his baton. Bang! The van’s windshield was smashed. This was an old van, and it is not using laminated glass. The windshield shattered from the impact and the police officer in the front got a deep cut above his brows!

Dan Dabing roared: “Smash these vehicles up!”

Bang! Bang! The hooligans started kicking and smashing the windows!

About 10 seconds later, another officer is injured!

Liu Dahai, who was in the MPV, behind the van, was anxious and furious. “Chief Dong, let’s release Dan Dalei first! If this carries on, something bad will happen!”

Chen Fa was unwilling to let him go, but he said: “We can arrest him another time! There are plenty of chances!”

Dong Xuebing looked at the hooligans smashing up the police van. “Another time? If we can’t arrest him today, he will escape! Even if he doesn’t escape, it will be harder for us to arrest him again! Old Liu, Old Chen, how can you swallow this? I will not let our officers bled in vain! I will not let the villagers suffer in silence! I must arrest Dan Dalei today!”

Liu Dahai mumbled: “But the situation now…”

Dan Dabing saw the police officers not doing anything and laughed. “Smash up this van into pieces!”

Dong Xuebing looked at the hooligans and turned around. “You all remain in the vehicle! Don’t go out!” After that, he alighted from the MPV.

Liu Dahai was stunned. “Chief Dong! Don’t go out! It is dangerous!”

Chen Fa tried to pull Dong Xuebing back but failed. “Chief Dong!”

A hooligan laughed and points to Dong Xuebing. “Hey, hey! Their leader had come out!”

Dan Dabing waved his hand, and the hooligans stopped hitting the van. Everyone turned and look at Dong Xuebing, before surrounding him. Chu Feng, Da Leng and the rest of the officers were stunned. Why did Chief Dong get off his vehicle? Is he going to reason out with these hooligans? They will not listen! Chief Dong is putting himself in danger!

Chu Feng, Liu Dahai, and the rest wanted to alight from their vehicles. They will fight it out with these people. Worse come to worse, they will open fire!

But Dong Xuebing looked at them calmly. “Remain in the vehicles! No one is allowed to come out!” No one in Yan Tai County understands Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing is an overprotective leader towards his subordinates. Now, so many of his men were injured and there were too many hooligans. The officers will lose even if all of them alighted from the vehicles. Dong Xuebing decided to face the hooligans himself as he doesn’t want to see any more of his men getting injured.

Dan Dabing laughed. “Alright! You have guts!”

Dong Xuebing rolled up his sleeves. “I am not as daring as you all. You are Dan Dabing? Wu Jun’s relative? Haha, fine… you had damaged police vehicles, resist arrest, and assaulted a police officer. Today, not only Dan Dalei will be arrested, but you will also not escape! You two brothers have never entered a police station before? Ok! I will let you two experience how it feels to enter a station!”

Dan Dabing laughed arrogantly and signaled to one of his men.

One of the hooligans, standing behind Dong Xuebing, saw the signal and rushed forward with his metal pole rise. Bam! The pole landed on Dong Xuebing’s shoulder! It was a sneak attack from the back!

Chu Feng and the officers in the van shouted. “Watch out!”

“Behind you!”

But it was too late. Dong Xuebing shouted and kneeled on the floor with blood trickling down from his shoulders.

“Chief Dong!”

This hit infuriated Dong Xuebing, and he did not care if things will go out of proportion!

BACK 4 seconds!

Everything flashed!

“Watch out!”

“Behind you!”

Chief Dong had practiced unarmed combat with Er Leng at the station this morning and all the officers knew he is not good at fighting. He might not even win if he is facing that hooligan on one, let alone a sneak attack from the back. All the officers were anxious and felt Chief Dong was too reckless to face the hooligans alone.

But the next moment, everyone was shocked!

That hooligan raised his metal pole above his head and swing it down. But Dong Xuebing seems to know what was happening behind him without turning his head. He could even predict where the pole will land. Dong Xuebing turned his body to his side, dodging the pole, and he reached out to grab the pole while giving a kick to that hooligan’s balls!

That dyed hair hooligan released his weapon as he covered his privates in pain.

Dong Xuebing grabbed the pole and swing it coldly at that hooligan’s face without holding back!


There is a deep cut on the hooligan’s face from the impact, and he dropped onto the floor motionlessly!

No one expected Dong Xuebing to be so good at fighting and were shocked!

Dong Xuebing slowly took out his packet of cigarettes from his pocket and lit one. “Who’s next?”

Dan Dabing’s face changed as he saw his man lying there motionlessly. “Go!!” This time, two hooligans rushed forward!

Chu Feng, Liu Dahai, and the rest knew it is hard to face two opponents at once, and they wanted to get off to help.

But Dong Xuebing stared at them coldly. “No one is allowed to get off the vehicle!”

Liu Dahai shouted: “But…”

As they were speaking, the two hooligans rushed forward with wooden poles. One of them swung his pole towards Dong Xuebing’s upper arm and Dong Xuebing blocked it with his metal pole. But his other side was exposed, and the other hooligan hit his Xuebing’s waist with his wooden pole!


Dong Xuebing had accumulated 4 minutes of BACK over the past few days. From his practice, he realized that it is hard for him to win if he fought barehanded, even with his powers. He still does not have enough stamina and strength. But with a weapon and his power, Dong Xuebing will become very scary. That’s why he dares to face the hooligans alone!

BACK 2 seconds!

The moment time returned, Dong Xuebing moved. He used his metal pole to block the first attack and gave a kick to his other side! The other hooligan who was swinging his pole when he was kicked. Dong Xuebing used the momentum from blocking the first attack and swing it towards the kicked hooligan, hitting him on his chin. Blood and teeth flew out of that hooligan’s mouth and he fainted as he lands on the ground!

“Lao Wu!!!” The hooligan behind got furious and feint with his weapon, and landed a punch on Dong Xuebing’s face!

Dong Xuebing could taste blood in his mouth and cursed!

BACK 3 seconds!

This time, Dong Xuebing did not avoid that feint and swung his metal pole. Cracked! The hooligan’s wooden pole broke, and Dong Xuebing used more strength to swing his metal pole at the hooligan. The metal pole landed on that hooligan’s arm and the arm was bent at an awkward angle. His arm should be broke. But Dong Xuebing was not satisfied. He clenched his fist and gave a punch to his face with all his strength! That hooligan flew back and landed on the ground unconscious!

Dan Dabing was stunned as he saw Dong Xuebing finishing 3 of his men within seconds. He rushed forward with his baton. “Get a few men to stop the van from moving off and the rest attack!” At least 6 to 7 men were attacking with Dan Dabing. Dan Dabing knew Dong Xuebing could fight well, but with so many people attacking him at once, he will never escape!

It is a tough fight for Dong Xuebing!

There were too many opponents, and Dong Xuebing could not retaliate. The moment he attacks, the hooligans will give him a heavy blow! His arms, thighs, face were hit within seconds, and almost passed out. Dan Dabing’s police baton was the most painful and he had used all his strength in every hit!

Dong Xuebing was furious. Under Wu Jun and Hu Yiguo’s protection, these people had gone crazy. They did not care about the consequences and dare to attack police officers in broad daylights! If this carries on, who knows what they might do in the future?!

These bastards!

BACK 30 seconds!

Dong Xuebing returned to the time before he was attacked by 6 to 7 people and saw one of the hooligans running towards him. Dong Xuebing knew he will throw a brick towards his stomach from a distance, and he immediately sidestep when the hooligan’s hand moved. He avoided that brick successfully and moved forward, swinging his metal rod. The metal pole hit that hooligan on his mouth and his lips split from the impact.

The next moment, Dan Dabing and two other hooligans got closer!

Dong Xuebing did not continue attacking and used BACK to try to dodge their attacks!

BACK 3 seconds!

BACK 2 seconds!

BACK 5 seconds!

After using BACK 6 times, Dong Xuebing finally got a chance. He dodged a metal rod and got out of the center. At the same time, he swings his metal rod with both his hands towards his left. Bam!!! Dan Dabing stares in disbelief, as he covered his arm and fell to the ground. Dong Xuebing will not let him getaway. He stepped forward and hit Dan Dabing’s leg with his metal pole. He heard a loud crack and knew he had broken Dan Dabing’s leg!

Dan Dabing shouted in pain: “Kill him! I want him dead!”

Bam! Bam! Dong Xuebing suffered two hits on his back and shouted BACK 3 seconds. He immediately dodges the two attacks from his back and swings his metal pole on Dan Dabing’s other leg. Crack!!! Dong Xuebing had broken both of Dan Dabing’s legs!


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