Power and Wealth
Chapter 189 – We can get money this way?!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 189 – We can get money this way?!

Da Wang Village. The entrance of the small restaurant.

2 out of the 6 to 7 people attacking Dong Xuebing had dropped onto the ground. Together with the 3 people who were knocked out earlier, Dong Xuebing had beaten 5 people ruthlessly. They were so severely injured that they will take at least 1 to 2 months before they can get off the bed. On the other hand, Dong Xuebing did not suffer any injuries and his opponents did not even touch him.

Dan Dabing, whose legs were broken, was rolling on the ground in pain. “Go! Argh!!! Kill him!!!”

The hooligans were blinded by anger and rushed forward with their poles!

Dong Xuebing was exhausted but still managed to face them. After the training at the State Security Party School, Dong Xuebing started to train his stamina. Now, he got to face 5 opponents, and he ran diagonally towards them. He tried to face one person at a time. Swoosh! The hooligan in front was holding a small knife and he swings at Dong Xuebing’s face. The second person besides that hooligan had his pole raised above his head. Dong Xuebing quickly dodged to his side to avoid the knife but was hit on the neck by that pole. He immediately felt giddy from that hit and sharp pain in his forearm. He looked down and saw the small dagger impaled in his arm!

The hooligans saw their hits landed on Dong Xuebing and started laughing!

Dong Xuebing quickly shouted BACK 4 seconds!

Everything flashed before his eyes, and the hooligan with the knife was swinging at him!

Dong Xuebing quickly swing his metal rod. Since he knows where that hooligan is attacking, retaliating first is the best solution. He attacked that hooligan’s legs, but the hooligan with the knife reacted fast and step back to dodge Dong Xuebing’s attack. After Dong Xuebing missed, he sneered and move forward to stab Dong Xuebing in his shoulders. Blood spurt out!

This was the first time Dong Xuebing experienced the other party changing their movement after using BACK. This was because he had moved differently from the previous time, and his opponent reacted to his actions!

Damn! BACK 3 seconds!

Time returns to the time when the hooligan swings his knife at Dong Xuebing!

This time, Dong Xuebing did not attack or dodge. He waited for the knife to get closer and tried to grab that hooligan’s hand, which was holding the knife. But he misses and the knife still landed on his shoulder. Dong Xuebing almost fainted from the pain and shouted BACK 2 seconds. He tried to grab that hooligan’s wrist again. It was Dong Xuebing’s third attempt before he finally caught that hooligan’s wrist. He twisted that hooligan’s hand with all his strength back towards the hooligan and impaled it into his other upper arm, stabbing through it!

The 6th person was incapacitated!

Another hooligan, armed with a wooden pole, roared in anger and hit Dong Xuebing’s back!

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and shouted: “BACK 3 seconds!”

Dong Xuebing’s practice over the past few days came in handy. He did not hesitate and immediately kicked the stabbed hooligan to the ground and pull out the knife from his upper arm. Without turning, he kneels down to dodge the wooden pole. The pole passes inches above his head, and he turned around, stabbing the knife downwards! The knife went through that hooligan’s shoe into his foot!


The 7th person was down!

Dong Xuebing panted as he stood there watching the remaining hooligans, holding a bloody knife and metal rod in both hands. “You dare to use a knife? Fine! All of you had committed one more crime! Attempt murder! Come, I want to see if you all are really fearless!”

Everyone, there were stunned by Dong Xuebing!

The hooligans looked at each other, and some of them took a step back. No one dares to move forward. Dong Xuebing was like a fighting god to them. With a rod and a knife, he had dropped 7 people within 5 minutes! His skills are beyond description!

Hui Tian Village Station’s officers were speechless. They had seen Er Leng practicing with Chief Dong in the morning and he was not this good. Damn! Chief Dong had held back against Er Leng this morning!

The villagers, who were watching the commotion, looked at the 7 hooligans covered in blood on the ground and at Dong Xuebing. This is the newly posted Deputy Bureau Chief? 1 vs. 7? Damn! He is damn good at fighting!!!

Dan Dabing, who was still rolling on the floor, shouted: “Go! Attack him together!”

The hooligans feared Dong Xuebing, and this was time they face such a ruthless Public Security officer. They looked at their friends on the floor and no one wants to follow their footsteps.

Dong Xuebing said coldly. “Chief Liu, Chief Chen! Arrest them!”

Liu Dahai and Chen Fa recovered from their shock and alighted from their vehicles with their men!

The remaining hooligans saw the police officers and started running away!

Dong Xuebing did not want to go after the remaining hooligans as 7 to 8 officers are insufficient to arrest them. Actually, Dong Xuebing was exhausted and could no longer fight anymore. He looked at the hooligans on the floor and asked Chu Feng to call the ambulance. If any of these hooligans die, it will be troublesome. Dong Xuebing threw the knife and metal rod aside and walked slowly to Dan Dabing.

Dan Dabing was holding on to his legs and staring at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You think you are above the law? Dare to attack police officers? Come on, try attacking us again!”

Dan Dabing kept quiet as he knew there was nothing he could do now.

Dong Xuebing gave Dan Dabing a kick to his broken legs. “Don’t think Wu Jun and Hu Yiguo is protecting you all and you all will be fine! I want to see how they are going to save you this time! Da Leng, Er Leng! Cuff him and bring him back to the station!”

Da Leng and his brother quickly move forward to arrest Dan Dabing!

After this fight, all the officers look at Dong Xuebing differently. None of them had expected a non-police school graduate can be so skilled at fighting. Chief Dong is not even 24 years old. Even if someone had learned martial arts from young, he can’t face 7 hooligans at once! This was unbelievable!

On the way back.

Liu Dahai laughed. “Chief Dong, you really surprise me today. I think no one in the County Bureau is your match.”

Chen Fa also laughed. “Chief Dong, you must teach us a few moves when you are free.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Haha, stop making fun of me. I am just lucky today. Oh, how are our officers’’ injuries?”

Liu Dahai sighed. “Many of them suffered cuts from the broken glass, and a few of them were hit by the hooligans with poles. But luckily, their bones were not broken and is not serious.”

Dong, Xuebing replied. “Treat their injuries once we are back at the station and send those with more serious injuries to the hospital immediately. Everyone had done their best today. After this incident is settled, give out incentives to the officers who are involved in this operation.”

Liu Dahai paused for a second and asked. “What should we do with Dan Dalei and Dan Dabing?”

“Hmph! Interrogate them after we are back. It’s time for them to pay back the villagers for everything they did!” But serious crimes will be handled by the Bureau’s investigation team, and the is out of the Village station’s jurisdiction. Hu Yiguo and Wu Jun might interfere and help them get away. Dong Xuebing added. “Old Liu, gather the evidence as fast as possible. After we got all the evidence, we will hand over Dan Dalei and the rest to the bureau.” This way, the people at the bureau cannot play any tricks.

Back at the station, Dong Xuebing interrogate them personally.

Dan Dalei and Dan Dabing refuse to plead guilty and feigned ignorance of their assault on the police officers. They claimed they were drunk and could not remember a thing.

Dong Xuebing knew these two bastards were waiting for Hu Yiguo and Wu Jun to save them.

Ring, ring, ring… Dong Xuebing’s handphone rang, and it was Bureau Chief Liang Chengpeng calling. “Hello, Chief Liang?”

Liang Chengpeng sounds a bit angry. “What happens at Da Wang village? Why did you beat up the villagers?”

Dong Xuebing frowned and knew someone must have complaints against him to Chief Liang. “I was just about to report to you about this. Chief Liang, I don’t know who told you this, but this is what happened. Dan Dalei had been lawless in Da Wang Village and had committed a lot of crimes. This morning, I led a team of officers to arrest him and his brother, Dan Dabing, brought over 20 hooligans to surround our police vehicles and assaulted our officers. They even smashed our cars. These people are no villagers.”

Liang Chengpeng asked. “Why didn’t you speak to them?”

Dong, Xuebing replied. “I tried reasoning with them, but they insist us to release Dan Dalei. They threaten that if we don’t release Dan Dalei, they will kill us. We fired a warning shot, but they were not scared at all. Oh, because Dan Dalei is Finance Department Head Wu Jun’s brother-in-law, I had called him to ask him to persuade his relatives to leave. But Section Chief Wu doesn’t seem to care and after he called Dan Dabing, the hooligans became more arrogant. I wonder what he said to the hooligans.”

Liang Chengpeng paused for a while and seems to be digesting Dong Xuebing’s report. “But you are too extreme. I heard 7 people are severely injured. 2 or 3 of them had their legs fractured, and the others were covered in blood. This will have a negative impact. The villagers had complained about you to me!” Liang Chengpeng had heard about this incident and did not find out more. But after hearing Dong Xuebing’s explanation, his tone becomes better.

Dong Xuebing was mad. “The villagers are complaining? How come I am not aware? There are records about all the crimes committed by Dan Dalei and Dan Dabing in the village. There is even a case of assaulting police officers and Dan Dalei breaking a villager’s legs! When we arrested Dan Dalei and his brother, many villagers were cheering and clapping. I don’t understand which villager has issues with their arrest. Section Chief Wu Jun’s relatives?”

Liang Chengpeng smiled. “You… you really have a bad temper.”

Dong, Xuebing replied. “Chief Liang, I am really furious. I admit I had beat them up badly, but I had no choice. There are more than 20 hooligans, armed with police batons and knives, attacking us in broad daylights. If I don’t beat them up badly, will they be scared? All the officers and the villagers saw what happened. If my movements are slightly slower, I would have been stabbed!”

Liang Chengpeng paused. “They have no respect for the law.”

“That’s right. I am collecting evidence, and I will submit a detail report to you later.”


After hanging up, Liang Chengpeng made a few calls to find out the details about this incident. It was precisely like what Chief Dong had said. These hooligans had smashed the police vehicles, attacked the officers with weapons, and even used a knife on Bureau Chief Dong. He banged the table in anger and called Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, good job! Hand Dan Dalei and Dan Dabing over to the serious crime investigation team. These people must be punished!” The reason for Liang Chengpeng praising Dong Xuebing was his ability to remain calm during the incident. Dong Xuebing did not fire at the hooligans and kept the impact to the minimum.

If it was Hu Yiguo asking Dong Xuebing to hand over the hooligans, he would surely refuse. But Bureau Chief Liang is different. “Yes, Sir!

Liang Chengpeng asked. “Are you injured?”

“Thanks for asking. I am fine.”

Liang Chengpeng was impressed by Dong Xuebing this time. 1 vs. 7 and managed to win without injuries. Is Dong Xuebing really a graduate from a regular university? Is he really in charge of the administrative staff at State Security? How can someone who faces the PC every day be so good at fighting?

Executive Deputy Bureau Chief’s office.

Wu Jun was panicking. “Chief Hu, what should we do?”

Hu Yiguo gave him a stare. “It had been blown out of proportion! What else can we do?”

Wu Jun sighed. “I did not expect things to turn out this way. I had reminded Dan Dabing to not go overboard, but he didn’t listen!” When he received news that Dong Xuebing broke both of Dan Dabing’s legs, he was furious. But after he heard Dan Dabing and his men had smashed the police vehicles, injured several police officers, and even used a knife at Chief Dong, he knew there is no way to cover this incident up!

Hu Yiguo said. “Your two brothers-in-law cannot be saved. Stop wasting your time.”


“F**k! You will be considered lucky if you did not get into trouble over this incident! You still have time to think about helping others?”

Wu Jun bowed his head. He had gone against Dong Xuebing because he is from Hu Yiguo’s faction. But now, he regretted his decision. Both of his brother-in-law’s legs were broken, and they will be sent to jail. For the first time, Wu Jun felt Dong Xuebing was not someone he can offend.

After returning to his office, Wu Jun called his men to get them to release the money to Hui Tian Village station.

A few minutes later, Wu Jun was summoned to Liang Chengpeng’s office.

Liang Chengpeng pointed at Wu Jun’s nose and scolded. “You can’t even manage your family members! Are you not interested in working here? Ah?!”

Wu Jun quickly explained that he had nothing to do with this incident.

But Liang Chengpeng did not listen and carried on scolding. Although he does not want to see the leaders under him to be very united, he also does not want to see them going after each other’s throat as he will have total control over them if this happens. Liang Chengpeng even knew what started this incident. The Finance Department had held back Hui Tian Village Station’s incentives. Without the Finance Department creating trouble, Chief Dong will not retaliate and arrest so many people.

After scolding Wu Jun, Liang Chengpeng called Hu Yiguo to his office. “I heard Hui Tian Village Station finances are in a dire situation. They did well in this operation. As a reward, issue 300,000 RMB for them to get better equipment.” The City Station only got 150,000 RMB to upgrade their equipment previously!

Hu Yiguo replied. “The Bureau’s finance department does not have…”

Liang Chengpeng gave him a stare. “I don’t care! You go and find a way!”

Hu Yiguo knew Chief Liang was punishing him indirectly.

Hui Tian Village Station.

Dong Xuebing was having a meeting with Liu Dahai, Li Sanmiao, and Chen Fa. They were discussing the evidence collected against Dan Dalei and his brother. They were also talking about how to increase the security in the areas under them when they received news that the Finance Department had transferred their officers’ incentives to them. A few moments later, they were told that a sum of 300,000 RMB equipment funds had been approved and will be in their account tomorrow!

Liu Dahai, Li Sanmiao, and the rest looked at Dong Xuebing. They were speechless.

All this while, they thought they must have close connections with the leaders, beg, or pester, to get the bureau to issue money. But Chief Dong did the opposite and forcefully arrest the relatives and friends of those leaders. He had not only increased the crime-solving rate and collected fines, he even forced the Finance Department to issue funds!

Liu Dahai and the rest learned something new today. Damn! We can also get money this way?!


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