Power and Wealth
Chapter 198 – Invitation from the City’s Party Committee Secretary!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 198 – Invitation from the City’s Party Committee Secretary!

The next day, Noon.

Qu Yunxuan drove the Mercedes Benz S350L back to her neighborhood.

Dong Xuebing was at home calling Liu Dahai and Qin Yong to ask about the Bureau. There is no work for him, and he called his mother and Yu Meixia to inform them that he will not be returning to Tai Yan County for the Labor Day holidays. After Dong Xuebing received an SMS from Aunt Xuan telling him that she is back, he ran downstairs excitedly to test drive the new car.

Qu Yunxuan’s mother is also downstairs, admiring the new Mercedes Benz.

Qu Yunxuan’s father had come over too. He is a quiet person, and Dong Xuebing seldom speaks to him.

Dong Xuebing saw Qu Yunxuan’s parents and walked over nervously. “Hi, Aunty and Uncle.”

Qu Yunxuan’s father had complicated feelings. He seldom visits his daughter, and his impression of Dong Xuebing and Luan Xiaoping is poor. He never expects this young man to get promoted to a high position in the government and also made so much money. He heard from his daughter that the company’s asset is worth almost more than 10 million. This is an amount he could never imagine!

Qu Yunxuan’s mother smiled as she looked at Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing, this is a nice car. How much did you buy it for?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Around 1.5 million.”

Qu Yunxuan’s father gasped and could not say a word.

Qu Yunxuan’s mother thought for a while and asked. “Err… Are you going to drive it back or…”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “This car is for Aunt… Yunxuan. She needs a car to drive to work. I don’t need it as my workplace have vehicles.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother was grinning happily and nodded. “Good… This is a good car.”

Qu Yunxuan’s father sighed. “It is too expensive. Yunxuan, you cannot accept this.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother turned and gave her husband a stare. “Xiao Bing and our daughter is dating now. What’s the big deal of him buying a car for her?”

Qu Yunxuan’s father frowned. “A 100,000 RMB car is good enough. 1.5 million is too much.”

Yesterday, Qu Yunxuan’s mother was still slightly unhappy with Dong Xuebing. But after she saw this S350L, her attitude changed. “Yunxuan, don’t listen to your father. Xiao Bing, let’s go and look at the interior.” Qu Yunxuan’s mother pulled Dong Xuebing and boarded the Mercedes. After checking out the interior, she asked Qu Yunxuan to drive them to the 3rd Ring Road to test this car’s speed. However, because of the upcoming Labor Day holidays, the traffic was heavy, and they could not speed.

After they returned to their estate, many of the neighbors who came back from marketing, crowded around the new car.

“Wow… whose car is this?”

“Sister Qu, do you know who the owner of this car is?”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother smiles as she alighted from the car. “My daughter just bought it.”

An elderly neighbor exclaimed in shock. “This is a Mercedes Benz? Is it imported? 900,000 RMB?”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother replied proudly. “900,000 RMB is not enough. This car cost 1.5 million.”

“Mum…” Qu Yunxuan frowned. “Let’s go upstairs for lunch.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother still wants to flaunt, but her daughter and husband had walked away. She turned to her neighbors to bid farewell and went upstairs. Now, she really likes Dong Xuebing and felt this young man seems to look more handsome. “Xiao Bing, what do you want to eat? Tell me, I will cook it for you.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Anything. I am not picky.”

During lunch, Qu Yunxuan’s mother keeps smiling and putting food into Dong Xuebing’s bowl. Qu Yunxuan’s father did not say anything, but he had already approved Dong Xuebing and his daughter dating. Who doesn’t want their daughter to find a wealthy partner? Qu Yunxuan’s father is the same. Furthermore, his wife had told him that their daughter is currently living with Dong Xuebing and there is no way for him to oppose this relationship.

After lunch, Qu Yunxuan returns to the company and she also needs to read up on Jade. She needs to go to Rui Li to buy uncut jade stones urgently. Dong Xuebing had nothing to do at Qu Yunxuan’s place and couldn’t stand her mother. So, he also left with Qu Yunxuan.

“Aunt Xuan, I will take the Mercedes out for a drive.”

“Ok. I will drive your Buicks then.”

After exchanging cars, Dong Xuebing drove aimlessly on the 3rd Ring Road.

Driving a million RMB car is totally different from a 200,000 RMB car. Not only the driver seat is comfortable, but the handling is also comfortable. It was so comfortable that Dong Xuebing was afraid he would not get use to driving his Buicks again.

Ring, ring, ring…

Dong Xuebing had driven almost one round on the 3rd Ring Road and stopped his car by the roadside. He looked at his phone and it was Xie Huilan calling. He quickly answers it. “Sister Xie.”

Xie Huilan giggled. “Are you coming back to Beijing for the Labor Day holidays?”

Dong Xuebing replied embarrassedly. “I am already in Beijing. I just returned and is about to call you.” Dong Xuebing had been very busy the past two days and wanted to call Xie Huilan tomorrow.

“Hehe, good. My parents want to meet you.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Secretary Xie wants to meet me? Why?”

“What do you mean by why? We are dating now, and my parents want to meet you. Oh, actually it is my mother who wants to meet you. She… after I call off my engagement with Wei Nan, she kept quarreling with me. Haha… remember to bring some gifts and put on your best performance later, ok?”


“Is there a problem?”

“Err… no problem. What should I bring for Aunty?”

“This is your first time meeting them and should bring a presentable gift. Why not I prepare the gift for you, and you tell them you had bought it?”

“No… I will prepare the gifts.”

“Alright. That’s settled. I will tell you the address and come over after you get the gifts, ok?”

Dong Xuebing took down the address and hangs up. He was nervous as Secretary Xie in Beijing City’s Party Committee secretary and a Politburo member. Also, from Xie Huilan’s tone, Secretary Xie and his wife had objected to him dating Sister Xie. Actually, both of them are not considered dating. But Dong Xuebing knew he needs to get approval from Secretary Xie and his wife, or else, the Xie family will arrange someone for Xie Huilan.

Dong Xuebing thought about Aunt Xuan and Sister Xie and was frustrated.

Is this considered two-timing them? Hmmm… I am dating Qu Yunxuan, but with Xie Huilan… it feels like we are only pretending to be in a relationship. My duty is only to help Sister Xie escape the clutches of her family and stop them from forcing her to marry someone she doesn’t love. So, I am not considered two-timing.

Dong Xuebing stopped his thoughts from running wild, and his task now is to pass Xie Huilan’s mother’s test first.

After returning home, Dong Xuebing took out his boxes of wild ginseng and picked a 50 years old box, before driving to Xi Shan Villas. The Standing Committee’s lodging is located at the Xi Shan Villa district, but it is a distance from Senior Xie’s mansion. Dong Xuebing drove around for a while before he found the road.

Ring, ring, ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang again.

Xie Huilan: “Where are you now?”

Dong Xuebing replied while driving. “I will be reaching in 10 minutes.”

“So fast? You drove?”


“You can’t enter without a permit. I will get Xiao Hao to wait for you at the guardhouse. What car are you driving?”

Dong Xuebing was stunned when he heard this. He realized he is driving the Mercedes Benz. Will this be alright? “Err…… It’s a Mercedes Benz.”

“C class? Alright.”

Dong Xuebing wiped the sweat on his forehead. “It’s… it’s an S class.”

There was a pause on the other line. “Hehe… you are so daring.”

“No… it’s my friend’s car, and I borrowed it.” Dong Xuebing tried to explain. “How about I park my car a distance away and walk over?”

“Don’t be so troublesome. Just drive over. Alright.”

After Xie Huilan said this, Dong Xuebing stopped hesitating. He straightened his collars and drove to the Standing Committee Villas. There were armed guards at the entrance and one of them stopped Dong Xuebing’s car. Before the guard could ask anything, Xie Hao, who was still in his school uniform, ran over and told the guard. “This is my friend.” The guard stepped back as they know who Xie Hao was.

Xie Hao looked at the Mercedes Benz curiously. “So cool! This car is so cool!”

Dong Xuebing wind down the windows. “Get in first.”

Xie Hao immediately hopped into the car. “Hehe… Brother-in-law!”

Dong Xuebing gave him a stare. “Stop calling me that.”

Xie Hao replied cheekily. “Why not? I know everything. You and my sister are not pretending to be a couple. Both of you are dating for real.”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. I still have not touched your sister’s hair. How can we be dating?


Dong Xuebing can’t be bothered to correct him. “What?”

“Hehe… This car is so cool… Can you let me drive it?”

“You are still underage and don’t even have a driving license!”

“Then bring me out for a ride later.” Xie Hao kept touching the interior fittings. “This is so cool. If I can drive this car to school every day, I will be smiling even in my dreams. Damn! Once I enter university, I must buy this car.”

Dong Xuebing gave Xie Hao a glance. “You should concentrate on your studies before thinking about other stuff!”


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