Power and Wealth
Chapter 200 Dong Xuebing’s background
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 200 Dong Xuebing’s background

Outside of the operating room.

10 minutes… 30 minutes… 1 hour… Liang Chengpeng, his wife, and Dong Xuebing waiting anxiously for the operation to end.

Suddenly, the operating room’s door opened, and Liang Chengpeng and his wife stood up immediately. Liang Chengpeng looked at Deputy Director Qin uneasily. “Director Qin, how is my mother? The operation…” Dong Xuebing also walked nearer.

Deputy Director Qin gave them an assuring look. “Don’t worry. The operation is very successful.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife collapsed on the chair and was crying with joy.

Liang Chengpeng was relieved and grabbed Director Qin’s hand. “Thank you! Thank you!”

Deputy Director Qin turns to one of the heads of the department standing beside him. “Don’t ask the ICU nurse to push the patient back. Arrange one of the special single wards on the top floor for the old lady. I will be the attending doctor for her and she is still in the critical condition these two days. If you all notice anything abnormal, call me immediately.” Not anyone can stay in a single ward. Only Major Generals or Bureau Director levels and above can stay there. But Mdm. Han had given instructions and Deputy Director Qin had to do his best.

Dong Xuebing replied. “Sorry to trouble you.”

Deputy Director Qin patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulders. “It’s alright. The body checkup upstairs is not finished. Come upstairs in an hour.”

Dong Xuebing knew Deputy Director Qin was talking about Mdm. Han’s checkup, and he nodded.

Liang Chengpeng’s mother woke up when the nurse was pushing her to the ward. She looks fine and could still smile at him. This type of operation is not open surgery and does not need anesthesia.

On the top floor, Single ward.

“Mum!” Liang Chengpeng’s wife asked. “How are you feeling?”

The old lady smiled. “I’m fine. My chest does not hurt and could breathe better. Haha… I made you all worried. Da Peng, go back to work. I am fine now.”

Liang Chengpeng shook his head. “I will wait until your condition is stable.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife wiped her tears. “We got to thank Chief Dong. The young doctor told us the success rate is only 40%, and this rate is for younger patients. You are already 80 and it is more dangerous. But Chief Dong got the hospital’s Director Qin, a specialist in this sort of operations, to conduct the operation and saved you.”

The old lady looked at Dong Xuebing. She had met him before as Dong Xuebing had visited her when she was warded in the County’s People’s Hospital. “Thank you, Xiao Dong.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Bureau Chief Liang had taken special care of me at the bureau, and this is nothing.”

After a while, the old lady fell asleep with Liang Chengpeng’s wife accompanying her by the bedside. Dong Xuebing and Liang Chengpeng walked out of the ward.

In the corridor, Dong Xuebing said. “Chief Liang, I have something on and got to go. I will visit old lady later.”

Liang Chengpeng sighed and patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulder. “I will not say any more grateful words. I owe you one.” He knew he had owed Dong Xuebing a big favor and return back to the ward after Dong Xuebing left.

Liang Chengpeng’s wife looked at him. “Xiao Dong had left?”

Liang Chengpeng nodded. “Yes. He came here to accompany someone to see the doctor.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife sighed. “After Mum recovers, we should thank him again. This Xiao Dong is very capable.”

“Capable?” Liang Chengpeng rubbed the center of his brows and sat on a chair. He saw his wife had a puzzled look, and he smiled. “You think the hospital’s director will conduct the operation personally just because Dong Xuebing know him? Didn’t you see the two heads of Cardiology departments came and be the director’s assistant? This is no longer an issue of who you know. Also, who are the ones who stayed in these single wards?”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife was stunned. “Who?”

An old man in the patient’s gown walked past the ward.

Liang Chengpeng immediately stands at attention. After the old man walks away, he whispered. “That is Beijing City’s former Deputy Mayor. His surname is Li, but I have forgotten his full name. He is in-charge of Public Security in the past.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife stuttered. “You are saying… Chief Dong has a strong background?”

“Yes. But it might also be he have relatives in 305 Hospital.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife acknowledge. “Who cares what his background is. This time, he had done us a great favor and you must remember to take care of him in the Bureau.” Chief Liang’s wife does not know about the matters in the government and she is only grateful to Dong Xuebing. If Dong Xuebing is not around, the old lady might be gone now.

On the other side.

Han Jing had completed her body checkup, and Dong Xuebing was sending her back.

“Aunty, how are the results of your checks?” Dong Xuebing looked at Han Jing through the rear-view mirror.

Han Jing opened her eyes and smiled. “It’s alright. Director Qing just asked me to take more wild ginsengs to condition my body.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Oh, then you should take more. Let me know when you finish that box. I will bring a few over.”

“No need. Eating too many ginsengs is also not good for health. Haha… Oh, how is your friend’s mother?”

“Thanks to you, she is out of danger.”

“Good to hear that. No matter what, health is the most important.” Han Jing looked at Dong Xuebing. “You must remember to remind Huilan. She always skips her meals when she works. Sooner or later, her body will not take it. She doesn’t listen to her father and me. You must knock some sense into her.”

Huh? Sis Xie doesn’t even listen to you, and you think she will listen to me? You really think highly of me…

But Dong Xuebing still acknowledged.

After sending Han Jing returned to Villa No.1, she politely invited Dong Xuebing to stay for lunch. But Dong Xuebing could tell she was only being polite and rejected her offer. He drove out to a noodle restaurant and had a bowl of noodles, before returning to 305 Hospital. Liang Chengpeng is Dong Xuebing’s direct supervisor, and in the past, Dong Xuebing had no chance to form a good relationship with him. This is a rare opportunity and must not be missed.

Top floor, single wards.

Dong Xuebing brought some fruits and health supplements with him.

Liang Chengpeng’s wife stood up to receive him. “Why did you bring gifts with you? Thank you. Have a seat.”

Dong Xuebing pulled a chair over and asked. “How is the old lady?”

Liang Chengpeng replied. “Director Qin had come for a visit earlier and said everything is fine. After the wound for the scope heals, she can be discharged.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife looked at him. “Old Liang, I will be here taking care of mum. Why not you go back to the County tonight?”

Liang Chengpeng shook his head. “I will stay for a few more days.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “You all just arrived in Beijing in the morning and should not have booked a hotel right? Let me arrange for you.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife replied gratefully. “No, thanks. We don’t want to trouble you further. We will just look for a place from Beijing’s County Government Office later.” Although the instructions to remove Beijing’s County Government Office are out, but most of the county’s offices in Beijing are still around. They only changed the name to “Contact Center,” but they are again doing the same things.

“Haha… Beijing is also my hometown, and I must put up a good performance to impress my leader. Leave this to me.” Dong Xuebing really wants to impress his superior.

Liang Chengpeng thought for a while and nodded. He also wants to see how influential Dong Xuebing is.

Dong Xuebing remembered something and asked. “Chief Liang, did you drive over?”

Liang Chengpeng replied. “Last night, it was Xiao Sun who drove a police car to send us here. I don’t know when I am going back, and I asked Xiao Sun to go back first.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Oh, without a car, it is not convenient. Ok, I will help you get a car first and you can use it for the time being.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife quickly shook her head. “Xiao Dong, it’s alright. It will be too troublesome for you.”

“It’s fine. It’s fine. “Dong Xuebing walked out to give Qu Yunxuan a call.

About 5 pm in the afternoon.

The old lady fell asleep again after she took her dinner. Dong Xuebing was afraid they would wake the old lady and went downstairs with Chief Liang and his wife. They walked out of the hospital’s building, and Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. He answered it and said something.

A few minutes later, a Mercedes Benz, S350L, stopped in the hospital compound.

Qu Yunxuan’s assistant, Xiao Tao, alighted and passed the keys to Dong Xuebing, before leaving in a taxi.

Liang Chengpeng and his wife were shocked. They knew how much this car cost. This is a Mercedes S class and not a C class!

Dong Xuebing smiled and passed the key to Chief Liang. “Please use this car first. I had asked someone to fill up the petrol.”

Liang Chengpeng looked at Dong Xuebing and took the key. In his heart, his impression of Dong Xuebing had increased. Chief Xiao Dong seemed to be doing very well in Beijing. But what surprises Liang Chengpeng and his wife the most was when Dong Xuebing drives his Buick MPV to bring them out for dinner. Liang Chengpeng saw the entry permit pasted on the windscreen and got shocked.

That is the entry permit for Beijing’s Standing Committee Villas!

Liang Chengpeng’s wife was also stunned. She doesn’t know that she should not be asking this and just said. “This entry permit is…”

Dong Xuebing glanced at the entry permit. “Oh, a friend helped me get it.”

Beijing’s Standing Committee Villas! That’s not the Beijing City’s Government quarters, and it is not the lodging for regular people! This place is for the City’s Party Committee Secretary, who is also a member of the Political Affairs’ Committee, the Mayor, members for the Central Government’s Party Committee, and the Executive Deputy Mayor of Beijing City! They are all members of the City’s Standing Committee! This is the place where they are living in! This entry permit is more powerful than the entry permit of the City Government’s Family Quarters and the rest of the government’s quarters combined! With this entry permit, you can enter any City Government quarters and no one will stop you!

This permit is almost impossible to get. How did Chief Xiao Dong get it?

Liang Chengpeng looked at Dong Xuebing’s back. In his heart, he was wondering what background Xiao Dong has.

After a while, Dong Xuebing parked the car at Wang Fu Restaurant’s carpark.

Liang Chengpeng’s wife hesitated. “We… We are going to have dinner at Wang Fu?” Liang Chengpeng and his wife had not been to such high-class restaurants before. The best Beijing restaurant they been to is in Shangri-la. One of Liang Chengpeng’s friend brought them there during one of their visits in the past. The food is average, but the ambiance is good. Liang Chengpeng’s wife felt Dong Xuebing should not be extravagant as he had helped them a lot.

Dong Xuebing paused for a while. “You don’t like this place? How about Beijing Restaurant?” The Beijing Restaurant is also a 5 stars restaurant.

Liang Chengpeng’s smiled. “No… I mean, this place is too expensive.”

Liang Chengpeng said. “Let’s go. We should be the ones treating Xiao Dong. We still have not thanked him for helping with Mum’s operation.”

“No. How can I let you spend money in Beijing? I am the host here.”

The 3 of them alighted and walked slowly to the restaurant. When Dong Xuebing ate here with Xie Huilan, he was nervous. But as his wealth increases, he becomes more confident and felt nothing when dining here. He is already a multi-millionaire, and a meal at a 5-stars restaurant is nothing to him. He can even afford to eat there every day for a year.

Wang Fu Restaurant.

The furnishing of the restaurant is grand.

Dong Xuebing saw a lot of waiters and waitresses standing at the lobby in a straight row. They seemed to be waiting for some important guests, and the Restaurant Manager Zhao was there with another middle-aged man. Dong Xuebing recognized Manager Zhao as he had met him when he came here with Sister Xie. But Dong Xuebing knew they were not there to welcome him.

“Chief Liang, which dining hall would you prefer?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Liang Chengpeng had not come here before and does not know about the various dining halls here. “You can decide.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Ok. Let’s dine at the Bamboo Garden. That dining hall is nice.”

As they were discussing, Manager Zhao noticed Dong Xuebing and remembered who he was. He walked over with a smile and shook hands with Dong Xuebing. “Welcome, welcome… Do you have a reservation?”

Dong Xuebing was also surprised. But he knows Manager Zhao had walked over because of Xie Huilan. “No. Are there any empty tables in the Bamboo Garden?”

Manager Zhao laughed. “Even if there are no empty tables, I will make arrangements for you.”

Dong Xuebing politely replied. “Thank you, Manager Zhao.”

Manager Zhao called a waiter over and said something to him, before nodding to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing felt good with Manager Zhao making arrangements for him personally.

Liang Chengpeng and his wife looked at each other and could see the surprise in each other’s eyes. Manager Zhao? The Manager of this restaurant? The patrons of Wang Fu Restaurant are people of high status and even if the Division Chief Rank officials come here, the Manager will also ignore him. Why are the staff in Wang Fu Restaurant treating Chief Xiao Dong differently? The manager even walked over to welcome him and made arrangements for him personally?!

Bamboo Garden.

Dong Xuebing, Liang Chengpeng, and his wife sat down and ordered the dishes. After a while, all the food was served.

Liang Chengpeng and his wife noticed a table not far from them. Those customers were earlier than them, but they were not served yet. Damn! The difference in treatment is so big. Liang Chengpeng had more questions in his heart now. “Chief Dong, let me have a toast with you.”

Dong Xuebing quickly raises his glass. “No… No… I should be the one toasting you.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife also raised her glass. “We should be the ones giving you a toast. Thank you for your help.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Then… Let’s have a toast for Chief Liang’s mother. I wish her a speedy recovery.”

After taking a sip of alcohol, Liang Chengpeng looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled. “Xiao Dong, you have strong connections in Beijing. I am even fooled by you at the bureau. Haha…”

Dong Xuebing quickly waved his hand. “Stop poking fun at me. What background do I have? The 3 generations above me are all farmers.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife laughed. 3 generations of farmers? You can get an S class Mercedes Benz with just one call?! Which farmer can do this?

Liang Chengpeng saw Dong Xuebing is not willing to reveal his backings and he did not ask further. He just smiles and starts drinking with him.

As they were eating, Liang Chengpeng glanced at the corridor beside and got a surprise.

Liang Chengpeng’s wife asked curiously. “What’s wrong?”

Dong Xuebing also looked towards the corridor and saw someone familiar.

Liang Chengpeng’s wife remembered who that man was. “Oh… I saw him on TV before. He is the City Party Committee’s Secretary’s assistant.

Liang Chengpeng frowned. “Lower your voice!” That’s the City Party Committee’s Secretary’s assistant, and Liang Chengpeng can only look at him from afar. Secretary Shen’s rank is a few levels above Liang Chengpeng and is a Divisional Chief rank. He’s rank is the same as the County’s Party Secretary. In a few more years, he should be promoted to the Deputy Bureau Director rank.

Party Secretary Xie’s secretary? Beijing’s top secretary? Dong Xuebing finally remembered who this man was. Party Secretary Xie had brought Secretary Shen with him during his visit to State Security Western District branch, and Party Secretary Xie even asked him to bring a chair over for him.

But just as Liang Chengpeng told his wife to lower her voice, Secretary Shen looked over and told his guests somethings before walking over with a smile on his face.

Liang Chengpeng’s wife was stunned and panicked. Secretary Shen knows Old Liang? But why didn’t he told me about this?

Secretary walked to their table and smiled. “Haha… Dong Xuebing.”

Liang Chengpeng and his wife looked at Xiao Dong with their jaws dropped!

Dong Xuebing was surprised too, as he did not expect Secretary Shen to remember him. He stood up and greeted him. “Secretary Shen, nice to meet you. You are here for dinner?”

Secretary Shen casually replied. “Yes. Party Secretary Xie instructed me to host a few Hong Kong businessmen.”

Dong Xuebing politely replied. “I had wanted to treat you to dinner, but don’t have the chance. If you are free later, how about having some drinks together?”

Secretary Shen laughed. “It’s not that I don’t want to give you face, but I don’t have time today. Let me treat you some other days.”

In front of businessmen or outsiders, Secretary Shen must put on the air, as he must show Party Secretary Xie’s authority. But in front of Dong Xuebing, Secretary Shen was natural because as Party Secretary’s Xie’s personal assistant, he knew a lot of things about Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing might be the Xie’s family future son-in-law. He is Xie Huilan’s boyfriend and had accompanied Mdm. Han to the hospital for checkups this morning. If Secretary Shen still dares to put on airs with Dong Xuebing, he will be an idiot. No matter how close Secretary Shen and Party Secretary Xie is, it will not be as close as Party Secretary Xie’s son-in-law. That’s why Secretary Shen is very polite to him.

Dong Xuebing looked towards the end of the corridor and asked softly. “Err… Will Party Secretary Xie be coming later?”

If anyone asks this question, Secretary Shen will definitely ignore it. But Dong Xuebing is different. “Haha… Party Secretary Xie is still in a meeting and I am here to accompany the guests.”

Dong Xuebing was relieved. If Xie Huilan’s father is here, he will not know if he should approach him and greet him or not. He still has not recognized Dong Xuebing as his future son-in-law and it will be rude.

Secretary Shen took a glance at Liang Chengpeng and his wife and knew they were nobodies, and did not say anything to them. He turned to Dong Xuebing. “Alright. My guess is still waiting for me. I will go off first.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Sure. I will also not hold up your time. Let’s have a drink another day.”

Secretary Shen replied. “Ok. Let’s fix the time another day.”

After shaking hands, Secretary Shen walked back to his guests and entered another dining hall.

After returning to his seat, Dong Xuebing looked at Liang Chengpeng and his wife. Dong Xuebing was slightly embarrassed as he had just said he does not have any connections a while before. If Liang Chengpeng found out about his connections another day, he will treat it as Dong Xuebing was humble. But Dong Xuebing’s lies were exposed on the spot. “Err… Chief Liang, Big Sis, let’s carry on with dinner. Try this dish. It’s good.”

Liang Chengpeng’s wife almost cursed out loud. 3 generations of farmers? If your family is 3 generations of farmers, then my family will be 10 generations of farmers!

Liang Chengpeng was also shocked by what he saw!

Who is Secretary Shen? He is the Secretary of a Politburo member! Although he is slightly younger, he is holding a rank of Bureau-Director and he still got the backing of a Politburo member! Secretary Shen knows Chief Xiao Dong and his tone is always very polite. This politeness is very different from the politeness between government officials. With Secretary Shen’s status, he might not even speak in this tone with someone of a Bureau Director Rank.

305 Hospital Director’s attitude and the Mercedes Benz, and the entry permit to Beijing’s Standing Committee Villas might be explainable, but Secretary Shen’s tone and behavior showed Dong Xuebing’s status in Beijing!

Who exactly is Dong Xuebing?

Liang Chengpeng finally understands how influential Dong Xuebing is in Beijing, and he seems to have a strong backing!!!


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