Power and Wealth
Chapter 203 – Drank too much
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 203 – Drank too much

8 pm.

Dong Xuebing, Yu Meixia, and Yu Qianqian had dinner at a nice restaurant before going home.

They did not drive today, and during dinner, Dong Xuebing was seated between two beauties and was in a good mood. He ordered a few bottles of beer and drank too much. He felt tipsy, but he did not need anyone to help him back.

Yu Meixia said worryingly. “Chief Dong, rest here for a while. I will cook some soup for you to sober up.”

Dong Xuebing sat on the sofa. “Don’t be so troublesome. I’m fine, and the alcohol effect will wear off in a while.”

Yu Meixia hesitated. “Then… Then I will fill the bathtub for you.”

Dong Xuebing nodded.

Yu Meixia entered the bathroom and blushed when she told Yu Qianqian. “Qianqian, go back to your room to play with your laptop.” Yu Qianqian nodded and returned to her room, excitedly with her laptop. Yu Meixia looked at her daughter entering her room and she went over to close the door. After that, she went to the living room and helped Dong Xuebing to the bathroom. She whispered. “The water is ready. I… I will go in and wash your hair in a while.” This was not the first time and Yu Meixia felt she could only repay Chief Dong this way.

Dong Xuebing replied embarrassedly. “Sister Yu, you should be tired today. You don’t need to help me.”

Yu Meixia blushed and replied softly. “I’m not tired.”

Dong Xuebing did not reject her and entered the bathroom to strip, before soaking himself in the bathtub.

After a while, Yu Meixia knocked on the door and entered. Dong Xuebing was not shy this time, and he did not try to make suds to cover himself. Maybe it was due to the alcohol, he did not even pull the shower curtains. Yu Meixia accidentally looked into the tub and saw something she was not supposed to see. Her face turns red immediately, but she was not a young girl and regained her composure quickly. She took the showerhead and start washing his hair.

Dong Xuebing closed his eyes and laughed. “Thank you. This is not what a helper should do.”

Yu Meixia replied. “It’s… It’s ok. You had treated my daughter and me well, and I should do this.”

“Thank you.” Dong Xuebing said. “Let me know if you encounter any problems. If I can help, I will surely help.”

Yu Meixia acknowledged and thanked him. She turned her face towards the bathroom wall and reach over for Dong Xuebing’s feet to give him a foot massage shyly. She was wearing a dark green dress with shoulder straps, and it was fitting, showing her voluptuous figure.

Dong Xuebing looked down from the opening of her dress, and his heart was racing. He always felt Yu Meixia does not have any unique qualities, but she is still unique in her own ways and her weak and careful character was quite attractive to Dong Xuebing.

“Sister Yu, did your husband treat you well?”

Yu Meixia had sadness in her eyes. “He treated me very well when we just got married. But after he becomes addicted to gambling, he started hitting me every day.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “He bears to hit you?” Who would hit a pretty woman like her?

Yu Meixia does not want to talk about her husband and continued with the foot massage quietly.

Dong Xuebing sighed in his heart. No wonder Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian have such weak and timid characters. Her husband should be one of the reasons.

After bathing, Dong Xuebing felt better.

Yu Meixia saw Dong Xuebing about to get dressed and quickly walked out of the bathroom, but she saw Yu Qianqian standing outside of the bathroom. Yu Qianqian looked at her mother and wondered why her mother in the bathroom was when Chief Dong was taking a bath. Yu Meixia panicked and quickly explained. “I went in to help your big brother soak his dirty laundry. Oh, he is still bathing, and you got to wait to use the toilet.”

Yu Qianqian nodded and happily said. “Mum, I know how to use a computer now. I even typed some words earlier.”

Yu Meixia gave her daughter a kiss on her forehead. “Clever girl. Go and play with it, and you can teach me how to use it in the future.”

Yu Qianqian nodded and ran back to her room.

Since Yu Meixia’s husband started gambling, she had not seen her daughter so happy. Her gratitude towards Dong Xuebing increased and felt touched. She felt Chief Dong should be dressed up and knocked on the door. She entered the bathroom with a hairdryer and made Dong Xuebing sit on a chair. After that, she stood behind him with the hair dryer to dry his hair.

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Err… you can hold the hairdryer slightly further. It will be too hot if it’s close.”

“Like this?”

“Push the switch down two notches, and it will be cold air. Use that.”

“Cold air? Sorry… I… I had never used a hairdryer before. I don’t know about it.”

“It’s alright. You will know how to use it slowly. If you are still unsure, you can read the user manuals. For example, you can read how to use the washing machine, so you don’t need to wash the clothes with your hands. It’s too tiring.”


Dong Xuebing closed his eyes to enjoy this feeling.

After Dong Xuebing’s hair was dried, he sat on the sofa to watch TV. Yu Meixia walked over and offered to massage his legs. She could tell Chief Dong loves to have his legs massaged. But Dong Xuebing quickly rejected. It’s okay if they are in the bathroom, but in the living room, Qianqian might walk out of her room anytime and sees them.

“Let’s set up your phone and save my number.”


Yu Meixia carefully take out the phone from the box and held it in her hands. She fumbled with it for a while before switching on the phone. When she heard the phone’s tone after switching it on, she got shocked. After the screen lit up, she held the phone unnaturally and realized it was a touch-screen phone. Her fingers were shaking as she swiped the menu. After a while, she got confused and looked at Dong Xuebing shyly. “I… I am too stupid and had never use a handphone before. I don’t know how to save your number. Chief Dong, can… can you teach me?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s alright. I am also confused when I bought my first phone. At least you know how to switch it on. I can’t even find the on/off button. Haha…” Of course, this is a made-up story. Dong Xuebing’s environment is very different from Yu Meixia. Even when he could not afford a phone, he had also played with his classmate’s phone. How is it possible that he does not know how to switch it on?

Yu Meixia was afraid Chief Dong to think she is useless other than cooking and will chase them away. When she heard Chief Dong encouraging her instead of looking down on her, she was touched. “Thank you.”

“Pass me your phone. I will teach you how to save phone numbers.”

Yu Meixia focused all her attention on the phone as she does not want Chief Dong to think she is stupid.

“When you press here, there will be a pop-up and there is a keypad here. Just tap it with your finger. Look, you saved the number. Now I will teach you how to save a name to the number. Ok. It’s done. Just do these steps to save other people’s numbers in the future. Now, I will teach you how to make calls. Press this icon and then enter the phone number. If you have saved the phone number, you don’t need to enter the numbers. Just press here and look for the name. Do you understand?”

Yu Meixia was trying her best to remember all the steps. “Err… almost.”

Dong Xuebing passed the phone back to her. “Try doing it yourself.”

Yu Meixia took the phone nervously and almost cried when she failed. “I… I am so stupid.”

Dong Xuebing was sweating. “Here, I will teach you step by step.” He held Yu Meixia’s hand and showed her where to press. “If you want to make other changes, the steps are about the same. Here. Try doing it yourself.”

Yu Meixia succeeded on her next try, and Dong Xuebing’s handphone rang.

“Good. I will teach you other functions.”

After learning awhile, Yu Meixia finally learned some of the functions on the phone.

At this moment, Dong Xuebing was almost hugging her. His left arm was over her shoulders, and the other hand was holding her hand, pressing the screen. Actually, one hand is enough to teach her, but Dong Xuebing was still influenced by the alcohol and took the opportunity to take advantage of her. “Alright. Try setting the alarm.” Dong Xuebing released his right hand and rested it on her thighs purposely. He could feel her warm legs through her dress.

Yu Meixia’s body stiffed and blushed as she looked at Dong Xuebing’s hand on her lap. “Chief Dong, I… I…”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “What’s wrong?”

“Errr… nothing…” Yu Meixia lowered her head and start pressing her phone.”

Dong Xuebing saw her not rejecting him and got bolder. He started to move his hand and inched towards the helm of her dress.

Yu Meixia lowered her head shyly and don’t dare to move.

Dong Xuebing’s hand had pulled up her dress slightly and start feeling her legs through her stockings. “Have you set the alarm?”

“I’m almost done.” Yu Meixia’s body was stiffed and did not move.

Dong Xuebing nodded.


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