Power and Wealth
Chapter 206 – Anger!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 206 – Anger!

County’s Public Security Bureau.

Command Center Office.

After receiving Hu Silian’s call, Dong Xuebing rushed to the Command Center Office. He entered without knocking and saw Qin Yong, Hu Silian, and a few other officers from the traffic and investigation departments in a discussion. A lot of people knew Chief Xiao Dong’s helper was kidnapped. This is not a small incident because Yu Meixia is living in the Public Security Family Quarters and is considered a family member of a Public Security Officer. These criminals even dare to kidnap someone from the Public Security on the streets just outside of the quarters? This is an insult to the County’s Public Security, and they have no respect for the law! Liang Chengpeng is furious. He immediately calls the command center and asked Qin Yong to take charge of this case personally!

Dong Xuebing asked furiously. “Director Hu, are there any clues?”

Qin Yong replied. “Chief Dong, don’t be anxious. We had set up roadblocks on all major junctions and had informed the City’s Public Security. The criminals will not escape if they did not leave Yan Tai County within the past 2 hours!” Now, everyone in the Bureau was not looking good. The patrol officers, traffic officers, and detectives are out on the streets searching for the kidnappers. Almost half of the County’s Public Security strength is in this case.

Dong Xuebing replied: “2 hours is enough for them to escape. Do you have any new clues?”

Hu Silian said. “The eyewitnesses had identified a few criminals, and we can confirm that they are members of the gang of kidnappers that abduct women and children. From our CCTV, the vehicle was traveling to the western direction. We suspect all the kidnappers are keeping the people they abducted in the mountainous area in the west region.

Damn! These people dare to abduct my helper?

Dong Xuebing knew these criminals will not stay in the County after abducting Yu Meixia. They should have escaped by now, and it’s useless to search in the County. The County does not have enough officers to extend the search to the western district. By now, Yu Meixia should be sent to the ‘client’ in the mountainous region. She is a pretty woman, and she will face more than being kidnap. She might be raped and even beaten up. Wait? Her situation will worsen with every minute!

Qin Yong also knew they do not have time. Everyone in the family quarters knew how pretty Yu Meixia is and who knows if the criminals will rape her along the way? Qin Yong frowned and said. “The criminals are very cunning. Chief Hu had been investigating this case for more than 2 weeks and could not get any clues. Conducting searches in the County is not the best solution. We should start from the roots. If we know who these criminals are and where they are going to sell the people they abduct, it will be easier to arrest them!”

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth. “Chief Qin, Director Hu, please take care of the situation here. I will go to the Detection Cells!”

Hu Silian replied. “Don’t worry. We will do our best!”

Dong Xuebing has feelings for Yu Meixia and could not keep his composure when he heard she is in danger. Also, this incident happened right after Yu Meixia tried to reopen her husband’s death case, and Dong Xuebing started to target Jin Di Mansion. Dong Xuebing is suspicious. If Yu Meixia disappears forever, her husband’s death case will not be reopened. Could it be the people from Jin Di Mansion? Is it Qian Fei? Are these criminals acting under the instructions of Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, and their gang? Dong Xuebing does not have evidence and is not interested in getting evidence. He just wants to rescue Yu Meixia and not let her be harmed!

Dong Xuebing called the detention cells. “Hello, I’m Dong Xuebing. I want to interrogate the child abduction case’s suspect, you all arrested yesterday!” Although that suspect refused to reveal anything yesterday, he is the only clue Dong Xuebing has now.

The officer replied. “Chief Dong, I’m afraid I can’t let you interrogate him. Chief Hu had instructed that other than him, no one is allowed to be in touch with the suspect.”

Dong Xuebing asked furiously. “I also cannot interrogate him?”

“I’m sorry, Chief Dong. We are only following orders from our direct leader. Why don’t you speak to Chief Hu first?”

Dong Xuebing hanged up the phone and went upstairs!

Hu Yiguo’s office.

Hu Yiguo was relaxing in his office, sipping his tea.

Dong Xuebing entered his office and stared at him. “Chief Hu, I want the information about the child abduction case. I also want to interrogate the suspect you all arrested yesterday!”

Hu Yiguo coldly replied. “Chief Dong, when are you in charge of the investigation?”

Dong Xuebing stared at him in his eyes. “One of my family members is kidnapped!”

“Chief Qin is tracking the suspects’ vehicle now. You should wait for the information there.” Hu Yiguo sneered. “I am in charge of this case. Even if your family member is involved, the rules cannot be changed. Chief Dong, just do your job and look after Hui Tian Village Station. Don’t interfere in this case.” Hu Yiguo is pleased to see Dong Xuebing so furious.

Dong Xuebing is about to explode. “I can’t even look at the information?”

Hu Yiguo laughed. “I said you are not in charge of this case. I know what I should do.”

“It’s been 2 weeks, and you don’t any progress! This is called knowing what to do? The 5th and 6th victims had appeared, and you still have time to laugh and drink tea here?!” Kidnapping Yu Meixia had touched Dong Xuebing’s bottom line. There’s no time to waste. Sister Yu might be getting rape now, and Hu Yiguo is refusing to cooperate. Instead, he is sitting comfortably in his office drinking tea and refuse to let other people look at the investigation files. What’s the meaning of this? He does not want to investigate and wants Yu Meixia to fend for herself!

Hu Yiguo banged his desk and stared at Dong Xuebing. “Watch your tone! I don’t need you to teach me how to investigate this case! Get out!”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “I am asking you the last time. Are you willing to give me the case file and the suspect?”

Hu Yiguo laughed. “Just take care of your station!” It’s not the first time Hu Yiguo mention Hui Tian Village Station, and it showed how revengeful he is.

Dong Xuebing had fallen out with Hu Yiguo several times, and he pointed at him. “Fine. Remember what you said!” Hu Yiguo is purposely hindering Dong Xuebing, and this made Dong Xuebing more suspicious that Hu Yiguo had something to do with this case. If not, why is Hu Yiguo afraid of letting Dong Xuebing look at the case file and interrogate the suspect? Just because they are rivals?

After Dong Xuebing left, Hu Yiguo called the detention cells. “Don’t let Chief Dong speak to any of the suspects in the detention cells. Other than Chief Liang, get my permission first if anyone wants to interrogate the child abduction case’s suspect!” Hu Yiguo is in charge of this case. According to the regulations, his permission is required before anyone can meet the suspect.

There’s no more time!

After leaving Hu Yiguo’s office, Dong Xuebing did not wait any longer. He suppressed his anger and called Liang Chengpeng’s phone. “Chief Liang…”

5 minutes later, Liang Chengpeng arrived at the command center and called for an emergency meeting.

In the command center meeting room, Executive Deputy Bureau Chief Hu Yiguo, Deputy Bureau Chief Gong Zhongwen, Deputy Bureau Chief Zhao Jingsong, Deputy Bureau Chief Qin Yong, City Police Station Chief Chang Wantao, Deputy Bureau Chief Dong Xuebing, and Office Director Hu Silian are present. Many people do not know what’s the purpose of this meeting. Could it be the case of Chief Dong’s helper being kidnapped? Although this is a serious case, there’s no need for Chief Liang to call everyone in for this meeting. Could it be that there is a more serious case?

Liang Chengpeng’s first sentence in the meeting shocked everyone!

“This meeting is about the child abduction case.” Liang Chengpeng looked at Hu Yiguo. “Chief Hu, you do not need to follow in this case.”

Hu Yiguo was stunned. What? I don’t need to follow up on this case?

Everyone turned their heads to look at Hu Yiguo.

Before Hu Yiguo could say anything, Liang Chengpeng continued. “Chief Dong, you will take over this case!”

Dong Xuebing replied without hesitation. “Yes!”

Zhao Jingsong took a deep breath and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Qin Yong and Hu Silian also turned and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Hu Yiguo was still in shock. What’s happening? Why did Chief Liang letting Dong Xuebing take over this case?

Gong Zhongwen frowned and looked at Dong Xuebing and Liang Chengpeng. He did not say a word and continue to look at the documents in front of him.

Bureau Chief Liang had let Dong Xuebing take over this case. But it’s only a case, and it will not affect Hu Yiguo’s influence in the Bureau. At the same time, Dong Xuebing’s authority did not increase. But everyone present knew this is not about their authority or power. They are more concerned about why Chief Liang is so close to Chief Dong?

Hu Yiguo remembered what Dong Xuebing said before he left. “Remember what you said!” Hu Yiguo had refused Dong Xuebing to look at the investigation reports and interrogate the suspect. Now, this case is transferred to Dong Xuebing. This is a slap to his face. Hu Yiguo will not tolerate this. “Chief Liang, I had been following on this case, and we had arrested one suspect. We will crack this case soon. If you change the person in charge of this case now, the progress will…”

Liang Chengpeng interrupted him. “Soon? It will soon be 1 month! Why is this case not solved yet?”

Hu Yiguo tried to argue: “This time we will….”

Liang Chengpeng interrupted him again. “That’s it. Even a family member of our Public Security Officer is kidnapped now. This case must be solved immediately. Everyone here must support Chief Dong in this case.” Liang Chengpeng looked at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, it’s up to you now!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Yes, Sir! I will solve this case!”

Liang Chengpeng nodded. “Good! Meeting dismissed!”

Hu Yiguo had been slapped in his face by Dong Xuebing, and his authority had been challenged again. He does not understand why Chief Liang is helping Dong Xuebing as both had no dealings in the past. Why is he showing his support for Dong Xuebing now? Hu Yiguo and everyone at the meeting was puzzled as this is too sudden!

Zhao Jingsong and Wan Tao were in a bad mood and followed Hu Yiguo out of the meeting room.

Qin Yong is in a good mood as Hu Yiguo was reprimanded by Chief Liang. Once again, he had to reassess Dong Xuebing’s power.

Dong Xuebing walked out of the Command Center and went to withdraw his gun from the armory, before going to the detention cells.

In Hu Yiguo’s office.

Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, and Wan Tao entered Hu Yiguo’s office.

Zhao Jingsong asked. “Old Wan, what do you think?”

Wan Tao frowned. “This should not be happening. What is Chief Liang thinking? Showing his support for Dong Xuebing? Since when they are on such good terms?”

Hu Yiguo was also frowning. “Never mind. It’s also a good thing for someone to take over this case. The suspect had been questioned since yesterday, and he refused to reveal anything. We also have no concrete evidence to show his involvement in the case, and he is in detention because of another theft case. We had put in so much effort and time to interrogate him and could not get any useful information. Dong Xuebing will also not get anything out of him. If he cannot crack this case, it will be his responsibility.” Hu Yiguo is someone who just wants credits and pushes responsibility, and this is the excuse he gave himself.

Zhao Jingsong nodded. “You are right. This suspect’s lips are tight.”

Hu Yiguo thought for a while and looked at Zhao Jingsong.

Zhao Jingsong got his meaning and said. “I still have something on.”

Wan Tao looked at them and knew they are hiding something from him. But he did not ask anything.

Detention Cells.

Dong Xuebing walked in. Sister Yu, you will be safe. Wait for me! I am going to save you!

“Chief Dong.” The person in charge of the detention cells greeted him.

Dong Xuebing immediately ordered. “Bring Chen Hailiang out!”

The person in charge had received news that Dong Xuebing will be taking over this case. He turned to an officer and gave the instructions, before turning back to Dong Xuebing. “I will bring you to the interrogation room.” Dong Xuebing sat at the back of the room and start reading the case files and Chen Hailiang’s statements.

To Dong Xuebing, every second count!

Dong Xuebing needs to get a breakthrough as soon as possible! He needs to know what Yu Meixia is kept captive!

At the end of the corridor, Chen Hailiang was being escorted to the interrogation room. A guard walking behind him said. “Watch your words. The police have no evidence against you. Don’t say anything, and you will be released in a few days. Understand?”

Chen Hailiang was stunned and wanted to turn his head to see who had said those things. But his head was pressed down by the person behind, and he nodded. Although he doesn’t know why someone is helping him, that mystery person’s words made him more determined to keep his mouth shut. Since someone is protecting him, what else is he afraid of?

Interrogation room.

Dong Xuebing ordered. “No one is allowed to enter other than Chen Hailiang!”

After the escort officers left, Dong Xuebing walked over to lock the door and looked at the suspect.

Chen Hailiang is around 40 years old, and the mysterious person earlier had given him hope and made him more determined to keep his mouth shut. He smiled cheekily and said. “My name is Chen Hailiang. I am 38 years old this year. My address is Liu Hu Western Village…”

Dong Xuebing looked at him coldly. “Stop your nonsense!”

Chen Hailiang laughed. “Mr. Police Officer, these are the questions you all ask every time. I am only trying to save your time.”

Dong Xuebing replied in a low voice. “Chen Hailiang. I don’t have time to play with you. You only have one option now. Tell us who are your accomplices. Who else is involved in the child and women abduction case, and where are you all going to sell them? If you tell us, I promise you will get a lighter sentence!”

Chen Hailiang denied. “I said many times. I am not the person you all are looking for. That day, I went to the village to buy something and happened to see the person your officers want to arrest. I don’t even know him. What do you want me to say? I really have nothing to do with this case!”

Dong Xuebing’s face changed. “You are asking for it!”

Chen Hailiang laughed. “I had said what I know. There is nothing I can do if you don’t believe me.”

“If the suspect is caught and he reveals you are his accomplice, you will be charged with more than this offense! You better think twice!”

Chen Hailiang refused to admit. “I did not abduct any women or children! I have nothing to do with this case!”

Dong Xuebing knew it’s not easy to break through this person’s defense. From the bruises on his face, the officers who interrogated him must have use force on him. If Chen Hailiang did not say anything useful even after being beaten up, then it should be impossible for Dong Xuebing to open his mouth! It’s almost 2 hours, and Dong Xuebing had no more time!

Dong Xuebing asked a few more questions, and Chen Hailiang still refuses to admit.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It’s a call from a public phone. He answered. “Hello?”

“Sobbing… Big brother…” It’s Yu Qianqian. “My mother… sob… sob…. Please save my mother… Sob… Please…”

Dong Xuebing was shocked. He did not expect Yu Qianqian to know her mother was abducted. “Qianqian… stop crying. I will bring your mother back!”


“I promise! When did I ever lie to you?”

Yu Qianqian’s cries were softer.

Dong Xuebing gently said. “Be a good girl. Don’t go back to class and look for my mother. She will bring you home after school and don’t go back to the quarters today.” Dong Xuebing suspect Jin Di Mansion is involved in this case and dares not to let Yu Qianqian move around alone.

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing felt his heart had sunk to the bottom.

The more Dong Xuebing was in despair, the faster his brains worked. He suddenly had a bold idea!

Dong Xuebing looked at Chen Hailiang. “You have been in custody for two days and might not know what had happened. To be honest with you, one of my relatives is abducted by your accomplices this morning.”

Chen Hailiang was shocked and knew he is in a grave situation.

Dong Xuebing reached for his gun and withdrew it from the holster. “I am willing to give up my position for her.”

Chen Hailiang looked at Dong Xuebing’s gun and panicked. But he thought for a while and composed himself. This is the detention cells, and only Dong Xuebing is inside the interrogation room with him. A lot of officers know about this, and he does not believe Dong Xuebing will dare to shoot him. Dong Xuebing is only scaring him. He laughed and looked at Dong Xuebing. “You are forcing me to admit? I already said I have nothing to do with this case. Even if you shoot me, I also have nothing to do with this case!”



Chen Hailiang thought to himself. You are only trying to scare me!

Dong Xuebing smiled as he clocked his gun and aimed at Chen Hailiang. “There is a limit to my patience. I am asking you one last time. Are you going to tell me or not?”

Chen Hailiang turned his head away from Dong Xuebing.

“Fine! You have guts!” Dong Xuebing looked at Chen Hailiang. Bang! He had squeezed the trigger!

“Ah!!!!!!!” Chen Hailiang shouted in pain and held his leg on the ground. Blood was oozing out the wound on his leg!

He fired! He really shot me!

Chen Hailiang stared at Dong Xuebing with his eyes wide open. He doesn’t believe this is true! He really dares to shoot me! Why?

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and aimed his gun at Chen Hailiang again. “I am asking you one more time. Where are your accomplices?!”

Chen Hailiang first thought is this person is crazy!

Dong Xuebing continued. “I will count to three. One… Two… Three…”

“Wait! I will tell you!” Chen Hailiang gritted his teeth in pain and shouted. “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot me!” He is scared. This person dares to shoot him in broad daylight in the detention cells! What else he doesn’t dare to do? Chen Hailiang finally understood the importance of that person who was abducted this morning. He quickly said: “I am not close to those people. I only know one of the leaders in that gang. His name is Scarface. He is bald and has a scar on his face. I don’t know the rest of his gang. Oh… they will bring the goods… no… the people they abducted to Gao Village in the western outskirts!”

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes. “Continue!”

The gunshot wound on Chen Hailiang’s leg was becoming unbearable. “That’s all I know! Really! I swear I had told you everything I know! Call the ambulance now!”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath… BACK 50 seconds!

The scene in front of Dong Xuebing flashed!

“You are forcing me to admit? I already said I have nothing to do with this case. Even if you shoot me, I also have nothing to do with this case!”

Chen Hailiang does not believe Dong Xuebing will open fire and replied confidently.

Dong Xuebing looked at him and quickly kept his gun and took out his phone to call Liu Dahai. “Hello, get your men ready and ask Chu Feng to bring them over to the County Bureau now. Remember, bring their guns along. We have an important mission… Yes. It’s the children’s and women’s abduction case! We know where their transaction will take place!” Dong Xuebing did not get the officers from the County Bureau. Although Liang Chengpeng had ordered the rest of the Deputy Chiefs to assist Dong Xuebing, Dong Xuebing did not ask them for help. He is afraid someone will leak this information and screw up his plans. Dong Xuebing had controlled Hui Tian Village Station’s officers and felt safer to use his own men!

Chen Hailiang sneered when he heard what Dong Xuebing said.

Chen Hailiang thought to himself. Who do you think you are?! You know where they will transact? Bullshit!

After leaving the detention cells, Dong Xuebing went to meet up with Chu Feng and his men.

In the meantime, many people had heard of Dong Xuebing’s actions, and there are rumors that Dong Xuebing had found out where the criminals are hiding.

Hu Yiguo was surprised when he heard about this. He immediately calls Dong Xuebing to ask him about this. “Chief Dong, what have you found out?”

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Chief Hu, I am in charge of this cause, and I know what to do. You don’t need to worry about me!”

This was what Hu Yiguo said to Dong Xuebing in his office!

Hu Yiguo was furious and almost threw his phone on the floor!


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