Power and Wealth
Chapter 207 – Marksman Xiao Dong!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 207 – Marksman Xiao Dong!

County’s Public Security Bureau.

Chu Feng and 3 other officers stood in front of Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, we are here to report.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Alright. Let’s go!”

“Where are we going?” Chu Feng asked.

Dong Xuebing did not answer him. “You all will know when we get there. Let’s go!”

Dong Xuebing did not tell anyone about the transaction location of the criminals. Hu Yiguo is worried and called Zhao Jingsong to his office to discuss Dong Xuebing’s action. They felt Dong Xuebing was bluffing. They asked the people at the detention cells, and Chen Hailiang did not say anything useful. How can Dong Xuebing know where the criminals are? Qin Yong and Hu Silian also do not know Dong Xuebing had led a team of officers out. Is Dong Xuebing so powerful that he managed to get something useful from Chen Hailiang after questioning him for a few minutes?

Chu Feng was driving the Buick MPV towards the west.

Dong Xuebing sat at the rear passenger seat and took a few deep breaths. “Chu Feng, hurry up. Go as fast as possible!”

Chu Feng knew Chief Dong was furious and knew the person abducted was Chief Dong’s helper. He thought about Dong Xuebing’s instructions and decided to ignore all traffic rules. He stepped on the accelerator and sped towards the neighboring province. “Chief Dong, do we need to inform the local authorities?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “No need. We will inform them when we get there.”

Chu Feng understood Dong Xuebing’s meaning. “You are afraid…”

Dong Xuebing nodded and did not say a word. Now, the whole bureau does not know where he is going. If Jin Di Mansion and Hu Yiguo really have anything to do with Yu Meixia’s abduction, the local authorities will get information and inform the criminals to leave. It will be harder to rescue Yu Meixia if this happens.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch. Yu Meixia had been abducted for about 3 hours. No. From the time Yu Meixia left the family quarters, it should be slightly more than 2 hours. To escape the roadblocks, which were set up in the past 2 hours, their speed should not be fast. Also, the criminals might choose the minor roads to avoid the police. Yes! There’s still time!

Sister Yu! Wait for me!

At about 1pm, the Buick MPV entered a mountainous region of the neighboring province.

The mountain roads are narrow, and Chu Feng drove carefully. “Gao Family Village should be in front. I had asked earlier, and we can’t enter this road. We must make a detour and enter from the other side of the mountain. Also, this place is too rural, and lots of crimes happened here. But the villagers are united and unreasonable. Even the local police can’t do anything to them. Chief Dong, we only have 5 people. Should we…”

Dong Xuebing interrupted Chu Feng. “5 people are not enough?”

Chu Feng and the other officers think back. Chief Dong is right. He had fought 7 opponents at once.

Chu Feng slowed down. “Should we enter from the foot of the mountain?”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Go straight and see if we can find that van. Based on the timing, the criminals should have just arrived here, and their vehicle should be parked around here.” Dong Xuebing was anxious. Although he knew the location of where the criminals will transact, but who knows if they will bring Yu Meixia here? What if…

5 minutes…

8 minutes…

10 minutes…

Finally, they saw an old van parked behind some trees in front!

“It’s there! The criminals are here!” Chu Feng said excitedly. This is a major case and an opportunity for him and the other 3 officers to get credit!

Dong Xuebing clenched his fist. “Alright! Prepare your guns! Anything might happen later!”

There is no one in the parked van. The number plate of the van is covered with mud, and the license plate number is not clear. But this was the same vehicle Dong Xuebing saw on the Traffic CCTV footage. Dong Xuebing can confirm this is the vehicle used in Yu Meixia’s abduction. After Chu Feng and the officers alighted, Dong Xuebing ordered them to puncture all 4 tires of the van. This is to prevent any criminals to escape. After piercing the tires, they entered the woods and walked towards the foot of the mountain!

10 minutes later, Dong Xuebing and his officers saw the village in front of them.

Dong Xuebing was breathing heavily and suppressed his urge to rush in. “Chu Feng, you can inform the local police.”

“Yes.” Chu Feng took out his phone.

At this time, a villager, wearing a bamboo hat, walked out of the village. He was carrying something and looks like he was leaving the village. The villager is walking along a mountain trail, and Dong Xuebing and his men were hiding in the woods. Dong Xuebing saw the villager and signaled to one of his officers. That officer quickly walked out of the woods and stopped that villager.

“Hi, can I ask you something?” The officer asked.

The officer was wearing plain clothes, and the villager does not know he is a police officer. “What?”

The officer showed his identity card and said. “We are investigating a case. There should be some outsiders entering your villager earlier and should be the owner of that van parked outside. They might have abducted a woman. Do you know where those people are?”

The villager was shocked and move one step back. “What do you all want?”

The officer frowned. “We are investigating this case. Just tell me where they are.”

The villager suddenly turned around and ran towards the village. He should be going back to inform the criminals. The officer was shocked and realized this villager might be one of the accomplices, or all the villagers in the village are too united. The officer did not let the villager escape and rushed forward to pin him down!

The villager started shouting at the top of his voice. “Help! Police are beating me up!”

Dong Xuebing can’t be bothered to waste time on the villager and ran out of the woods. He clocked his gun and fired a shot at the villager. But Dong Xuebing missed and hit the ground beside the villager!

The villager was stunned!

Chu Feng and the other 3 officers were also shocked!

Dong Xuebing asked in a cold voice. “I will ask you again. Where are they?”

The villager pointed to the villager and stuttered. “They… they are in the villager… the biggest house in the village. You all…. You all can see the house once you enter the village!”

BACK 90 seconds!

The scenes in front of Dong Xuebing flashed!

The villager was walking slowly out of the village towards the mountain.

“Chief Dong, should we stop him for questioning?” An officer asked.

Dong Xuebing points towards the village. “No need. There… The biggest house near the entrance of the village. The criminals are in there.”

The few officers were shocked. How did Chief Dong know where the criminals are?

Dong Xuebing did not explain himself. He was too worried about Yu Meixia. “Get ready! We will go in to arrest them! We are not allowed to fail!”

In the biggest house of Gao Family Village.

Yu Meixia was tied up with ropes in a sack, and only her head was outside. The few criminals were looking at her with lust. Yu Meixia didn’t dare to look at them and was sobbing and shivering.

Besides Yu Meixia, two villagers are arguing.

“I had told Scarface! This woman belongs to me! I want to see who dare to vie with me!”

“Er Bangzi! You only offered 50,000 RMB. Can’t you see how pretty this woman is?! You think you can afford it?”

“Then how much are you offering?”

“Me? I offer 100,000 RMB!”

“Then, I will offer 200,000 RMB!”

The abducted women and children were usually sold for tens of thousands. Very seldom, they will fetch more than 100,000RMB. But Yu Meixia was too beautiful, and even the kidnappers were thinking of bringing her back to be their wife.

After arguing for a while, the two villagers looked at a bald man. “Scarface, what do you say?”

Scarface took a cigarette from one of his followers and said. “I will sell her to the one who offered the highest price.”

One of the villagers stared at him. “What do you mean? We had finalized the price earlier. Why are you going back on your words?”

Scarface laughed. “That’s the price of the women earlier. Can’t you all tell the difference between her and those women?” He turned and looked at Yu Meixia. “Raise your head and look at them!” Yu Meixia did not move, and Scarface walked over and grabbed her hair to raise her head. “You want to buy her at a few hundred thousand RMB? If you all don’t make any higher offers, I will look for other buyers!”

The villager frowned. “Let go of your hand, and don’t hurt her.”

The other villager said. “150,000! This is my highest offer!”

These two villagers are the wealthiest people in the village. If not, Scarface will also not look for them.

Yu Meixia was feeling hopeless after she heard their conversations. If she was sold to them, she would never leave this mountain. Not only will she be raped and forced to bear children for this man, but she also will not see Qianqian again. She started sobbing loudly and pleaded. “Please… I beg you… Please let me go…”

Scarface gave Yu Meixia a stare. “Stop crying!”

Yu Meixia’s distressed look made one of the villagers excited. “200,000! That’s all I will offer!”

Scarface looked at the other villager and saw him keeping quiet. “Fine. She is yours! Enjoy yourself! Hahaha…”

That villager laughed and walked over to bring Yu Meixia back.

“No! Please……” Yu Meixia cried. “I still have a daughter… Please let me go!”

That villager frowned. “She had given birth before?”

Scarface laughed. “What’s wrong? Women who had given birth before feels the best!” Scarface’s followers laughed. That villager nodded and untied the sack to bring Yu Meixia out. “Follow me! Scarface! You also follow me back to get your money!”

Yu Meixia curled up on the floor, helplessly.

Crashed! Suddenly, the main gate of the house is kicked open!

“Police! Get on the floor!” Yu Meixia heard Dong Xuebing shouted from outside.

The two villagers and Scarface were shocked. Police? Why are the police here?

The moment Yu Meixia saw Dong Xuebing entering the house, her tears started to flow non-stop. Chief Dong is here! Chief Dong is here to save me!

Scarface’s followers looked at each other. “What should we do?”

Dong Xuebing ignored everyone and walked towards Yu Meixia. He was furious to see a villager trying to drag her, and gave that villager a kick to his stomach. “Get away from her!” He held Yu Meixia and asked. “Did they do anything to you?”

Yu Meixia cried. “No… I’m fine…”

Dong Xuebing was relieved when he saw Yu Meixia’s clothes still intact. “I’m sorry for being late.” Yu Meixia shook her head and refuses to let go of Dong Xuebing’s hand. She was still in fright and trembling.

Dong Xuebing ordered. “Chu Feng! Arrest all of them!”

“Yes, Sir!” Chu Feng and the other officers pointed their guns at Scarface and took out their handcuffs!

Scarface panicked and shouted to the villager. “What are you waiting for?! Hurry and get help! Your village had bought so many women and children! They are here to bring them back! All of us will not be spared!” His followers added. “That’s right! All of us will be jailed if we are arrested! We must retaliate! Kill them!”

The commotion in the house attracted some villagers. They heard the police are here and are going to bring the women and children they bought back. The police are also going to arrest them. The villagers outside started to call for backups. A crowd was formed quickly, and they were armed with poles and metal rods. Soon, there are dozens of people standing outside, staring at Dong Xuebing and his men.

“Police?! They don’t dare to shoot!”

“That’s right! Chase them out! They have no right to meddle with Gao Family Village’s affairs!”

“Kill them!”

The crowd was agitated, and very soon, the house was surrounded by an angry mob.

Chu Feng and the officers knew the situation is grave, and they don’t dare to handcuff anyone. They do not want to anger the mob and quickly moved towards Dong Xuebing, with their guns pointing towards the crowd.

Dong Xuebing looked at the villagers coldly. “Do you all know what you are doing? Ah? Kill us? Who said this?!”

Scarface and his men took the opportunity to mix into the crowd. “Don’t be afraid of him! They don’t dare to open fire! Let’s beat them up together!”

“That’s right! Let’s go!”

“Kill them!”

Those armed with poles started to move closer towards Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing pointed his gun upwards and fired a warning shot. “Don’t dare to shoot?! What a joke! You all covered up for these criminals? Raping women and abducting kids?! Assaulting police?! Every one of these crimes is enough to put you all in jail! What now? Still, want to kill us? Fine! Try and kill us! I want to see who dares to move?!”

The warning shot stopped the villagers on their track!

Scarface roared. “He is just bluffing! We have so many people, and we don’t need to be afraid of him! Let’s go!”

Chu Feng and the other 3 offers were nervous and do not know what to do. They were significantly outnumbered.

The villagers stopped for a few seconds, and suddenly, the villager who bought Yu Meixia threw the wooden pole he was holding at Dong Xuebing. Thud!!! The pole narrowly missed Dong Xuebing. “Gao Family Village’s internal affairs don’t need police to interfere! Kill them!” He had been captivated by Yu Meixia’s beauty and will not tolerate anyone bringing her away.

After one person threw the wooden pole, the rest of the villagers started throwing bricks and poles!

“Ah!” Chu Feng was hit on his arm by a brick!

After that, a pole hit Dong Xuebing’s leg.

Scarface laughed. “See that?! That don’t dare to open fire! Let’s go! Kill them!”

The villagers start to stir and moved closer!

One of the officers held his injured hand and asked nervously. “Chief Dong! What should we do now?”

Dong Xuebing was feeling very frustrated today. Yu Meixia was abducted, and Hu Yiguo purposely delayed his time. Now, the villagers are creating troubles for him, and they thought Dong Xuebing and his officers don’t dare to open fire. Dong Xuebing looked at the villager who tried to buy Yu Meixia, charging forward with a brick. Dong Xuebing cursed, “F**K You!” and opened fire.


That villager dropped onto the ground, staring his own leg in shock. He realized he was shot when his mind registered the pain. Blood was oozing out from the wound, and he shouted in pain!

Scarface was stunned. He did not expect Dong Xuebing to really open fire. “Police is killing people! Let’s fight it out with them!”

The rest of the villagers rushed forward immediately!

Scarface had successfully agitated the mob, and he signaled to his followers to escape.

Dong Xuebing stared at Scarface and aimed his gun towards him, who was trying to escape. Bang! Dong Xuebing fired another round! Although Dong Xuebing had firearms training when he was in State Security Party Training School, he did not fire any guns after that. If it was still a short distance, his aim was still okay. But he is not accurate at a further distance, and his shot had missed Scarface!

BACK 3 Seconds!

Time returned back to before Dong Xuebing squeeze the trigger.

Dong Xuebing moved his gun slightly and adjust his aim, before squeezing the trigger again. Bang! But he missed it again!

BACK 3 Seconds!

Dong Xuebing adjusted his position and fired again!

Bang! Scarface screamed in pain as he rolled onto the ground holding his knee. He landed face first when he fell, and his face was covered in blood!

“Big Brother!”


Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes and repositioned his gun before firing at one of Scarface’s followers. Bang! This time, Dong Xuebing was lucky as that follower did not move, and he hit him on his thigh. Another person is down! These people were the ones who abducted Yu Meixia, and Dong Xuebing had to get even with them! You all dare to run after I fired a warning shot? You all dare to instigate the villagers to kill us?! F**k!

The villagers stopped in their tracks and stop attacking Dong Xuebing and his men.

Dong Xuebing ignored the villagers and looked at the remaining two followers of Scarface. They were running away in two different directions. Dong Xuebing raised his gun again and fired. Bang! He missed! BACK 4 seconds! Bang! Missed again! BACK 3 seconds! Bang! Bang! Bang! With the help of BACK, Dong Xuebing fired more than a dozen rounds! Finally, those two followers were down!

Dong Xuebing was in a good mood. With BACK, he had become a sharpshooter, and the feeling of having unlimited bullets is terrific!

Everyone, including Chu Feng and the 3 officers, there were stunned! The villagers were stunned because this officer dares to open fire, and Chu Feng and the officers were stunned because of Chief Dong’s marksmanship. To Dong Xuebing, his shooting is way too bad. But to Chu Feng and the rest, Chief Dong is really a sharpshooter. All they saw was Chief Dong raising his gun and fired 4 shots continuously. After that, Scarface and his men were all hit in their legs. Not a single shot was missed!

Incredible! Even the top marksman in the Police force might not be as excellent as Chief Dong!

Chu Feng and the officers looked at each other and could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

WTF! Who says Chief Dong is only a graduate from a regular university? Who says Chief Dong is an administrative staff? At Da Wang Village, Chief Dong fought 7 people at once. Now, he only fired a few rounds and dropped all the criminals. His marksmanship is superb! How can someone like Chief Dong be a graduate from a regular university? No one could be more accurate than Chief Dong even if he was trained in the Police School for 20 years!

Chu Feng and the officers were thoroughly impressed!

The rest of the villagers don’t dare to take a step forward and started backing away.

Dong Xuebing looked at the villagers calmly and said. “Who else wants to kill us? Come forward!”

No one said a word, and many of the villagers dropped their weapons and ran.

Dong Xuebing turned: “Chu Feng, go and cuff Scarface and his men.”

“Yes!” This time, no villagers dare to stop them. No one wants to be the 6th person to be shot.

After a while, the local police arrived. With the help of the locals, they found 2 abducted children and 2 women. One of the two rescued women is a university student, and after she found out it was Dong Xuebing who led the team to save her, she cried and kneeled in front of him to thank him. But Dong Xuebing was not in a good mood. The two children are fine, but these two women were raped.

This case was solved, and Chu Feng and the officers were overjoyed.

Dong Xuebing called them over and said. “Bring Scarface and his men to the hospital for treatment first. You all remain here, and after the bullet head is removed, bring them back to Yan Tai County Bureau directly. Get someone to send the women and children home after their statements are recorded.”

The local police’s Deputy Team leader walked over. “Chief Dong, these people must be detained in our county first. We need to conduct some investigations.”

Chu Feng and the officers’ face changed. They are trying to claim credit for this case!

Dong Xuebing sneered. “You are telling me a joke? The victims are all from our Yan Tai County. We are the ones who arrested Scarface and his men. You want to bring them back?”

The Deputy Team Leader replied sternly. “We are also involved in this case.”

Dong Xuebing said. “You are right. If it wasn’t for you all not maintaining law and order, our Yan Tai County’s people will also not be abducted and sold to your county, and you all are not aware of this! What are you all doing? Ah? How come you all don’t know anything about all these abductions?!” Dong Xuebing was in a foul mood as two women were raped, and Yu Meixia was almost the next victim.

That Deputy Team Leader’s face turned black.

Dong Xuebing ignored him and said. “Chu Feng, bring these criminals back to Yan Tai tomorrow. I want to see who dare to stop you!”

“Yes, Sir!”

That Deputy Team Leader kept quiet as he had seen the wounds on Scarface, his men, and one of the villagers, and he knew how overbearing Dong Xuebing was.


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