Power and Wealth
Chapter 209 – Good nigh
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 209 – Good nigh


It’s a starry night.

After settling the newspaper articles saga, Dong Xuebing returned to the family quarters with a good mood.

The moment Dong Xuebing stepped into his house, he smelled the fragrance of chicken wings. Dong Xuebing took a whiff and saw Yu Meixia cooking in the kitchen. He changed into his slippers and saw dark rings around Yu Meixia’s eyes as he got closer. She must be up all night. After suffering such a big shock, anyone will also not sleep peacefully. “Sister Yu, where is Qianqian?”

Yu Meixia quickly turns around. “You are back? Qianqian is in the room, doing her homework. Dinner will be ready soon.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and laughed. “Have an early rest after dinner. I will do the dishes.”

“I’m fine.” Yu Meixia waved her hands. “I’m not tired. Err… Chief Dong, I… I… Should I continue to make police reports about my husband’s case?”

“Stop for the time being. The commotion these two days is too big. Let’s wait for a few more days.”


Dong Xuebing does not want to let Yu Meixia be in danger again. Furthermore, he doesn’t have evidence. He decides to investigate from another direction, like the underground casino. But after these two days, Jin Di Mansion should stay low, and Dong Xuebing chose to wait for a few more days before giving them a deadly blow.

Yu Meixia is wearing a pair of jeans and a long sleeves casual shirt, covering most of her body. Dong Xuebing thought that it might be because he had touched her a few days ago, and she is taking precautions against him.

After dinner, Yu Meixia cleaned the table and was about to give Dong Xuebing his massage. This had been the routine for the past few days.

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Never mind. I can tell you did not sleep well last night. Go and rest.”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and said. “Let me massage you before I sleep.”

Yu Qianqian walked out of the room suddenly and blushed. “Mum, you go and rest first. I will give Big Brother a massage.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Qianqian is so obedient. Sister Yu, don’t let your daughter worry about you. Just go and get some rest.”

Yu Meixia helped Dong Xuebing top up his teacup before returning to her room. She covered herself with her blanket, but could not sleep. The moment she closes her eyes, she saw the scene of her getting abducted.

Outside of the bedroom, Yu Qianqian stood behind the sofa and massaged Dong Xuebing’s head.

Dong Xuebing lowered the volume of the TV. “Hey, why are your eyes bloodshot? You didn’t sleep well last night?”

Yu Qianqian replied softly. “Yes. I… I am scared and can’t sleep.”

“What’s there to be scare of? Sister Yu is back, and I am around. No one will dare to bully you and your mother in the future.”

Yu Qianqian nodded. “Thank you, Big Brother. You are so nice to us.”

Dong Xuebing laughed and turned to pinch Yu Qianqian’s cheeks. “Alright. You don’t need to massage me. Go in and accompany your mother.”

After Yu Qianqian left, Dong Xuebing looked at the clock. He has nothing to do and went to wash up before going to bed. When he closes his eyes, he saw Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian’s beautiful figure… he quickly shook his head to get these images out of his mind and sleep.

1 hour…

2 hours…

Dong Xuebing slept for a few hours when he heard a woman screaming.

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes and rushed to Yu Meixia’s room. Yu Qianqian was crying and hugging her mother, and Yu Meixia was panting and covered in sweat. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, and she seems to have a nightmare.

Dong Xuebing asked worriedly. “What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and shook her head.

Yu Qianqian was sobbing. “Mum… Don’t be afraid. Big Brother is around.”

“That’s right. I am around.” Dong Xuebing sat down on the edge of the bed and patted Yu Meixia’s head. “Stop crying, and don’t be scare. Everything will be fine after a good night’s sleep.” Dong Xuebing sighed in his heart. This abduction had hurt Yu Meixia more than he expected.

Yu Meixia can’t sleep and kept thinking about her nightmare.

Dong Xuebing looked at her and said. “Qianqian, go and sleep first. Sister Yu, let’s go to my room.”

The master bedroom.

Dong Xuebing closed the door and asked Yu Meixia to sit on his bed. “What did you dream of?”

Yu Meixia replied softly. “I… I… dreamt of the person who killed my husband, tired to kill Qianqian and even… even…” Yu Meixia grabbed Dong Xuebing’s arm tightly and was shaking.

Dong Xuebing sat down beside her and slowly stroked her long hair. “It’s just a dream. Don’t worry. I will catch your husband’s murderer. Don’t be scare. I am around to protect you.”

Yu Meixia calmed down.

Dong Xuebing said gently. “Sister, you are in your 30s, and you are still behaving like a crybaby. You are not afraid your daughter will laugh at you? Be strong. Your daughter still needs you. What will happen to Qianqian if you continue to be like this every day?”

Yu Meixia nodded but did not release her grip on Dong Xuebing’s arm.

Dong Xuebing said. “Go back to sleep.”

Yu Meixia looked at him and blushed.

“What’s wrong? You want to say something?”

“I…” Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing apologetically. “Can you… can you leave after we fall asleep? I… Qianqian and I are scared to sleep.” Dong Xuebing had cleared Yu Meixia’s debt for her, provide her with shelter, and saved her after she was abducted. Subconsciously, she treated Dong Xuebing as her support and felt secured when he is beside her.

Dong Xuebing replied helplessly. “Alright. Let’s go to your room. I will wait until you two fall asleep before I leave.”

Yu Meixia thanked gratefully. “Thank you. Sorry to disrupt your rest. I… I…”

“It’s fine.”

Yu Qianqian was still awake when they returned to the room, and She looked at her mother and Dong Xuebing with her big eyes. Yu Meixia explained to Yu Qianqian, and she nodded. Yu Qianqian looked at Dong Xuebing shyly and moved to her side of the bed. Yu Meixia also straightens her dress, and laid down on the bed, before covering her legs with the blanket. Dong Xuebing sat on the edge of the bed. “Ok. I will stay here. Go and sleep.”

Yu Qianqian held her mother’s hand, and Yu Meixia hugged her, and they slowly close their eyes.

Dong Xuebing was touched to see this mother and daughter pair, and his desire to hug and protect them increases. Suddenly, he saw Yu Meixia’s eyelid fluttering, and her hands start to grab her blanket tightly. Dong Xuebing quickly reach over to hold Yu Meixia’s hand and said. “Relax. Stop thinking about all those bad things. If you want to think about somethings, think about the things that will cheer you up.”

Yu Meixia nodded and held Dong Xuebing’s hand.

10 minutes…

20 minutes…

Dong Xuebing looked at the clock. It’s after midnight, and Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian look like they are sleeping. Their breathing is even and no longer frowning. Dong Xuebing yawned. He is very sleepy, but Yu Meixia is still grabbing on to him tightly, and he is afraid of waking Yu Meixia up if he moved his hand away. He saw the empty space on the bed beside Yu Meixia and laid down beside her with his head resting on a corner of her pillow. It’s not the best position, but it’s better than none.

The moment Dong Xuebing laid down, he fell asleep.

Dong Xuebing suddenly woke up. He could not tell how long he had slept. It feels like it’s a few hours.

It was still dark, and the moonlight was shining on his face. Dong Xuebing looked around him and noticed he was lying on his back with his hands and legs stretched outwards. He had occupied more than half of the bed. On his left, Yu Qianqian is still sleeping soundly, but Yu Meixia is not around. Dong Xuebing panicked and knew he must have woken sister Yu up when he tosses and turn on the bed.

Swish! It’s the sounds of the toilet flushing.

After a while, the bedroom door opened, and Yu Meixia entered the room.

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed. After all, he should not be sleeping on Yu Meixia’s bed. Although they did not do anything, they had close body contact. He quickly shut his eyes and pretended to sleep. Suddenly, Yu Qianqian hears the door opening, and she moved. She reached out and grabbed Dong Xuebing’s arm and rested her head on his shoulders. She had a sweet smile on her face and should be having a sweet dream.

Dong Xuebing was surprised and opened his eyes slightly to look at Yu Meixia.

Yu Meixia moved forward and pushed her daughter lightly. “Qianqian… Qianqian…”

Yu Qianqian mumbled something in her sleep and did not wake up.

Yu Meixia bit her lips and slowly removed her daughter’s hand on Dong Xuebing’s arm. After that, she looked at Dong Xuebing’s face and tapped him lightly on his shoulder. “Chief Dong, Chief Dong… you… can you…”

Dong Xuebing pretended to be sleeping and did not move.

Yu Meixia doesn’t dare to wake Dong Xuebing up loudly and stood there hesitating. She walked over to her drawer and took out a blanket before going out to the living room.

Dong Xuebing waited for around 10 minutes and felt he should leave Yu Meixia’s room.

But before Dong Xuebing got up, the bedroom door opened, and Yu Meixia entered. Her face is pale and should have a nightmare again. She closed the door behind her and looked at Dong Xuebing. After a while, she blushed and climbed up the bed softly to lie down beside Dong Xuebing and grabbed his arms, as she felt secured this way.

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing. On his left, it’s the daughter, and on his right, it’s the mother. All 3 of them are sleeping on a bed. Dong Xuebing was losing control and could feel himself heating up. He turned his body slightly towards Yu Meixia, and his left hand reached over for Yu Meixia’s thighs under the blanket.

Yu Meixia’s body stiffened and thought Dong Xuebing was unintentional. She quickly pushes Dong Xuebing’s hand away, but within 2 seconds, Dong Xuebing’s hand is on her thighs again. Yu Meixia’s face is as red as a tomato and knew Chief Dong is awake and is touching her purposely. She lowered her head and don’t dare to make any noise.

Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia’s timid look and whispered. “Sister Yu, can I touch you?”

Yu Meixia stuttered softly. “Qianqian is in the room… can we… can we go outside?”

“She is sleeping soundly and will not wake up.”

Yu Meixia lowered her head shyly and did not reply.

Dong Xuebing could see Yu Meixia’s beautiful features under the moonlight, and his hand started to move upwards from her waist…

“Sister Yu, if you are not willing… if you don’t say anything, I will take it as you agree.”

Yu Meixia did not make any sound and buried her face in the pillow.

5 minutes…

10 minutes…

Dong Xuebing had touched enough and hugged Yu Meixia from her back. He asked. “Err… is my image in your heart ruined?”

“No.” Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and shook her head. “You… you are a good man.”

Dong Xuebing was speechless. “Huh? I am a good man after I treated you like this?”

Yu Meixia whispered. “I know you are a good person. You have… you have always treated me with respect.”

Dong Xuebing blushed. After he heard what Yu Meixia said, he is too embarrassed to continue to touch her. “It’s almost morning. Hurry up and get some sleep. If you are still afraid, you can hold me.”

Dong Xuebing opened his palm, and Yu Meixia reached over to hold his hand tightly. She adjusted the strapped of her sleep gown and closed her eyes.

Dong Xuebing gave her a kiss on her forehead and fell asleep.

Morning. The birds are chirping, and the sun shone through the windows into the bedroom.

Dong Xuebing yawned and opened his eyes. He remembered he was sleeping on Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian’s bed. He looked around and saw the mother and daughter were still sleeping. Yu Qianqian was drooling and hugging Dong Xuebing’s left arm. Once a while, she will mumble something in her sleep. Yu Meixia is hugging Dong Xuebing’s right arm on the other side, and the blanket was kicked aside by her.

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and smiled.

Suddenly, Yu Qianqian woke up. She rubbed her eyes and wiped her drool on Dong Xuebing’s arm unconsciously. But after Yu Qianqian regained her senses, her face turned red and gasped in shock. “Big Brother! Why are you sleeping here?” She looked around and saw Yu Meixia sleeping soundly and hugging Dong Xuebing’s arm.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and replied embarrassedly. “Your mother fell asleep while grabbing my hand last night, and I was afraid to wake her up. So, I slept here.

Yu Qianqian nodded and pulled the corner of the blanket at a loss.

Dong Xuebing patted Yu Qianqian’s head. “You don’t have school today. If you are tired, sleep a while more.”

“Yes.” Yu Qianqian laid back on the back stiffly and secretly peeped at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing and Yu Qianqian’s conversation woke Yu Meixia, and she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was her daughter looking at her shyly. Yu Meixia was stunned and lower her head. she saw she was still hugging Dong Xuebing’s arm, and her face immediately turns red. She quickly let go of Dong Xuebing and straighten her sleep gown. “Chief Dong, Qianqian, you all are awake?”

Yu Qianqian nodded and did not say anything.

Dong Xuebing smiled and cleared his throat. The situation is quite awkward as all of them are still in the same bed. Dong Xuebing said. “You two did not sleep well for the past few days. What do you want for breakfast? I will prepare it now.”

Yu Meixia quickly got up. “No need. I will cook breakfast now. Is it still fried eggs and deep-fried buns?”

Dong Xuebing turned to his left and asked. “Qianqian, what do you want to eat?”

Yu Qianqian replied softly. “I… I… I want to eat sausage and toast.”

“Ok. Both of you rest a while longer. I will let you all try my cooking today.”

The 3 of them talked about breakfast on the same bed, under a blanket. It felt like a family, and it’s been a while since Dong Xuebing had this blissful feeling. Dong Xuebing patted Yu Qianqian’s head and stroked Yu Meixia’s hair, before climbing out of the blanket to prepare breakfast.


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