Power and Wealth
Chapter 214 – Jin Di Mansion close down
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 214 – Jin Di Mansion close down

From outside of Jin Di Mansion, several armed Police officers rushed in. Dong Xuebing asked Deputy Team Leader Feng and Chu Feng to lead them to arrest Ma Dakai, Ma San, the mid to high-level staff, and the ones who had gambled in the Casino earlier. Almost 30 people were arrested. Qian Fei is in the shadows, and currently, there is no evidence pointing to him. The staff, who were not in Jin Di Mansion, were arrested in their homes.

Now, Jin Di Mansion is in a mess, and everyone involved was scared.

Qian Fei, who was having dinner with a friend, received news of the gambling raid in Jin Di Mansion. Dong Xuebing had found evidence of Casino there. Crash!!! Qian Fei flipped the table in anger. Plates and bowls of food were thrown all over the place. Dong Xuebing! I will kill you!

About 20 minutes later, a few vehicles arrived at the entrance of Jin Di Mansion.

Liang Chengpeng had called for a meeting at the crime scene, and Hu Yiguo, Qin Yong, Zhao Jingsong, Hu Silian, and the rest had arrived.

In an office located in Jin Di Mansion. Liang Chengpeng looked at Dong Xuebing. “How’s the situation now?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “We have arrested about 30 people involved, and we are questioning them separately to gather more evidence.”

Hu Yiguo said with an angry expression. “It’s only a gambling raid. Do you need to arrest so many people? You are making a big fuss over a minor issue!”

Dong Xuebing stared at Hu Yiguo. “Chief Hu, if it is only related to gambling, it is a big fuss. But you should know about the reports filed by the villagers. Jin Di Mansion’s Casino is related to several cases of death and rape. In the past, we don’t have evidence. Now, we have evidence that Jin Di Mansion is operating an illegal Casino. Of course, we must investigate all these reports thoroughly. If these cases are considered minor issues, what are the serious cases? Am I making a big fuss?”

Other than a few people, the rest of the leaders in the Public Security only heard about the gambling raid. They don’t know about the details, and Qin Yong was one of them. He asked. “Chief Dong, what’s the progress of this case? Have you recovered the gambling tools and how much gambling money is seized?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “3.5 million.”

Zhao Jingsong took a deep breath, and his face changed.

Hu Silian and Qin Yong were stunned. So much money is seized? Jin Di Mansion had always been cautious, and Chief Liang had searched here twice with no results. How did Chief Dong get these pieces of evidence? How come Chief Dong can solve any case?

Liang Chengpeng was in a good mood, but he maintained his composure. “Let me tell you all the details. In the afternoon, Chief Dong and an officer entered Jin Di Mansion to gather evidence. Chief Dong had put himself in danger to enter the Casino and won 3.5 million cash there. At the same time, he found the location where the Casino hides their gambling tools. These are critical evidence in this case.”

Won 3.5 million?

The gambling money is won by Chief Dong through gambling?

Qin Yong and Hu Silian looked at each other. The first thought that came to their minds is Dong Xuebing is too capable. Other than him, who can win so much money through gambling? It’s almost impossible. But Chief Dong managed to pull it off. How did he win so much money?

Hu Yiguo knew the Casino had tight security, and even if the Police conducted a surprise check, they would not find the money. When he heard Dong Xuebing had seized the gambling money, he doesn’t believe it. But after hearing from Liang Chengpeng, he finally understood how Dong Xuebing got his hands on the gambling money. This is too despicable. “As a leader with the Public Security, how can you participate in gambling? Chief Dong! This is entrapment! According to the law, the evidence acquired through this method cannot be used in court!”

Dong Xuebing sneered. “What is the definition of entrapment? It is when a law enforcer lured someone, who had no intention of breaking the law, to commit a crime. When I enter Jin Di Mansion, they are already engaging in illegal activities. I am only preventing Jin Di Mansion’s staff from removing the evidence. How can this be considered entrapment?”

Hu Yiguo replied coldly. “We are law enforcers, and we should not gamble! Nonsense!”

Dong Xuebing was not afraid of getting in arguments. “Are you telling me that there is no Casino in Jin Di Mansion, and we should release everyone?”

Hu Yiguo gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “When did I say I want to release them? I only want to remind you of how you should act!”

Dong Xuebing looked at Hu Yiguo. “Be it a black cat or a white cat; it’s a good cat as long as it can catch mice. The extraordinary case requires extreme measures! If I did not use this method, I would not have control over Jin Di Mansion’s gambling money. We will not find a single cent in the Casino, and who will help the villagers air their grievances? When can we solve these cases?”

Hu Yiguo was furious. “You…”

“Enough!” Liang Chengpeng banged on the table. “Chief Dong had done a good job!”

One sentence from Chief Liang ended the argument, and Hu Yiguo can only clench his fist silently.

Liang Chengpeng announced. “Chief Dong, you are the one who got the evidence, you will continue to follow up on this case. You will head the investigation team and gather information on all the cases related to Jin Di Mansion!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Thank you for your trust. I will complete this mission!”

Liang Chengpeng nodded. Xiao Dong is different from others. When other people take over a case, they will think of excuses in the event of failing to solve the case first. No one will dare to claim they will solve it. But Chief Dong’s reply is the same every time. “I will complete this mission!” This showed his confidence and feels good to hear it. The result? All the tasks given to him were completed! What is this called? Capability!

After leaving the room, the rest of the leaders left Jin Di Mansion, except for Hu Silian and Qin Yong.

Qin Yong went up to Dong Xuebing with a smile. “Chief Dong, I was still thinking of playing mahjong with you during the Labor Day holidays. Luckily you went to Beijing. Hahaha… I will not dare to play mahjong with you in the future.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I am lucky today.”

Hu Silian asked curiously. “What did you play in the Casino?”


Roulette seems to have nothing to do with skills or techniques. Qin Yong paused for a few seconds and asked softly: “Are there any techniques to win?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s just some small tricks.”

Qin Yong points at Dong Xuebing. “You… you are always so humble. I heard you are a marksman. Let’s practice together someday. Haha…”


On the side, Hu Yiguo is on the phone with Qian Fei.

Hu Yiguo suppressed his anger and said. “Chief Liang had let Dong Xuebing handle this case. I cannot interfere.”

Qian Fei asked. “What did they find?”

“They found 3.5 million of gambling money and gambling tools. The death cases are still under investigation, but they don’t have any evidence yet.” Hu Yiguo paused for a while and said. “You better go into hiding for now. I can tell Chief Liang wants to get to the bottom of these cases. They might find some evidence against you…”

Qian Fei snorted. “Don’t worry. My men’s lips are tight, and they will not find out anything.” Qian Fei trusted his men and knew they would never betray him. His men are worried about their family members’ safety. Even without Jin Di Mansion, one word from Qian Fei can let their family members disappear.

But things did not go according to Qian Fei’s expectation.


“Team Leader Feng, what have you find out?” Dong Xuebing walked over to Deputy Team Leader Feng.

Deputy Team Leader Feng frowned. “We had questioned all of them, and no one revealed anything. They even denied the Casino, let alone the death cases. Sigh… these people’s lips are tight. I think they had received instructions not to reveal anything to the Police by someone.”

Dong Xuebing rubbed the center of his brows. “What else did we find in Jin Di Mansion?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng replied. “On the second floor, we found a group of prostitutes. Most of them are locals in Yan Tai County, and two of them claimed to be forced into prostitution by Jin Di Mansion’s people to repay their husbands’ debts.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. There’s enough evidence for the gambling and prostitution charges. Even if these people don’t say anything, they will still be charged. But the charges are too light. Dong Xuebing wants to solve those death cases, and he might find clues linking Qian Fei, Hu Yiguo, and the rest to those cases.

“I will interrogate them.” Dong Xuebing decided to interrogate the arrested suspects personally.

“Who do you want to question?”

“Ma San. This person is close to Qian Fei and should know a lot of things.”

“Ok. I will make the arrangements.”

“Oh, after I enter the room, don’t let anyone interrupt me. No matter what happens, don’t enter the room.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng’s heart skipped a beat and nodded. What is Chief Dong going to do? Force a confession through torture?

In a small room, Dong Xuebing met Ma San, who was handcuffed. He was sitting down with a laid-back attitude, humming a tune. But if you observe him, you could tell he was panicking from his eyes. His reaction was only a cover-up. Dong Xuebing smiled and locked the door behind him.

Ma San looked up. “Oh, Chief Dong.”

Dong Xuebing sat down in front of him. “Tell me everything. Do you know Yu Zhuang? How did he die?”

Ma San asked with a blank expression. “Who is Yu Zhuang? I don’t know him.”

Yu Zhuang is Yu Meixia’s husband. Dong Xuebing continued. “About half a year ago, Yu Zhuang was lured to the Casino and lost a lot of money. The last time he left home, he said he is going to Jin Di Mansion. That was the last time he was seen, and his body is found beside a river. You don’t know him?”

Ma San replied. “Oh, it’s him? The Police had investigated and concluded he had committed suicide.”

Dong Xuebing said coldly. “Since you refuse to admit, then don’t blame me.”

Ma San was stunned and moved his body backward. “What are you going to do?”

Extreme measures must be used on these thugs. Dong Xuebing stood up and walked over to the desk to pick up a fountain pen. He removed the pen’s cover and walked over to Ma San. He pulled his chair closer and sat down. “My patience is limited. I will ask you again. How did Yu Zhuang die?”

Ma San looked at the pointed part of the fountain pen. “I don’t know!”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Fine.”

Ma San doesn’t believe Dong Xuebing will torture him. At most, Dong Xuebing would only punch him a few times, but to stab him with a fountain pen? Impossible! He is the County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief, and he will be in trouble if he dares to hurt a suspect. That’s why Ma San continued to feign ignorance.

But some things didn’t go according to his expectations.

Dong Xuebing did not say anything and used the fountain pen to stab Ma San’s thighs!

Ma San screamed in pain and pressed on his wound with his handcuffed hands. “Ah! Are you crazy?! What are you doing?!

Dong Xuebing asked calmly. “How did Yu Zhuang die?”

Ma San screamed. “Help! Help! Save me!”

Dong Xuebing looked at Ma San coldly and stabbed him on his shoulder with the fountain pen. Blood starts to flow out from his wounds.

“You are mad! Ah! You are crazy!” Ma San screamed. He is terrified now. “I will say! I will tell you everything I know! Yu Zhuang is beaten to death in Jin Di Mansion! Ah!” Ma San panted and continued. “It’s my 3rd Uncle, Ma Dakai, who ordered people to beat him up! We didn’t want to kill him. Yu Zhuang had owed us a lot of money, and my Uncle wants him to bring his wife and daughter over. But Yu Zhuang refused, and, in the end, he was beaten to death!”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Is Qian Fei related to this?”

Ma San was sweating from the pain. “Yes. But I don’t know the details as I am not at the scene. When Yu Zhuang was beaten to death, Qian Fei and my Uncle were there. After that, they called me, and another man by the name of An Zi, to dump the body by the riverside. Ah! I had told you everything I know! Hurry and stop the bleeding! Ah… Call the ambulance!”

Dong Xuebing looked at him coldly. “What about the other cases?”

Ma San replied. “That’s all I know!”

Dong Xuebing raised his hand the third time and stabbed the fountain pen into Ma San’s other leg. “Speak!”

“Ah!” Ma San screamed. “Stop! Please stop! I will tell you everything! There is another death case! Ah… it was about a year ago. He is not a local and had won over a million from the Casino. After he left, Manager Qian and my 3rd Uncle ordered us to snatch his winnings. But that man retaliated and still wanted to report us to the Police… in the end, my Uncle and his men beat him to death.”

Dong Xuebing did not know about this case. “What about the body?”

Ma San replied. “It’s… it’s… buried at the back of Jin Di Mansion.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Why didn’t you all bury Yu Zhuang’s body?”

“Because… he is a local. Many people know he is at Jin Di Mansion, and my Uncle says to make it look like he had committed suicide. That man is not a local, and no one knows he had been to Jin Di Mansion. That’s why we buried him!”

“Continue! What else do you know?”

“That’s all! Really! I had told you everything I know!”

Dong Xuebing looked at Ma San and said. “BACK, 3 minutes!”

The screams stopped!

Dong Xuebing felt giddy, and after he regained his senses, Ma San was sitting in front of him.

“Who is Yu Zhuang? I don’t know him.” Ma San refused to admit.

Time had returned to 3 minutes ago!

Dong Xuebing smiled coldly and lit a cigarette. “Ma San. Do you think I dare to arrest people without evidence? Ah? About half a year ago, your 3rd Uncle, Ma Dakai and Qian Fei were interested in Yu Zhuang’s wife and daughter. They tried to force Yu Zhuang to use his wife and daughter to repay his debts, but he refused and was beaten to death by you all. To make him look like he had killed himself, your Uncle asked you to dump his body by the riverside. Oh… someone by the name of An Zi was ordered to dump the body with you. Am I right?”

Ma San was stunned!

Dong Xuebing stared at him. “What else do you have to say?”

Ma San stood up and shouted. “No! It’s not what you said!”

Dong Xuebing slowly continued. “There is another case which happened about a year ago. A man from other provinces had won money in Jin Di Mansion. But in the end, you all killed him to snatch his winnings. After he was killed, you and your men buried him in the mountains behind Jin Di Mansion. Did this happen?”

Ma San’s face turned green. He couldn’t understand how Dong Xuebing got to know about this!

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You think we do not have evidence against you all? You think everything will be fine as long as you keep quiet?” Dong Xuebing stopped smiling and gave Ma San a kick to his stomach suddenly. “That’s two lives! You had taken away two lives!”

Ma San’s face was pale. He knew someone from Jin Di Mansion had leaked this information to the Police. But only a handful of people knows about these incidents. Even the other top management leaders do not know about this. Who is the betrayer?

Dong Xuebing continued. “Ma San. This are two murder cases. The body in the back mountains will be retrieved soon. If you want to atone your crimes, you better tell us everything you know. You should know what’s the punishment for murder! Death sentence! From the evidence we gathered, you will not see the sun for the rest of your life.”

Ma San panics. “No! It’s not me! Chief Dong! I did not kill them!”

Dong Xuebing banged the table. “If it’s not you, who is the murder?!”

Ma San quickly shouted. “It’s Da Tou! He is the one who killed the man buried at the back of Jin Di Mansion! He is not a staff of Jin Di Mansion! He is Qian Fei’s subordinate! I know where he lives, and I know where the body is buried. Can I get a lighter sentence? I did not kill anyone!”

Da Tou? Dong Xuebing had heard of this name more than once. Scarface had mentioned this name before. It’s this person who told him about Yu Meixia. So, Yu Meixia’s abduction is planned by Qian Fei!

Dong Xuebing was furious. “Stand up and come with me!”

After exiting from the room, Deputy Team Leader Feng, who was waiting outside, went up to Dong Xuebing. “Ma San…”

Dong Xuebing said. “He confessed.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng was stunned. “He confessed? What did he say?”

Dong Xuebing gave Ma San a piece of paper and got him to write down an address. He passed the address to Deputy Team Leader Feng and said. “A man by the name of Da Tou is living in this address. He is the main suspect of a murder case. You must arrest him before morning. Also, don’t let anyone know about this. You must bring one or two trusted men with you to arrest him. News of his arrest must not be leaked! Da Tou should not know we are going to arrest him yet, so you must act fast!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng nodded. “Don’t worry! I will not let him escape!”

Dong Xuebing paused for a while and lowered his voice. “Also, arrest Qian Fei secretly.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng was shocked. “Arrest him.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Only both of us know about this. Don’t tell anybody, including Chief Liang. Ma San had confessed that Qian Fei is involved in the murder cases. Just go ahead and arrest him. I will answer if anything happens! You must not let him escape!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng gritted his teeth and nodded.

Dong Xuebing had gotten Deputy Team Leader Feng’s respect now. Deputy Team Leader Feng had interrogated Ma San and the rest and did not get any useful information. But Chief Dong took less than 5 minutes to make Ma San confess! Sigh… Deputy Team Leader Feng was ashamed of himself. Maybe this is the reason why Dong Xuebing is a Deputy Bureau Chief, and he is only a Deputy Team Leader!

After Deputy Team Leader Feng left to arrest Da Tou and Qian Fei, Dong Xuebing locked Ma San in a room. He got Chu Feng and two officers to follow him to the back mountains. The location where the body was buried.

First shoveled…

Second, shoveled…

Third Shoveled…

After digging for a while, a badly decomposed body was exposed.

Dong Xuebing almost vomited and took a few steps back. His phone rang, and it was Chief Liang.

“What’s going on?” Liang Chengpeng’s tone was angry. “I heard you had arrested Qian Fei? You are too rash!”

Dong Xuebing replied slowly. “Chief Liang, Ma San had confessed and Qian Fei in involved. We found a body buried behind Jin Di Mansion and is related to a murder case that happened one year ago. The mastermind is also Qian Fei and Ma Dakai. We got both the witness and evidence. I think this is the right time to act.”

Liang Chengpeng paused for a few seconds. “So fast? You got the witness and the evidence?”


Liang Chengpeng laughed to himself. The investigation team was only set up a few hours ago. While everyone is prepared for a prolonged battle, you suddenly solved the case? You are too fast. “Good job! I will inform the higher-ups to give you credits! Cordon the area around the body! I will go over now!”

The body was dug out, and all the leaders in the County Government were alarmed. A Deputy County Mayor and the County’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission’s Secretary arrived at the crime scene!

Everyone knew that from this day onwards, Jin Di Mansion would be gone!

Jin Di Mansion had closed down!


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