Power and Wealth
Chapter 215 – The Flowerpot from above
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 215 – The Flowerpot from above

A few days later, Dong Xuebing met the Deputy Team Leader Feng outside of the Bureau’s main gate.

“Old Feng, how’s the progress on Jin Di Mansion’s case?”

“Thanks to you, all of them, except for Qian Fei and Ma Dakai, confessed.”

“Them? What can they do with all the evidence pointing to them?”

“That’s right. I think this case can be close soon.”

The day after the body was discovered, this case was no longer under Dong Xuebing. Jin Di Mansion is involved in 2 death cases, and things had got out of proportion. The higher-ups had imposed lots of pressure on the Bureau, and Liang Chengpeng had to take over this case. The Prosecutor Office also got involved with the investigation. Dong Xuebing was the most junior among the County Public Security’s Deputy Chiefs, and he is not suitable to lead such a significant case. However, Dong Xuebing will still get the credit he deserves in this case. Since that day, all the officers in the Bureau looked at Dong Xuebing differently.

After walking up the stairs, Dong Xuebing met Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong. They looked exhausted as if they had worked on Jin Di Mansion’s case for countless nights. But Dong Xuebing guessed they should be finding ways to help Qian Fei clear his name. They are close to Qian Fei, and no one will believe they do not have any monetary dealings with Qian Fei. Qian Fei’s primary income source is from Jin Di Mansion. If the investigators found out, Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, and Qian Fei’s father, Qian Shen, will not escape.

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Chief Hu, Chief Zhao, what are you two busy with? Haha.”

Hu Yiguo looked at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong? How come you are so early?”

Zhao Jingsong also gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Chief Dong, you had contributed a lot to Jin Di Mansion’s case.”

Dong Xuebing pretended to be modest. “Oh… I’m just lucky. I will go upstairs now.”

After Dong Xuebing left, Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong looked at each other and smiled.

Dong Xuebing stepped into his office and frowned. He sensed something was off as Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong, had a worried look over the past few days. But today, they seem different and still have time to speak with Dong Xuebing. Did they confirm that Jin Di Mansion’s cases will not implicate them? But Qian Fei is still in custody, and who will know what he will say? What if Qian Fei decided to drag everyone down with him and spill the beans on Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong?

Wait. Something is not right!

Dong Xuebing did not expect this incident to drag Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, and the rest in, as it is not possible. Now, Jin Di Mansion is shut down, and everyone directly involved is arrested. At least, Dong Xuebing can answer to the villagers and victims like Yu Meixia and Zhou Mei. But now, things might not go according to his plans.

Dong Xuebing immediately calls the Bureau’s Office. “Hello, Director Hu? I’m Dong Xuebing.”

Hu Silian laughed. “Chief Dong? What are your orders?”

“Haha, what orders? Sister Hu, stop joking with me. I just want to know if Qian Fei had confessed.”

Hu Silian paused for a while. “The case is handled by the investigation team, and I am not sure about the details. But on my way to work, I heard that Ma Dakai had confessed last night. He admitted that he is the one behind the Casino, death cases, and prostitution and Qian Fei is not involved. He claims that Qian Fei is only a regular at Jin Di Mansion and is his friend.”

Dong Xuebing’s face changed. “He dares to lie?!”

“But…” Hu Silian continued. “The evidence did not show Qian Fei is directly involved. Qian Fei might have prepared for this when he set up Jin Di Mansion. The person in charge, Manager, accounts, etc. had nothing to do with Qian Fei. After Ma Dakai confessed, he took out an ATM card, which has more than 10 million in the account. It’s the Casino’s earnings. He had taken over the full responsibility for this case.”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath in. “That means Qian Fei will go scot-free?”

Hu Silian Sighed. “I’m afraid so. Although many of the arrested said Qian Fei is a regular of Jin Di Mansion and is the boss behind the curtains, there is no evidence to prove it. Qian Fei had never admitted he is the boss, and he is meticulous not to leave any trails.”

Dong Xuebing was furious. “Ma Dakai wants to die? It’s two lives! Can he shoulder everything upon himself?”

Hu Silian said softly. “There… might be other matters.”

Other matters? Dong Xuebing understood what was going on. Qian Fei must have promised Ma Dakai a sum of money to his family or had threatened him with his family! Damn! Dong Xuebing was furious. He had put in so much effort, but still can’t put Qian Fei behind bars! Dong Xuebing knew Qian Fei is the mastermind behind the death cases and the rape case. If Qian Fei gets to escape, all his efforts will be wasted!

Ring, ring, ring… Hu Silian’s office phone rang.

Hu Silian said. “Chief Dong, please wait a while. I need to answer a call first.”

“Hello, Command Centre… What? Ok… I know.”

Hu Silian sighed and said to Dong Xuebing. “I need to tell you something. Qian Fei might be released soon.”

Dong Xuebing heard this and was about to explode. Even if they have no evidence against Qian Fei now, he also should not be released now. What is the F**k going on?

After hanging up the phone, Dong Xuebing went upstairs to the Bureau Chief’s office. Deputy Chief Gong Zhongwen, Deputy Chief Qin Yong, Deputy Chief Sun Changhong are all there. When Lian Chengpeng saw Dong Xuebing, he knew Dong Xuebing must have heard the news too. He gestured to Dong Xuebing to sit.

Dong Xuebing did not sit down. “Chief Liang, I heard we are going to release Qian Fei?”

“This is the decision made by the higher-ups.” Liang Chengpeng replied, and his eyes were spewing fire. He was also not satisfied with the orders from the higher-ups.

Sun Changhong frowned and said. “The higher-ups are taking this too lightly. No evidence? Even if we have no evidence now, but we can look for it.”

Qin Yong suppressed his anger and added. “That’s right. Many people had testified against Qian Fei, especially Ma San. How can the witnesses’ statements not be taken into consideration?! This is also evidence! As long as Qian Fei is involved with the death cases, there must be clues! If we release him now, he will get the opportunity to destroy all evidence, and we will miss the change to catch him again!”

Dong Xuebing said. “Chief Liang, I will get the evidence. We cannot release him now!:

Gong Zhongwen and Sun Changhong were involved in Liang Chengpeng’s previous raids on Jin Di Mansion. They could not get any evidence on their previous two raids and felt bitter. That’s why they paid close attention to the Jin Di Mansion case. But Jin Di Mansion was shut down now and found evidence linking them to two death cases and other related cases. But in the end, the main mastermind, Qian Fei, will be released because of ‘lack of evidence’?

Even the low-profile Gong Zhongwen also added. “On my way here, I heard that the investigators for this case are gloomy. Everyone had wanted to continue to investigate this case. Chief Liang, can we delay the release of Qian Fei? I believe no one will doubt Chief Dong’s investigation skills here. Let him go and gather the evidence.”

Liang Chengpeng replied angrily. “You all think I don’t want to pursue this case? It’s two death cases! Also, how many families suffered because of that Casino? But now, it’s the higher-ups who gave the order to release him immediately!” Liang Chengpeng also felt unjust. Although he is the one leading the investigation, the people from the prosecutor’s office refused to cooperate with him, and the higher-ups had given the order! Liang Chengpeng is powerless against them!

Gong Zhongwen, Sun Changhong, and the rest sighed.

All these must be the works of Qian Shen. To save his son, Qian Shen had sought help from his connections in the higher-ups. Liang Chengpeng’s backing was not as powerful as the people behind Qian Shen. Lack of evidence is only an excuse. The real reason why Qian Fei can getaway is that his father is the Head of the Publicity Department!

Liang Chengpeng said. “There’s no point discussing this. Jin Di Mansion case is closed.”

Gong Zhongwen, Qin Yong, and the rest knew they were powerless to do anything and left.

“Chief Dong, please stay for a moment.” Liang Chengpeng called Dong Xuebing.

After the rest left, Liang Chengpeng rubbed his temples. “Xuebing, you had investigated this case from the start, and your helper is also involved. I know you will not accept this outcome. I feel the same too. But sometimes, giving in does not mean defeat. We still have other opportunities. Do you understand?” Gong Zhongwen and the rest are all senior officers, and Liang Chengpeng knew they would not create trouble. His only worry is Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing had a foul temper, and Liang Chengpeng is worried he might do something rash.

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Chief Liang, I will never give in as this is a matter of principle!”

Liang Chengpeng shook his head helplessly. “What do you want to do?”

Dong Xuebing replied firmly. “I will carry on with the investigation!”

“The higher-ups had given the orders to close this case. If you insist on investigating this case, you will be defying the County Government Leaders’ instructions.

Dong Xuebing replied firmly. “Who is bigger? The County’s leaders or our country’s law? Director Qian is bigger than the Party? I am doing the right thing now! I will investigate Qian Fei and give the people an answer! You want me to give in? How can I do that? County Government’s leaders? Even if the City’s Leaders, Provincial Leaders, or even the Central Government leaders are here, they also have to be reasonable and abide by the law! Just because he is the son of a County’s Party Committee member, he can be released and is above the law? Impossible!”

Liang Chengpeng points at Dong Xuebing. “You… Fine… you are right.”

Dong Xuebing replied angrily. “Chief Liang. I am not against you. I am talking about this case. If it’s only a case of injuring someone, it’s fine. But now, someone is killed in Jin Di Mansion! If we stop investigating just because a leader says so, does that mean their children can go around killing others? What’s the point of having Public Security?!” Dong Xuebing knew it’s pointless to say anything now. Liang Chengpeng also had his difficulties, and Qian Fei did not leave any concrete evidence.

Dong Xuebing thought by shutting Jin Di Mansion down, Qian Fei will be implicated and sentenced behind bars. Who would expect this to be so difficult!

Back in his office, Dong Xuebing thinks about what he should do. He must not let Qian Fei off! First, Dong Xuebing had a strong sense of justice, and secondly, it is his responsibility and duty to apprehend criminals. Thirdly, he had promised Yu Meixia. Lastly, which is also the most critical reason, Qian Fei will seek revenge! He even dares to murder someone, what else he doesn’t dare to do? Dong Xuebing’s mother, relatives, and friends will be in danger!

Dong Xuebing does not have enough time and could sense danger!

Qian Fei was released.

Lots of officers were upset when they heard about this. Even an idiot will know Qian Fei is the mastermind behind Jin Di Mansion. But now, the Bureau released him, and everyone was furious. No one had expected Yan Tai County to be so corrupted until they dare to cover up the law!

Deputy Team Leader Feng called Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, the officers who were involved in this case with you, are all furious. We had arrested them and gathered the evidence. But now… Chief Dong, what should we do now? We will follow your orders!”

A badly decomposed body, women forced into prostitution… as Deputy Team Leader Feng investigated further into Jin Di Mansion, he was outraged. One of the women forced into prostitution is his acquittances. She is from his hometown, and her husband was forced to use her to repay his gambling debts. Now, Deputy Team Leader Feng heard Qian Fei would be released, and he exploded!

Deputy Team Leader Feng did not call Chief Liang, as he knew Chief Liang would not step forward. Not everyone can withstand the pressure imposed by the County’s Party Committee. If there is someone in the Public Security Bureau that does not care about all these and dares to stand up against the County Leaders, it will be Chief Dong. After a few days of interaction, Deputy Team Leader Feng’s impression of Dong Xuebing is he is fearless. If not, he would not infiltrate into Jin Di Mansion with another officer. This is why when news of Qian Fei will be released, and he called Dong Xuebing first.

Dong Xuebing asked over the phone. “You all also want to carry on with the investigation?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng replied. “Yes. Should we carry on looking for evidence in secret or follow Qian Fei and see if he leads us to the evidence?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Qian Fei might look ordinary, but he is a cautious person. He should not leave any evidence behind.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng gritted his teeth. “Chief Dong, what should we do? We cannot let him go scot-free.”

Dong Xuebing felt better to receive Deputy Team Leader Feng’s call. But he does not want Deputy Team Leader Feng and the other officers to get into trouble. There are still some difficulties if the higher-ups want to deal with Dong Xuebing or Chief Liang. But if the leaders can deal with Deputy Team Leader Feng anytime. “ Old Feng, I am glad that you called. But you all should not get involved in this. Let me do it. Just let me know where Qian Fei is now.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng was moved. “Chief Dong, I’m not afraid!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Old Feng, listen to me!”

“I… I… sighed… Qian Fei should be at Chun Jiang Road. My men saw him entering a restaurant there.”

Dong Xuebing immediately went downstairs to look for Hu Silian to get the keys to the Buick and drove to Chun Jiang Road. Before he reached the restaurant, Dong Xuebing saw a parked Buick Regal. This should be Qian Fei’s vehicle. Dong Xuebing slowed down and saw Qian Fei using his phone there.

“Dad, don’t worry. I will not create trouble.” Qian Fei smiled and said.

Qian Shen, on the other side of the line, said. “This time, I begged all my connections to save you. In the future, you must stay away from those people.”

Qian Fei replied nonchalantly. “I know… Thank you, Dad.”

After hanging up the phone, Qian Fei had a cold smile on his face. His father mentioned ‘those people’ is referring to the hooligans and criminals. But Qian Fei can’t sever ties with them. Jin Di Mansion was shut down, and tens of millions are gone. How can he let this off so quickly? Qian Fei can’t wait to get back at Dong Xuebing. If he did not prepare in advance and found a scapegoat, he might have to spend the rest of his life in prison or face the firing squad!

Dong Xuebing! Just wait! After this period is over, I will deal with you!

Qian Fei had already targeted a few people in his mind. Luan Xiaoping, Yu Meixia, Yu Qianqian, Tang Jin, Luan Ying, and all other relatives of Dong Xuebing. An evil plan was formed in his heart to make Dong Xuebing suffer for the rest of his life!

Knock, knock, knock. Someone knocks on Qian Fei’s windows.

Qian Fei turns, and his face changed. “Dong Xuebing?”

Dong Xuebing stared at Qian Fei. “Qian Fei, don’t think everything is over.”

Qian Fei laughed and rolled down the window. “This is what I want to tell you. Don’t think everything is over.”

Dong Xuebing had thought of using BACK to interrogate Qian Fei and find out where are the evidence. But he felt it’s impossible. Even if he beat Qian Fei to death, he might not reveal anything. What to do? Dong Xuebing was at his wit’s end.

Qian Fei laughed. “Chief Dong, we didn’t have the chance to chat during the last time we met. I always wanted to speak to you. Come, let’s take a walk.” Qian Fei was in a good mood to see Dong Xuebing so helpless. He alighted from his car and walked along the streets. “Oh, the air is so fresh. Chief Dong, I heard your mother is teaching at the County’s First Middle School. Is her name Luan Xiaoping? Haha, how’s her health?”

Dong Xuebing was getting pissed as he could tell what Qian Fei was hinting.

Qian Fei smiled. “You have to take good care of her. When people age, there might be problems with their health, right?”

Dong Xuebing was furious. “What are you trying to say?”

Qian Fei’s mood got better when he saw Dong Xuebing’s expression. He decided when everything calms down, and he will start his revenge with Luan Xiaoping first. “Hahaha… I just want to remind you to take care of your mother’s health.”

The sky is gloomy, and it’s about to rain.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind, and a loud crash was heard just in front of them!

Dong Xuebing and Qian Fei looked in front. Somebody’s flowerpot had fallen from the 8th story’s windowsill. The flowerpot shattered upon impact, and luckily, no passerby was hit. An older man, who was walking his dog, pointed to the 8th floor and scolded. The flowerpot had scared his dog.

Qian Fei turned back to Dong Xuebing and said. “I heard you have a younger cousin called Tang Jin? Is she pretty? Can you introduce her to me?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and suddenly had an idea!

“Qian Fei, you think you are going to be fine?” Dong Xuebing looked at Qian Fei.

Qian Fei shrugged his shoulders. “I am not going to be fine? What can happen to me? You all are the ones who accused me and should be glad that I did not sue you all! Hahaha…”

Dong Xuebing knew he must be decisive and should not be softhearted now. From what Qian Fei said, he might be planning to take revenge on Dong Xuebing’s family members. If Dong Xuebing misses this opportunity, it will be too difficult to deal with him!


This bastard should die!

Dong Xuebing’s face changed and shouted: “BACK 3 minutes!”

Time returned!

Dark clouds are still in the sky and are about to rain!

“Chief Dong, we didn’t have the chance to chat during the last time we met. I always wanted to speak to you. Come, let’s take a walk. Oh, the air is so fresh. Chief Dong, I heard your mother is teaching at the County’s First Middle School. Is her name Luan Xiaoping? Haha, how’s her health?” Qian Fei smiled and walked forward.

Dong Xuebing looked at Qian Fei and followed. “You better worried about your health first.”

Qian Fei laughed. “Haha… me? I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.”

Dong Xuebing suddenly changed his pace. “Walk this way. I want to talk to you.”

Qian Fei was surprised and thought nothing about it.

As they walked nearer to the red building, Dong Xuebing secretly looked up and walked across the lawn. He stood under the building, and Qian Fei walked towards him. Dong Xuebing looked at Qian Fei and waved to him. “Come, nearer.”

Qian Fei did not move. “I don’t want to be near you. What do you want to say?”

Dong Xuebing took out a cigarette and offered to Qian Fei. He then took out a lighter and offered to light the cigarette for him.

“What?” Qian Fei was surprised by Dong Xuebing’s actions. He did not smoke Dong Xuebing’s cigarette and threw it on the floor. After that, he took out his own Zhong Hua Cigarettes. The lighter was some distance from him, and Qian Fei walked four steps forward to light his cigarette.

At this moment, there was a gust of strong wind!

Swoosh! A flowerpot fell from the windowsill!

10 meters…

5 meters…

3 meters…

Crash! The flowerpot landed directly on Qian Fei’s head!

Qian Fei did not even have time to shout, and he collapsed on the ground!


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