Power and Wealth
Chapter 225 – Dodging bullets
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 225 – Dodging bullets

School building.

Level one, main lobby.

The moment Dong Xuebing entered the school building, the doors slammed shut behind him. He turned around and saw a skinny escapee locking the doors. After locking it, he searched Dong Xuebing’s body for weapons and handcuff keys. He pushed Dong Xuebing from his back to make up walk up the stairs. Dong Xuebing did not say a word and was looking at his surroundings through the corner of his eyes.

A tall and a short escapee were waiting for Dong Xuebing on the second floor.

“This is the government official? Why is he so young? Is he a government official?”

“He should not be fake. Old Xu had heard the people out there calling him as Chief Dong.”

“He is in his twenties and had become a Chief with the Ministry of Education? This young man should have some connections among the higher-ups. Our escape should be smooth.”

“Xiao Wang, bring him into the room and lock him up with the rest. You and Xiao Zhou will watch them closely and don’t let anyone of them escape.”

The skinny convict who had escorted Dong Xuebing upstairs nodded. He walked forward a few steps and opened the door to a classroom, with a sign ‘Year 5, Class 2’ hanging above it. He pushed Dong Xuebing inside, and he tripped and knocked into a desk. He held his stomach in pain and looked around. A few people were huddling in a corner. Three students, around ten years old, two female teachers, and a male teacher, were squatting there.

The skinny convict kicked Dong Xuebing and waved the knife in his hand. “Squat over there, and don’t move!”

Another convict entered the classroom. He was holding a police pistol and was there to guard the hostages with the skinny convict.

The few kids were crying and huddling around the teachers. The female teachers’ hands were tied using transparent tapes. The male teacher had his hands tied to a few desks with ropes. Dong Xuebing walked over to the hostages and sat down with them. He looked around, and the convict with the gun was standing at the far corner of the classroom. He was holding his gun tightly, preparing to shoot when anything happens. The skinny convict with the knife was walking around the classroom anxiously. Every once in awhile, he will peep outside at the armed police officers through the curtains.

Dong Xuebing asked softly. “Are you all the only hostages? Are there any more hostages?”

The male teacher was still composed, and only his hands were shaking. “Those criminals rushed in with guns and immediately tied us up. I am not sure if the rest of the teachers and students had escaped.”

Another female teacher cried and said. “Teacher Chen should be around. I heard her screaming earlier. She should be in another classroom.”

Are the hostages not held in the same place? Dong Xuebing frowned. The situation is worse than he expected.

The fat convict with the gun, point towards Dong Xuebing’s direction. “Stop talking among yourselves! Do you want to be killed?! Ah?! Shut up!”

The skinny convict took a glance at the hostages and asked. “Brother Pang, do you think we can escape?”

“Of course!” The fat convict spat on the ground. “We have so many hostages, and I don’t believe the Police will dare to do anything to us. If they don’t let us go, we will kill the kids first!”

The few children heard him and started crying louder.

The fat convict got angry and raised his gun. “Stop crying, or I will kill all of you! Shut up! All of you shut up!

A female teacher panicked and quickly pulled the few students nearer to her. She tried to stop them from crying, but the students were too young. Only one boy cried softer, and another student cried louder. The fat and skinny convicts frowned and cursed at them. They couldn’t be bothered with the children and were whispering to each other softly.

Dong Xuebing took this opportunity to whisper to the teachers. “We don’t have time. In a while, once I move, all of you get onto the ground.”

The male teacher was shocked. “There are too many of them, and they still have guns. You…”

The female teacher also panics. “Young man, you must not be rash.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “We cannot sit around and wait. Just do what I said. Try to press the students down on the floor.”

Another female teacher with long hair was shocked. “You are not the Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Education? You are…”

“I am Dong Xuebing.”

The long hair teacher gasped. “You are that Chief Xiao Dong? That Chief Dong?” The other two teachers looked at each other. Both of them had heard of Dong Xuebing before. In that instance, all the teachers saw a glimpse of hope.

Suddenly, the classroom’s door opened, and a pale looking man entered, dragging a woman. The woman was not wearing any pants.

The long hair teacher gasped. “Teacher Chen!”

“Teacher Chen!” The male teacher clenched his fist tightly.

Teacher Chen, who was not wearing anything below her waist, was thrown onto the floor. She laid there, staring at the ceiling and was not moving. Tears were flowing from her listless eyes. That pale-looking man laughed and kicked Teacher Chen a few times towards Dong Xuebing. “This woman is terrific despite her age. Fatty, Skinny, you two should have some fun with her.” That man laughed and walked out of the classroom.

The skinny convict looked at the private parts of Teacher Chen and was aroused.

The fat convict laughed. “If you want to have fun, go ahead. The mini-bus is not here yet.”

The male teacher cursed. “Bastards!”

The two female teachers were crying. Teacher Chen had a good reputation in school, and she is kindhearted and gentle. These bastards…

The skinny convict walked up to Teacher Chen and started taking off his pants.

Dong Xuebing’s face turned black and clenched his fist. When the skinny convict kneeled between Teacher Chen’s legs and spread her legs open, Dong Xuebing pounced on him like a leopard. The skinny convict was still holding on to his knife and sneered as he saw Dong Xuebing getting closer to him. He raised his dagger and stabbed forward!


The knife was impaled into Dong Xuebing’s stomach!

The two female teachers screamed. Teacher Chen, who was on the floor, closed her eyes.

BACK 3 seconds!

Time returned.

Dong Xuebing had returned to the position before he pounced forward. He had tried to grab the knife from that skinny convict as he tackles him down. But he failed in his previous attempt. This skinny convict was a thief and was very agile. He had a fast reaction, and Dong Xuebing had to change his strategy. He still rushed forward, but this time, he lowered both his hands slightly.

The skinny convict sneered and stabbed forward with his dagger!

Dong Xuebing already knew where the dagger would land. He shouted and grabbed the skinny convict’s wrist with both his hands. He twisted the convict’s hand with all his strength and nearly broke his wrist. The dagger changed direction, and Dong Xuebing pushed it back towards the skinny convict. The skinny convict looked at the dagger in shock as it was stabbed into his chest. He tried to say something but could not find the strength. He had died on the spot!

Eight convicts remains!

This was Dong Xuebing’s first time killing someone. But he does not have the time to think about it. He shouted. “Get onto the floor!”

The female teachers remembered what Chief Dong said earlier and quickly pushes the children onto the floor with her.

The fat convict, who was at the far end of the classroom, saw the skinny convict dies before his eyes. He couldn’t react in time and aimed his gun at Dong Xuebing. “Go to hell!”

Dong Xuebing rushed towards the fat convict fearlessly, without dodging or hiding. There’s no point in hiding, as no matter how fast Dong Xuebing was, he will not be faster than a bullet. His only option is to get as close as the fat convict to fight him. As long as Dong Xuebing was not killed instantly, he can always use BACK to turn back time!

However, Dong Xuebing had underestimated that fat convict’s marksmanship. He heard a loud bang and felt time stopped suddenly.

The teachers and students were shocked to see a bloody bullet wound on Dong Xuebing’s head!


“Chief Dong!”

Dong Xuebing could feel a burning sensation in his head and collapse onto the floor.

It was pitch black, and Dong Xuebing couldn’t hear a thing.

Dong Xuebing realized he had failed. He was handcuffed, and his opponent had a gun. The difference is too significant. He tried to shout out in anger, but no voice could come out of his throat. Dong Xuebing does not want to die, and he still has lots of unfinished tasks. He wants to be promoted to Section Chief and still had not sort out his complicated relationships. How can his life end so early? F**K!!!!

One second…

Two seconds…

Suddenly Dong Xuebing realized something. How come his encounter now is so familiar?

That’s right! Dong Xuebing remembered! When he saved Aunt Xuan and that old man, he was killed by that vehicle. It is the same surroundings at that time. After that accident, he got the ability BACK. At that time, he used BACK to revive himself, and he can do the same thing now.


BACK 30 Seconds!

The darkness in front of Dong Xuebing was gone!

The moment Dong Xuebing opens his eyes, he saw the light and that fat convict pointing his gun at him. His body was rushing towards the gun! He had returned! The time had returned to the moment before he was killed, and he was overjoyed! He had revived and is not dead!

But the next moment, Dong Xuebing heard a loud bang!

He felt a burning sensation in his head, and everything turned dark again!


BACK 3 seconds!

Time returned to 3 seconds ago!

Dong Xuebing did not have time to think. He used all his strength to move his head to the side. But bullets are too fast for his eyes. When Dong Xuebing just started to move, the bullet entered his head for the third time. The position of his wound had moved slightly to the side. Dong Xuebing is dead again.

BACK 4 seconds!

This time, Dong Xuebing twisted his neck in advance.

But that fat convict noticed it and moved his gun slightly. He shot Dong Xuebing in the head again!

BACK 4 Seconds!

Dong Xuebing knew he must get the timing right. He got to wait until the moment the fat convict squeezed the trigger and cannot change his aim before he dodges. That’s the only chance Dong Xuebing had. One time, two times, three times, four times… Dong Xuebing tried again and again! He is struggling to stay alive!


The fat convict had lost his senses after seeing his partner is killed. He raised his gun and aimed at Dong Xuebing.

The long hair female teacher and the male teacher’s hearts almost stopped as they looked at the gun.

Bang! The fat convict squeezed the trigger, and the bullet is moving directly towards Dong Xuebing’s head. But an unbelievable scene unfolded before their eyes. Dong Xuebing calmly moved his head sideways, and the bullet grazed passed him by his ear. Dong Xuebing could feel a burning pain on his ear. He had finally dodged the bullet! After about a dozen tries, Dong Xuebing had managed to avoid the bullet!

The fat convict was stunned and fired again! Bang!

The teachers saw Dong Xuebing lowered his head slightly, and the bullet whizzed passed his scalp! Dong Xuebing dodged another bullet!

The fat convict was shocked, and his mind stopped working. What’s going on? Can this man dodge bullets?

Dong Xuebing was in front of the fat convict in an instant. Both his hands were handcuffed and could not spread his hands. He can only hold the knife with both hands and slashed at the fat convict’s arm, which was holding the gun. The knife slashed through the flesh and hit the bone. Dong Xuebing could not slice his hand off, but the fat convict dropped his gun. Dong Xuebing saw it and swing the dagger upwards, slicing the fat convict’s throat. The fat convict used his hands to press against the wound on his throat, and blood was spurting through his fingers. Until the fat convict dies, he still does not understand how Dong Xuebing dodged the bullets!

Seven convicts remain!

The few teachers and students were stunned and were staring at Dong Xuebing in a daze.

Dong Xuebing knew the gunshots would attract the other convicts and picked up the gun from the floor immediately.

The classroom’s door was kicked open suddenly. Two convicts rushed in. One of them is holding a knife, and the other is holding a pole. They thought the hostages had resisted, and the fat convict opened fire. But the moment they entered the classroom, they saw the bodies of the fat and skinny convicts, and the self-proclaimed Chief of the County’s Ministry of Education young man is pointing a gun at them. Both the convicts panicked and tired, running out while shouting. “Someone! Fatty is dead!”

Dong Xuebing opened fire.

Bang! Bang!

Two shots! Dong Xuebing fired twice, and both convicts collapsed onto the floor! Both shots had hit them on their heads!

Five convicts remain!

Dong Xuebing’s aim was not that accurate. One of the two shots had missed, but he used BACK to shoot again. Dong Xuebing had less than 2 minutes of BACK remaining. To others, there is no second chance. But Dong Xuebing is different. He had BACK, the regret medicine. Even if he made a mistake, he could always undo the mistake with BACK. This is his biggest advantage.

The male teacher was stunned as he looked at the four dead bodies. “Dong… Chief Dong…”

Dong Xuebing turned and threw the knife over. “Stay in the room! Lock the door after I leave!”

After leaving the classroom, Dong Xuebing closed the door behind him and looked at the corridor.

In the classroom, next door, the Armed Robber and a few other convicts were alarmed from the gunshots. They were armed with guns and knives, and their two accomplices had not returned after going out to check on the hostages next door. All of them knew something must have happened.

“Brother, what should we do?” The Armed Robber asked a man with vitiligo.

The vitiligo man replied coldly. “Watch the hostages closely. If the other party dares to do anything, you just open fire. The rest will guard the entrance!”

The Armed Robber immediately points his gun at the two students and a teacher beside him. He also moved his finger to rest on the trigger.

The pale looking convict, who had dragged Teacher Chen to the next classroom, was also holding a gun and pointing towards the door. Two other convicts, who were holding on to knives, were moving forward slowly. Once the other party enters through the door, they will kill him immediately.

Suddenly, the door opened.

“It’s you?!”

The convicts realized the person outside is that Ministry of Education Chief!

But even an idiot will know that someone in the Ministry of Education can’t kill 4 of their accomplices.

The pale-looking man was sent to prison for rape. But before entering the prison, he had trained with a gun and is an expert. He is confident in his shooting skills. The moment the door was opened, he adjusted his aim and fired three shots at Dong Xuebing. Bang! Bang! Bang! He didn’t even need to look and knew his target must be dead. This man is an idiot. How can someone just open the door and enter just like this? Doesn’t he know that we have guns?

But… the truth is not according to their expectations!

Dong Xuebing did not even try to find cover. He walked in with steady steps and moved his body slightly to aside. A bullet grazed past his chest, tearing his shirt and hitting the window panels on the corridor. Immediately after that, Dong Xuebing squat down slightly and tilted his head towards his right. One bullet narrowly missed Dong Xuebing’s shoulder, and the other missed him by his face.

Three bullets. Dong Xuebing had dodged three bullets!

All the escapees in the room were stunned! How can a person dodge bullet just like this?! This person had dodged all the bullets!

The pale-looking convict thought his eyes were playing tricks. How is this possible? He immediately wants to continue firing.

But Dong Xuebing did not give him a chance. The moment he opened the door, he had given the convicts their advantage. But after dodging the bullets, it’s his turn to retaliate. He continued walking into the room and fired four shots. The first convict that was killed was the Armed Robber. He was pointing his gun at the hostages and posed the highest threat. Dong Xuebing killed him with a shot between his brows, and the second convict killed by him was the rapist. A bullet hit him in his heart. The third and fourth convicts killed by Dong Xuebing were the two armed with knives. In an instant, only one out of the nine escapees were left.

That man with white patches on his face. It’s not that Dong Xuebing did not want to shoot him, but his gun ran out of ammunition.

Dong Xuebing rushed forward towards the last convict.

The vitiligo convict panicked and was about to stab a hostage with the knife he was holding. “Don’t come any closer!”

Dong Xuebing’s hands were still handcuffed and were not very agile. He saw the dagger was about to stab a little girl’s head, and he roared. “You dare?!” Dong Xuebing’s gun is out of bullets and had given the knife to the male teacher. Now, he does not have any weapons and is still a distance away. There was no way he could reach the convict and hostage in time. Dong Xuebing yelled and threw the gun forward with both his hands!

Crash! Dong Xuebing missed, and the gun smashed the window behind the vitiligo convict.

BACK 3 seconds!

Time returned to the moment before he threw his gun.

Dong Xuebing did not waste any time and threw his gun with all his strength!

This time, the gun hit the convict in his leg, and he staggered. But he still managed to plunge his dagger into the little girl’s shoulder!

Dong Xuebing’s turned red. BACK 4 seconds!

The scenes flashed!

Dong Xuebing looked at the vitiligo man and threw his gun again!

This time, the gun hit the convict’s hand, and he dropped the dagger!

Dong Xuebing seized the opportunity to pounce forward and hit the convict in the face with his elbow. The vitiligo convict screamed in pain, and his face was all bloodied. He lashed out a kick at Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing rolled to his side to avoid it. At the same time, he picked up the dagger dropped by the convict from the floor and pressed it against his neck.

The vitiligo convict was shocked and gritted his teeth. He finally stops resisting.

The teachers beside were crying with joy. They are saved! All of them are saved!

Dong Xuebing was finally relieved. He roared: “Bastard! You all dare to come and create trouble in Yan Tai county?!”

The vitiligo convict was also somebody. Even in his current situation, he could remain expressionless. He looked at Dong Xuebing and then at the handcuffs. He smiled. “You are terrific. You managed to kill 8 of us with no weapons and had both hands handcuffed. Other than my elder brother, I was never impressed by anyone else. I am impressed by you. Haha… I didn’t know the Police have someone as skillful as you. Are you an Armed Police?”

“Public Security.”

The convict asked. “Can you tell me how you avoided the bullets?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “What do you think?”

The vitiligo convict saw Dong Xuebing refusing to answer him, and he sighed. “Alright. Do what you want with me. Anyway, I will be executed after I get back.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “How many of you are here?” He was afraid that there would be other accomplices in the building.


“Where is your brother?” Dong Xuebing recognized this convict and knew one of the escapees is his elder brother. These two brothers are the most dangerous escapees among all. From their files, they had even built a bomb in the past.

The vitiligo convict replied. “We got separated during our escape. My brother is not with us, and he should be… Eh?!” He started laughing suddenly. “That means my brother is still not dead or arrested? He is still on the run?! Hahaha… that’s great. You all are in trouble. If my brother knows that I am killed by you all, he will surely get revenge for me.” But when he remembered this officer in front of him could dodge bullets, he kept quiet. He did not wish for his brother to get revenge for him. His brother might be killed if he met this person.

“Alright. Give me a swift death!” The vitiligo convict closed his eyes.

Dong Xuebing did not want to kill him as he had lost the ability to resist arrest, and if he kills him now, it will be considered a crime.

The vitiligo convict seems to know what Dong Xuebing was thinking. He grabbed Dong Xuebing’s hands suddenly and pushed the dagger into his throat!

Blood spurt out from his neck!

Dong Xuebing frowned and released his grip on the dagger. The vitiligo convict collapsed on the ground with his eyes opened, no longer breathing.

Dong Xuebing wiped his hands and turned to the hostages. “Don’t be scare. You all are safe now. Follow me out.”

Within a few minutes, all nine escapees were killed!


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