Power and Wealth
Chapter 228 – Mayor Xie’s new Secretary
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 228 – Mayor Xie’s new Secretary


It’s summer, and the air is dry and hot.

In the Mayor’s office, the air conditioner is blowing out cool air.

The County Government’s Office Director knocked on the door, and a soft voice said from inside. “Come in.” Yao Yi straightened her back and entered the room. He placed a file on Mayor Xie’s desk and looked at Xie Huilan, who was still reading a document. “Mayor, all the information of the candidates from the Secretary Department, are here. Let me know who you would like to meet, and I will call them over.”

Every time there is a change in the County’s leader, there will be a reshuffle of officials.

The Secretary of the Mayor played an important role, and many people were eyeing it.

Yao Yi also has his plan. Xiao Wang from the Secretary Department is close to his wife. Before Mayor Xie arrived in the County, Xiao Wang had visited Yao Yi’s house several times to send gifts. She hopes to get the position with Yao Yi’s help. As the Office Director, Yao Yi has the authority to make recommendations to the Mayor about the Secretary. Mayor Xie is new to the County and is not familiar with the officials there. So, Yao Yi purposely places Xiao Wang’s resume on the first page.

Xie Huilan put down her pen and start flipping the file.

Yao Yi said. “This is Xiao Wang. She is capable and hardworking. Although she is young, she is very mature.”

Xie Huilan scanned through Xiao Wang’s resume and smiled at Yao Yi.

Yao Yi was flustered and knew Mayor Xie had seen through him.

Xie Huilan continued to flip through the pages and then place the file on her desk. She tapped on her desk with her finger and asked. “The County’s Public Security Office Director Hu Silian had been suspended from her duties. Is her new work arrangement decided? Hmmm… get me a copy of her resume and ask her to see me.”

Yao Yi was stunned and immediately replied. “I will go and arrange the meeting now.”

After leaving the office, Yao Yi wondered. Why did Mayor Xie suddenly remember this person?

Yao Yi had only wondered for a moment. He had tried his best to help Xiao Wang, and there is nothing he can do. Yao Yi is now in an awkward position. In the past, he is on the former Mayor, Xiang Daofa, side. But after Xiang Daofa was promoted, he got to serve the new Mayor as the Office Director. Mayor Xie might feel uncomfortable and might transfer him away.

Public Security Family Quarter.

Hu Silian was sitting at home, listening to music. She wanted to dance to make herself feel better but was not in the mood.

Almost ten years of hard work had gone down the drain. Hu Silian sighed.

Hu Silian’s husband, Hu Ge, is in the kitchen preparing dinner. He felt his heart aching to see his wife losing weight over this incident. He knew his wife is unhappy with this outcome and wanted to console her. But he dare not to say anything. At home, Hu Silian is his superior, and Hu Ge must listen to her. If he consoled her and said something that made her worse, he will get a scolding from her.

Ring… ring… ring… the phone at home rang.

Hu Silian sat on the sofa and pretended not to hear it.

Hu Ge looked at Hu Silian and quickly wiped his hands and ran over to answer the call. “Hello?”

“I am calling from the County Government office. Can you get Hu Silian to the phone?”

Hu Ge was surprised and asked the other party to wait a while. He quickly waved to Hu Silian and points to the phone.

Hu Silian hesitated for a few seconds and answered. “Hello?” The other party immediately asked. “Is this Director Hu? I am Yao Yi.”

Hu Silian was surprised and replied in a softer tone. “Director Yao…”

Yao Yi said. “It’s like this. Mayor Xie wants to meet you. Come over now.”

The Mayor wanted to meet me? Hu Silian was stunned. “Director Yao, do you know why Mayor Xie wants…”

“Hahaha… It’s good news. Just go straight to the Mayor’s office.”

After hanging up, Hu Silian was still puzzled why the Mayor wants to see her. Her husband was beside her, looking at her. He is also curious about what was happening. “I also don’t know what is going on. The Mayor wants to meet me.” Hu Silian would not be surprised if Xie Huilan met her before. But she had only seen Xie Huilan from a distance and had not even spoken to her before. How come Mayor Xie wants to meet her now? This made Hu Silian worried.

Hu Ge was also nervous. “Then… are you going?”

Hu Silian gave her husband a stare. “The Mayor wants to meet you, can I choose not to go? Bring me my clothes. I will change to my suit!”

Hu Ge nodded and ran into the room to bring his wife her clothes and purse.

Hu Silian looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted her clothing. She tried to make herself look as professional as possible.

County Government.

The County Government building and the County’s Party office are located in the same compound.

On the way, Hu Silian was covered in sweat. It was due to the hot weather, and she is also nervous.

Knock, knock, knock. Hu Silian stood outside the Mayor’s office and knocks on the door.

“Come in.”

Hu Silian pushed open the door and entered. “Mayor Xie.”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and looked at Hu Silian from top to toe. She nodded slightly. “Come in and have a seat.”

Hu Silian dare not to sit down and stood there nervously.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Don’t be so nervous. Come. Sit down first.”

Whatever is meant or predestined to happen will happen. Hu Silian had worked in the government service for many years and knew if she still behaves timidly, Mayor Xie will look down on her. So, she sat down with half her butt on the chair, and her back straightened.

Xie Huilan smiled. “I heard that you are removed from your position because of the jailbreak case. What do you think of your punishment?”

Hu Silian replied with a straight face. “Nothing. The blunder is caused by staff from the command center, and as the leader, I must take on this responsibility.”

Xie Huilan laughed and nodded. “Good.”

After chatting for a while, Xie Huilan suddenly asked. “Xiao Hu, did Director Yao told you why I want to meet you?”

Hu Silian blinked and replied. “No.”

Xie Huilan nodded and said something unexpected. “I need a secretary. Are you willing to come over to help me?”

What? Me? Secretary?

Hu Silian was shocked and couldn’t believe her ears. “You… you are… me?”

Xie Huilan crossed her legs gracefully and took a sip from her teacup. She laughed. “Haha… the title is Secretary, but it is a messenger, and there will not be an official title. If you are willing, I will give you a Deputy Office Director in the County Government. How is it? Are you willing?”

Hu Silian was stunned by this surprise. “I…, I am willing!”

Xie Huilan replied. “Alright. Report for work tomorrow morning, and the room outside my office will be your office. As for your transfer orders and other paperwork, there is no hurry. I have lots of work waiting for you. You must report for work immediately. Haha…”

Hu Silian was overjoyed. This was like striking a lottery, but she could not understand why Mayor Xie picked her. She does not have any background, didn’t send any gifts, and had even made a mistake. This was too weird! No… someone must have recommended her to Mayor Xie. If not, Mayor Xie might not even know who she is.

Who is it?

Who is the one who recommended me to Mayor Xie?

Hu Silian could not think of anyone who helped her. She immediately thanked Mayor Xie. “Thank you! I will work hard and not let you down!”

Xie Huilan waved her hand and smiled. “Don’t thank me. If you want to thank someone, thank Chief Dong.”

Hu Silian was stunned. “Chief Dong?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “This Chief Dong found out that I am looking for a secretary, and recommended you this afternoon. He had praised you to the skies and said you are capable, smart and matured. You are also familiar with Yan Tai County. Haha… Chief Dong had promised me. If I find that you are not as capable as what Xiao Dong says, I will look for him.”

Hu Silian’s eyes turned red. She did not expect Dong Xuebing was the one who recommended her to the Mayor!

This a big favor!

Hu Silian took a deep breath after she stepped out of the County’s Party Committee building. The skies seem bluer, and trees seem greener. Everything around her had changed. This morning, Hu Silian was still sighing and worried about her future. But in the afternoon, she becomes Mayor Xie’s Secretary. Her career has been revived.

Back at the Public Security Family Quarters, Hu Silian met a few Bureau leaders who had returned from work.

In government service, some staff has reliable information sources. The moment Hu Silian stepped out of the County’s Party Committee building, news of her becoming Mayor Xie’s Secretary spreads. Zhao Jingsong saw Hu Silian and quickly greeted her with a smile. “Director Hu… Oh, I should call you Secretary Hu. Congratulations.”

Hu Silian smiled. “The official orders are not out yet, and it is not confirmed.”

Qin Yong was returning home and saw Hu Silian. He also greeted her politely.

Although Zhao Jingsong had been trying to flirt with her and Qin Yong had not helped her, Hu Silian still treated them with respect and returned their greetings politely. This morning, people were still avoiding her, and some even do not want to have eye contact with her. But now, everyone in the estate greeted her warmly.

Hu Silian was feeling emotional.

The tides had changed too quickly. Many people still do not understand why Mayor Xie wanted Hu Silian to be her Secretary. She even gave Hu Silian the position of the Deputy Office Director of the County’s Government building. How did she get the backing of the Mayor? Secretary are the messengers for the leaders and cannot be offended. If not, the Secretary might talk bad about you in front of the leader. Hu Silian had returned, and those who ignored her these few days, are trying to make up with her.

Hu Ge, who was upstairs, heard his wife’s voice and looked down from the windows.

Hu Ge was shocked to see people surrounding Hu Silian. What’s wrong? Why is my wife so popular suddenly?


Hu Ge was waiting patiently for Hu Silian and went to open the door before Hu Silian took out her keys. After he closed the door, he asked. “Xiao Lian, what happened? Why are they so polite to you? Didn’t you got removed from your…”

Hu Silian turned and smiled seductively before hugging her husband. “I have something to tell you.”

Hu Ge felt weird. They were married for many years, and his wife seldom hugs him like this. “What is it?”

“I will be transferred to the County’s Government Office as the Deputy Office Director.”


“Also, I will start work tomorrow as Mayor Xie’s secretary!”

Hu Ge was surprised. “Really? Mayor Xie wants you to be her Secretary?”

“Of course.” Hu Silian smiled and kissed her husband. “Hurry… carry me to the room. I want…”

“It’s time for dinner.”

“Hurry up!”

An hour later, Hu Silian laid her head on Hu Ge’s chest, panting. She had never been so excited before. She had vented all her frustrations on her husband just now and had a satisfied smile now.

Hu Ge hugged his wife’s waist. “You still haven’t told me how you become the Mayor’s secretary suddenly.”

Hu Silian replied. “It’s Chief Dong who recommended me. You should know Chief Dong’s character. He dared to say anything and had recommended me to the Mayor when he was reporting to her about his work progress. Sigh… he didn’t even care if the leader will get angry or not. Maybe the Mayor has a good impression of Chief Dong because of yesterday’s case.”

Hu Ge was surprised. “Chief Dong?”

Hu Silian slapped her forehead suddenly. “Shit. I forgot.”

Hu Ge asked. “What?”

Hu Silian got up to look for her clothing. “I still have not thanked Chief Dong. I owe him too much.”

Hu Ge nodded. “That’s right. We must thank him. Errr… our house still has two cartons of Zhong Hwa cigarettes. Bring those along. What about liquor? We don’t have any good alcohol at home. You want me to go out and buy a few bottles?”

Hu Silian thought for a while. “Just bring the cigarettes will do. Chief Dong seldom drinks alcohol. Let’s go together.”

Dong Xuebing’s apartment.

In the smoky and oily kitchen, Dong Xuebing had prepared stir-fried mutton, braised chicken wings and deep-fried prawns himself. He walked out of the kitchen in his apron, with all the dishes, and sat at the dining table. He stared at the few meat dishes, suppressed his nausea feeling, and took a bite of the chicken wing.

Dong Xuebing had prepared all meat dishes was to overcome his overcome psychological barriers.

It would be too embarrassing if others knew he is afraid of eating meat after killing some criminals.

Gross? No matter how gross it is, I must eat it! I must overcome my fears!

Dong Xuebing start to stuff his mouth with meat when the doorbell rang.

Dong Xuebing went to the door and saw Hu Silian and Hu Ge standing outside with a carton of cigarettes wrapped in newspaper. Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Sister Hu, why are you two here? Come in.”

Hu Silian looked at the dishes on the table and asked. “You are having dinner? Am I disturbing you?”

“It’s fine. Have you two eaten? Do you want to join me?”

Hu Silian laughed. “We still have not taken our dinner and are hungry.”

Dong Xuebing brought them to the dining table. “Don’t stand on ceremony with me. Come and try my cooking. It’s still warm.”

Hu Ge put down the cigarettes and said. “Chief Dong, please seat. I will get the rice.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s been a while since anyone visited me. Let’s have some drinks. I will get it.”

After a while, Hu Ge got the rice, and alcohol is brought to the table. Dong Xuebing felt he had foresight. If he had only prepared a vegetable dish, it would not be enough for three people. Dong Xuebing felt the dishes are not enough and went to cook one more egg dish.

Hu Silian stood up and poured Dong Xuebing a glass of Baijiu. “Chief Dong, this is a toast from both of us. I…”

Hu Ge picked up his glass and stood up. “Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing stopped them. “Wait… I had only said a few words to support you during the meeting. Why are you still talking about it?”

Hu Silian smiled. “Mayor Xie had called me over to her office today and asked me to report to her tomorrow. I know you are the one who recommended me.”

Dong Xuebing felt good in his heart. “Hahaha… this is a good thing. Come… let’s not toast each other and drink over dinner. I did not do much and only suggested to Mayor Xie that you are suitable. It is up to her whether to hire you. Since she wants you to be her Secretary, that means you have the capability. This has gone nothing to do with me.”

Hu Silian still insists on giving Dong Xuebing a toast. “I will bottom up.” She finished her glass of Baijiu in one gulp.

Hu Ge gritted his teeth and finished his glass.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sister Hu, this is a big glass. Are you trying to kill me?”

Hu Silian suddenly remembers Chief Dong is not good at drinking. “You don’t need to finish it.”

Hu Silian was in a good mood and did not control the amount she drank. Her alcohol tolerance was not high in the first place, and she quickly got drunk. Very soon, she started crying. “Chief Dong… In the future… you… let me know when you need me… I… if I frown… I… will change my surname!”

Hu Ge knew his wife was getting too emotional and took a paper napkin to wipe her tears.

Dong Xuebing felt warm to hear what Hu Silian said. He was also in a good mood to know he had helped her.


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