Power and Wealth
Chapter 229 – The Mayor’s boyfriend
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 229 – The Mayor’s boyfriend

The next afternoon, Hu Silian called Dong Xuebing on his mobile phone.

“Hello, Chief Dong. Mayor Xie wants to see you in her office.”

“Did the Mayor say what it is regarding?”

“I think it is about the jailbreak case. She wants a report from you.”

“Ok. Thank you, Secretary Hu.”

“Haha… don’t mention it.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing stood up from the sofa and wanted to leave. But he looked at his clothes and quickly went back to his room. He changed into something more presentable and looked at himself in the mirror to comb his hair neatly. After that, he packed a few files and documents in his briefcase before driving to the County Government Office.

The front pouch of the County Government Building.

When Dong Xuebing alighted from his Mercedes Benz, he saw the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Huang Li, about to enter the building.

Huang Li saw Dong Xuebing and stopped. “Chief Dong, this is your car?”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “It’s my friend’s, and I had borrowed it. I still need to return to my friend.”

“You are here for work? Come, let’s go up together.” Huang Li waved Dong Xuebing over and entered the building together. Huang Li was formerly Chang Lei’s right-hand man. After Chang Lei was chased out of the County by Dong Xuebing, Huang Li had some grudges with the latter. But his impression of Dong Xuebing changed during the hostage situation. He no longer bears grudges against Dong Xuebing and even likes him a lot.

Of course, Huang Li was willing to forgo all the previous grudges was also because of Xie Huilan.

In Yan Tai County, Huang Li was one of the few who knew about Xie Huilan’s background.

Huang Li was formerly the subordinate of Beijing’s Party Committee Secretary, Xie Guobang. Although he had not spoken to Xie Guobang for more than a few sentences, his direct supervisor at that time was from the Xie’s family faction. Huang Li was also considered one of Xie faction and had met Xie Huilan once. He could never forget Xie Huilan because of her beautiful looks, and he immediately recognizes her when she was transferred to Yan Tai County. After Zhang Lei was transferred away, Huang Li need to pick a faction, and he had offended Xiang Daofa previously. He can’t join Xiang Daofa’s camp now, and his only choice is Xie Huilan.

To Huang Li, this is an opportunity for him.

Mayor Xie might be new to the County and does not have many supporters. But her backing is strong and has the potential to move up fast. Those who knew Xie Huilan’s background will normally give her face. Although, when it comes to political rivalries, the other party might not be afraid of Xie Huilan, they will seldom use despicable methods on her. Everyone is still afraid of the people behind Xie Huilan, and this is her biggest advantage.

This is the right time to join Xie Huilan’s faction in the County. Furthermore, Huang Li does not have other choices.

Dong Xuebing had forced Party Secretary Chang out of the County, but Mayor Xie was transferred over to the County. Once again, Huang Li will get a strong backing, and naturally, he does not have any hatred against Dong Xuebing now.

On the way upstairs, Huang Li smiled and asked. “Chief Dong, I heard you are not married?”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Yes.”

Huang Li looked at Dong Xuebing. “You should be around 24 or 25? This is an important matter, and why are you not worried?”

Dong Xuebing sighed. “I was busy with work and didn’t have the time.”

Huang Li was only asking casually and suddenly had an idea. “Oh, my sister has a daughter around your age. She is also single. Hahaha…. My niece is very pretty and is capable too. She is only a department head in a private company. How about… I introduce her to you someday?” His niece was not very pretty, but compared to Dong Xuebing’s ordinary looks, her looks are much better. Huang Li felt both are compatible and wanted to match-make them.

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Secretary Huang, thank you. But I have a girlfriend now.”

Huang Li glanced at Dong Xuebing and felt it was a pity. “Oh… ok.”

Dong Xuebing noticed that more and more people around him are concerned about his relationships.

At the end of the stairs, Huang Li patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulder and laughed. “Alright. I got to go.”

Huang Li was walking towards the Mayor’s office, and Dong Xuebing knew he must be here to look for Xie Huilan. He hesitated for a while and did not follow him. After Huang Li entered the Mayor’s office, he entered the Mayor’s Secretary’s office. Normally, when the lower-ranked staff wants to meet the leaders, they will have to go to the leader’s Secretary to ask if the leader has time for them. The higher ranked leaders and those who are close to the leaders can skip this procedure.

Secretary Office.

A young man was speaking to Hu Silian. “Secretary Hu is the Mayor…”

Hu Silian replied calmly. “Mayor Xie is in her office and does not have time to see you.”

“But the cotton factory’s employees…”

“If you have anything to report, please look for your direct supervisors and leaders first.”

The young man sighed and left the office.

After the door is closed, Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sister Hu, don’t chase me away too.”

Hu Silian laughed and put down the document in her hands. “I don’t dare to chase you away. Mayor Xie has high hopes for you.”

Dong Xuebing sat down in front of Hu Silian. “Secretary Huang had just entered Mayor Xie’s office. I will have a cup of tea here first.”

Hu Silian giggled. “It’s not I am stingy with my tea leaves. But Mayor Xie said that she wants to see you the moment you arrived.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a second. Sister Xie must have wanted to see him and Secretary Huang together. He stood up. “Ok. I will go over now.”

Hu Silian walked Dong Xuebing to the door, and at the door, she said softly. “Mayor Xie is in a good mood today.”

This is the advantage of knowing someone close to the leaders. You can get important information about the leader like their mood, their thinking, etc. Dong Xuebing nodded and walked over to knock on the Mayor’s office.

“Come in.” Xie Huilan said.

“Mayor Xie, Secretary Huang.” Dong Xuebing entered the office and smiled.

Xie Huilan and Huang Li were sitting down having tea.

Xie Huilan smiled and pointed to the seat with her chin. “Xiao Dong, pour yourself a cup of tea and have a seat.”

Dong Xuebing did not pour tea. He went over to the water dispenser and poured himself a cup of water. After that, he sat down and took a sip.

Huang Li was surprised by this. He wondered when did Chief Dong get so close to Mayor Xie, and why did Mayor Xie call Dong Xuebing over. “Haha… Chief Dong is young and capable and had solved all the cases handled to him. He had done especially well in the hostage case. No wonder he got promoted to Deputy Bureau Chief within a year.”

Xie Huilan smiled and said. “Yes. He is true, capable. He even dares to touch me in front of everyone.”

Dong Xuebing jumped. He thought to himself. Why are you mentioning about that incident again?

Huang Li knew Mayor Xie is talking about Dong Xuebing carrying up and throwing her into the car. He thought Mayor Xie is going to settle this score with Dong Xuebing now. “Chief Dong is also forced to do that because of your safety. Haha… It’s rare to see officers as capable as Chief Dong now. On our way here, I was still chatting with Xiao Dong. I was thinking of introducing my niece to him if he doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

Dong Xuebing almost fainted. Why are you mentioning this in front of Sister Xie?!

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Really? Secretary Huang, you are trying to steal him away.”

Huang Li was stunned. “Steal him away?” What does this mean?

Huang Li felt a chill when he heard what Xie Huilan says next. Xie Huilan put down her teacup and smiled. “Xiao Dong is my boyfriend, and you want to introduce your niece to him? Are you trying to steal him away from me? Haha…”

Huang Li was startled. “Your boyfriend? Xiao Dong?”

Dong Xuebing was also surprised. He did not expect Xie Huilan to tell Huang Li about their relationship.

Xie Huilan replied gracefully. “We know each other when we were in Beijing. We even got the approval from my grandfather.”

Even Senior Xie agreed? Huang Li was shocked. “This…”

It’s not that Huang Li refused to believe it, but it is too ridiculous. Who is Xie Huilan? She is Senior Xie’s granddaughter! She is Xie Guobang’s daughter! Who dares to claim that they are worthy of her with her looks? Chief Dong is too ordinary and does not have any background. The cases he solved are nothing, and the difference between both of them is too big. How can they be boyfriend and girlfriend?

Even Senior Xie approved of their relationship?!

Secretary Xie had also approved them?

But the most critical question is why Mayor Xie likes Xiao Dong?

A few seconds later, Huang Li looked at Xie Huilan and then looked at Dong Xuebing. Xie Huilan’s marriage is very sensitive to the higher-ups. Many higher-ups are monitoring her, and she should not be joking about this.

Dong Xuebing is the Mayor’s boyfriend???

Huang Li nearly slapped himself. Why did he try to introduce his niece to Dong Xuebing? This is asking for trouble! Regardless of how pretty and capable his niece is, she cannot be compared to Xie Huilan. Huang Li composed himself, ask laughed. “Mayor Xie, you are so lucky. You two are a match made in heavens!”

Xie Huilan smiled. “Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing blushed as he knew Huang Li was not telling the truth.


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