Power and Wealth
Chapter 235 – Wait upon
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 235 – Wait upon


Hua Mei Estate was bustling with the sounds of crickets and other insects.

In the kitchen, Yu Meixia was cutting some fruits in a white dress, and Yu Qianqian was plating the fruits.

“Mum.” Yu Qianqian asked. “Big Brother had not visited us for many days. He… Is he not coming over in the future?”

Yu Meixia paused for a second and sighed. She passed the apple slices to her daughter and said. “No. Chief Dong is very busy. Didn’t you read the papers the other day that he had just solved a Jailbreaking case, and still got Second-class merit? He will visit us when he is not so busy. He had promised that he would get you a gift if you got good results.”

Yu Qianqian’s mood got better and nodded.

Yu Meixia cleaned her daughter’s hand lovingly. “Go and talk to your classmates.”

Yu Qianqian nodded and brought out the fruit platter to the living room. “Please… have some fruits.”

“Haha… I want a banana.” Yueyue grabbed a banana and took a bite.

“I want apples. Thank you, Qianqian.” Chengcheng took a slice of apple with a toothpick.

Yu Qianqian blushed and replied softly. “You… You are welcome. Liu Yang… have some fruits too.”

Liu Yang was on the sofa, playing with his phone. “I just had dinner and is still full.”

Yueyue giggled. “He loves to play with his phone. Since he doesn’t want to eat, we will finish everything.”

These two girls and one boy are Yu Qianqian’s classmates. Other than Dong Xuebing, Yu Qianqian is still timid to chat with boys. They had met Liu Yang on the way to Yu Qianqian’s house, and Yueyue dragged him along. Yu Qianqian had befriended Yueyue and Chengcheng recently. It’s the Summer holidays now, and they love doing homework together at each other’s house. They were at Chengcheng’s house the day before yesterday and Yueyue’s house yesterday. Today, it’s Yu Qianqian’s turn.

Yu Meixia poured tea for them and had treated them warmly.

Yueyue looked at Yu Meixia and enviously said. “Aunty, you are so pretty. You and Qianqian are from the same mold.”

Yu Meixia replied shyly. “No… your mother should be prettier.”

Yueyue mumbled. “My mum is not as pretty as you. Sigh… Why am I so ugly?!”

Chengcheng laughed. “You know yourself well.”

“Die!” Yueyue pounced onto Chengcheng to tickle her.

Liu Yang looked at Yu Qianqian’s mother and was memorized by her. When Yu Qianqian was transferred to the school, many people had looked down on her. She is a typical villager from the countryside who does not know about pop music and had not seen some technologies before. But now, Liu Yang’s impression of Yu Qianqian changed after seeing she is living in a nice apartment.

The few children were playing among themselves.

Yu Meixia looked at her daughter, smiling at her classmates and was happy. But when she remembers Dong Xuebing had not visited them for a while, and seems to have forgotten about them, she sighed. Her household registration, Qianqian’s school, money, and this apartment are all provided by Chief Dong. But now, there’s nothing she can do to repay him. Yu Meixia had wanted to call Dong Xuebing, but she is afraid that she will disturb him.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong…

The doorbell rang.

Yu Meixia was surprised as no one will visit her at this time. She hurried over to open the door. “Ah… Dong… Chief Dong.”

Yu Qianqian heard her mother and rushed to the door. “Big Brother!”

The next moment, the mother and daughter saw Dong Xuebing’s heavily bandaged arms and gasped. “What happened to your arms?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I got hurt while working, and I can’t move them for the next two weeks. Sister Yu, I might have to stay here for a few days.”

“Big Brother!” Yu Qianqian’s eyes were red and were about to cry.

Dong Xuebing quickly comfort her. “Ah… I am fine. Don’t cry… Eh? You have visitors?”

Yu Meixia kneels to help Dong Xuebing take off his shoes and change to slippers. “Qianqian’s classmates are here.”

Dong Xuebing smiles. It is good for Qianqian to have friends, and her timid character will change slowly.

Yueyue and Chengcheng stood up and greeted Dong Xuebing. They addressed him as Brother, like Qianqian.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Don’t stand. Sit… Qianqian, go and accompany your friends. Don’t cry… This is a minor injury, and I am fine. Go and pour some drinks for your classmates.” Dong Xuebing had been holding his pee since afternoon, and his bladder is about to burst.

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips as she looked at Dong Xuebing’s arms. “I… I… can help you change your dressing.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “No need. I had just discharged from the hospital. Oh… I have been very busy these few days and forgot to ask. Qianqian’s Summer holidays had started? How are her results?” Yu Qianqian had just been transferred to this school, and in the past few months, she had been begging along the streets with Yu Meixia and had not attended school. Dong Xuebing is afraid she cannot catch up with the rest.

Yueyue replied cheerfully. “Qianqian had gotten the fifth position in our class and is in the top 30 of our level.”

Yu Qianqian blushed and lowered her head. She is waiting for Dong Xuebing to praise her.

Dong Xuebing smiled and looked at Yu Qianqian. “Not bad. I can tell you had worked hard. Haha… I promised I would buy you anything you want if you get good results. Tell me, what do you want?”

Yu Qianqian quickly shook her head. “I… I don’t want anything.”

Chengcheng looked at Yu Qianqian and whispered. “MP4… Ask for an MP4!”

Yueyue laughed. “MP4 is nothing compared to a mobile phone. The latest model of the HTC smartphone is slightly pricy, and it cost around 4 to 5,000 RMB.”

Yu Qianqian looked at Liu Yang’s phone, enviously. When she is studying in the village, most of her friends are poor, and it’s rare to see any students using mobile phones. But after starting school in County First Junior High, Yu Qianqian noticed the difference between her and the rest. All of her classmates, like Liu Yang, Chengcheng, and Yueyue, own mobile phones.

Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Qianqian and understood. “Ok. Let’s get a mobile phone.”

Yu Qianqian quickly rejects. “No need. I don’t need it. It’s too expensive.”

Yu Meixia added. “That’s right. She is still a kid and does not need that. You…”

“Sister Yu.” Dong Xuebing points to his pocket with his chin. “My wallet is in here. Help me take it out. Hmmm… there should be around 5,000 RMB in it. Take out all the money and bring Qianqian out to the mall to get a new phone. Let her pick the one she likes. If the money is not enough, use your first. I will return you when you return.” He saw Yu Meixia still standing there and gave her a stare. “Hurry up!”

Yu Meixia could only do as she was told. “Thank you.”

Yu Qianqian was excited. “Big Brother! I… I…”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Study hard, and if you can get into the top five of your level, I will give you more rewards..”

Yueyue saw Dong Xuebing taking out 5,000 RMB to buy a phone for Qianqian and exclaimed. “Qianqian, your brother is good for you!”

Chengcheng was also envious of Yu Qianqian. Her phone is not a smartphone and costs around 800 RMB.

Yu Qianqian blushed shyly and said. “Yes. My brother had also bought a computer for me.”

Liu Yang asked excitedly. “What computer?”

Yu Qianqian points to the white laptop on her desk in her room.

Yueyue screams out excitedly. “Is this Apple’s laptop?! OMG! This is my favorite laptop!”

Chengcheng was also staring at that laptop, which cost around 10,000. “Let’s go in to look at the laptop?”

Yueyue ran into the room. “Hahaha! I will go first!”

Chengcheng and Liu Yang followed behind and were admiring the laptop. Chengcheng said. “Qianqian, your brother dotes you. This laptop is very expensive. Yueyue had begged her parents for two months, but they did not buy one for her.” Liu Yang was impressed by Yu Qianqian now.

Yueyue shouted. “Ah… Qianqian… Can you lend it to me for a few days? Please…”

Yu Qianqian was feeling good, and she nodded. “Ok.”

Living room.

Yu Meixia saw the kids going into the bedroom, and she picks up a teacup and fed Dong Xuebing. Although Yu Meixia is clumsy at times, she is very caring towards Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing took a few sips, and his face changed!

Yu Meixia got a shock and panicked. “Is the tea too hot? I’m sorry…”

“It’s not that!” Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and said to Yu Meixia sternly. “Hurry! Come with me!”

Yu Meixia was puzzled and quickly followed Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing entered the bathroom, and she quickly followed inside. Inside the bathroom, she still could not understand why Dong Xuebing asked her to follow him. After a few seconds, she suddenly realized what Dong Xuebing wants. She blushed and glanced at Chief Dong’s pants without saying a word.

Dong Xuebing smiles embarrassedly. “Sister Yu, I cannot move my arms and need your help.”

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing and quickly closed the bathroom door.

Dong Xuebing was embarrassed as he stood in front of the toilet bowl.

Yu Meixia is a conservative woman from her dressing. Other than sleeping, she had never worn any skirt or dress above her knees. She had a daughter, but she still behaves like a young girl. Now, she must help another man take off his pants … it was too awkward for her.

But Yu Meixia did not reject Dong Xuebing’s request. She gritted her teeth and bent forward to unzip Dong Xuebing.

Zippp…. Dong Xuebing’s fly was opened.

Yu Meixia lowered her head and asked. “Chief Dong… I… I will take it out?”

Dong Xuebing was sweating and thought to himself. Hurry up! I cannot hold on any longer. “Ok, ok…”

Yu Meixia could not look away as she got to help Chief Dong aim into the toilet bowl. Her face is red and bites her lips while adjusting the direction. “Ok… you… can start now.”

Dong Xuebing could finally relax.

Five seconds…

Ten seconds…

Twenty seconds…

Maybe Dong Xuebing had held back his pee for too long, and he could not pee now!

Yu Meixia did not say a word and dared not hurry him. She just stood beside Dong Xuebing, holding his d**k.

With a beautiful mature woman holding his d**k, Dong Xuebing noticed he is getting hard. He wanted to pee and quickly wear back his pants, but it’s out of his control.

Yu Meixia could also feel it, and her hands start trembling.

Dong Xuebing felt he had disgraced himself today.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Yu Meixia’s body was bending slightly forward, and her back was starting to ache.

Outside of the bathroom, Yu Qianqian shouted. “Mum? Mum? Big Brother? Where are you?”

Chengcheng said. “Did they go out?”

Yu Meixia panicked and didn’t know how to answer her daughter.

Dong Xuebing quickly replied. “We are in the bathroom. Your mother is helping to change my bandages. You all go and watch TV. We will be done soon.”

Yu Qianqian acknowledged. “My friends are leaving. I will walk them out.”

Dong Xuebing shouted. “Ok. Be back early, and be careful. Ask your friends over when they are free.” Yueyue, Chengcheng, and Liu Yang bid their goodbyes to Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia from outside the bathroom. A while later, Dong Xuebing heard the sounds of the door closing and was relieved. He looked at Yu Meixia apologetically. “Sorry, Sister Yu. Please wait for a while more.”

Yu Meixia only nodded.

Dong Xuebing cursed himself in his heart. Hurry up, and Pee!

After a while, ‘Tsss……’ Dong Xuebing had finally peed.

Yu Meixia flushed the toilet and straightened her back. She tucked Dong Xuebing’s d**k back into his pants and quickly washed her hands with soap several times.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Thank you.”

Yu Meixia did not reply to him and helped him out to the sofa.

Dong Xuebing saw Yu Meixia keeping quiet and felt bad. Before his arms recover, this will happen many times, and he can’t even shit or dress. Even simple things like eating or wearing shoes, he will need Yu Meixia’s help. “Err… why not I go back?”

Yu Meixia paused for a second and asked. “Where are you going?”


“Then… then wait for me to get my clothes. I will stay in the hospital too. It will be more convenient to look after you.”

“Ah… I am afraid of troubling you… after all, you are a woman, and I am…”

Yu Meixia blushed. “I’m… I’m fine.”

“Huh? You are ok with this?”


Dong Xuebing replied. “Then, I will not leave, and I will have to trouble you for the next few days.”

Yu Meixia replied softly. “Chief Dong, you had treated my daughter and me so well. This is nothing… really. I am fine with it.”

“Why are you still calling me Chief Dong? You can call me Xiao Dong, Xuebing, or Xiao Bing.”

“Yes… Xue… Xuebing.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “That’s right. Sister Yu, sit down and take a break.”

Yu Meixia waved her hand. “I am not tired. Have some fruits.”

Dong Xuebing was hungry. “Thank you.”

Yu Meixia sat down beside Dong Xuebing and used a toothpick to feed him a piece of orange. After Dong Xuebing chewed on the orange, she cupped both hands in front of his mouth, waiting for him to spit the seeds out. Then, she fed Dong Xuebing with a piece of apple and wiped his mouth with a paper napkin. She then took out a cigarette and placed it on Dong Xuebing’s lips before lighting it for him. After the cigarette is lit, she held the ashtray beside Dong Xuebing to wait for the ash to drop.

Dong Xuebing was touched by how caring Yu Meixia was.

No one else will wait on him this way like Yu Meixia.


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