Power and Wealth
Chapter 245 – Am I dying?
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 245 – Am I dying?

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong!”

“Watch out!”

Everyone was shouting at Dong Xuebing!

Tears welled up in Liu Dahai’s eyes. He might close to Dong Xuebing, but Dong Xuebing is still his superior and was transferred to the county for around six months. Even if they are close, they are not close enough to sacrifice for each other. Liu Dahai had not expected Dong Xuebing, his leader, to use his body to block that falling rock for him!

Liu Dahai helped Dong Xuebing up. “Chief Dong! Chief Dong! Are you ok?!”

Dong Xuebing coughed and could taste blood in his mouth. “I’m fine… let’s go!”

“You are hurt! I will help you!” The landslide had reached the mid-levels of the mountain, and it was extremely dangerous.

Dong Xuebing pushed Liu Dahai. “We cannot get out if you are holding me! You don’t need to care about me! Go!”

Liu Dahai looked at Dong Xuebing helplessly. “Chief Dong!”

“Just go!” Dong Xuebing was breathing hard as he pushed Liu Dahai.

Liu Dahai took a few steps back and looked at Dong Xuebing. He gritted and started running forward!

Liang Chengpeng shouted to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Dong! Get out of there! Hurry! The landslide is coming down! Hurry up!”

Dong Xuebing felt his body was going apart from the impact of that rock. He took a few deep breaths and walking quickly behind Liu Dahai. He looked up at the mountain, and the landslide had reached over the mid-levels. Trees were being uprooted, and it was crashing down fast. Within a few moments, it was around one hundred meters away from where Dong Xuebing was standing!

Run! Run! Run!

This is the only thing in Dong Xuebing’s mind!

But at this moment, a couple cried out.

“Where is Niuniu? Why is Niuniu not here?! Niuniu!”

“Have you all seen a girl around six years old? It’s my daughter, and she was trapped in the bus!”

The officer who had escaped replied. “It was too dark on the bus, and we did not notice her! When we climb out, we did not hear your daughter saying anything. She might be…”

The man roared. “Impossible! Niuniu must be still alive!”

The woman cried. “My daughter is still inside! Save her! Someone, please save her!”

Liang Chengpeng replied. “There is no more time! We will not make it back to the bus!”

The man shouted out. “Niuniu! Where are you? Come out!”

Boom… The landslide is nearing… One hundred meters! Eighty meters! Sixty meters! Liu Dahai had jumped down from the mud and debris pile and turned to help Dong Xuebing down. But before Dong Xuebing could reach the edge of the pile, a girl cried out from behind!

“Niuniu! It’s Niuniu!”

Dong Xuebing turned around. He thought there is no one else on the bus, but a six-year-old girl had climbed out of the bus and was standing by the bus door. She must have fainted from the lack of oxygen when Dong Xuebing was rescuing them. That’s why no one realized she was left on the bus. Niuniu looked at the mud, debris, and rocks tumbling down from the mountains, and was crying!

Liang Chengpeng and a few officers immediately grabbed the young couple to stop them from rushing forward. “There’s no more time!”

The woman cried out. “Niuniu! No! No!”

Niuniu wiped her tears. “Mum! Dad! Save me!”


Yes. It’s too late. The girl is too young, and she can’t run to safety by herself. Even if she can run, she will not make it before the debris and mud engulf her, let alone someone to run over to her and bring her to safety!

Niuniu’s mother cried. “Please… I beg you all! Please save my daughter!”

Niuniu’s father struggled. “Let go of me! Let me save her!”

Liu Dahai shouted. “Chief Dong! Come down! Hurry!”

Everyone knows it’s too late to save that girl, and even Niuniu’s parents realized this. They collapsed on the ground, crying. Everyone sighed as they looked at them. Even if deities or god appear now, it will still be too late.

But the next moment, something shocking happened!

Dong Xuebing did not jump down from the mud pile. He turned and started running back to the tour bus!

Xie Huilan was stunned!

Cao Xupeng was stunned!

Liang Chengpeng was stunned!

Niuniu’s parents and everyone there was stunned!

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong! Don’t go!”

“Come back! There’s no more time!”

Xie Huilan turned pale and shouted angrily. “Xiao Dong! Get back immediately!”

“Chief Dong!”

The landslide had covered half of the mountain and was about to reach the foot of the mountain! The area where Xie Huilan and the rest stood were safe. But the tour bus and that little girl is right in the path of the landslide!

Fifty meters!

Forty meters!

Thirty meters!

It’s too late!

“Chief Dong! Come back!”

Dong Xuebing ignored everyone and shouted to the little girl. “Hurry and run over here!”

Niuniu heard it and started running towards Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing bent over and carried Niuniu up. But when he was about to run back, he realized the landslide is only about twenty meters away from him!

That’s it!

It’s too late to do anything!

“Chief Dong!”


Ten meters…

Eight meters…

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. In his heart, he wonders if he had made the right decision, but it’s too late to regret it. Dong Xuebing used all his remaining strength to throw Niuniu towards the county’s leaders. “Catch her!”

Six meters…

Five meters…


The little girl landed near the edge of the mud pile, and Liu Dahai, who was the nearest, ran over and carried her to safety!

“Chief Dong!” Liu Dahai’s voice was hoarse from shouting.

Tears were flowing.

Liu Dahai, Chen Fa, the injured passengers, and even Liang Chengpeng were crying.

Dong Xuebing forced an ugly smile and waved at them. It’s too late to say anything.

Three meters…

Two meters…

The mud and debris had reached!

Everything was covered in an instant!


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