Power and Wealth
Chapter 250 – 30 million!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 250 – 30 million!


Yun De Auction Company’s second-floor office.

That jadestone was carefully placed on the floor. It’s only now when Dong Xuebing has the chance to examine the raw jadestone up close. The surface of the stone is grey, and a few black line-markings are on it. On one side, there is some green color, and it is clear and translucent when you shine a torch on it. The whole jadestone looks like a big block of greyish ice. Some markings are indicating that the stone had been cut in the past, but no jade was exposed.

“Are we cutting it now?”

“We had already paid for it. Just cut it.”

“Manager Qu, we had borrowed a grinding machine.”

Everyone was nervous as they looked at the piece of stone.

Dong Xuebing is no exception. After all, he had not seen the Jade in the stone before and is not very sure.

In the room, Qu Yunxuan was holding on to Dong Xuebing’s wheelchair handles tightly. Her grip was so tight that her knuckles turn white. Xiao Tao had her palms placed together, mumbling under her breath, and seems like praying to the gods. Teacher Wei was sighing and didn’t think highly of this piece of jadestone.

One minute passed…

Two minutes passed…

Dong Xuebing said. “Teacher Wei, can I trouble you to cut the jadestone?”

Teacher Wei can’t bear to see this company destroyed in his hands and reminded Qu Yunxuan. “Manager Qu, it is not too late to regret now, as we can put up this raw stone for auction. Maybe we can sell it for 8 million and can cut some losses. But once we cut it, it will be too late. Please consider it carefully. Our Auction company is doing very well now and doesn’t need to take this risk!”

Dong Xuebing knew Teacher Wei was telling the truth and did not retort him.

Qu Yunxuan replied. “Just cut it. I know Xiao Bing will not be wrong.”

Teacher Wei exclaimed. “But how can you tell the quality of the Jade inside? Stone gambling is mainly based on luck!”

Qu Yunxuan smile wryly. “Teacher Wei, I know you are saying these for the good of our company. But things will not always go according to our plans in the business. Once in a while, we must take a gamble. I will have no complaints if there are no jade inside. But if there is a big piece of Ice grade Jade inside, we will have the capital to grow our company faster and don’t need to worry about others.”

Teacher Wei knows that he could not change Qu Yunxuan’s mind and said. “Where should I cut?”

Qu Yunxuan looked to her side. “… Let Xiao Bing decide.”

Dong Xuebing thinks for a while and said. “Start from the area near the window.”

“Ok.” Since the decision was made, Teacher Wei did not hesitate. He picked up the handheld grinding machine and carried it to the raw jadestone. Xiao Tao helped him to turn the stone and secured it to the table. Teacher Wei examined the stone carefully to see where he should make the first cut. After a while, Teacher Wei picks a spot a few centimeters to the left of the exposed Jade and position the grinding machine here. He turns to Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan took a deep breath and nodded slightly.

Teacher Wei switched on the grinding machine and slowly pushed it against the stone, making loud screeching noises!

The screeching noise is loud, and dust was flying all over the room. About twenty to thirty seconds later, no new jade surface was found in the newly cut area. Teacher Wei had expected this to happen and composed himself, before moving to a new position and start grinding the stone.

Screech… screech… screech….

They had started with the area near the exposed Jade was to see how far did the Ice grade Jade extent to in the stone. Jade are the same as other valuable stones. The bigger the Jade is, the more valuable it is. If the whole stone is full of Ice grade Jade, it will fetch an astronomical price. But if there is only a small piece of top-quality Ice grade Jade, it will not fetch high prices. It might not even worth one million.

One cut…

Five cuts…

Ten cuts…

When Teacher Wei switched off the grinding machine, everyone was disappointed!

Dong Xuebing, Qu Yunxuan, and the rest realized that there was nothing under the surface near the exposed Ice-grade Jade area. The grinding machine had cut the Ice grade Jade out and is holding it in his hands. The piece of Jade is not very big and is only slightly bigger than the exposed part. It is not enough to cut a bangle and can only make a few pendants and ring surface. It’s too small and is estimated to be worth a few hundred thousand at most!

Ten million had become a few hundred thousand in an instant?!

No one can accept this result!

Teacher Wei sighed… ‘That’s it! Our company is finished!’

Xiao Tao and Qu Yunxuan turn pale, and only Dong Xuebing has a glimmer of hope. Aunt Xuan had said that it is a piece of Glass grade Jade over the phone. How is this possible? Dong Xuebing was also not looking good. “Continue cutting the rest of the stone!”

Xiao Tao added. “That’s right. The remaining piece of stone is still very big. Maybe there is good Jade hidden in it.”

Teacher Wei knew it’s quite impossible, but he did not argue and continue to cut the stone.

One cut…

Ten cuts…

Twenty cuts…

As the remaining stone got smaller, everyone’s heart sunk deeper.

The stone is now smaller than one-third of its original size, but no jade was found!

Teacher Wei looked at Qu Yunxuan. “Manager Qu…”

Only Qu Yunxuan knows how much effort was put into setting up this auction company, and her mind is blank now. This raw jadestone is a wasted jade stone, and 10 million is gone like this. She couldn’t accept the fact that Xiao Bing and her must start from scratch again.

Dong Xuebing replied impatiently. “Continue cutting! I don’t believe that there is no jade inside it!”

Teacher Wei sighed and picked up the grinding machine again.

Screech… screech…

As time passed, Qu Yunxuan, Xiao Tao, and the rest were staring at the remaining piece of stone. The stone is now a quarter of its original size. Dong Xuebing clenched his fist tightly and prayed in his heart. Please… god… let there be Jade inside. I had bet all my fortune on this. Where can I find 10 million to set up a company again?

Teacher Wei starts to make a new cut with steady hands.

The grinding machine ground against the stone and dust flew into the air.

“Eh?!” Teacher Wei suddenly paused and looked at the newly cut area. “There is something here!”

It was tense!

Dong Xuebing’s eyes opened wide and push himself forward. Qu Yunxuan and Xiao Tao also moved forward to take a closer look. Teacher Wei used his hands to wipe the dust off the surface, and Xiao Tao passed a torch to him. Teacher Wei took the torch from her and shone on the stone. There was a speck of green color on the surface, and Teacher Wei’s face changed as he inspects the green speck!

Qu Yunxuan did not know a lot about Jade and asked. “What type of jade is it?”

Dong Xuebing could not see clearly from his angle and looked at Teacher Wei.

Teacher Wei took a deep breath and shouted. “It’s Glass grade Jade, and the color is dark green!”

“Hahaha….” Dong Xuebing hits the handle of his wheelchair excitedly. “I knew it!”

Qu Yunxuan asked excitedly. “Is it Glass grade Jade?”

Glass grade Jade is the highest grade of Jade!

Teacher Wei rubbed his hand on the cut surface. “By right, this should not happen. When the layer of Ice grade Jade stops, the chances of Jade appearing in the other parts of the stone is almost impossible. Even if Jade exists, it should be of a lower grade than Ice grade. How can it be Glass grade Jade? The possibility of this happening is too low. But it is too early for us to be happy. We still don’t know how big this piece of Jade is. Should I continue cutting it?”

Qu Yunxuan replied firmly. “We had already reached this stage! Just continue with it!”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his palms together as he stares at that piece of stone.

A few minutes later, the piece of Jade was cut out. Everyone could not believe their eyes as they looked at the greenish piece of Jade. Teacher Wei was the most shocked. He had been mumbling ‘how is this possible?’ over and over again while cutting the stone. Now, he is holding the piece of Jade in his trembling hands. All of them were thrilled and excited!

It is a piece of Glass grade Jade, and it’s not small!

This piece of Jade is enough to make two pairs of bracelets!

Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s cheeks excitedly. “Good job! It is a Glass grade jade!”

Dong Xuebing replied proudly. “Of course!”

Xiao Tao asked in a daze. “How much is this piece of jade worth?”

Among everyone in the meeting room, Teacher Wei is the best person to answer this question. “I am not sure about the market rate of Glass grade Jade now and dare not to make any conclusions. After all, it is rare to see Glass grade Jade items on auctions now, as very few people are willing to sell them. But from the grade and color of this piece of Jade, one of the two pairs of bracelets will be slightly lower in quality and should fetch around 10 million. The other pair has more green color and is estimated to be worth near to 20 million.”

Xiao Tao was shocked by the figures. “Ah?! That means this piece of Jade is worth around 30 million?”

Teacher Wei nodded. “If the green is Emperor Green, it will worth more. But the color is slightly off. However, this is still considered a piece of top-quality Jade.”

Ten million had become 30 million!

Qu Yunxuan immediately orders Xiao Tao to keep the Jade in the safe. She is afraid it will be stolen, and she can’t wait to bring it to the factory to cut two pairs of bracelets tomorrow. These pairs of bracelets will be the main focus of their Jade Auction next month. Qu Yunxuan also asked Xiao Tao to notify the rest of Yun De Auctions management staff to attend a celebration dinner at Shangri La Hotel this evening.

Now, Teacher Wei dares not belittle Dong Xuebing anymore. He even asked Dong Xuebing. “Mr. Dong, how do you know about the jade in the raw stone from the exterior?” There will always bee someone better than you in the world. Dong Xuebing had not even look at the raw stone clearly and dared to claim it contains high-grade Jade. This Dong Xuebing must know some techniques or methods to detect Jade, and Teacher Wei hopes to learn from him.

Dong Xuebing did not know anything about stone gambling and made up some stories to handle Teacher Wei’s queries.

After dinner, Qu Yunxuan asked Dong Xuebing. “Should we release news of us getting Glass grade jade?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Of course. We can attract more customers and, at the same time, piss that Feng Yi off.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and pinched Dong Xuebing’s nose lightly. “You are so capable!” She turned to Xiao Tao and asked her to put up a banner about their Glass grade Jade on their website. They don’t need to put up any pictures or lengthy articles about this announcement. They will only state that there will be two pairs of Glass grade Jade bracelets on auction for their up-coming Jade Auction. Just this sentence alone will attract people’s attention!

30 million RMB! This time, Yun De Auction Company will be under the spotlight!

Dong Xuebing felt that his hard work over the past few days was not in vain.

Beijing Party Committee’s family quarters.

Feng Yi had just finished his dinner at his uncle’s mansion on the western side of the estate.

Feng Yi is in a good mood, as his company is doing well, and their only hindrance, Yun De Auction Company, is in danger of collapsing. He was washing his hands in the bathroom when his handphone rang. He answered after drying his hands. “What is it?”

“Manager Feng, we are in trouble!”

“Calm down and tell me what happened?”

“Just a few minutes ago, Yun De Auction Company announced that they would be putting up two pairs of Glass grade Jade bracelets for auction on their website. If… if this is real, our Jade Auction will be affected. Even if we have acquired many Ice grade Jade jewelry, and a meter-tall Cloudy Ice grade Jade ornament, we still cannot compete with Glass grade Jade bracelets!”

Feng Yi’s face changed. “Jade bracelets? Where did they get the bracelets from?”

“I am not sure. But I heard it is from that piece of raw stone they bought in the morning.”

“What?” Feng Yi was stunned. “There is Glass grade Jade in that stone?”

“I think so, as this is the only explanation.”

After hanging up, Feng Yi’s face turned green. He had wanted to buy that jadestone but gave up after Dong Xuebing’s high bids. The Jade in that stone is big enough to cut two pairs of bracelets?! He is now regretting giving up bidding on that stone! If he raises the bid, that two pairs of bracelets will be his!

Dong Xuebing?!

Qu Yunxuan?!

Feng Yi had wanted to use his company to force Yun De Auction Company to change its Auction date. But who knows that it turns out to be shooting himself in his leg. Feng Yi closed his eyes… He will not take this lying down. It’s been a while since he suffered any setbacks in his business!

After coming out of the bathroom, Feng Yi is thinking of ways to deal with the Yun De Auction company.

Get someone from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to check on them?

Get the State Administration of Taxation to check on their tax?

Feng Yi has the backing of Feng Xueliang, and has many means, other than commercial activities, to deal with Yun De Auction Company.

In the living room, Beijing City Party Committee Member, and Public Security Bureau Chief, Feng Xueliang, was drinking tea, when he saw Feng Yi’s face. He smiled and asked. “What’s wrong? You are still smiling earlier.”

Feng Yi greeted his uncle and said. “It’s some problems at my company.”

“Oh? What’s wrong? You have operational issues?”

“No. There is a raw Jadestone auction this morning, and I almost won a piece of jadestone when someone named Dong Xuebing appeared and outbid me. It is a piece of high-grade Jade.”

Feng Xueliang felt this name was familiar. “Dong Xuebing? How does he look like?”

Feng Yi was surprised. “Nothing special and looks very ordinary. He got a common face, and I am not sure about his height. He was sitting in a wheelchair, and I think he had broken his legs.” After that, Feng Yi told his uncle what happened in the morning.

Feng Xueliang frowned. “Xiao Yi, don’t do anything to this person.”

Feng Yi was shocked. “Why? Do you know him?”

Feng Xueliang shook his hand. “Just do as I said. Don’t touch him!”

Feng Yi kept quiet.

After a while, Feng Xueliang could tell that his nephew is still unhappy over this incident and said. “You two don’t have any serious grudges, and you should not offend this person if possible. There is something you don’t know. Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan are very close. Xie Huilan is the No. 1 person in Xie family’s third generation. If not for her gender, she might have become the leader of their third generation.” Although Feng Xueliang is not on Xie Guobang’s faction, he is not stingy on praising Xie Huilan’s abilities.

Feng Yi was stunned. “Xie Huilan?”

Feng Yi is too familiar with this name. “They are close? What is their relationship?”

Feng Xueliang looked at his nephew and smiled. “Huilan had dined with him, helped him get a transfer, brought him home, and she chose to be transferred to Yan Tai County where Xiao Dong is located. How do you think they are related?”

Feng Yi’s jaw dropped. “Impossible… You are saying they are…”

“I did not say anything.” Feng Xueliang was also unsure about their relationship.

Feng Yi was shocked and felt this is impossible. He knows who Xie Huilan is. Her background, capabilities, beauty are all top-notched. How can she be in a relationship with Dong Xuebing? Is this a joke?!

After leaving Beijing Party Committee’s family quarters, Feng Yi’s phone rang. It was from his company.

“Manager Feng, should I contact Shanghai and see if they have any good jade…”

Feng Yi sighed and said. “Inform all the departments that our Jade Auction will be brought forward by two weeks.”

Feng Yi’s subordinate was shocked. “Ah?!” This is like slapping themselves in the face!

“Just follow my orders!” Feng Yi slammed down the phone.

Feng Yi does not believe something is going on between Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan. Even though he doesn’t believe Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan are in a relationship, he also doesn’t want to offend them. Xie Huilan is too influential, and Feng Yi had heard about what she is capable of. He does not have the power to go against her!


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