Power and Wealth
Chapter 253 – Xie Huilan is mad!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 253 – Xie Huilan is mad!

The next day.

Morning, at 9 am.

Dong Xuebing opens his living room’s windows after breakfast, letting the cool breeze into his apartment. Yesterday, he had finished all the things he is supposed to do. He reported to Bureau Chief Liang and settled the follow-up paperwork for the first-class merit, and had dinner with some close colleagues. He also called his mother, Second Aunt, and grandmother to let them know he is back. After that, he called Cao Xupeng to thank him for his concern. At night, Deputy Team Leader Feng delivered his Mercedes Benz and keys to him.

Xie Huilan is the only person Dong Xuebing still has not contacted.

Dong Xuebing decided to reserve today to accompany Sister Xie. He crossed his legs on the sofa and dialed Xie Huilan’s number. No one answered, and he called again ten minutes later.

“Hello?” Xie Huilan answered.

Dong Xuebing replied cheerfully. “Sister Xie, I am back.”

There was a paused. “… Ok.”

“Huh? It has been two months, and you are still angry?”

“Angry? Haha… my mood has never been better.”

Dong Xuebing felt something is not right. Sister Xie’s tone made the hair on his back stands. He cleared his throat and said. “I had apologized to you… I promise I will not be impulsive in the future and will take care of my safety. Err…. Are you at home? If it’s fine with you, I would want to go over to your place. Do you have groceries at your place? I can buy some over and prepare lunch for you.”

“Come over.”

“Ok. I will go over now.”


After hanging up, Dong Xuebing starts to think about Xie Huilan’s attitude towards him. He felt something was off but does not know what happened, and he stopped thinking about it. Anyway, he will know when he meets Xie Huilan. Dong Xuebing returned to his room and got dressed before going to the nearby supermarket to but some vegetables. After that, he drove straight to the County Party Committee Quarters.

After alighting, Dong Xuebing carried all the groceries to the building.

“Oh, Chief Dong, when did you discharge?” Someone greeted Dong Xuebing.

“Ah… I was discharged yesterday and just got back to the County.”

A few familiar faces saw Dong Xuebing and asked about his condition.

This time, Dong Xuebing did not hide from anyway. He greeted those people and walked over to Xie Huilan’s building. It is the National Day Holidays, and everyone knew he is here to send gifts. This is very common in the government service, and Dong Xuebing does not need to hide.

Ding! The elevator door opens, and Dong Xuebing entered.

Second floor…

Third floor…

Fourth floor…

At Dong Xuebing’s position as Deputy Public Security Bureau Chief, he gets sufficient rest time. Although he will be busy at times, he will get at least one to two days off a week. But as the County Mayor, Xie Huilan got to take care of everything, and she seldom can afford to have any rest days. This National Day holiday is one of the rare occasions she can get to rest. If Dong Xuebing missed this opportunity, Xie Huilan’s next rest day should be during the Lunar New Year.

Ding Dong… Ding Dong… Dong Xuebing pressed the doorbell.

After waiting for a while, Dong Xuebing pressed again.

Dong Xuebing waited for almost two minutes, and no one opens the door. Dong Xuebing waited for a while and opened the door with the keys given to him by Xie Huilan. When he enters the apartment, he saw Xie Huilan sitting in the living room, reading newspapers. She is wearing her usual ladies’ suit and her hair tied up in a bun.

“You are at home, why didn’t you open the door for me?” Dong Xuebing brought the groceries to the kitchen.

Xie Huilan replied without lifting her head. “I had given you a set of my keys.”

“Huh? I got the keys, but you should at least say something when I pressed the doorbell. I thought you had gone out.”

“I am tired and lazy to move.”

Dong Xuebing was observing Sister Xie and felt something was wrong. Why is she treating me like this? Is she still angry with me over the last incident? She should have gotten over it. Dong Xuebing was perturbed and dared not to speak to Xie Huilan. He returns to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for lunch and, at the same time, clean up the kitchen. He wanted to soften the mood, but when he returns to the living room, Xie Huilan was still the same.

Xie Huilan was still reading the papers and not saying anything.

Dong Xuebing felt uneasy and asked. “What’s wrong? Did I make you angry?”

Xie Huilan smiled and did not answer him.

“Sister Xie…” Dong Xuebing moved closer to Xie Huilan. “Can you stop treating me like this? We had not met each other for more than two months, and I had just recovered, and cannot suffer any shock. If I did anything wrong, please put up with me.” Dong Xuebing still does not know why Sister Xie is upset with him. They were fine before he left for Beijing, and Xie Huilan might be mad at him for getting injured, but she should have stopped being mad at him after two months.

Xie Huilan took a glance at Dong Xuebing and continued reading her papers.

Dong Xuebing asked. “Sister Xie, can you say something, and don’t make me wait?”

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing and nodded. “Fine.” She reached under the coffee table and took out a white envelope. “Read it yourself.”

“What is this?”

“Someone made a report to the Commission for Discipline Inspection about you.”

Dong Xuebing got mad. “Ah? Who is so evil to report about me? I have a clear conscience. What’s there to report against me?”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “You should say these after you read the contents.”

Dong Xuebing thought that the report would be about him being corrupted or received bribes. But Dong Xuebing had never taken any bribes and is not worried. Most likely it is someone jealous of him driving a Mercedes Benz. Dong Xuebing took out the letter from the envelope and was stunned by the contents. Cold sweat started to flow down from his forehead!

Xie Huilan laughed. “Didn’t you say you have a clear conscience?”

Dong Xuebing stuttered. “I… I…”

“Haha… what’s wrong? I remembered that you are good at arguing. Go on… explain yourself.”

Explain? Dong Xuebing does not even know what to say. If the report is about him receiving bribes, corrupted, or Police brutality, he can still argue his way out. But this person is reporting against Dong Xuebing about his lifestyle and relationships with women. A few photographs of him hugging and kissing Aunt Xuan were attached to the report!


Who had taken these photographs?

Dong Xuebing was covered in a cold sweat. Lifestyle problems? He is not afraid of this allegation against him, as he is not married, and the Party cannot stop him from going out with other women. No one can do anything to him with these pictures. This is different from the incident with the Former Party Secretary. Secretary Chang was transferred away because of some photographs showing him and another woman when he is already married.

Dong Xuebing is worried because Xie Huilan knows about his relationship with Aunt Xuan!

This is deadly, and what Dong Xuebing worried the most!

If possible, Dong Xuebing would want to jump out of the windows to escape from everything. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked at the photographs closely. He had panicked earlier and had not noticed where the photographs were taken. After taking a second look at the photos, he realized it was taken yesterday when he was parting with Aunt Xuan. Who is it?! Who is so evil to take these photographs and report it to the Commission for Discipline Inspection?! No one will do this unless he or she has deep grudges against Dong Xuebing!

Who? Who? Who?

The answer is obvious. It’s Wei Nan!

Dong Xuebing’s face changed. When he was driving off, he saw Wei Nan talking on his phone nearby. This bastard must have seen him and Qu Yunxuan together and took the pictures from a distance. Then he pretended to be using his phone when Dong Xuebing drove past and sneered!

It’s him!

Dong Xuebing was going crazy. “It’s Wei Nan who took these photos! He is trying to sow discord between us!”

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing. “Don’t care who had taken these photos. How are you going to explain this?”

Dong Xuebing was speechless. Explanation? He does not have any explanation.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Xiao Dong, I had always thought you are someone faithful, and though you are serious about our relationship. It seems that I have been overthinking. Haha…” If it were other people in this situation, they would have blown their top. But Dong Xuebing knew when Xie Huilan is angry, and she will not bang tables or raise her voice. When she smiles, it is the time when she is really angry.

Sister Xie is furious!

Dong Xuebing tried to explain. “Sister Xie… please listen to me.”

Xie Huilan smiles. “No need to say anything. Take these photographs and get out!”

Dong Xuebing did not leave and quickly explained. “I am not keeping this from you purposely. I just don’t know how to tell you. Do you still remember when you asked me if I am dating anyone in Senior Xie’s mansion? I had given you an ambiguous answer because I do not want to lie to you. At that time, Aunt Xuan and I were dating, but she refuses to admit it. After that, when you tell me that you want to date me, I thought you are joking and wanted me to help you call off your engagement.”

Xie Huilan sipped on her tea quietly.

Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Huilan’s expression and continued. “After that, I realized you are serious about our relationship… then… it had become like this. Aunt Xuan and I got closer, and we also got closer… I… don’t know what to do. Sister Xie, I did not lie to you purposely.”

Xie Huilan smiles. “That means this is my fault?”

No… It’s all my fault.”

“Fine. I will ask you one question.” Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing. “Who do you like?”

Dong Xuebing felt his chest tighten and knew this is the crucial question. He wanted to answer Xie Huilan that he likes her. But he just can’t say it. Dong Xuebing sighed and felt he should not lie to Sister Xie, and chose to tell the truth. “I like… both of you.” Dong Xuebing felt relaxed after saying this out.

“You are quite honest.”


“You like us both? Haha… you dare to tell me this?”

Dong Xuebing doesn’t know what to say.

Suddenly, Xie Huilan banged the table and said with a smile. “Get out!” The tea in the cup spilled from the sudden impact!


Xie Huilan took out her phone. “Are you leaving, or do you want me to ask someone to send you out?”

Dong Xuebing snatched the phone from Xie Huilan’s hand. “You… how can I leave now?”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes as she stared at Dong Xuebing. “What else do you want from remaining here? You want me to forgive you? You want us to continue dating? Xiao Dong, do you think this is possible?” Dong Xuebing was about to say something, and Xie Huilan interrupted him. “I don’t want to listen to your excuses. The photo evidence is enough. You can leave now!”

Once Dong Xuebing leaves, that means they will cut off ties with each other.

Dong Xuebing also knew that he is indecisive and should not shamelessly ask for Xie Huilan’s forgiveness. He doesn’t even know what he wants. But he knew he cannot leave now. He must at least wait until Xie Huilan cool down a little before he can leave. How can he make Xie Huilan cool down? He can only let her scold and hit him to vent her anger.

Dong Xuebing said. “Sister Xie, you… can beat me up if you want.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “I am afraid I will dirty my hands.”

Dong Xuebing was guilty of Xie Huilan and didn’t dare to talk back at her. “You… can use something to beat me. There… the TV remote is beside you. You can use it to hit me.” Dong Xuebing closed his eyes. “Go ahead!”


The remote control was smashed into pieces!

Dong Xuebing could not feel any pain and opened his eyes. Sister Xie had thrown the remote controller on the floor.

Xie Huilan’s hand was shaking from her anger. “Get out now!”

This is the first time Dong Xuebing saw Xie Huilan so angry. He knew he is the reason for her outburst and doesn’t know what to do. He kept quiet and went to get the broom to sweep the floor. After that, he poured a cup of hot tea for Xie Huilan in the living room. Whatever Dong Xuebing did in the past was from moral high ground, and he is not worried about arguing or even fight to defend his actions. But now, he is in the wrong and does not feel good about it.

“Err, what do you want for lunch?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Xie Huilan took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Dong Xuebing looked at her and said. “I will cook something. The rice is ready soon.

Dong Xuebing did not say anything else as Xie Huilan is ignoring him. He returns to the kitchen to start cooking. Once in a while, he will peep at Xie Huilan from the kitchen, worrying she will leave the house or call someone to chase him out. Luckily for Dong Xuebing, Xie Huilan remained sitting in the living room with her eyes closed. After Dong Xuebing finishes cooking, he set up the table and poured red wine.

Dong Xuebing pulled the chair out and said. “Sister Xie, eat while the food is still hot.”

Xie Huilan looked at the wine glasses on the table. “Should I praise you for being so shameless?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I know what I had done is unforgivable. You can beat me up or scold me all you want, but you must still take your meals. You should not skip any meals just because you are angry with me.”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and said. “I will say this one last time. Get out of here!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Alright… eat something first… I… I will wait in the room.”

Dong Xuebing went into the other bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Dong Xuebing looked at the scenery outside of the window and hit himself on the head several times. Dong Xuebing… you are a bastard! You had made Sister Xie so angry! Why must you fool around with so many women?! How are you going to clear this mess?!

Dong Xuebing scolded himself and was thinking of a way to clear this mess.

About half an hour later, Dong Xuebing felt Sister Xie should have finished her meal. He pushed the door open and looked at the dining table.

Xie Huilan’s back was facing the bedroom, and the food on the table remained untouched. Her bowl of rice is still full, but the bottle of wine was empty! Xie Huilan raised her glass and gulped down the wine in one mouthful. She seems to be drunk!

“Sister Xie…”

Dong Xuebing felt his heart aching.

What should I do? How am I going to clear this mess I created?

Dong Xuebing was deep in thoughts. He needs to find a way out of this mess!!!


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