Power and Wealth
Chapter 255 – Showing off!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 255 – Showing off!

Afternoon, at 2 pm.

The shooting range is located near the borders of Yan Tai County and the neighboring County and is surrounded by hills and forests. It is Autumn, but there are flowers, insects, birds, etc. An artistic building that resembles a ‘bird’s nest’ stood in front, and it is the main entrance of the shooting range.

The few cars stopped at the open-air carpark in front of the range.

Dong Xuebing was the first to alight and ran over to open the rear passenger door of the Toyota.

Xie Huilan tucked her hair behind her ears and alighted without looking at Dong Xuebing. Hu Silian followed behind her towards the building, and Wei Nan points to the building. “This is the place. Mayor Xie, please come this way.” Xie Huilan smiled and nodded. “Manager Wei comes here often?”

“Once in a while. Manager Hou and Manager Zhou are regulars here, and they are good at shooting.” Wei Nan replied.

Hou Zi laughed and walked over. “Old Wei, stop making fun of me. Although you seldom practice, your marksmanship is better than us.”

Zhou Zi added. “How do you know he didn’t practice?” Wei Nan laughed. “Did I?”

Zhou Zi replied. “Don’t think I don’t know that you grew up in a military camp and have the chance to play with guns since young.” Xie Huilan laughed. “Oh, I am looking forward to seeing your skills later.”

“I hope I will not make a fool of myself later.” Wei Nan is slightly excited. In Beijing, Xie Huilan had never been so lovely to her. She is always overbearing, and every word she says is like giving out orders. Wei Nan felt she had changed a lot, and it must be those photographs. Is she reconsidering Wei Nan?

The few of them chatted and entered the holiday resort.

Dong Xuebing had no opportunity to join their conversation and could only follow behind them.

Why is Sister Xie treating Wei Nan differently now? They had fallen out when their engagement was called off. Also, I had told her that the photographs are taken by Wei Nan, and even if the photographs are true, she should not like someone so despicable. Why did she have a change of attitude? Is it because Wei Nan is going to invest in the County? But unless he is going to invest 100 million, there will not be many changes to the local economy!

At first, Dong Xuebing did not overthink this. But now, he felt Xie Huilan is purposely doing this to spite him.

If Dong Xuebing had not tagged along, will, Sister Xie would accompany them to the shooting range?

If I am not around, will Sister Xie still treat Wei Nan so warmly?

Dong Xuebing could not tell what Xie Huilan is thinking and could only guess. He took a glance at the smiling Wei Nan and got angrier.

Wei Nan and his two friends went over to the counter in the lobby to make payments. The three of them wanted to pay for everyone, but in the end, it was Wei Nan who paid with his card. After waiting for a while, the staff brought all of them into the shooting range. Wei Nan had booked the most expensive range. Behind the target practice platforms, there is a soundproof transparent glass room with sofa and refreshments, like fruits and nuts.

The few of them sat on the sofa in the soundproof room, and could not hear the gunshots outside. Xie Huilan took a sip of tea and said. “Chief Lui, have you discussed with Manager Hou about our cooperation?

Lui Dafa nodded and repeated what the County Government could offer to them if they invested. Hou Zi listened quietly and took out some documents from his bag and started bargaining with Lui Dafa. He also asked Xie Huilan about some details of the contract. Xie Huilan and Wei Nan are also talking about his investment project in the County.

Zhou Zi felt bored and turned to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, shall we go for some target practice?”

Dong Xuebing took his eyes off Sister Xie and replied. “I will not join in, as I am average at shooting.”

Zhou Zi shook his head. “Hahaha… I don’t believe you. No matter how bad your shooting skills are, you will still be better than me. You are from Public Security.”

Xie Huilan overheard their conversation and turned to Secretary Hu. “Xiao Hu, accompany Manager Zhou for target practice.” Hu Silian nodded and walked over.

Zhou Zi wants to befriend Dong Xuebing, and he said. “Chief Dong, let’s go together.” Dong Xuebing stood up unwillingly. “I will not shoot, but I can the umpire for you all.” Dong Xuebing was only interested in Xie Huilan and does not have to mood for target practice. Furthermore, he had only shoot firearms a few times, and his legs are not fully healed. He might not withstand the gun’s recoil.

Zhou Zi is not happy, as he felt he lost face after Dong Xuebing rejected his invitation.

Hou Zi, who was discussing his investment, looked over and frowned.

Hu Silian knew Dong Xuebing has a foul temper and is not in a good mood recently. If he does not want to do something, no one can force him. Hu Silian quickly smiled and said. “Chief Dong is still injured. A few months ago, someone jumped off a building, and Chief Dong caught him with his bare hands and was hospitalized. A few days after he was discharged from the hospital, Hui Tian Village had a landslide, and Chief Dong rescued all the villagers by himself but got himself trapped. He almost died and was hospitalized for two months. He was only discharged from the hospital a few days ago.”

Zhou Zi and Hou Zi were stunned. They had not expected to hear anything like this, and they turned to look at Dong Xuebing with respect. Wei Nan also did not know about this. He thought to himself. Why is Dong Xuebing so lucky? Even a landslide cannot kill him?

Zhou Zi’s impression of Dong Xuebing improved. Someone willing to risk his life for the people is worth his respect, and Zhou Zi likes to befriend people like this. He stopped talking about target practice and chatted with him. After the three of them walked out of the soundproof room, Hu Silian waved the staff over to make preparations.

Dong Xuebing stepped back. “I will be the umpire.” Zhou Zi smiled and looked at Hu Silian. “Ladies first?”

Hu Silian smiles. “Manager Zhou can go first, and I can learn from you.”

Zhou Zi nodded. “Alright. Are we going for five shots or ten shots? What’s the distance?”

Both discussed and decided to fire five shots and will compete for three rounds. There are different types of firearms like pistols, rifles, and sniper rifles at the range. But they had not fired rifles before and picked pistons. Hu Silian wanted to use revolvers, but the range does not have it. The range only has semi-automatic pistols, and they chose CG 98 pistol.

After preparations, the staff asked about the distance of the targets. For rifles, the distance is 100 meters, and for pistol, it is 25 meters and 50 meters.

Zhou Zi replied without thinking. “50 meters.” He is used to this distance.

Zhou Zi hesitated and looked at Hu Silian. Fifty meters seems like bullying her.

Hu Silian nodded. “Ok. 50 meters.”

Zhou Zi walked up to the shooting platform and put his ear mufflers. He rotated his shoulders and shook his wrists and fingers as a warmup. From his actions, he looks professional and must have been practicing with firearms for a long time. After his warmup, he picked up the gun and aimed… for over ten seconds before he fired his first shot. Bang!

Zhou Zi first shot hit the 4th ring.

Zhou Zi seems to be satisfied with his result and fired his second shot. Three-ring!

Bang! Off-target!

Bang! 4th ring!

Bing! 2nd ring!

Zhou Zi’s result is 13 rings. The highest result for five shots is 50 rings, and his result is considered quite low.

Zhou Zi seems very satisfied with this result, as hitting the target at 50 meters is not an easy task for an amateur. For those with poor eyesight, they might not even see the target at this distance.

Hu Silian praised. “Manager Zhou is good at shooting.”

“Hahaha. Thank you.” Zhou Zi walked back proudly.

Hu Silian took a deep breath and walked over to wear her ear mufflers.

Zhou Zi did not think much about Hu Silian’s marksmanship. He can get this result is because he had been practicing in shooting range. Secretary Hu is the Mayor’s secretary and is still a woman. She will be panting if she has to climb five stories with some documents, let alone firing firearms. She might even not fire any firearms before in her life. Furthermore, the target is 50 meters away, and one out of five shots hitting the target is considered a good result for her.

Dong Xuebing standing behind, could tell that Zhou Zi was looking down on Hu Silian and laughed in his heart.

Hu Silian had picked up the gun and aimed at the target.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Hu Silian fired five shots. 7th Ring, 9th ring, 5th ring, 7th ring, 6th ring!

Zhou Zi’s jaw dropped as if he had seen a ghost. Is she a secretary? Which secretary has such good skills? When Hu Silian returns, Zhou Zhi asked. “Secretary Hu, you are so good at shooting. This result is almost the same as Old Wei. Did you practice often?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Secretary Hu is formerly from our Public Security.”

Zhou Zi was stunned. “No wonder.”

Hu Silian waved her hand. “Haha… I am only lucky today. My results are usually not so good.”

Dong Xuebing does not know whether Hu Silian had graduated from the Police School. Still, she was the County’s Public Security Bureau’s Office Director. Her marksmanship might not be as good as the armed officers or other police officers, but she is better than amateurs. She had received firearms training when she was in Public Security, and Zhou Zi will never be as good as her.

Hu Silian and Zhou Zi continued their competition.

In the second round, Zhou Zi had gotten 14 rings, and Hu Silian hit more than 30 rings. They are not on the same level, and in the last round, Hu Silian purposely scored lower rings to let Zhou Zi catch up with her.

Xie Huilan, Wei Nan, and the rest came out of the soundproof room.

Hou Zi laughed. “Old Zhou, how come you lost so many rounds?”

Zhou Zi’s face turns red and said. “Secretary Hu is a ‘female hero.’ You can compete with her if you want!”

Hou Zi looked at Hu Silian’s result and knew he is not her match. “Old Wei, you are up next.”

Wei Nan was also thinking of impressing Xie Huilan and did not reject it. He rolled up his sleeves and wore the ear mufflers before saying he needs to warm up. He picks up the gun, load, aims, and fired. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

9th Ring, 7th ring, 10th ring, 8th ring, 6th ring!

Hou Zi and Zhou Zi were not surprised, but Hu Silian, Dong Xuebing, and Lui Dafa were shocked.

Wei Nan pick down the gun and walked back. “It’s been a while since my last practice.”

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart.

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. She was also surprised at Wei Nan’s result.

Hu Silian knew she is no match against Wei Nan. However, she still fired five shots, and lost to Wei Nan by seven rings. 7 rings difference is considered a considerable gap for professionals. Hu Silian smiles. “Manager Wei is a great marksman. Our Public Security officers might not get your result.” Other than professional shooters, ordinary officers are no match for Wei Nan. It seems like Wei Nan had been practicing since young.

Hou Zi exclaimed. “Old Wei is on a different level from us.”

Zhou Zi joked. “We had given him a chance to show off again. He is good at chess, shooting, etc.… if I knew this would happen, I would not suggest coming here.” Hu Silian had praised Wei Nan because he is going to invest in the County. But Zhou Zi and Hou Zi knew Wei Nan was wooing Xie Huilan and had said those things to help him impress her.

After that, Wei Nan and Hu Silian fired two more rounds.

Most of Wei Nan’s shots hit the 8th and 9th rings. Once in a while, he will hit the 10th ring.

After showing his skills, Wei Nan said to Xie Huilan proudly. “Mayor Xie, do you want to join us?”

Xie Huilan smiled and waved her hand. “I don’t know about guns.”

“It’s alright. I will teach you.” Wei Nan replied.

“Haha… no need.”

Hu Silian and Lui Dafa also noticed Wei Nan’s feelings for Mayor Xie. They quietly move a few steps back, giving them more space. Hou Zi and Zhou Zi will also not remain there to disturb Wei Nan. One of them walked over to Lui Dafa for a chat, and the other wants to compete with Hu Silian again.

Dong Xuebing is furious when he saw Wei Nan pestering Xie Huilan and even wants to teach her how to fire a gun!

Damn! Do you think you are the best in the world after some praises? What’s there to be proud of with your skills?!

Dong Xuebing stood up suddenly and said. “Give me a 98 pistol and five rounds!”

The staff heard Dong Xuebing and quickly loaded the gun for him.

Earlier Zhou Zi had invited Dong Xuebing, but the latter refused because he does not have to mood for target practice. But Wei Nan had gotten all the limelight in front of Xie Huilan now, and Dong Xuebing cannot tolerate it. Hu Silian, Zhou Zi, and the rest heard Dong Xuebing, and they walked over. Xie Huilan and Wei Nan also turned to Dong Xuebing.

Hu Silian was worried. “Chief Dong, you injuries…”

“I am fine.”

Zhou Zi added. “The recoil is strong, and I think you should wait until you are fully recovered.”

“Thank you for your concerns. I am alright.” Dong Xuebing knew that if he still doesn’t step forward, his ‘wife’ will be snatched away from him.

Seeing Dong Xuebing is so determined, everyone did not stop him.

Hou Zi secretly asked Hu Silian. “Secretary Hu, how is Chief Dong’s marksmanship?”

Hu Silian replied. “Err… I have not seen it myself.”

Most of the people in Yan Tai County knew Chief Dong is good at fighting, and even if everyone in the range is not his match. Chief Dong had fought against multiple opponents by himself, but shooting and fighting are different. Strength, reaction, speed are critical in fighting, and very few people had seen Dong Xuebing firing before. Wei Nan was looking at Dong Xuebing with a smug look. He does not believe Dong Xuebing is good at shooting. After Dong Xuebing clashed with him at Senior Xie’s mansion, he had checked Dong Xuebing’s background. He knew Dong Xuebing had graduated from an ordinary university. That means Dong Xuebing only started firearms training after he was transferred to Yan Tai County. Six months might not be a long time, but even if Dong Xuebing practice once a week, his skills will not improve so fast. Wei Nan had started practicing since young.

Wei Nan said arrogantly. “Chief Dong, haha… it’s not fun shooting along. How about we compete against each other?” Wei Nan wants to flaunt his skills in front of Xie Huilan again and let her know that he is much better than Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing is also thinking about the same thing.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sure. How are we going to compete?”

Wei Nan looked at Dong Xuebing. “Five shots, and we will compete for one round.”

“No problem.” Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “You can go first. I need to familiarize myself with the gun.”

It was tense. Hu Silian and Lui Dafa exchanged looks, Zhou Zi and Hou Zi also looked at each other. They could tell Wei Nan and Dong Xuebing do not like each other but were unsure of the reason. Do they know each other before today? Xie Huilan did not say anything and sat there drinking her tea. Wei Nan glanced at Xie Huilan and walked up to the platform. He closed his eyes for almost one minute and held up the gun in a standard posture. He aimed and adjusted his posture and aimed again. He knew these few shots are crucial and took his time. After adjusting his posture and grip several times, he squeezed the trigger!

10th ring!

The first shot hit the 10th ring! Wei Nan had a smile on his face and started aiming again. After a long wait, he fired his second round! Bang!

9th ring!

Wei Nan took almost ten minutes to fire five shots, and his results surprise everyone.

10th Ring, 9th ring, 8th ring, 9th ring, 8th ring! This is an outstanding result. Even professional shooters cannot get this result easily!

Zhou Zi gave Wei Nan a thumbs up. Wei Nan walked back with a smile. “Chief Dong, it’s your turn.”

Dong Xuebing did not care about the people around him and let out a yawn. “Manager Wei, you are too slow. I almost fell asleep.” He turns to Lui Dafa. “Old Lui, what was his score?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Old Lui?! Stop calling me that!

Lui Dafa grumbled in his heart and replied. “44 rings.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and walked forward. Wei Nan’s almost perfect result should give Dong Xuebing lots of pressure, but Zhou Zi and the rest noticed Dong Xuebing is very relaxed. He walked up to the staff and asked a few weird questions.

“Where is the 100m target?” Dong Xuebing asked.

The staff was stunned. “100m range is for rifles, and the maximum distance for pistol is 50m.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Just tell me where is the 100m target.”

That staff paused for a while and pointed to a corner of the firing range. “That area is for 100m target practice. You are…”

Zhou Zi was the first to react. He asked. “You want to shoot the 100m target?”

Hou Zi wanted to laugh. “You are using a pistol, and 100m is out of range.”

100m is doubled of Wei Nan’s target, and only rifles and sniper rifles will use 100m target for practice. Even the Police snipers might not hit the 100m target with a pistol. 100m is out of range for pistol, and they will have trouble aiming.

“Chief Dong, you are…”

Dong Xuebing did not say anything and walked over to the 100m target area. He did not waste any time and fired the moment he lifted his gun! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five shots in ten seconds! Everything was over before anyone could react!

After that, the results were announced.

When everyone saw the result, they were shocked. Even the staff at the range were stunned!



10th ring!

10th ring!

10th ring!

Dong Xuebing put down the gun and walked back slowly.

Everyone in the range was looking at Dong Xuebing in shock.


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