Power and Wealth
Chapter 257 – Bomb!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 257 – Bomb!

County town. Central Street.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! I must get there in time!

The Mercedes MPV was speeding through the streets, and Dong Xuebing sounded the horn like crazy. He even dashes through three red lights.

Right in the center of Central 3rd street, there was a crowd of a few thousand people evacuated from the nearby buildings. People were looking out of their windows from a few buildings in the distance. Dong Xuebing sounded his horn and drove through the crowd without stopping. The crowd got a shock and quickly let Dong Xuebing through, and Dong Xuebing saw Police vehicles and officers in front of him.

The Police Officers had set up a cordon several hundred meters away from an office building.

The Mercedes MPV stopped, and Dong Xuebing jumped out of it.

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong! You are here?”

Some officers saw Dong Xuebing and greeted him before continuing with their work.

More than a dozen Police cars, several bikes, four fire engines, and two anti-riot vehicles are parked outside. Some Police officers are doing crowd control, and some are shouting into their radio sets. Everyone looks anxious. Dong Xuebing saw the County Party Secretary Xiang Daofa, Deputy Party Secretary Cao Xuepeng, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Huang Li, Public Security Bureau Chief Liang Chengpeng, and all other leaders in a meeting at the scene. The situation is very tense. Many office workers are still running out of the building, and officers are evacuating people from the shops nearby.

The tension rose!

Dong Xuebing grabbed an officer beside him.

The young officer said. “Chief Dong, what are your orders?”

Dong Xuebing looked at the office building. “What happened?! Tell me everything in detail!”

“It’s like this…” The young officer sighed. “During the National Day period, Mayor Xie will visit some offices for inspection, and her itinerary had been planned a long time ago. That fugitive, Wu Daguang, found out Mayor Xie’s itinerary and waited for her nearby. He tied bombs to himself, and when Mayor Xie alighted from her car, he rushed over. The officers protecting Mayor Xie immediately point their guns at him, but they dare not open fire. Other than the bombs strapped onto his body, Wu Daguang was also holding a detonator in his hand. At that time, there are many people around, and dozens of lives will be lost if the bomb goes off.”

Dong Xuebing’s face turns black.

That young officer continued. “After that, Mayor Xie walked up to Wu Daguang and ordered all the officers to leave. She tried to delay time by speaking to Wu Daguang, and let the nearby people leave. Soon, Mayor Xie and Wu Daguang are the only ones in front of the building. Maybe Wu Daguang also does not want to kill himself. He saw a few Police officers aiming their guns at him from a distance, and he quickly dragged Mayor Xie into the building. The officers at the scene were afraid they would agitate him and did not follow.”

After that, the police vehicles arrived and cordoned the area.

When the officers entered the office building, they saw Mayor Xie on the first floor, with a time bomb strapped on her. Wu Daguang is nowhere to be seen.



This is Wu Daguang’s revenge for his brother!

Dong Xuebing asked angrily. “Where did he get the bomb?”

The officer replied. “Before Wu Daguang and his brother were sent to jail, they are dealing with bombs. The bomb should be made by him, but I am not sure about the timer. I heard he was close with a triad in the past, and he might have contacted them when he was on the run. The timer might be given to him by that triad, or he had gotten it before he entered jail.”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “How much time is left on the time bomb?”

The police officer looked at his watch. “Less than 15 minutes.”

15 minutes?!

When Dong Xuebing received the call, he had wanted to use BACK. But Xie Huilan was already held hostage, and he had used some of his powers at the shooting range. Now, he has less than 20 minutes left. It is not enough to return to the time before she was caught. F**k! 15 minutes! Sister Xie’s life will end in 15 minutes! Wu Daguang! I will f**king kill you!

The leaders on the other side were also panicking and anxious. The County’s Mayor is held, hostage? Strapping a timebomb on the County’s Mayor? The impact of this incident is terrible! Xiang Daofa ordered the bomb must be defused, and Liang Chengpeng must arrest that fugitive at all costs! Cao Xupeng must evacuate the crowd and minimize casualties. All of them must suppress this incident and prevent it from blowing up!

Everyone’s attention in Yan Tai County is in this office building.

Nervous, anxiety, panic, etc. are on everyone’s face, and they had pinned all their hope on the bomb disposal squad. The two bomb disposal experts had entered the building for quite some time now.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Three minutes…

Dong Xuebing was pacing up and down outside of the cordoned area, anxiously. His heart is beating fast and is afraid that he will hear an explosion. Hu Silian and Huang Li’s emotions are like Dong Xuebing. They are panicking and emotionally unstable. Wei Nan, Zhou Zi, and Hou Zi had also driven over, but they stopped far away from the building. They looked at the building, and other than frowning, Wei Nan did not have any other expression.

Suddenly, two men, in a thick bomb suit, walked out of the building!

It’s the two bomb disposal experts!

Hu Silian quickly asked. “How is it? Is the bomb defused?”

Dong Xuebing also ran over to the bomb disposal experts. Xiang Daofa and the rest of the leaders were also looking at them.

The older bomb disposal expert said. “The timebomb is not an ordinary bomb, and the internal structure is too complicated. We can only remove the outer casing and dare not touch the wires and metal pieces inside. We are afraid that the bomb might go off if we touch it.” He sighed and continued. “I can’t do anything, and we can only wait for the bomb disposal experts from the City and Provincial government.”

Liang Chengpeng’s face changed. “We only have 10 minutes left! How can we wait for them?!”

Xiang Daofa said. “The people from the City Government will not be here in time. How confident are you two on defusing the bomb?”

The bomb disposal experts looked at each other and said. “Not even 1%. We seldom see such bombs, and there is a balance device attached inside. Mayor Xie cannot even move, as we suspect any movements might make the bomb goes off. Also, this bomb is very powerful. Our bomb suits are not strong enough to block it. Once the bomb goes off, no one within the blast radius will survive.”

Huang Li panicked. “Hurry up and think of other solutions!”

The experts kept quiet as they had run out of ideas.

Everyone was in despair. If the bomb cannot be defused, Mayor Xie will be dead. How can this happen?!

The leaders were looking terrible, as none of them want to see this happening!

Xiang Daofa ordered the cordon to be extended, and everyone had to move 20 meters back. Liang Chengpeng also knew there is not enough time, but he still asked the two bomb disposal experts to think of something. The bomb disposal experts can only return to the office building. News of this situation had spread to Beijing, and Beijing Party Committee Secretary Xie Guobang was furious. He immediately calls his former subordinate, Huang Li, and questioned him angrily. Xie Huilan’s mother heard the news and knew her daughter only have less than 10 minutes to live, she fainted!

It was chaotic at the scene!

Time passes quickly, and only nine minutes left!

The bomb cannot be defused! The City’s bomb disposal squad cannot reach in time! It’s too late! They don’t have enough time!

Xiang Daofa and the rest of the leaders had given up on rescuing Xie Huilan. Even if the bomb disposal squad reached, they might also not defuse the bomb. Huang Li’s face is pale as he looked at the office building. Hu Silian, who was beside him, started sobbing. Dozens of Police Officers were searching for Wu Daguang in the vicinity. The situation is gloom.

Dong Xuebing looked at the office building in a daze and could feel his hands and feet turning cold.

Is Sister Xie going to die in nine minutes?

Suddenly, something in Dong Xuebing’s head snapped. He threw his bag on the floor, jumps over the Police cordon tape, and started walking towards the building.

“Chief Dong!”

“Xiao Dong! Where are you going?”

“Come back! The bomb is about to go off!”

Many people shouted at Dong Xuebing to return. Even the County’s bomb disposal experts cannot do anything with the bomb, let alone Dong Xuebing. He is only going to die in vain. Liang Chengpeng shouted. “Stop him! Quick! Don’t let Chief Dong go in!” At this moment, they cannot afford to have any more casualties.

Two officers, who were nearest to Dong Xuebing, rushed over.

But Dong Xuebing is faster than them. He raised his arm and punched one of the officers. “Get lost!” The other officer hesitated and dared, not go forward. Everyone knows Chief Dong is a good fighter. If Chief Dong is determined to go in, even ten officers cannot stop him.

Within seconds, Dong Xuebing entered the building, and no one dares to go closer.

The lobby on the first floor is in a mess. Flowerpots, cups, stationaries, documents, etc. were scattered everywhere.

Dong Xuebing walked across the lobby, and there is a row of offices on his left. The door of the third office is opened, and there are two transparent riot shields left behind by Police Officers, some bomb defusing tools, and a bomb suit. A soft beeping sound can be heard from inside the office, and every beep, made Dong Xuebing’s heart beat faster.

One step… two steps… three steps…

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and walked to the door.

Xie Huilan is sitting on a chair quietly, and one hand is holding on to that timebomb tied to her waist. The outer cover of the bomb had been removed, and wires and copper plates are exposed. There is a small LCD screen showing the remaining time. 8 minutes 10 seconds. Xie Huilan is looking terrible and breathing slowly. She dares not to breathe heavily, as she is afraid any movements will cause the bomb to go off earlier.

Dong Xuebing opened his mouth, but don’t know what to say.

Xie Huilan saw Dong Xuebing, and her expressions changed. “What are you doing here?”

Dong Xuebing did not reply to her and walked closer.

“Don’t come near!” Xie Huilan frowned. “This has nothing to do with you! Get out now!”

Dong Xuebing replied in his hoarse voice. “How can this be nothing to do with me?!”

Xie Huilan controlled her breathing and screamed at Dong Xuebing. “What are you going here?! The bomb is going to go off in a few minutes! Get out of here immediately!”

Dong Xuebing ignored her and looked at the bomb.

Xie Huilan snarled. “Who is the one that says he will not pester me or meddle in my affairs, in the future? You are the one, right?” Xie Huilan took a deep breath and shouted. “Get lost!”

Dong Xuebing points to the cable tied around Xie Huilan’s waist. “This strap cannot be cut?”

Xie Huilan replied. “The bomb will go off immediately if it is cut.”

Dong Xuebing wiped his sweat and looked at the strap and the bomb. If he cut this strap, the bomb can be removed from Xie Huilan. One second… two seconds… Dong Xuebing turned and looked at the toolbox and riot shields, before bringing everything into the office. He knocked on the shield a few times to test the hardness and then pass it to Xie Huilan.

“Hold on to this.”


“Hurry up and hold on to the shield!”

Dong Xuebing shoved the riot shield into Xie Huilan’s right hand and picked up the other. Then he took out a cutter from the toolbox and walked over to Xie Huilan and stared at the strap. He took a deep breath and said calmly. “Don’t move. I will cut this strap and then throw the bomb away from you. The moment I remove the bomb, hide behind the riot shield.”

Xie Huilan frowned. “The riot shield will not withstand the blast!”

Dong Xuebing waved the other shield in his hand. “Two of these should be enough.” The bomb disposal experts had said that the shield is not strong enough against the blast. But Dong Xuebing had thought of a solution. After throwing the bomb, he will use the shield he is holding to shield himself in front of Xie Huilan. This way, he will bear the full impact of the blast, and Xie Huilan will have one more layer of protection. She will have a higher chance of surviving. “You don’t need to care about anything, and just protect yourself.”

Xie Huilan frowned and narrowed her eyes. “You are going to stand in front of me?”

Dong Xuebing raised the cutter. “Hurry up! Get ready!”

“Stop your nonsense and put down the cutter!” Xie Huilan shouts. “If you are going to stand in front of me…. what about you?!”

“You don’t need to care about me! Hurry! We have not much time left!”

“No! I don’t agree!”

Dong Xuebing also got mad. “I don’t care whether if you agree or not! Hurry!”

Xie Huilan screams at Dong Xuebing. “I don’t need you to save me! Get out of here immediately!”

“If I don’t save you, who will? You should know what I said yesterday is in a fit of anger.” Dong Xuebing stares at Xie Huilan. “Xie Huilan! We have only seven minutes left!” Dong Xuebing had made this decision within seconds. From the moment he stepped foot into the building, he had not thought of getting out alive. He realized how vital Xie Huilan is to him, and is willing to save her at all cost!

Xie Huilan threw the shield on the floor. “No! I don’t agree with this!”

Dong Xuebing raised his voice. “What’s there to disagree at this time?! Hurry up, or it will be too late!”

Dong Xuebing picks up the shield, but Xie Huilan refuses to hold it.

At this moment, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It is Liang Chengpeng. Dong Xuebing answered and ignored what Chief Liang said. He asked Chief Liang to pass the phone to the bomb disposal experts and told them his plan.

“No! You must not do that!”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Why?”

The bomb disposal expert replied. “You want to cut the strap? The moment the strap is cut, the bomb will go off. You will not have time to throw it away. Furthermore, even three riot shields cannot block the blast. If this method can work, we would have done it earlier.”

Dong Xuebing’s heart sank after hanging up the phone.

Xie Huilan could hear their conversation and look at Dong Xuebing. “This method will not work! Get out of here now!”

Dong Xuebing kept quiet and did not reply to her.

Xie Huilan got more anxious. “The bomb is about to go off! Hurry and get out of here!”

“How can I leave without you?!”

“Get out! Now!”

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and walked towards the door.

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing’s back and was relieved.

But what Dong Xuebing did next, shocked Xie Huilan. Dong Xuebing closed the office door and locked it from inside. After that, he clenched his fist and hit on the door’s handle. Bang! Bang! Bang! After hitting the handle three times, it was twisted out-of-shape. He tried to open the door but failed. The office door cannot be opened from inside and outside!

Xie Huilan shouted anxiously. “Dong Xuebing! What have you done?!”

Dong Xuebing exhaled and walked back to Xie Huilan. “How can I leave this place without you?!”

Only six minutes is left on the timer!

Dong Xuebing panted, controlled his anger, and reached out to hold Xie Huilan’s hand.

Xie Huilan was touched.

Dong Xuebing had blocked off his only escape route!

Xie Huilan knew what Dong Xuebing is going to do.

He wants to die with her!!!


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