Power and Wealth
Chapter 264 – Buying information!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 264 – Buying information!

The next day, the TV stations announced the list of stolen relics.

All the four pieces are above Second Grade Cultural Relics. The national treasure, Liu Shen Jade Suit Sewn with Golden Thread, is one of the items that is stolen. It caused an uproar as this relic is a significant piece of Chinese history. It is one of the earliest unearthed intact full jade suit. It is more valuable than most of other national treasures. It is stolen from Hebei Museum?!

Dong Xuebing’s mother was the first to call.

“Xiao Bing, I heard that the Provincial Museum was broken into. Are the criminals arrested?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Not yet. The Provincial Public Security is looking into this case, and they should be arrested soon.”

“Sigh… These people are….” Luan Xiaoping sighed. “too much.”

Not only Dong Xuebing’s mother is concern about this case. Discussion about this case are on the papers, news and the internet. Even when Dong Xuebing was at a traffic crossing, he overheard many people getting angry over this case. When the First Grade and Second Grade Cultural relics were stolen from Beijing, there was an uproar. This time, it is a national treasure that was stolen.

After arriving at the County Public Security Bureau, Dong Xuebing continued to monitor the situation.

One day passed…

Two days passed…

Three days passed…

The Provincial Public Security Bureau’s deadline of three days was up, but the stolen relics were not recovered. There were no new clues either. From the Museum’s CCTV footage, the police knew the suspects’ car model. It is a white Brilliance car, and the number plate was covered by a CD. The police managed to trace the vehicle, but the owner had reported his car was stolen more than six months ago. It was a stolen vehicle, and the clue ends there. There were no witnesses, fingerprints, or any other clues.

To appease the public, the Provincial Government fired a few leaders. one of them is the former Yan Tai County’s Party Secretary, Chang Lei. After he was forced to step down, he was transferred to the Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage. In the end, he become the scapegoat and was sacked together with a few other leaders from that department.


Liang Chengpeng called Dong Xuebing to his office.

“Chief Dong, the Provincial Public Security will be conducting a joint investigation with Shanxi Province on this case, and our County can relax on the checks.” From the few clues, the Brilliance car had appeared in Shanbei, and they should have escaped to Shanxi. They should not appear in Hebei Province again. Our County’s police force is low on manpower and cannot afford to waste our resources on this case. That’s why we will be dissolving the temporary investigation team.

Dong Xuebing understood the situation in the County, but he is unwilling to give up.

Liang Chengpeng looks at Dong Xuebing, and said. “I heard that you are not fully recovered, because of immerse mental stress, right?”

“Thank you for your concern.” Dong Xuebing continued. “I am fine now.”

Liang Chengpeng shook his head and points to Dong Xuebing. “You… are always letting people worrying about you. If I know that you are not fully recovered, I will not put you in charge of this investigation team. I will give you a week off to rest at home. Stop being so tense.”

Dong Xuebing smiled and said. “Chief Liang, I am really fine.”

“This is an order! Rest is important. The Public Security still needs you!”

Dong Xuebing did not argue with Chief Liang, and replied gratefully. “Thank you, Chief Liang.”

Dong Xuebing is a capable subordinate and there are still lots of unsolved cases in the Bureau. Why did Liang Chengpeng still ask him to take one week off work? Yesterday, when Liang Chengpeng went to the County Government for a meeting, Secretary Hu mentioned about Dong Xuebing’s medical condition to him. She told him that Dong Xuebing cannot get agitated or face too much pressure. Although it was a casual remark, Liang Chengpeng knew it was a message from Mayor Xie. If not, Secretary Hu would not mention about this. That’s why Liang Chengpeng decided to let Dong Xuebing take another week break, and will not assign dangerous tasks to him.

Liang Chengpeng is one of Xiang Daofa’s men, but he does not want to go against Mayor Xie.

This is politics. As long as they don’t fallout completely, or involves interests, government officials will give in to each other. of course, Liang Chengpeng also does not dare to go against Mayor Xie, as Xie Huilan is still considered his superior.

Back at the office, Dong Xuebing rubbed his temples.

The past few months, I had not done any work, and I must take another week off?

Dong Xuebing wants to say that he is not weak and can take on any jobs. But Chief Liang is concerned about his health and he will be seen as someone ungrateful if he insisted to work. Sigh… This museum break-in case is still not solved and he must take another break. When can he get another First-grade Merit? When can he get promoted to Section Chief? Dong Xuebing is not someone that gives up easily. Furthermore, he is determined to solve this case.

The investigation must continue! Anyway, I am not officially on break today!

Dong Xuebing does not have high hopes of solving this case, but he made an discovery.

In the afternoon, the Internet Crime division called.

“Chief Dong, I am Wang Bo, of the Internet Police.”

“Oh, what is it?” When Dong Xuebing was newly transferred to Yan Tai County, he had worked with Wang Bo on the Website hacking case.

Wang Bo said something alarming. “Someone might know the whereabouts of the relics.”

“Ah?” Dong Xuebing’s eyes brightens up. “Who is this person? Where are the relics?”

Wang Bo told Dong Xuebing that they are not sure where the items are, and does not even know if this information is reliable. They had found out this information in an email, when they are monitoring the internet. The email mentioned briefly about the Museum case, and the internet police immediately check the email’s registration address. But all the information provided were fake, and there is no physical address. But Wang Bo did not treat this information lightly, as he is afraid he would miss out any clues. So, he immediately reports to the Bureau.

But Chief Liang thought nothing about this and asked Wang Bo to inform Chief Dong.

Dong Xuebing listened and did not treat it seriously too. Most of the information on the internet are fake and maybe someone is putting up fake news. He thought for a while and said. “Send me his email address, and you all try to trace him.”

“Yes.” Wang Bo replied. “The email address is [email protected]

Since Dong Xuebing has nothing to do, he decided to see if he can get anything out from this lead.

Dong Xuebing immediately registered a Yahoo email account, and send an email to that email address. He did not beat around the bush as he does not believe this person knows where the relics are. In his email, he only wrote a sentence. “You know the whereabouts of the stolen relics from Hebei Museum?”

A few minutes later, sasasa668 replied. “Who are you?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I heard a friend mentioning about you and I am curious.”

sasasa668 replied. “Pikachu’s friend?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Yes. Where are the relics?”

About five to six minutes later, sasasa668 replied. “I don’t know. I am lying to Pikachu.”

Dong Xuebing continued to send this person emails, but sasasa668 did not replied. Dong Xuebing frowned and felt this person’s reaction is different from those who likes to boast. He is too careful and serious. He has a feeling that this person might know something, and continued to send emails. Seeing there is no replies from this person, Dong Xuebing decided to throw a lure. “I will give you 100,000 RMB for information. Are you interested?”

sasasa668 finally replied. “Who are you?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Someone patriotic.”

sasasa668: “… I really don’t know anything. Ask someone else.”

You are not moved by 100,000 RMB? Dong Xuebing thought for a while and send a reply. “1 mllion!”

sasasa668: “Even if you offer 10 million, I also have no information for you.”

Dong Xuebing blinked. “How about 20 million? You should have information if it is 20 million, right? Bro, don’t be in a hurry to reject my offer. I also want to recover those relics. Don’t worry. If anyone ask, I will not reveal your name. Furthermore, all I have is your email address, and no one knows your actually identity, right? 20 million, and you can tell me once I give you the money. Let’s meet in Hebei.”

sasasa668 was stunned. “Are you serious?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Of course. That batch of relics is worth at least a few billion. 20 million is the highest offer, but your information must be accurate.”

sasasa668 replied after a long pause. “How are we trading?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Let’s talk after we meet. You will pick the location.”

The other party kept quiet. Dong Xuebing starts to wonder. No one should hesitate in front of 20 million. Dong Xuebing has no intentions of giving that person the money, and only want to catch him for interrogation. When this person is brough back to the station for interrogation, they will get all the information out of him.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Suddenly, there is a new incoming mail. Only a time and address is stated in the mail.

Dong Xuebing looked at the address and it is not far from the bureau. But the other party wants to meet tomorrow. Dong Xuebing does not want to way, and negotiated with sasasa668. In the end, they agreed to meet at an ICBC branch along the Provincial West road one hour later.

Dong Xuebing immediately leave his office and drives towards the location.

At 3 pm sharp, Dong Xuebing waited outside ICBC bank. But after ten minutes, no one appeared. He frowned as he looks at his watch. Is sasasa668 lying?

At about 3.30 pm, a middle-aged man with sunglasses walked towards the impatient Dong Xuebing.

“You are dong1?” That man looked at the color of Dong Xuebing’s shirt.

Dong Xuebing looks at that man. “Yes. You are sasasa668?” Dong Xuebing clenched his fist, and is ready to pin him down anytime. He wishes to interrogate this person personally as he can use force to torture him and used BACK after he gotten the information he wants.

The middle-aged man shook his head. “I am not. sasasa668 sent me over.”

Dong Xuebing’s frowned. “Where is he? Why is he not here? Didn’t we agree to transact face to face?”

“You can deal with me.” The middle-aged man is careful and kept looking at his surroundings. “Have you brought the money?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “There is no problem with the money, but you must convince me that your information is accurate. If you are lying, I will be wasting my money.” Dong Xuebing paused for a second. “Tell me where the relics are first.”

The man shook his head. “I don’t know what you are talking about, and don’t even know about what deal you have with sasasa668. He only told me to deposit the money. After the money is in, I will call him, and he will speak to you.”

“You don’t know anything?”

That man shook his head. “I am here to collect money.”

This person is too careful. Dong Xuebing could not tell if this man is lying or he is really sasasa668. What should I do? Should I still proceed with the plan? But if this man does not know anything, it will be useless to bring him back, and sasasa668 will be alarmed. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and suddenly have an idea. “Alright. I will trust you all this time.”

The middle-aged man looks around and then turns to look at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing took out a cheque from his bag and start writing it. “20 million! Here!”

The middle-aged man’s hand is shaking as he took the cheque.

Dong Xuebing asked. “You can tell me the information now.”

“The money must be in first.” The man is afraid the cheque will bounce, and entered ICBC bank.

This cheque book if given to Dong Xuebing by Qu Yunxuan. All the cheques in the cheque book has been signed and stamped with the Company stamp. All Dong Xuebing needs to do is to write a figure, and write a code on it. Yun De Auction Company has slightly less than 30 million cash in the bank account, and this cheque of 20 million will not bounce. Dong Xuebing is also not worried that the bank will reject this cheque.

After a while, the middle-aged man walks out of the bank.

Dong Xuebing smiles. “Have you check with the bank?”

That man nodded and said. “Wait. I will make the call now.” He took out a phone and dialed a number. After the line got through, he said something and pass the phone to Dong Xuebing. “He wants you to answer.”

Dong Xuebing took the phone. “Hello, sasasa668?”

“Yes.” It was a hoarse voice. “The cheque has been verified.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You have seen my sincerity. I do not want any fake information, or I will track you down even if you are hiding in the Northwest!”

sasasa668 felt Dong Xuebing is not lying. For someone to intercept his emails, and to take out 20 million without blinking, he must have strong backing. sasasa668 even suspect Dong Xuebing is related to the police. “Trust is very important when doing business. Don’t worry. I am not giving you any fake information. I got to know this piece of information by chance. That group of men had only sent one person to drive the car to Shanxi Province, and left it there. This is to divert the police’s attention. They are going to bring the items out of the country by sea.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Are you sure?”

“It should be 80% accurate. The items should still be in Hebei province. Remember the name of this Bath parlor, “Hai Bing.” This parlor is involved in this case. I don’t know how they are involve in this, but I know the relics are in their hands two days ago. Maybe they had bought it the items or because of some other reasons.”

“Do you have any more information?”

“That’s all I know.”

Dong Xuebing hangs up, and shouted, ‘BACK six minutes!’

The scene changed!

Dong Xuebing felt slight giddiness, and the next moment, a middle-aged man walks up to him.

“Are you dong1?” The man looked at Dong Xuebing’s shirt.

Dong Xuebing looks at him and shook his head. “No.”

The middle-aged man nodded and looks around for a man in striped shirt.

Dong Xuebing smiles and walked to his Mercedes. He did not turn back and drove away straight. Luckily, he did not arrest that man on the spot, or he will miss out this important piece of information. BACK is very useful in these situations.

The middle-aged man waited outside the bank for a long time, before calling sasasa668 to inform him.

sasasa668 sighed. “Don’t need to wait anymore. Come back now.”


To sasasa668, one or two million is nothing. His business is doing well and does not need to take any risks. But Dong Xuebing offered twenty million RMB, and sasasa668 considered for a long time before making this decision. But the other party did not appear. Sigh… but this is also good for sasasa668. If his identity is leaked, who knows what troubles he needs to face. He might even be killed before he gets to spend the money.

sasasa668 if fine not making this transaction, but unaware to him, Dong Xuebing has gotten the information he wants.


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