Power and Wealth
Chapter 267 – Undercover officer meeting with another undercover officer!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 267 – Undercover officer meeting with another undercover officer!

Night. 10 pm.

The Manager Office.

Ma Wentao was impressed by Dong Xuebing for getting everything right. Dong Xuebing’s appraisal of the antiques is the same as the expert. Furthermore, the expert who validated the antiques had to use machines to check it and had to check with another expert on his findings. But Dong Xuebing is alone and did not even use a magnifying glass to appraise it. This is not something that can be learned within a day or two. Ma Wentao is pleased with Dong Xuebing as he needs someone who knows about antiques urgently.

But Ma Wentao was also suspicious. “How long have you been dealing with antiques?”

Dong Xuebing smiled shyly. “Since young, I have been making fake antiques.”

“You are quite good at this…” Ma Wentao frowned and asked suspiciously. “Why didn’t you enter the antique trade or be an appraiser?”

Dong Xuebing knew Ma Wentao is getting suspicious and quickly explained. “To be honest, I am not very confident in my appraisal. I had only learned how to make fake antiques from my relatives. I can only tell whether if an antique is fake or looking out for signs of counterfeit and made a guess from it. If you showed me an ordinary porcelain item, I would not know whether if it is fake. There are too many limitations to the things I know. Most antique shops will not hire me. I am not sure if I am wanted by the Police after some of my relatives were caught, and I don’t dare to go apply for work at the antique shops.”

This is a good explanation.

Ma Wentao nodded and laughed. “Alright! From today onwards, you will follow me!”

Dong Xuebing happily replied. “Thank you, Manager Ma, for giving me this opportunity.”

“Haha… just call me Brother Ma will do.” Ma Wentao continued. “Don’t tell anyone about the things you see today. I will bring you to look at some antiques a few days later, and I want you to see if there are signs of counterfeits. Hmm… These few days, you don’t need to wash towels. I will get someone to bring your luggage to the top floor, and you will stay in a single room.” The top floor is the third floor of the building, and it is where the manager’s office and management staff live. It is considered out of bounds for the rest of the staff.

Dong Xuebing replied excitedly. “Thank you, Brother Ma.”

Ma Wentao laughed. “Just let me know if you need anything. If you want, you can get one of the hostesses to accompany you for the night. Just let Xiao Liu know.”

Dong Xuebing thanked Ma Wentao gratefully.

After a while, Ma Wentao asked Dong Xuebing to leave.

After Dong Xuebing left, Ma Wentao’s smile disappears from his face. He told one of the men in suit. “You go and check Xie Hao’s luggage. Confiscate all his communication devices like handphones and laptops. Watch him closely, and he is not allowed to step out of the parlor or make any calls. Other than these, fulfill all his requests. The boss needs him in a few days.”

“Yes!” That man replied and walked out of the office.

Dong Xuebing was brought to a single room at the end of the corridor.

Although this is a single room, this room is fitted with European style furniture. Dong Xuebing pretended to be curious and touched everything excitedly. He even jumped on the bed excitedly, and the man who brought Dong Xuebing to the room looks at him silently before leaving.

Bang. The door closed.

Dong Xuebing’s eyes immediately turn cold.

If it were someone else, he or she would be overjoyed for being treated so well by Manager Ma. But Dong Xuebing does not think like this. Getting someone to bring up his luggage, and arranged to stay on the third floor is another way of constraining his movement. The phone in the room can only be called internally, and there is no way for him to call out. Maybe hidden cameras are monitoring his movements in the room, and he does not dare to show any expression.

Ma Wentao is too cautious.

Ma Wentao is suspicious of Dong Xuebing because he had appeared too suddenly. He had just joined the bath parlor a few days ago, and ‘coincidentally’ has antique appraising skills when Ma Wentao needed someone like this. Dong Xuebing is not in a hurry as he still has not seen the stolen relics. He has no intention of contacting the Police, and what he needs to do is to gain Ma Wentao’s trust.

After taking a shower, Dong Xuebing noticed something was amiss with the clothes he threw on the sofa from the corner of his eyes. His clothes were still in the same position, but it was different from his memories. Someone had searched for his clothes when he was in the shower. Manager Ma still has not to trust him completely.

Knock, knock, knock…

Dong Xuebing said loudly. “Come in!”

A pretty girl entered the room. “Here is your luggage.” The girl put down Dong Xuebing’s luggage in a corner.

Dong Xuebing nodded and took out a pack of 3 RMB cigarettes. He put a cigarette on his lips, and that girl immediately took the lighter on the table to lit it for him. The girl is wearing revealing clothes, short skirts, black stockings, and high boots. After lighting the cigarette for Dong Xuebing, she sat beside Dong Xuebing on the sofa and leaned against him.

Dong Xuebing glanced at her. “What are you doing?”

The girl smiled seductively. “The manager asks me to accompany you tonight.”

Dong Xuebing does not have the mood, and this girl is sent by Manager Ma. What if he said something in his dreams and exposed his real identity? But Dong Xuebing is now a small fry and should not reject any women. If he rejects this girl, Ma Wentao will be more suspicious. He thought for a while and said. “Alright. I don’t like your type. Get someone else to come in.”

The girl looked at Dong Xuebing angrily and stormed out of the room.

A few minutes later, three girls around 18 or 19, entered the room. They stood there to let Dong Xuebing pick.

Dong Xuebing examined each of them and said he does not like them. After the girls left his room, Dong Xuebing pretended to be eager and went out to look for a hostess he likes. But he was stopped by a man in a suit before he can even reach the stairs. Dong Xuebing was asked where he was going, and his reply is to go downstairs to pick a hostess. But that man refused Dong Xuebing’s request and told him that all the hostesses are at work. Dong Xuebing returns to his room, and no women were sent to his room.

Dong Xuebing had fooled Ma Wentao for the time being, and can only take one step at a time.

After switching off the lights, Dong Xuebing got under the covers.

One hour…

Two hours…

Three hours…

Dong Xuebing could not sleep well in this tense environment. He drifted in and out of sleep and kept thinking about his next move. He can almost confirm that the stolen relics is currently in the hands of the boss of Hai Bing Bath Parlor. It might even be hidden in the bath parlor, and Dong Xuebing must pretend to be an antique appraiser. Regardless of whether Ma Wentao trusts him or not, he must see the stolen relics with his eyes and find out where they are hidden before he can make his next move. Before that, he must not expose his identity, as this is his only opportunity.

It is quiet in the room at around 1 am.

Dong Xuebing could not sleep and got out of bed to light a cigarette and use the bathroom.

Ta… ta… ta… Dong Xuebing suddenly heard footsteps of people running outside of his room. What is happening in the middle of the night? He quickly pulled up his pants and pressed his ears against the door. He could hear footsteps getting nearer to his room. Out of curiosity, Dong Xuebing opened the door to see what was going on. He was shocked.

It was the woman he massaged in the afternoon.

Why is that woman here, and being chased?

“Stop! Stop her and don’t let her get away!”

“She is a cop!” One of the men chasing behind, shouted.

Dong Xuebing drew in a cold breath. That middle-aged woman is from the Police?! He watches as the woman ran towards him, and understood why the woman had been asking about the boss of the bath parlor. He tried to get information from her but felt he was being questioned by her instead. She had also asked about Ma Wentao. So, she is here on the same purpose as him. She is undercover!

Dong Xuebing did not suspect the woman’s identity.

Since Dong Xuebing knows about Hai Bing Bath Parlor, other officers might know about it too. If this woman is a police officer, that means Public Security is not sure about the accuracy of the information and had sent her to gather more information. However, her identity was exposed when she tried going to the third floor.

Is she really from Public Security?

Dong Xuebing stood there watching as the woman got closer. He knew the woman is running for the opened window at the end of the corridor.

At this time, a door opened, and Ma Wentao stepped out. He froze for a second, and one of the men told him that the woman had gone to the third floor sneakily. Ma Wentao frowned. There is no one in front of the woman except for Dong Xuebing, and the woman too fast for the rest to catch up. He immediately shouted to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Xie! Stop her! Quick!”

If there were a delay of one to two seconds, the woman would have escaped!

Dong Xuebing panicked. This group of people even dare to steal national relics and are outlaws. If the woman is a police officer, it will be the end for her if she is caught. But if Dong Xuebing lets her escape, his identity might also be exposed, and he will not get near to the stolen relics. But if he stopped that woman, his fellow officer’s life might be in danger…

Wait… Could this be a test by Ma Wentao?

No., it shouldn’t be. I was still an ordinary general worker in the afternoon. If they are suspicious of me, they will not allow me to work here in the first place. Why should they get me to massage that woman and ask that woman to pretend to be a cop? Yes. This is not logical, and the woman is a police officer!

Dong Xuebing knew he must now let the woman be caught!

F**k it! Saving her life is more important!

Dong Xuebing shouted and stretched out his arms to pretended to try to stop the woman. “Stop!”

The woman did not even look at Dong Xuebing and rushed over. Bam! She hit Dong Xuebing’s ribs with her elbows, and Dong Xuebing fell to the ground. The woman ran until the end of the corridor and jumped out of the windows!

They are on the third floor. Anyone that jumps out of the window will be dead or seriously injured.

But Dong Xuebing believes that someone who had received training will not be hurt.

“What is wrong with you?! You cannot even stop a woman?!” Ma Wentao scolded and ran over to the window.

Dong Xuebing followed behind and looked downstairs.

The woman is not injured.

But suddenly, two men ran out of the bath parlor’s backdoor towards the woman, and one of them is holding a police baton. The woman dodged an attack and continued running. But before she could escape, a man in a suit ran over and hit her leg with a baton!

The woman fell onto the floor, and the three men surrounded her!

One of them kicked her in the stomach, and another hit the back of her neck with the baton! After a few hits, the woman fainted.

Ma Wentao was worried that people might see them and signaled to the men to bring the woman in!

Dong Xuebing wanted to curse. This woman will be killed!

Before Dong Xuebing could worry about that woman, a pair of cold eyes were staring at him. It is Ma Wentao. Ma Wentao had been suspicious of Dong Xuebing, as Dong Xuebing’s appearance is too coincidental. He had his men watching Dong Xuebing closely and was afraid Dong Xuebing is an undercover officer.

Of course, Ma Wentao is only suspecting.

But now, Ma Wentao’s suspicion rose!

In the earlier circumstances, even a girl can stop that woman in the narrow corridor, let alone a grown man like Dong Xuebing. Even if Dong Xuebing cannot stop her, he could at least delay her for several seconds. But Dong Xuebing’s actions are too fake and fell with only a slight push. Ma Wentao could tell Dong Xuebing is purposely letting that woman escape! They are accomplices!

Xie Hao is also a police officer?

Ma Wentao stares at Dong Xuebing in his eyes.

Dong Xuebing knew he is in trouble, and Ma Wentao might found out what he tried to do! What should he do? Run? The whole corridor is filled with Ma Wentao’s men! He could not escape!

Yes! Dong Xuebing suddenly thought of an idea!

BACK one minute!

Everything in front of Dong Xuebing flashed!

“Xiao Xie! Stop her! Quick!”

Dong Xuebing got over the giddiness, and this time, he did not hesitate. He steps forward with his arms open wide. The woman reacted fast and tried to dodge Dong Xuebing by turning to her body to the left side. But Dong Xuebing reacted quickly and hit the woman on her shoulder before she could go under his arms!

The woman tripped but did not fall, and she managed to go past Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing fell onto the floor but did not give up. He reached out to grab the woman’s ankle!

The woman was running forward and fell forward. She turned around and kicked Dong Xuebing’s hand away with her right leg. Dong Xuebing knew the woman would not escape even when she had jumped out of the windows and might as well let him catch her. He endured the pain on his wrist and pushed himself forward. This time, Dong Xuebing wrapped his arms around the woman’s leg!

Ma Wentao and his men caught up to the woman!

Hou Qing’s face turns black and stopped struggling.

Ma Wentao shouted. “Tie her up and bring her to my office!”

Two men walked over and tied the woman up. They also stuffed a white cloth into her mouth to prevent her from shouting for help.

Dong Xuebing was still on the floor in pain. The woman had almost killed him with her kicks.

Ma Wentao looked at Dong Xuebing differently and went over to help him up. “Xiao Xie. Good job! Are you injured?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Ah… I’m fine. It’s just some minor injuries.”

Ma Wentao nodded. He had seen what Dong Xuebing did earlier, and the female officer might have escaped if not for Dong Xuebing. His suspicion of Dong Xuebing is now gone. If Xiao Xie is also a police officer and is in charge of helping the female officer, he would not try his best to stop her. The female officer also does not look like she knows Dong Xuebing.

Ma Wentao felt Xiao Xie is in his early twenties. If he is an officer, he will not have time to learn about antiques. He had seen Xiao Hao appraise the antiques and knew the knowledge requires years of experience. From this point, Xiao Xie should not be an undercover cop.

Ma Wentao patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulder and praised him.


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