Power and Wealth
Chapter 273 – He is a real police officer!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 273 – He is a real police officer!


Dong Xuebing was afraid someone might be hiding in the basement. He starts searching the rooms and toilets quietly.

One room…

Two rooms…

Three rooms…

Everyone was gone. They should be upstairs or outside.

Dong Xuebing braced himself and walked to the stairs. He looked up and was about to go up when he heard sounds of footsteps behind him. There are still people in the basement? His first reaction is to grab his gun behind him and turn around. He was surprised to see Hou Qing, Xiao Wang, and Brother Yu walking towards him. Hou Qing is holding on to her gun with both hands, and Xiao Wang is helping the injured Brother Yu.

“Why did you all come out?” Dong Xuebing asked softly.

Hou Qing forced a smile. “My shooting might be average, but at least I can provide some cover for you.”

“No. You also said it is too dangerous.” Dong Xuebing shook his head. “I am fine by myself. Hurry and get back inside.”

Hou Qing did not move. “We had discussed, and we cannot let you risk your life. My life was saved by you, and I will not grumble if I am killed. Xiao Wang and Xiao Yu think so too. Furthermore, we are from the Public Security, and criminals should be the ones who hide from us. How can we hide from them? Haha… You are betting your everything in this, why can’t we do the same?”

Dong Xuebing thought in his heart. How can you all be the same as me? I am not afraid of bullets.

“No. All of you are injured and will only be a burden to me.” Dong Xuebing said.

Brother Yu added. “Let’s stop talking about this. Their boat is leaving.”

“But you all…”

Hou Qing thought for a while and said. “We will support you from the stairs and will not go outside. With the walls as cover, we should be safe. You are still not exposed and don’t need to clash with them the moment you go out. You can get closer to them and wait until you find a place with sufficient cover before you act. Once you open fire, we will provide cover from here. This way, the chances of succeeding will be higher.”

Dong Xuebing frowned.

“That’s decided.” Hou Qing checked her gun again.

Dong Xuebing had no choice but to agree with Hou Qing’s plan. They crept up the stairs quietly.

From their discussion earlier, Dong Xuebing could tell from their expression that only Hou Qing can help him. At least Hou Qing is bolder than the other two officers. Xiao Wang and Brother Yu were still in a daze. Although they are with Dong Xuebing and Hou Qing, they are not prepared mentally. After all, one of them is injured, and the other is a rookie.

At the corner of the stairs, all of them stopped.

Dong Xuebing whispered. “Alright. You will wait here. I will go out and take a look. After you all hear gunshots, come out and provide support for me.”

Hou Qing nodded. “Be careful.”

“Yes. You all must be careful too.” Dong Xuebing pulled his shirt out to cover his gun on his back.

The main door is opened on the first floor. Dong Xuebing can see a few men in suits standing at a distance, and no one is in the building. Dong Xuebing looked around and continued his way upstairs. He went to the office to look for the Boss. If the Boss is captured, it will be easier to arrest the rest. However, the office is empty. All the cultural relics had been moved, and the safes and cabinets are empty.

Dong Xuebing made a quick search on the second floor, and could not find anyone.

After that, Dong Xuebing returned to the first floor. He said loudly to himself. “Why is the house empty? Did everyone leave?” These words are to let Hou Qing they all know that the building is empty before he goes outside.

It is a secluded area and looks like an abandoned port. Dong Xuebing cannot see any boats by the coast, but those men are on standby there. He cannot see the Boss around and can see Manager Ma giving out orders in the distance, and some men patrolling the area. Both sides of the road leading to the building were blocked by a truck and a few cars. These should be used as barricades and cover if the police arrive.

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat. This will not be an easy battle.

Even a team of armed officers cannot break through the defense in a short time, let alone Dong Xuebing. Many of the men might be hiding somewhere. They might be hiding in or under the cars. From where Dong Xuebing is standing, he cannot see every corner of the place. Inside the building, Hou Qing, Xiao Wang, and Brother Yu heard what Dong Xuebing said and climbed up to the first floor quietly. They hide by the windows and peep outside. When they saw the defense barricade put up by the criminals, their hearts sunk. Even a sneak attack is impossible. How are they going to fight?

Hou Qing started to panic and wanted to call Dong Xuebing to come back.

Xiao Wang and Brother Yu turn pale. This is not looking good!

Dong Xuebing also knew about the situation, but he cannot retreat now.

“Eh? Xiao Xie?” A man in sunglasses walks up to Dong Xuebing. “Why are you alone?”

Dong Xuebing pretended to be scared. “Brother Liu and Brother Hei are killing those policemen.”

That man replied. “Wait. I heard the gunshots sometime ago. Why are they still inside?”

“They are disposing the dead bodies. I cannot stand the sight and come out.”

Dong Xuebing pretended as if he is going to puke. That man laughed and patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulder. “You have never seen dead bodies? When I saw it for the first time, I have the same reaction as you. Don’t worry. Just take in some fresh air, and you will be fine.” That man looked towards the building and mumbled. “We are leaving the country, why is there a need to dispose the dead bodies? This is a waste of time.” He thought for a while and is about to go in to stop them.

Dong Xuebing saw this and quickly take out a pack of cigarettes. “Brother, have a smoke.”

“No. Brother Ma is around.” That man shook his head as he looks towards Ma Wentao.

Dong Xuebing will not allow this man to enter the building as they will be discovered. He pulled that man lightly and asked. “I see that you are always following beside Boss. How come I didn’t see Boss around?”

That man saw Dong Xuebing was chatting with him and did not continue his way to the building. “Oh, the Boss is in the car.”

“What about the goods? Are the goods in the car too?” Dong Xuebing asked.

That man frowned. “Why are you asking about this?”

“Sigh… I wonder when we can get the money?”

“Hahaha… don’t worry. All the goods are in the car.” That man laughed.

Ma Wentao saw Dong Xuebing and walked over. “Xiao Xie, are those police officers settled?”

Dong Xuebing replied politely. “They are dead. Brother Liu and Brother Hei are disposing the dead bodies and will be coming out soon.”

Ma Wentao cursed. “What’s there to dispose of? Ask them to come out now!”

The man in sunglasses nodded and started walking towards the building.

Dong Xuebing panicked. “Manager Ma, Brother Liu…”

“Alright. Xiao Xie, you will follow me. Go and wait by the car.” Ma Wentao waved Dong Xuebing away. To him, Xiao Xie is a weakling and cannot fight at all. But he is good at authenticating antiques, and they might still need to use him in the future. If the police arrive and there is a gunfight, Xiao Xie might piss in his pants.

That man is already five to six meters away from Dong Xuebing.

One step…

Five steps…

Ten steps…

Hou Qing, Xiao Wang, and Brother Yu also discovered that man approaching the building.

This man is going to mess up Dong Xuebing’s plan. Even if Hou Qing, Xiao Wang, and Brother Yu returned to the basement, that man would also discover the Crew-cut and Lao Hei’s bodies. They will be discovered regardless if they open fire or not. Once they are discovered, Ma Wentao will know Dong Xuebing is also an undercover officer. What Dong Xuebing will be facing are countless bullets!

“Xiao Xie?”


“Go. What are you waiting for?” Ma Wentao asked.

That man in sunglasses is reaching the entrance of the building. Five meters… four meters… three meters…

At that moment, Dong Xuebing decided. He reached behind his back and pulled out his gun. Ma Wentao was stunned, but he reacted fast. He leaned his body to his side and jumped to avoid getting shot. However, Dong Xuebing seems to know the direction he is jumping to and fires there before he jumped!


Blood spurt out of Ma Wentao’s head as he landed on the ground. His body twitched a few times on the ground and cannot get up anymore!

Before the rest of the men can react, Dong Xuebing pointed his gun at the man approaching the building. That man had heard the first gunshot and quickly got to the ground. From this distance and angle, it is almost impossible to hit him. But Dong Xuebing fired, and that man’s sunglasses cracked. Dong Xuebing had shot him in his head!

It was only for two seconds!

Two shots were fired, and two men killed!

“Is that Xiao Xie?”

“Brother Ma is dead?”

“Get behind covers! Quick! What the f**k is going on?”

“Damn! Xiao Xie is a cop?!” Everyone realized what was going on.

When Dong Xuebing wants to shoot a few more people, he realized all the men were hiding behind the cars, pointing their guns at him. Bang… bang… bang… at least five or six shots were fired at Dong Xuebing as he took cover behind Ma Wentao’s body. Bullets were flying past his head, and some were hitting the ground in front of him.

“Kill him!”

“Revenge for Brother Ma!”

This group of men was furious and started firing at Dong Xuebing!

Hou Qing, Brother Yu, and Xiao Wang, who was hiding in the building, were looking pale. Hou Qing shouted at the top of her voice. “Xiao Dong! Get back inside! Hurry!” She sticks her hand out of the window and fired two rounds without aiming. She hopes this can provide some cover for Dong Xuebing, but Dong Xuebing is at least thirty to forty meters from the building. With so many people shooting at him, how can he get back to the building safely? This is the worst situation, and Dong Xuebing might be killed any second!

Bang… bang… bang…

Bullets rained down at Dong Xuebing’s direction!

But suddenly, something weird happened. Dong Xuebing might seem to be killed for sure, but none of the bullets hit him. Dong Xuebing will move his arms, roll on the ground and pull Ma Wentao’s body to shield him suddenly. He does not even have a scratch on him. Although lying on the ground will make him a smaller target, at least one bullet should hit him with so many people firing at him…

The gunshots died down as many men need to reload.

Hou Qing gasped at Dong Xuebing’s luck. He is unharmed after so many people firing at him. She quickly fired another two shots and shouted. “Quick! Run back! Now!” Xiao Wang and Brother Yu were standing beside the window, shaking.

With lesser people firing at Dong Xuebing, he grabbed Ma Wentao’s gun and stood up with guns in both hands.

The Boss, who is hiding behind the Accord, shouted. “Don’t let him getaway! Fire!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! A few rounds are fired!

But to everyone’s surprised, Dong Xuebing did not run. Instead, he started walking towards the men steadily!

The men from Bing Hai Bath Parlor were stunned. This guy had gone crazy?!

Hou Qing panicked. “Xiao Dong! What are you doing?! Get back!”

Brother Yu also shouted out to Dong Xuebing. “Come back!”

Dong Xuebing ignored their cries. He turned his body sideways suddenly, to dodge a bullet, and raise one of his legs. A bullet hit the spot where his leg was standing on. After that, Dong Xuebing raised his gun and fired. Bang! A tall skinny man hiding under a car was shot in the head, and he died before he can shout out in pain. Dong Xuebing moved his gun slightly and fired again. Bang! A man who was reloading behind a truck fell to the ground with blood gushing out of his temples!

Four men are killed!

At this time, Hou Qing had finished all her rounds and did not even hit one person. She cursed as she threw the gun on the floor. “This Xiao Dong is playing hero!”

Xiao Wang shouted to Dong Xuebing. “Be careful!”

Most of the people from Hai Bing Bath Parlor had reloaded and started another round of fierce firing.

But this time, Dong Xuebing did not even get to the ground. He just walks forward towards them slowly with his gun pointing forward. He aimed at one of the car windows and fired. The bullet went through the glass and hit a man, who had just reloaded, in his head, and he was killed on the spot! Dong Xuebing knew that his BACK is not enough for a prolonged battle and must settle this as soon as possible. Since they are firing at him, they must stick their heads out from their covers. This is an opportunity for Dong Xuebing to shoot them.

Dong Xuebing turned and walked towards a truck. He raised his gun and fired. One of the men had just stuck his head out behind the truck and was killed.

The sixth man!

Hou Qing, Xiao Wang, and Brother Yu, who were looking at Dong Xuebing, were stunned!

Dong Xuebing took this opportunity to get behind the truck and used the cars as cover. He can use BACK to dodge one or two bullets, and if seven or eight bullets hit him or landed around him at the same time, he will not be able to avoid it. That’s why he used the truck as cover to shield himself from some of the men.


Suddenly, a man appeared from the back of the truck. This man should have been hiding here since the start of the gunfight. He opened fire at Dong Xuebing suddenly, and Dong Xuebing just moved his head sideways, and the bullet grazed past his cheeks. Dong Xuebing could feel a burning sensation on his cheeks as he returned fire. Bang! Dong Xuebing hit that man between his brows.

The seventh man!

Dong Xuebing continued walking forward to the back of the truck and showed himself.

“He is over there!”

“Fire! Fire!”

Bang… bang… bang…!

Dong Xuebing quickly got down behind the back of the truck, and a second later, he jumped out and fired with two guns. Bang! Bang! Two men who were firing behind stopped firing suddenly and slowly collapsed to the ground. One of them is shot through his right eye, and the other is shot on his face.

Nine people are dead!

In less than two minutes, more than half of Hai Bing Bath Parlor’s men are killed!

The Boss was furious. “What the hell are you all doing?! You all can’t even kill one man?! Can’t you all aim properly?!”

At the start of the gunfight, everyone thought Dong Xuebing would be dead for sure.

How can one person survive when facing more than a dozen people in a gunfight? But this was the fact! None of them can understand why they just can’t hit Dong Xuebing regardless of how they aimed. The worst part is Dong Xuebing never missed a single shot. Every shot he fired will hit someone in the head!

Hai Bing Bath Parlor’s men were starting to be scared!

They felt they had met a ghost! How can someone like him exist in this world?!

In the building, Hou Qing took in a deep breath. She scene she imagined in her head never appeared. Instead, she saw Dong Xuebing walking towards the men when everyone is shooting at him, and he killed one person with every shot he takes. Dong Xuebing had also dodged bullets by moving his head and body sideways? She does not understand why someone like Dong Xuebing is in the Public Security System? One man winning against dozens of armed men so easily?

Brother Yu was also stunned by what he saw.

Xiao Wang could feel his blood rushing to his head when he saw Dong Xuebing’s heroic fight against those criminals. No other police officers can be compared to this man in front of him!

What is a police officer?

This is a real police officer!!!


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