Power and Wealth
Chapter 275 – Got locked up!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 275 – Got locked up!

Five minutes later.

Eastern coast of Zhang Ze City.

Police sirens can be heard from a distance, and seven to eight police cars arrived.

After a while, police cars surrounded the area, and all the officers alighted with their guns drawn. At the back, a team of armed police officers in full combat gear raised their automatic guns and were ready to storm the area. They saw the bodies of men in suits on the ground, and all of them were shot int the head. Other than Dong Xuebing, Hou Qing, Xiao Wang, and Brother Yu, there were no survivors. Even their top sharpshooter cannot shoot everyone in the head during a gunfight.

Sun Hai alighted from his car.

Xiao Wang and Brother Yu went up to greet him. “Chief Sun.”

Sun Hai looked around and asked. “Where are the relics?”

Brother Yu replied. “All the relics are recovered. The mastermind is arrested, and the rest of the criminals are shot dead.” Hou Qing and Dong Xuebing also walk over. But when they heard what Brother Yu said, they started to frown. Brother Yu made it sounds like it was all his credit.

Sun Hai nodded. “Good job! I will report your contributions to the higher-ups!”

Xiao Wang smiled embarrassedly. “We had not done anything. Chief Dong was the one who killed all those criminals.”

“Chief Dong?” Sun Hai looks towards Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing extended both hands for a handshake. “Chief Sun, I am Dong Xuebing from Yan Tai County Public Security.” Sun Hai is a Bureau Chief with Zhang Ze City. Regardless of whether he is the Bureau Chief or Deputy Chief, his rank is above Deputy Director, and Dong Xuebing had to show his respect.

Sun Hai heard Dong Xuebing is from a County’s Public Security and thought nothing of him. “Well done.”

Hou Qing also introduced herself and shook hands with Sun Hai.

Sun Hai did not care about Dong Xuebing and Hou Qing and is not bothered to find out who was the one that recovered the relics. He only cared about the relics and ordered his men to surround the Honda Accord. He even went over to verify the items before calling his higher-ups.

When Chief Sun is checking the recovered relics, Brother Yu did not stay still.

A few officers went up to him. “Brother Yu, you are injured?”

“I’m fine. It’s just a minor injury.” Brother Yu laughed.

“Congratulations. You will be getting the credit for solving this case.” A young officer laughed.

Another officer added. “That’s right. The whole country is talking about this case, and you managed to solve it.”

Brother Yu smiled and shook his head. “Xiao Wang and I just happened to past by, and we didn’t do much.” He was telling the truth but sounded like he is modest.

Hou Qing frowned. Xiao Wang cleared his throat but did not say anything.

Dong Xuebing does not like Brother Yu in the first place and felt disgusted by what he says now. This guy had not made a single contribution from the start to the end. He is a burden to them. Because of him, Dong Xuebing had to change his plans, and the criminals almost escaped. When Dong Xuebing is going out of the basement to catch those criminals, Brother Yu was unwillingly to follow and had no intentions to recover the relics. If Hou Qing did not insist on going out to help Dong Xuebing, he would still be hiding in the basement, waiting for reinforcements. Now, he is trying to make it look like he had made significant contributions to this case.

Dong Xuebing does not mind sharing the credit with others. Brother Yu and Xiao Wang were not much help to him, but they should get at least a Third-class merit or Second-class merit. After all, all of them were in a life or death situation together, and Dong Xuebing and Hou Qing will include them in their reports.

But what is going on now?

I still have not say anything, and you are trying to get credit?

I had saved your life! Don’t you think you are ungrateful?

Brother Yu did not care so much. He had been waiting for his promotion for too long, and will never give up this opportunity. Furthermore, he had said he did not help much in this case, and it is the leaders who interpreted his answers as being modest.

Hou Qing laughed softly and looks at Dong Xuebing. “This Xiao Yu is trying to get all the credit.”

Dong Xuebing does not care about him, and he can say whatever he wants. Anyway, he will get at least a First-class merit for this case. “Sister Hou, thanks for providing the cover earlier. If not for you, it will not be easy for me to kill all those criminals.” Dong Xuebing is hinting to Hou Qing that he will include her in his report.

Hou Qing laughed. “I know my standards. I had not shot anyone of them and even created trouble for you. How can I still ask for any credit? Haha…”

Look at how Hou Qing speak. Dong Xuebing has a favorable impression of her. Firstly, Hou Qing had gone undercover to investigate the stolen relics, and is not like Brother Yu and Xiao Wang. They just happened to past by this area and were caught by those criminals. Secondly, Hou Qing knew the situation is not in their favor. However, she still persuades Brother Yu and Xiao Wang to go out of the basement to help Dong Xuebing. The shots she fired might not provide adequate cover for Dong Xuebing, but at least she tried to stop those criminals from escaping, unlike Brother Yu.

After a while, Dong Xuebing felt it’s time to speak to Sun Hai. He walked over to Sun Hai and said. “Chief Sun, the case is over. I will drive the car with the relics back to the province to the Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage and Provincial Museum for authentication before returning them to the Museum.”

Sun Hai gave a cold reply. “No. We will handle this ourselves.”

Dong Xuebing’s face changed. “What do you mean?”

Sun Hai ignored Dong Xuebing and ordered an officer. “Bring the mastermind back for interrogation and try to get more clues. Bring the relics back to the Bureau too.”

“Yes, Sir!” That Officer walks off.

Dong Xuebing got mad. “Chief Sun, you can bring that person back, but the relics…”

Sun Hai frowned and interrupted Dong Xuebing. “You are from Yan Tai County, right? I will inform your contributions to the higher-ups. Just go to the hospital with them to treat your wounds. We will take over from here.” What Sun Hai meant is this case will be taken over by Zhang Ze City and has nothing to do with Dong Xuebing.


Dong Xuebing got furious. He knows that since this case happens in Zhang Ze City, it will be impossible to get around them. That’s why Dong Xuebing is willing to handover the Boss to the local Public Security Bureau and let them follow up on the case. This is like giving them part of the credit, but Dong Xuebing is the one who recovered the relics. He will not pass this credit away. This credit belongs to him and Yan Tai County, and the media must report that this case is solved by Yan Tai County’s Public Security.

But now, Sun Hai is trying to claim all the credit for himself?!

Dong Xuebing could not stand it anymore. Since the time he was locked up in the basement until he shot all the criminals and recovering the stolen relics, it was all his credits and had nothing to do with others. Even after all the criminals were killed and the mastermind arrested, Zhang Ze City’s Public Security Bureau’s men arrived late. They had not contributed anything, and now, they are trying to snatch all the credits from him.

How can anyone be so shameless?!

Dong Xuebing suppressed his anger and said. “Chief Sun, it is our Yan Tai County Public Security who had investigated this case from the start. We had investigated from these criminals’ hiding spots to recovering all the stolen relics. I don’t mind you all bringing back the mastermind and conducting the follow-up investigations. But the relics… shouldn’t the relics be brought back to Yan Tai County?” Dong Xuebing is not only doing this for himself but also Yan Tai County.

Sun Hai did not expect a lowly leader from a County Public Security to talk back at him and took a glance at Dong Xuebing. “This case happened in Zhang Ze City, and it’s right for us to take over from this. These relics are critical evidence in this case. How can we let you bring it back? If you want anything, get your leaders to speak to me!” He is implying that Dong Xuebing’s rank is too low to speak to him.

Dong Xuebing had underestimated this case.

This is a case that had attracted the attention of the whole nation. Since Sun Hai comes across this case, he will not let this opportunity slip. He does care who had killed all the criminals, or who recovered the relics. Everything happened in Zhang Ze City, and this case belongs to him. If Dong Xuebing is from a City’s Public Security Bureau, he might still speak to his superiors. But Dong Xuebing is from a small unknown County, and he felt he does not need to discuss anything with him.

Dong Xuebing looks at Sun Hai in his eyes. “You can get someone to accompany me when I bring the relics back to the province.”

“No need.” Sun Hai was getting irritated. “I said we would handle everything. Don’t you understand what I said?”

Damn! Dong Xuebing exploded! “Chief Sun! You are too much! I am the one who investigates this case, and I am the one who solves it. Now, I don’t even have the authority to bring back the relics?! How can you all take away my credits like this?!”

“What did you say?!” A Public Security Bureau Officer shouted at Dong Xuebing.

Brother Yu and Xiao Wang were standing nearby but did not say anything.

Dong Xuebing is not afraid of anyone. The way Brother Yu and the leaders from Zhang Ze City behave had pissed him off. “I want to know where are your people when the criminals are hiding in Zhang Ze City? When I was firing at those criminals, where are you all? Oh, now I had shot all the criminals, and recovered the relics, you all appeared and want to kick me out? Who does things like this?!”

Sun Hai’s face changed.

A leader from Zhang Ze City Public Security said. “Hey comrade, don’t think you are the only one who contributed to this case. Our Zhang Ze City’s officers had participated in this case too.”

Dong Xuebing sneered. “Who? Brother Yu? Sure. You can ask him what he did to solve this case?”

Brother Yu kept quiet, as he could not say anything now.

Dong Xuebing looked at Brother Yu and nodded. He had met many ungrateful people in his life, and Brother Yu is only one of them!

Hou Qing, who had been standing beside, also felt Zhang Ze City’s leaders were too much.

Sun Hai did not care about how Dong Xuebing thinks and can’t be bothered with him. He waved to his men. “Alright. Bring the relics back to the Bureau now!”

Dong Xuebing turned and stood in front of the Accord. “If we don’t make things clear, no one will leave!”

Sun Hai’s face turned cold and shouted. “You want to create trouble here, right?! Get him out of the way!” Sun Hai was pissed by Dong Xuebing. He is the Chief of Zhang Ze City’s Public Security Bureau. How can he listen to someone, lower rank than him, from a County Bureau?!

Two police officers rushed forward and tried to grab Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing had almost lost his mind. You still want to arrest me?! He immediately unleashed a kick. But the Officer on his left dodge the kick, and Dong Xuebing rush forward and gave him a right hook!

Bam! That skinny Officer took a few steps back and groaned in pain.

The Officer on the right immediately draws his gun and points it against Dong Xuebing’s head. “I dare you to move!” The bodies on the ground were evidence of Dong Xuebing’s fighting power, and the Officer is wary of him. That’s why he decided to draw his gun.

A gun?! You are pointing a gun at me?! Dong Xuebing looks at the Officer coldly. “I dare you to shoot me! Who are you trying to scare?!”

The situation becomes tense suddenly!

Sun Hai looked at Dong Xuebing and asked. “Show me your identification!”

“Hmph! When did you see, an officer brings his identification with him on undercover investigations?” Dong Xuebing asked Sun Hai back.

Sun Hai nodded. “Without any identifications, how do we know you are from Public Security? Bring him back for investigations!” Sun Hai is furious now.

Two other officers heard Sun Hai and pointed their guns at Dong Xuebing. “Come with us!”

Hou Qing panics. “Put down your guns! We are all from the same department! I can verify Chief Dong is from Public Security! Just let him make a phone call to his unit, and you all can verify his identity!”

The officers from Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau ignored Hou Qing, and only followed their Leader’s orders. All the officers point their weapons at Dong Xuebing and force him into the car. It was like escorting a dangerous convict. Brother Yu looks on without saying a word. He seemed to have forgotten Dong Xuebing had saved his life. On the other hand, Xiao Wang was panicking. He tried to speak up for Dong Xuebing, but Brother Yu pulled him back. He points to Chief Sun, and Xiao Wang can only sigh.

Dong Xuebing had reached a boiling point. He had painstakingly infiltrated Hai Bing Bath Parlor to wash towels for several days. He even risked his life to save the two Zhang Ze City Officers. Now, the case is solved, but all the credits were snatched away from him, and they even pointed their guns at him?!


Just wait and see!

Sun Hai did not want to arrest Dong Xuebing. For someone who can kill so many criminals with headshots and find out the criminals’ hiding place through some clues, it is not an ordinary person. But Dong Xuebing had talked back to him several times. This is insubordination and even hit his men in front of his officers. If he still doesn’t do anything to Dong Xuebing, he will lose respect from his men. No identification is a good excuse to bring Dong Xuebing back. He is only exercising within his authority, and no one can say anything. At most, he will release Dong Xuebing later at night.

What Sun Hai is considering is how to get information from the Boss. He wants to arrest everyone that was involved in this case. This way, Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau can claim all the credit, and add points to his resume. These are the only things he is concerned with.

The police cars drove back to the City.

All the officers were excited. This is a major case, and all of them will get some credit for solving it.

In the police car, Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes. He had been with Xie Huilan for too long and got her habit of narrowing eyes.

The Officer who was punched by Dong Xuebing was sitting beside him. “You dare to hit me?! I will make sure you regret it!”

Dong Xuebing gave him a stare. “Shut up!”

That skinny Officer immediately took out his handcuffs. “Try staring at me again?!”

Dong Xuebing sneered. “Stare at you? I’m afraid you will dirty my eyes!”

“F**k!” The Officer was furious and cuffed Dong Xuebing’s hands!

You dare to handcuff me?! Dong Xuebing suppressed his anger. “Fine. Young man, I will remember you.”

An older Officer kicked the Skinny Officer lightly. He is indicating to him not to go overboard. Every one of them knows Dong Xuebing is from the Public Security and will be released soon. Chief Sun is only bringing him back to the Bureau to vent his anger, and there is no need to make matters worse. But that skinny Officer did not care. He was punched in front of everyone and felt humiliated. Consequences? He does not need to care about the consequences. Even if Dong Xuebing is a leader from a County’s Public Security Bureau, they are from different regions. How can Dong Xuebing take revenge on him?

After a while, the car entered Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau.

The Police car stopped, and that skinny Officer pushed Dong Xuebing from the back. “Get out!”

Dong Xuebing was escorted off the vehicle and saw the Boss being handcuffed and escorted off another police car beside him. The Boss saw Dong Xuebing was being handcuffed and sneered at him, before being led away. The skinny Officer gave Dong Xuebing a hard push on his back and was brought away in another direction.

A few minutes later, Dong Xuebing was brought to a small room.

Before the skinny Officer leaves the room, he said. “We will verify your identity. If you are really from the Public Security, we will talk again. If not, you will stay here!”

Bang! The door was slammed shut!

The room only has a small window with grills, and nothing else. It was dark and did not even have a chair or table. Dong Xuebing knew this is not a detention room, but a dark room. His county Bureau also has a room like this.

Dong Xuebing looks at the cold walls of the room, and the handcuffs on his hands. He suddenly felt sad. He had put in his best efforts and even risked his life to solve this case. But in the end, he was locked up in a dark room with handcuffs. All the blood in his veins is boiling!

This will not end like this!

I will not let this matter rest!


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