Power and Wealth
Chapter 277 – Alarmed!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 277 – Alarmed!

Dong Xuebing hung up the phone and threw it back at the officers.

The older officer looked at Dong Xuebing and said. “Chief Dong, you still have not taken your lunch. Let’s go out and have some food.”

“Let’s go.” The skinny officer walks over to Dong Xuebing. “I will uncuff you now.”

Dong Xuebing leaned against the wall and replied coldly. “Go? Where am I going?! Didn’t you all hear what I said? If you all can’t give me a satisfactory answer, I will not go anywhere! Arrest me?! Handcuff me?! I will remain here until all these scores are settled! I want to let the Provincial leaders see your true colors!” Dong Xuebing had only wanted to create some problems for Zhang Ze City himself. But with Xie Huilan’s backing, he is more confident.

The older officer frowned. “Chief Dong, you…”

“Stop wasting time on him!” The skinny officer stepped forward and grabbed the keys from the older officer. “I don’t care if you want to remain here! I will uncuff you first!”

Dong Xuebing laughed at him. “It is easy to put the handcuffs on me, but it is not easy to remove it!”

The skinny officer shouted. “Shut up! Put your hand out!” He grabbed Dong Xuebing’s hands and tried to use force to uncuff him.

“Oh? You are trying to use force on me?” Dong Xuebing raised his brows and swung his hands upwards. Bam! The skinny officer was hit with an uppercut!

The skinny officer massaged his jaws and cursed. “F**k! You dare to assault an officer!?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Don’t try to slander me! I know about these tricks better than you. You are the one who asked me to put my hands out. All I did was follow your instructions. What’s wrong with that?”

The older officer pulled the skinny officer back. “Stop! Go back and report on the situation first!”

Dong Xuebing shouted. “Remember to bring a pillow and blanket over. I want a thick blanket, as I will be spending my winter here!”

The two officers reported the situation to Sun Hai in his office.

But Sun Hai had just received a call, informing him that the Provincial Public Security Leader and experts will be arriving in a few minutes. He does not have time to deal with Dong Xuebing. He thought for a while and told the skinny officer to lock the darkroom. Since Dong Xuebing refuses to leave the room, then I will lock him up temporarily and release him after the provincial leader leaves. He does not want Dong Xuebing to appear suddenly and say something inappropriate to the reporters. Sun Hai is used to covering up anything that is not to his benefit.

A few minutes later, the Provincial Leader and antique expert team arrived.

Reporters, who received the news, were also there. Sun Hai and a few other City Government Leaders were also standing outside of the bureau to receive the Provincial leader.

The darkroom.

Bam! The door was slammed shut suddenly, and Dong Xuebing can hear someone locking it from outside.

Dong Xuebing looked at the small window with vertical grills and sneered. After that, he sat on the floor and wait patiently with his head resting against the wall.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Twenty minutes…

Dong Xuebing overheard two Police officers speaking outside.

“The experts had verified those relics are authentic.”

“Really? Haha… our city will be in the limelight.”

“That’s right. Let’s go to the east building. I heard the Provincial Public Security Deputy Director Huo is here.”

Dong Xuebing’s heart went cold when he heard the excitement in Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau. This honor should be his, but now, Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau had snatched everything from him like a robber.

Not long later, a black figure past by the window.

One second later, the black figure returned and peeped through the window.

Dong Xuebing frowned and looked out of the small window. He saw a man outside. He thought he is one of the officers and was about to demand a blanket when that man points a camera at Dong Xuebing. He moved the camera about to adjust the focus to take pictures. Dong Xuebing was furious. I am already locked up, and you all still dare to take my pictures? What are you all trying to do? But suddenly, Dong Xuebing felt something was off. If this man is from Zhang Ze Public Security, why is he taking pictures of him so secretively?


This man is a reporter!

Dong Xuebing brightens up. He does not understand why this reporter comes over to take his pictures when they are supposed to report on the recovery of the stolen relics. The only possibility is that this reporter had gotten information that he is being locked up here and is planning to report on this. Xie Huilan was formerly a leader with the Central Publicity Department and had a wide network. This reporter might be sent by Sister Xie!

Who cares?!

Whatever the reason is, it is to my benefit!

Dong Xuebing immediately changed his facial expression and hung his head down. He put on a dejected and miserable expression.

Quick! Take my pictures!

Hurry up and take my pictures!

Click! Click! Click! After a few flashes, the black figure disappeared from the window.

At the same time, the sorrowful expression on Dong Xuebing’s face disappeared, and he started laughing to himself.


Yan Tai County.

County Mayor’s Office.

“Mayor, we received the pictures.” Hu Silian, who was in front of the PC, said.

Xie Huilan nodded. “Open up the pictures.”

Hu Silian clicked opened an email attachment, and it was the photograph of Dong Xuebing being locked up in a small darkroom. This should be a serious picture. Dong Xuebing was handcuffed and being locked up in a small dark room, but when they saw his facial expression, Hu Silian burst out laughter. She immediately realized that the Mayor is beside her and quickly covered her mouth while looking at Mayor Xie’s expression.

Xie Huilan smiled and said. “This Xiao Dong…”

Hu Silian knew why even the Mayor is amused by this photograph. If someone who is not familiar with Dong Xuebing saw this picture, he might think Dong Xuebing had been tortured or suffered from some grievances. But for the ones who know Dong Xuebing, this expression is too exaggerated, and he had purposely faked this expression.

Xie Huilan laughed and said. “Good! He is even handcuffed like a dangerous convict.”

Hu Silian could feel shivers down her spine. She could hear the coldness in Mayor Xie’s tone. “This picture…”

“Save a copy of it.” Xie Huilan said and took out her phone. “Hello, it’s me… Yes. I saw the picture. Just use this picture and sensationalized it… Yes. Thanks for your help. I will see the article in the evening papers? Ok. I know you are facing lots of pressure to do this. If your higher-ups want you to shoulder the responsibility, ignore them. I will transfer you to the Central Publicity Department.”

Hu Silian’s hand jerked and quickly pretended not to hear anything. She had worked for Xie Huilan for some time. But the longer she worked for her, the more she knows Xie Huilan is not someone simple. Central Publicity Department is a powerful department in the Central Government, and Mayor Xie can just transfer people into this department? Even if she had worked there previously, she would not have this authority!


About an hour later.

Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau. Most people had left, and only the people from Public Security remain.

In an office, Provincial Public Security Deputy Director Huo looks at the officers from Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau. “The mastermind is arrested, and all the stolen relics are recovered. You all had done a good job this time.”

Sun Hai smiled. “This is our duty.”

Deputy Director Huo nodded. “We will take over that Boss and the stolen relics, and the Provincial Public Security will conduct the follow-up investigations. Oh, tell me how you all solved this case and send a detailed report to the Provincial Bureau tomorrow.” Deputy Director Huo and the experts had rushed over when they received news that the stolen relics had been recovered. He only knows that this case was solved but did not know about the details. All he knows is this Yan Tai County is also involved in it.

The few officers from Zhang Ze City Public Security looked at each other.

Sun Hai paused for a few seconds and said. “Two comrades from Yan Tai County and Lui An City had played critical roles in this case. When the criminals tried to escape by boat, two of our officers discovered them and managed to stop them. That’s why none of them had escaped.” Sun Hai gave a brief explanation and did go into the details. It might sound true, but it is different from what had happened.

Deputy Director Huo asked. “Where are the officers?”

“These are the two Police Officers.” Sun Hai looks at Brother Yu and Xiao Wang.

Xiao Wang greeted Deputy Director Huo nervously and kept quiet. Brother Yu, on the other hand, was calm.

Sun Hai explained. “During the gunfight with the criminals, Xiao Yu was injured.”

Deputy Director Huo nodded. “Good job! I heard there are more than a dozen criminals, and all of them were armed. Haha… are you scared at that time?”

Brother Yu straightened his back and replied. “No. The only thoughts in my mind are to recover the stolen relics, and not let them smuggle the relics out to overseas. If I let them escape, I will be committing a sinner to the country and people.”

“Well said!” Deputy Director Huo looks at Brother Yu with admiration. “Rest well. I will make sure you all will get the merit!”

Xiao Wang knew what had happened. At that time, he and Brother Yu tried to hide in the basement. If Hou Qing had not persuaded them, they might still be hiding in the basement. Now, Brother Yu is saying a different story, and he felt terrible in his heart. Chief Sun had ordered them not to say unnecessary things, and Xiao Wang dare not to say anything.

Deputy Director Huo continued with his praises for the officers from Zhang Ze City Public Security before he left with his men.

Sun Hai and the rest of the Bureau leaders exchanged looks and laughed. This credit is in their pockets!

At the same time, newspapers were delivered to newspaper stands all over China. Most of the articles are decided in the morning, and new articles will be pushed to the next day. But the whole nation is following on the Museum break-in case closely. That’s why this article will not be pushed to the next day. Many newspaper agencies had to add the article last minute to include Zhang Ze City Public Security solving of this case.

Jianghai Newspaper Agency. This is a newspaper agency within the province. Although it is not influential in the province, it is not a small agency. They report to the local Publicity Department and seldom report negative or sensitive news.

But today, Jianghai Newspaper published a shocking headline.

This headline will attract readers to read the article!

This article took up one whole page. The start of the article did not mention anything about the ‘dangerous convict.’ Still, it highlighted Yan Tai County Deputy Bureau Chief Dong’s past contributions and achievements. It mentioned about Dong Xuebing arresting the gambling syndicate, how he caught someone jumping off a building with his bare hands, how he risked his life to save people from a landslide, and how he volunteered to be a hostage to save the teachers and students, etc. Every incident is reported in detail!

Some people might have heard of these incidents, and for some, this is the first time they heard about it.

Nevertheless, everyone who read the article was impressed by what Dong Xuebing did!

Many people had read articles praising someone in the papers. Most of these articles were saying how devoted someone is to their job, how someone had sacrificed their sleep and time for their work, etc. Most of these articles will not highlight the actual achievements in detail. But this article about Dong Xuebing only states the facts, along with pictures of the scene.

At the end of the article, the Museum break-in case was mentioned.

Everyone was shocked to know that Dong Xuebing was the one who solved this case. This is different from what they read in other papers. The readers continued reading and saw a picture of Dong Xuebing, handcuffed, and locked up in a small darkroom. Dong Xuebing also had an angry and sorrowful expression on his face. Anyone who saw this picture will frown. Isn’t this the treatment for dangerous convicts?

What happened? Didn’t this article state that Dong Xuebing is the one who solved this case? Why was he arrested?

The article did not give any explanation for it.

At the end of the article, there are a few questions.

Why is the hero who solved this case being treated like a dangerous criminal?

Why did the one who solved this case become Zhang Ze City Police Department?

There is one more line in small fonts. ‘Base on our reporter’s investigation, Dong Xuebing is currently locked up in Zhang Ze City Public Security secretly and is being guarded closely.

Dong Xuebing is still locked up?!

He is locked up secretly?!

Although the article did not say anything, all the readers got the hint!

After this article is published, there was an uproar. Other counties might still be indifferent, but in Yan Tai County, people were furious. Everyone in the County knows who Dong Xuebing is. He has the best reputation in the County, and now, the person they respected is being locked up by Zhang Ze City Public Security?!

Zhang Ze City’s phones started ringing nonstop.

Some residents from Yan Tai County called Zhang Ze City Government and started scolding them the moment their calls were answered.

Some called up Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau, branches, Police Stations, demanding the release of Dong Xuebing!

Many people, like the teachers from Nan Liu Junior School, the students’ parents, rescued passengers from the landslide, started contacting each other to organize a trip to Zhang Ze City Public Security together. They demanded the release of Dong Xuebing!

On the internet, many voices demanding justice for Dong Xuebing appeared.

What can civilians use to attack the government? They can only scold!

Someone started to rally people to leave messages on Zhang Ze City Government websites. All their related websites were flooded with messages scolding them!

“F**K! Hurry up and release him!”

“You bastards! Who gave you the authority to arrest him?!”

“Let Chief Dong go! Yan Tai County is the one who solves this case!

“You all dare to snatch our credits?!”

Someone asked. “Maybe that man had done something wrong. If not, why is he arrested?”

The message below immediately cursed at the previous message. “F**k you!”

The next message added. “Ignore that idiot. He must be someone from Zhang Ze City Public Security!”

Voices demanding for justice for Dong Xuebing did not only come from Yan Tai County residences. Many websites started to post articles similar to the article, . These articles quickly become popular, and the traffic increase at an alarming rate every minute. More and more people started directing their anger at Zhang Ze City Public Security.

No one, including Jianghai Newspaper Agency, had expected this incident to become this big.

The person in charge of Jianghai Newspaper Agency received many calls from his higher-ups. He can only blame Mayor Xie for bringing this to him in his heart. The leaders from the Publicity Department were furious and sounded like they can’t wait to remove him from his position.


Ring… ring… ring… a phone rang in a car.

Deputy Director Huo was sitting in the rear passenger seat, admiring the scenery outside of the windows, when his phone rang. He looked at the caller and answered. “Director.”

“Old Huo, are you still in Zhang Ze City?”

“I am about to leave the city area.”

“Don’t come back first. Go to Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau immediately!”

Deputy Director Huo could tell the Director is not in a good mood. “Err… what happened?”

The Director replied. “You still don’t know about the article in Jianghai Evening papers? Get a copy of it and investigate what is going on! What is going on?! I thought it was a misunderstanding when the leaders from Yan Tai County and Feng Zhou City told me about this. I thought, how can they arrest another person from the same department? Even if they don’t know that person’s identity at that time, they should have verified it by now. It’s been a few hours, and he is still being locked up?! They even put handcuffs on him?! What are these people trying to do?! Ask Sun Hai what is going on?! The case is solved, and the relics are recovered. We should be celebrating, why is he giving me problems at this time?! Find out what happened! I want you to investigate thoroughly!”

Deputy Director Huo knew this is serious. After hanging up the phone, he ordered his men to stop the car and buy a copy of Jianghai Evening papers.

When Deputy Director Huo saw the picture of Dong Xuebing handcuffed inside a small darkroom, his face changed!

“Go!” Deputy Director Huo shouted. “Go back to Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau!”

This matter had blown out of proportion!

Even the Provincial Leaders were alarmed!


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