Power and Wealth
Chapter 278 – Demanding an explanation!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 278 – Demanding an explanation!

Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau.

The sky is turning dark, and it is already 5 pm.

Deputy Bureau Director Huo returned to the Public Security Bureau, and the guards saw his car entering the compound. Still, they don’t dare to stop him. The guards immediately called their higher-ups, as they had read the papers and knew why Director Huo had returned. Director Huo knew who Dong Xuebing was, as he had just presented the merit medals to him. However, he does not know what the facts of the case was and need to verify the newspaper article.

“Director Huo.”

“Director Huo.”

Public Security Chief Sun Hai and other leaders rushed to the lobby to receive Director Huo.

Sun Hai knew why Director Huo had returned and started to explain on their way in. “Director Huo, the newspaper article is a misunderstanding. Someone has evil intentions and is spreading malicious rumors against our city. We did bring Dong Xuebing back, but we did not arrest him. It was chaotic at the scene, and we cannot confirm his identity there. That’s why we brought him back to verify his identity.”

Director Huo asked angrily. “Why didn’t you call at the scene to confirm it?”

Sun Hai sighed. “It was too chaotic. More than a dozen men are dead, and we didn’t have time to do it.”

Director Huo stopped and looked at Sun Hai. “Then have you confirmed his identity now? Ah? Why haven’t you release him?”

“It’s not that we do not want to release him.” Sun Hai explained. “He was behaving like a hooligan and refused to leave. Our men tried to uncuff him but were beaten up by him.” Sun Hai looked at his watch. “We tried to release him a few hours ago, but he refused, and there’s nothing we can do.” Sun Hai was furious over the newspaper article. He did not expect Yan Tai County to use this trick, but it is useless to explain anything now. He must make sure this matter is covered up, or else he will be in trouble.

Director Huo frowned. “He refused to leave?! Why?”

“Maybe he is unhappy that we are taking over this case, and Yan Tai County should be the ones to conduct the follow-up investigations.” Sun Hai explained.

Director Huo frowned. “Didn’t you all conducted this investigation from start to the end, and the case happens in Zhang Ze City?”

Sun Hai shrugged his shoulders. “That’s why I said he is being unreasonable and is acting like a hooligan. He got the media to take pictures secretly, and the article is taken out of context. He has malicious intentions!” Sun Hai is saying that Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau had done nothing wrong, and it was Dong Xuebing who is making trouble. Director Huo shook his head. If what Sun Hai said is true, then this Dong Xuebing is unreasonable.

Director Huo calmed down a bit and asked. “What about the handcuffs? Ah? How can you treat a fellow officer like this?!”

Sun Hai took a glance at that skinny officer. “Director Hou, our officer, was hit by Dong Xuebing several times. Look at the bruises on this officer’s chin. We had no choice but to cuff him.”

Hit others? Director Huo’s face changed.

After asking a few more questions, the person leading the way stopped.

“Director Huo. We had reached.” A Public Security Leader said.

Sun Hai pointed to the small black room’s door. “It’s here. The door is left open, and he can leave anytime.”

Director Huo waved to others to move aside and entered the room alone, and closed the door behind him.

Dong Xuebing had been listening to the commotions outside. A few minutes ago, the door was unlocked, and he knew something is happening. Now, Director Huo had entered the room, and he knew what was happening. This matter was blown out of proportion and had spread to the Provincial leaders.

“Director Huo.” Dong Xuebing stood up and greeted him.

Deputy Bureau Director stared at Dong Xuebing in his eyes. “Do you still have any discipline? Ah?! You dare to hit other officers, and act like a hooligan here?! What are you trying to do?! I want you to tell me!” Director Huo is questioning Dong Xuebing based on what he heard. He still has a favorable impression of Dong Xuebing for his contributions to Yan Tai County.

Dong Xuebing heard it and got mad. “Director Huo, what did they tell you?”

Director Huo shouted. “I am asking you now! What are you trying to do?!”

“You should be asking them what they have done!” Dong Xuebing replied angrily. “Director Huo, I, Dong Xuebing, is also a government servant, and I am not bragging. I had been putting in all my efforts to do my job for the people and have a clear conscience. Do you think I am someone unreasonable?! I hit them?! I am acting like hooligans?! Why didn’t they say they had pointed their guns on my head?! Why didn’t they mention they had cuffed me and locked me up?!

Director Huo looked at Dong Xuebing. “You are saying you are innocent?!”

“I don’t dare to say I am innocent, but Zhang Ze City Public Security is unreasonable!”

“You all had worked together on this case, and this case is solved in Zhang Ze City. Are you saying that Yan Tai County should be getting all the credit and conduct the follow-up investigations?”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes opened wide. “I don’t know what Chief Sun told you. Cooperation? Since when we cooperated with them?”

“Then how did you all solve this case?”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath to suppress his anger. “They had even covered up the fact that I solved this case?”

Director Huo narrowed his eyes. “You solved this case?”

“Director Huo, I am not demanding credit, but I can’t take it. Zhang Ze City Police claimed they had participated in this case?!” Dong Xuebing laughed. “You can ask them, who discovered the criminals, infiltrated into their gang, shot more than a dozen criminals, and recover those relics? If Zhang Ze City Police had made any contributions or even a tiny bit of contribution to this case, you can fire me immediately!”

Director Huo knew there must a cover-up somewhere and continued to listen to Dong Xuebing’s side of his story.

Dong Xuebing calmed himself down a bit and continued. “Last week, I received orders from Chief Liang to investigate this case. After some investigations, I discovered some clues, but I am not sure if it is accurate. So, I went to Lui An City’s Hai Bing Bath Parlor to conduct undercover investigations. A few days later, I discovered some evidence and risked my life to infiltrate into their inner ranks. After they brought me to the Zhang Ze City area, I finally saw the stolen relics. But all our communication devices were confiscated, and I can’t call for backups. That’s why I was prepared to arrest them myself.”

Director Huo asked. “You alone?”

“At that time, a female officer from Lui An City was captured by them.”

“What happened then?”

“When I was waiting for an opportunity to recover the relics, Zhang Ze City Police appeared. But they had not discovered those criminals. The officers are just passing by that area to attend another case, and there are only two of them. At that time, the criminals were very nervous and opened fire immediately when they saw the officers. The officers were captured very soon, and because of their safety, I cannot wait any longer. When the criminals were about to kill those two officers, I made my move and killed the two criminals in the basements. After that, I went upstairs alone, killed more than ten criminals, arrested the Mastermind, and recover the relics.”

Director Huo paused for a second and asked. “All those criminals were killed by you alone?!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “You can investigate on what I said. I am telling the truth.”

“What about Zhang Ze City Police?”

“Them?” Dong Xuebing laughed. “From the start of the gunfight until all the criminals were killed, Zhang Ze City Police did not appear. One of the two officers that were captured was injured. His surname is Yu, and the other officer is a rookie, and they were hiding behind a wall. They had not even stepped out from their cover during the gunfight. Instead, it was the female officer, Sister Hou, from Lui An City that had provided some cover for me.”

Director Huo kept quiet.

Dong Xuebing looked up at Director Huo. “If you don’t believe what I said, you can investigate. Zhang Ze City Police had not done anything in this case. After I arrested the Mastermind and recovered the relics, they appeared. The moment they arrived at the scene, they forcefully take over the case. At that time, many people are around, and I did not want to claim all the credit for myself. I said that they could bring back the Mastermind, but I want to bring the relics back to the Province. But Chief Sun ignored my request. I gave in and said they could send someone with me to the Province. But guess what? Chief Sun is afraid that I will get this credit and asked his men to arrest me! They even pointed their guns at my head!”

Dong Xuebing got agitated when he mentioned this. He points to his head. “When I was conducting undercover investigations within the gang, I was almost exposed and killed several times. I risked my life to solve this case and save the lives of those two Zhang Ze City officers. But in the end, this is what I get in return! That is a f**ing gun! Why didn’t they verify my identity on the spot by calling Yan Tai County? Why must they lock me up and release me after everything is over?!”

Director Huo kept quiet for a few seconds. “You go and eat something first.”

Dong Xuebing dare not disobey a Provincial Leader and nodded. “Director Huo, I don’t care about this credit. I would not say anything if Zhang Ze City Police had the slightest contribution in this case. They had not contributed anything in this case and even tried to claim all the credit for themselves. How can anyone do such things?!”

Director Huo turned and walked out of the room with Dong Xuebing.

Sun Hai looked at Dong Xuebing coldly.

Director Huo looked at Zhang Ze City’s officers. “Remove the cuffs, and let Xiao Dong eat something!” He called out a few names. “Get these people over! I want to ask them some questions!”

One of the offices in Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau.

Xiao Wang is standing in the middle of the office nervously.

Director Huo looked at Xiao Wang. “Who discover the criminals are holding on to the stolen relics?”

“It’s… Chief Dong.”

“After you, all are captured, who saved you all?”

“… Chief Dong.”

“Is Zhang Ze City Police at the scene before the case is solved?”


“Who killed all those criminals?”

Xiao Wang clenched his fist and said. “They are all killed by Chief Dong.”

Director Huo’s face changed. “Go out and call the next person in!”

Xiao Wang left, and Brother Yu entered the office.

Director Huo stared at Brother Yu. “What did your Chief Sun said when he introduced you?! Repeat everything to me!”

Brother Yu kept quiet.

“Your injury is from the gunfight with the criminals?”

“… Yes.” Brother Yu lied.

Director Huo banged on the desk. “Stop playing word games with me! This injury is before you are captured by the criminals, right?! What are you doing when Chief Dong is fighting against those criminals!? Did you kill those criminals with Chief Dong?”

Brother Yu replied softly. “I was injured at that time, so…”

“Since you have nothing to do with the killings of those criminals, why did you say all those things to me earlier?! Ah?! You are trying to mislead us?! Do you want everyone who heard what you said thinks that you had made significant contributions in this case?! Do you know what this is called?! You are trying to hoodwink your superiors!”

“Director Huo, no… I was…”

Director Huo was furious. “I am asking you now. Who had saved your life?!”

Brother Yu smacked his lips. “Dong Xuebing.”

“Fine…” Director Huo scoffed. “What were you doing when Chief Dong was arrested by your City Public Security?”

“We had no choice at that time. The Bureau cannot confirm Chief Dong’s identity.”

“Bullshit!” Director Huo stood up in anger. “Xiao Dong had risked his life to infiltrate into the enemy gang and was forced to expose himself to save you all. You are telling me that you can’t tell if he is a criminal or someone from Public Security? Do you all have brains?! Xiao Dong had saved your life, and you didn’t even help to verify his identity?! You don’t even have the basic integrity! How can you still be a police officer?! Ah?!”

Director Huo turns to one of his following officers. “Record his name!”

Brother Yu turns pale, and his legs almost gave way.

At this time, someone from the Provincial Bureau entered the room and said something into Director Huo’s ears. Director Huo heard it and said. “Let her enter.”

It was Hou Qing.

Director Huo asked. “Have you participated in this case?”

Hou Qing replied seriously. “Yes, but you can also say that I had not participated in this investigation. A few hours after I found out about Hai Bing Bath Parlor, I was captured by them. It was Chief Dong, who saved me. Director Huo, I know I shouldn’t be saying this. But Zhang Ze City Police is too much. Chief Dong had done so much for this case, and it was almost entirely his credit. After the case is solved, Zhang Ze City Police pointed four to five guns at Chief Dong’s head and forced him up a police car. I had witnessed the whole incident.”

Director Huo asked. “Have you saw Chief Dong hitting the officers?”

Hou Qing nodded. “Yes. But at that time, Chief Sun had ordered to arrest Chief Dong, and during the arrest, Chief Dong accidentally hit an officer. I admit that Chief Dong might be rash, but in that situation, I don’t think anyone can keep calm. Chief Dong had not made any ridiculous requests. He had followed this case from the start to the end, and all he wants is to return the relics to the Province. Is this request too much? I don’t understand why Zhang Ze City Police department reacted this way, and even draw their weapons when they heard Chief Dong’s request. Is this how they treat an officer who had solve the case?! They are a bunch of robbers! This is robbing others of their credit!”

All the answers were the same after asking a few people.

Director Huo stopped questioning the witnesses and called Sun Hai into the office.

“Director Huo, the whole incident is like this. We…” Sun Hai tried to explain.

Director Huo refused to listen to his explanation and started scolding. “Your Zhang Ze City Police Department is very capable! You all even dare to lie to your superiors?! Arrest a fellow officer?! What are your officers doing when the criminals hide in Zhang Ze City?! Where are your officers when more than a dozen guns were brought into this area?! Where are your officers when Xiao Dong and the criminals were shooting at each other?! You all can’t catch the criminals, so you all chose to catch a fellow officer?! Good! You all are so capable!”

Sun Hai tried to argue: “Chief Huo, what happened before was…”

Director Huo interrupted him. “Save your explanation for the Bureau Director!” Director Huo’s rank is not high enough to punish Sun Hai, and he can’t be bothered to speak to him. The truth is out. It was because of Zhang Ze City Public Security and Sun Hai’s greed. They tried to take all the credits, and it resulted in Dong Xuebing getting arrested and the media exposing this incident. Director Huo is disgusted by their actions. He was not disgusted by Sun Hai trying to claim all the credits for himself but was disgusted by them arresting the person who solved the case to get the credit!!

Director Huo immediately reported his findings to the Provincial Bureau.

The person on the other line shouted angrily, and even Sun Hai could hear it.

Sun Hai’s face changed and felt regretted. He did not expect things to turn out this way, and he had to take responsibility for this incident. From the start, he had never expected the small Yan Tai County and a lowly County Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief to retaliate. He thought nothing would happen even if he snatches their credit. But he never expects Yan Tai County to make use of the media to expose his plans.

Dong Xuebing! Dong Xuebing!

Sun Hai clenched his fist in anger!


Dong Xuebing and many others were waiting patiently for this incident to end. To their surprise, the results of this investigation ended quickly!

At night, Brother Yu and that skinny officer were suspended from their duties and might face disciplinary actions later. The next day, a warning letter appeared on Sun Hai’s desk. The Provincial Public Security Bureau’s fast actions had shocked many people. This warning letter is a severe blow to Sun Hai’s career. The Provincial evening newspapers did not state anything about Zhang Ze City trying to snatch Dong Xuebing’s credits but changed the department who had solved this case to Yan Tai County Public Security.

A few days later, Dong Xuebing went to Hebei Provincial City to receive his First-class merit!

This storm had finally ended!

Translator’s notes: In the working world, snatching others’ credit, pushing the blame to others, and backstabbing are very common. At my previous workplace, my supervisor tried to make me the scapegoat for a mistake he made. Luckily, I had kept the emails and phone messages between my supervisor and me and got to keep my job, and my supervisor was asked to leave. Do you all have similar experiences? I am curious to know if these office politics happen in every country, or are there differences because of the different cultures?


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