Power and Wealth
Chapter 279 – Messing around!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 279 – Messing around!


North Heping Street.

The wind this morning is chilly. Dong Xuebing shivered when he alighted from his Mercedes MPV. He quickly goes upstairs to his apartment. After he was transferred out of Beijing, he continued to pay his rents for his apartment. It’s November, and the temperature had dropped to almost zero degrees. This period is the coldest in Beijing every year, as the City’s heating will only start on the 15th.

It’s too cold!

Ah!!! Air conditioner!

Dong Xuebing quickly switch on the air conditioner, and his apartment starts to warm up.

Dong Xuebing sat on his sofa with his eyes closed.

No one knows Dong Xuebing had secretly returned to Beijing. Because of the Provincial Museum break-in case, Dong Xuebing being locked up by Zhang Ze City Public Security and Dong Xuebing’s First-class merit, Yan Tai County, were very busy. His phone had been ringing non-stop, and friends, relatives, and colleagues were visiting him at his home. Dong Xuebing could not stand it and secretly return to Beijing on Saturday to spend his weekend in peace.

Dong Xuebing finally gets to have some rest.

Ah…. This is so relaxing.

Dong Xuebing took out a packet of Fu Rong Wang cigarettes from his pocket and lit a cigarette. Dong Xuebing had gotten the First-class merit from the undercover investigation and got to show his face in front of the Provincial leaders and residents. Zhang Ze City Public Security Bureau’s Chief Sun Hai, Brother Yu, and a few others were punished.

After resting awhile, Dong Xuebing recovered from his fatigue.

What should I do? Hmm… Let me ask where Aunt Xuan is first.

Dong Xuebing took out his phone and called Qu Yunxuan. Ring… ring… after several rings, the line got through. “Aunt Xuan, it’s me. Where are you?”

“I am at home.”

“Huh? Why are you not at work today?”

“You still dare to talk about this?! Idiot!”

Dong Xuebing knows what Qu Yunxuan is referring to. He had gotten a scolding from her when he called her two days ago. “Ah… It’s all my fault, and I’m sorry. So many days have passed, and why are you still angry with me? Didn’t I tell you that my phone was confiscated when I was undercover? I can’t make any calls, and after that, I was arrested by Zhang Ze City Public Security. I had called you the moment I was released. I promise it will not happen again.” He knows Aunt Xuan was worried for him when he had gone missing.

Qu Yunxuan scolded. “If you dare to go missing again, I will beat you up!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Ok… ok…”

“What’s so funny?”

“Alright… I will let you vent your anger later.”

“Idiot! You are quite capable now. The news had reported about this case these few days, and my parents know about it too.”

“Hahaha… did they praise me?”

“Stop showing off!” Aunt Xuan burst out laughing.

Dong Xuebing was in a good mood and asked. “You say you are at home. Are you talking about your apartment in Heping Street? What are you doing?”

“Errr…. I am using my PC.” Qu Yunxuan sounded weird.

“Oh… ok.”

“Do you have anything else to say? If not, I will hang up. I still have things to do.”

Dong Xuebing could tell Aunt Xuan’s tone is weird but did not think much about it. They chatted for a while and ended the call. After that, Dong Xuebing switch off his air conditioner and left his apartment with his bag. He took out Aunt Xuan’s keys and unlocked her gate and door quietly, as he wants to give her a surprise.

Dong Xuebing tiptoed into the apartment and closed the door behind him.

Click. The door closed softly.

Dong Xuebing bent over and changed into slippers, before making his way through the living room. Qu Yunxuan had kept her apartment very clean. A few days ago, there was heavy rain, but Dong Xuebing could not find a single water stain on the windows. He looked around and tiptoed to Qu Yunxuan’s room. The door is closed, and Dong Xuebing placed his ear against it to see what she is doing.

But Dong Xuebing was furious by what he heard!

A man was groaning in the room, and in the background, there was a ‘piak, piak, piak’ sound. Dong Xuebing also heard a woman moaning. Dong Xuebing knew Aunt Xuan for around four years, and can recognize it was her moaning!

Dong Xuebing had wanted to give Qu Yunxuan a surprise, but instead, he was surprised by her!

Damn! Dong Xuebing’s face changed. What is going on? What is Aunt Xuan doing?! Why is there a man in her room?! She… Is she having an affair? Wait… she is not married yet, and this cannot be considered an affair. Did she have other partners? Dong Xuebing turns pale outside of the room. Could it be that after finding out about Sister Xie, Aunt Xuan… impossible! This is impossible!

“Aunt Xuan!” Dong Xuebing barged into the room.

Qu Yunxuan turned around and was shocked. “Xiao Bing?”

“Aunt Xuan, you…”

The air conditioner was switched on, and the room was warm. Qu Yunxuan was only wearing a skin-colored long john top, and her long legs were exposed, and her face turns red when she saw Dong Xuebing. She quickly used her hands to cover her private parts and ran under her covers on the bed!

“You… Why are you here?!”

“Huh? I had just returned and wanted to give you a surprise.”

“What a surprise?! You will be the death of me!”

Dong Xuebing looks around the room, and Qu Yunxuan’s PC is playing a video of a couple doing ‘that.’ The man’s sound was from the video, and Dong Xuebing was relieved.

“Aunt Xuan?”

“……” Qu Yunxuan, who was hiding under her blanket, did not reply.

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Errr… I think I should not be coming at this time.”

“…….” Qu Yunxuan continued to keep quiet.

Dong Xuebing walked over and pushed Qu Yunxuan’s ass. “Stop hiding. It’s not as if I had not seen you naked. What’s there to be shy?”

After a pause of a few seconds, Qu Yunxuan said. “Switch off the PC! Now!”

Dong Xuebing acknowledged and went over to switch off the PC. “Ok.”

Two seconds later, Qu Yunxuan pulled the blanket down slightly, exposing her face. She was staring at Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing was smiling at her. She shouted. “Idiot! Come over here!” Dong Xuebing walks over, and she slapped his ass several times. “I will beat you to death! Who asked you to enter without knocking?! How dare you laugh at me?! Huh?!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “How do I know you are ‘busy’?”

“Try saying another word!” Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Idiot! You made me embarrassed myself!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s alright.”

After hitting Dong Xuebing a few times, Qu Yunxuan covered her head with her blanket again.

Dong Xuebing knew Qu Yunxuan is shy and tried comforting her. “I did not see anything earlier. Really…”

Qu Yunxuan: “……”

“Stop hiding under the blanket and have a chat. It’s been a while since I returned.”

Dong Xuebing smacked his lips when Qu Yunxuan refused to come out from the blanket. He looked at the skin-colored long john pants, and the white underwear and felt his heart thumping. He quickly takes off his clothes, climbed onto the bed, and under the blanket.

“What are you doing?” Qu Yunxuan shouted angrily.

Dong Xuebing replied with an innocent look. “It’s cold outside, and I want you to warm me up.”

“Stop it! You want me to hit you?” Suddenly, Qu Yunxuan squirmed and shouted. “Ah… stop touching me! Your hands are cold!”

“Aunt Xuan, your body is so warm.”

“Idiot! Stop bullying me! I hate you!”

Under the blanket, Dong Xuebing rubbed himself against Qu Yunxuan’s legs. Her thighs are so warm and soft, and it felt good rubbing his hands against them. He adjusted his position and buried his face into Qu Yunxuan’s hair. He asked when he was touching her all over. “Do you miss me?”

“Yes. I miss hitting you!”

“Huh? That’s not what I meant.”


“No? What were you doing earlier?”

Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s arm again. “Do you still want to talk about this? Huh?!”

“Stop… I will not talk about it again.” Dong Xuebing laughed and hugged her. “Your complexion is so smooth. No one will believe that you are almost thirty, and will think you are only seventeen or eighteen.” Dong Xuebing always compliment Qu Yunxuan whenever they met, as he knows Aunt Xuan likes to hear.

“Stop lying.” Qu Yunxuan flicked Dong Xuebing’s nose. “You are flattering me.”

“Why are you still pinching me? Err… give me a massage. It was too tiring these few days.”

“Ok.” Qu Yunxuan starts to massage Dong Xuebing’s head. “Don’t forget what the doctor says. Your work can wait, and your health is more important, understand? Stop risking your life again! When I heard you went to conduct undercover investigations, I was very worried. Did you forget that your heart stopped temporarily?” Qu Yunxuan continued massaging his shoulders and back gently.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I will relax in the future.”

“You are lying to me, right? Whenever anything happens, you will be the first one to rush forward.”

“No. I will pretend not to see anything even if the sky collapses today. Hahaha….”

Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s arm from his back. “I am talking to you seriously now. Stop joking with me. Are you going to be promoted to Section Chief after solving this case?”

“Huh? Who knows?”

“If you are promoted, stop working at Public Security. Why can’t you work at the Finance Department, or Industry and Commerce Bureau? It’s safer there.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and replied. “Ok. I will listen to you.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and pinched his cheeks playfully. “Good boy.”

“Stop pinching my face. Help me massage my legs too. I had driven a few hours, and my legs are aching.”

“Why are you ordering me around?” Qu Yunxuan grumbled, but she still lowered herself and started massaging Dong Xuebing’s legs and feet. “I had read a book about foot massage. Massaging our foot is good for our health, and you should massage your feet when you are free.”


“Does it feel good?”

“Yes. Aunt Xuan, you are so good to me.”

“You only realize it now? Idiot.”

“Hahaha… I realized it a long time ago.”

“Blah… blah… blah… who knows if you are telling the truth.”

After a full body massage, Dong Xuebing felt lighter. “I still have not eaten breakfast. Can you cook a bowl of noodles for me?”

Qu Yunxuan got mad. “You are asking for too much!”

Dong Xuebing immediately replied. “Never mind. I am not hungry.”

“Just stay here!” Qu Yunxuan got off the bed and wore back her pants, before leaving the room.

After a while, Dong Xuebing could smell food from the kitchen.

“The noodles are ready.” Qu Yunxuan returned to the room with a bowl.

Dong Xuebing got up. “Thank you.”

“Stop pretending to be polite.” Qu Yunxuan placed the bowl on the desk and passed a pair of chopsticks to Dong Xuebing. “Here, eat it while it’s hot. I had added an egg for you.”

Dong Xuebing was starving and start eating.

Qu Yunxuan took a paper napkin and wiped his mouth. “Slow down.”


“Is it nice?”

“Of course. Your cooking is the best.”

Qu Yunxuan smiled. “You are just flattering me. Just eat your noodles.”

Dong Xuebing finished the bowl of noodles and let out a loud burb.

Qu Yunxuan returned to the room after washing the bowl and start playing with Dong Xuebing’s hair.

After Dong Xuebing is full, he starts to get horny as he looks at Aunt Xuan’s voluptuous body. He hugged Qu Yunxuan and carried her onto the bed.

Qu Yunxuan got alarmed. “You are thinking of something naughty again, right?”

“No. I just want to hug you for a while.”

“Stop… I still need to go to the company later.”

“Just lie down with me for a while. I will not do anything else.”

“… then why are your hands on my ass?! Stop! Stop touching all over me! I am getting angry!”

Because of the incident with Sister Xie, Dong Xuebing doesn’t dare to do anything naughty. But after the past twenty minutes, Dong Xuebing noticed Aunt Xuan was still the same, and he opened up himself. He pulled down Aunt Xuan’s pants to her knees under the blanket.

“Hooligan!” Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing’s arm.

Dong Xuebing was aroused by her actions and started kissing her lips.

Qu Yunxuan blushed and gave him a stare. “I still need to go to work, and I will give you only ten minutes.”

“Huh? Work? Just skip it today.”

“You think I can just skip work? I still have lots of work today.”

“Then, give me half an hour.”

“Fifteen minutes.”

“Twenty-five minutes.”

“Eighteen minutes.”

After a series of bargaining, they settled for twenty minutes.

Dong Xuebing did not waste any time. He took off his clothes and pounced onto Aunt Xuan. Qu Yunxuan’s legs were wrapped around his waist and covered her mouth with her right hand to stop herself from moaning too loud.

Ten minutes…

Twenty minutes…

Thirty minutes…

In the end, Dong Xuebing lasted about an hour, and both were panting as they laid on the bed.

Qu Yunxuan was exhausted as she wiped her sweat off her forehead. She pushed herself up and looked at the clock before slapping Dong Xuebing’s back. “I said, twenty minutes! You idiot!”

Dong Xuebing hugged Qu Yunxuan tightly. “You didn’t ask me to stop.”

“Idiot! Even if I asked you to stop, will you stop?!”

Dong Xuebing knew Qu Yunxuan is shy and did not mean what she said. From her glow, he knew she must be satisfied too.


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