Power and Wealth
Chapter 286 – Unable to bear it any longer!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 286 – Unable to bear it any longer!

Night. 10 pm.

Liang Chengpeng called Dong Xuebing into an office. “Xiao Dong. Sit down first.”

Dong Xuebing stood there without moving. “Chief Liang, have our men confirmed the vehicle?”

“Yes.” Liang Chengpeng looks at Dong Xuebing. “It’s the Japanese site visit team’s Toyota, who had collided with your mother.”

Damn! It’s them. Dong Xuebing’s tempers flared and want to settle this score with them immediately. He told Chief Liang that he is going to the hotel to arrest them, but Liang Chengpeng stopped him. Liang Chengpeng sighed in his heart and told Dong Xuebing what Secretary Xiang said. “Party Secretary Xiang does not want to pursue the responsibility of that driver and wants to downplay this incident. They will compensate for medical expenses.”

Dong Xuebing stopped in his tracks. “What?”

“This is for the good of the County. You must think of the bigger picture.” Liang Chengpeng replied helplessly.

Dong Xuebing felt ridiculous when he heard this. “Bigger picture? Do you call this good for the County? Chief Liang, I f**king don’t understand what this bigger picture is? The residents here should be the bigger picture! Our focus should be on the people in the County! Now, because of a Japanese investment visit team, we have to sacrifice our residents and ignore the law?! You call this the bigger picture? Who’s picture is this?! I can’t tell whether these are for the County or Party Secretary Xiang’s interest!”

“Shut up!” Liang Chengpeng thought to himself. This Xiao Dong is fearless and dares to say anything.

Dong Xuebing continued furiously. “You should know that the Police had given in to them during this afternoon’s accident. They got into an accident with another car and still beat up that driver and his wife. We allowed them to compensate 30,000 RMB and released them. Do you know how that driver, who was beaten up, and the onlookers see us?! They are all scolding us in their hearts! Before the Japanese left, we reminded that driver he cannot drive without a license! But they ignored our warnings and knocked someone down later at night! He did not stop to assist and drove off! This is no longer a civil dispute, and it is now a criminal case! He had broken the law! Just because those Japanese are here to invest, they get to enjoy special privileges?! Do we have to let them do as they please?! Are you telling me that they are humans, and our residents in Yan Tai County are not humans?!”

“Xiao Dong, I understand how you feel, but…”

Dong Xuebing replied. “The one who was knocked down by them is my mother! My mother was almost killed there. Chief Liang, I had made significant contributions to the County several times, but what is happening now?! I am incomparable to that Japanese driver?! Just because of an unconfirmed investment, I cannot even uphold the law, and my mother should be hit by a car?!”

Liang Chengpeng also knew this is too ridiculous. But other than sighing, he can’t say anything.

Dong Xuebing knew Xiang Daofa dislike him and is trying to stop him from getting his promotion and had been thinking of ‘fixing’ him all this while. But Dong Xuebing did not expect Xiang Daofa to side with the Japanese so openly and to the extent to ignore the law! This is getting too far! Everyone in Yan Tai County can see Dong Xuebing’s contributions to the County, but what does he get in return? Nothing and was still being suppressed by the higher-ups!

Xiang Daofa!

Do you really think I can be bullied like this?!

Liang Chengpeng was afraid Dong Xuebing would take matters into his hands and said. “Ok. Go and accompany your mother at the hospital. I will help you get compensation from them.”

Dong Xuebing shouted agitatedly. “Chief Liang, I don’t need their compensations!”

“I know. I will get the driver to apologize to your mother in person. What do you think?”

Do you think this will end with an apology? Dong Xuebing is still angry and will not accept this arrangement.

Liang Chengpeng continued patiently. “They are Japanese, and it makes things complicated. If we did not handle this well, many other problems would arise from it. That driver Zhang Zhifeng might be Chinese, but Sakamoto trusts him, and even if we arrest him, Sakamoto will get a lawyer for him. Your mother is not seriously injured, and he will not be charged with a more serious charge. In return, you will get into trouble. Xiao Dong, I am doing this for your own good. It is not worth it.”

Yes! It’s worth it!

Dong Xuebing is not someone that let others step all over him.

Liang Chengpeng does not know whether if Dong Xuebing will listen to him, but he persuaded him for a while more, before asking him to go.

After leaving the Public Security Bureau, Dong Xuebing drove to the hospital, and his phone rang when he is driving.

It’s a call from one of the Officers sent to the hotel. “Hello, Chief Dong, the higher-ups are stopping us from investigating the hit and run case. We are also not allowed to record the driver is driving without a license in the records. This… This is too much. Those Japanese are also not willing to admit their mistakes. They insisted they don’t know they had hit your mother! It’s so frustrating!”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes turned cold. “They refuse to admit?”

“Not only that. They still say… it’s your mother who knocked into their car.”

Damn! Dong Xuebing got mad again. “What else did they say?”

“That Chief Meng from the Investment Promotion Agency was there too. When he arrived, he scolded all the Public Security Officers. He made it sound like we are making a fuss over a trivial matter. We were just doing our job, and why did it become like it’s our fault? Chief Meng is too bias towards those Japanese and sided with them without asking anything! It is like they are right to knock into someone with their car.”

“Meng Xianglin?” Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes.

“Chief Dong, we are now outside of the hotel. What should we do now?” That Officer asked.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Since the higher-ups had given the orders, what else can we do?”


This incident had not only disappointed Dong Xuebing. All the Officers in Public Security were disappointed by how Dong Xuebing was treated. Everyone in the Public Security respected and admired Chief Dong. Other than Chief Dong, who else in the whole Province, is willing to risk his life for the people? When the Officers knew Chief Dong’s mother was involved in the accident, all of them were furious. Furthermore, Chief Dong’s mother is considered part of the Public Security Bureau, and they are not allowed to get justice for her. This unhappiness had spread among the Officers, and those Japanese’s attitude had made things worse. The Officers at the hotel could not stand it.

“We will listen to you. Just give the orders!” The Officer replied firmly.

The phone was passed to another Officer. “Chief Dong, do you want us to arrest them?”

Not everyone is afraid of troubles. The few Officers who remained at the hotel had decided. They will not let this case end like this!

Dong Xuebing was touched when he heard the Officers.

“Chief Dong…”

“Just say the word!”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “Standby there!”

“Yes, Sir!”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing continued his way to the hospital. He still has not decided how to handle this situation. What Chief Liang said was right. Even if the driver were arrested, he would not get a heavy sentence, and instead, the Japanese will call off their site visits. Xiang Daofa will push all the blame to Dong Xuebing, and Xiang Daofa’s men, who will benefit from this investment, will be targeting him. Dong Xuebing is still asking himself… Is this worth it?

Hospital ward.

Luan Xiaoping is looking at the night sky through the window. On the floor beside her, there is a bag of yarn covered in blood and dirt.

“Mum.” Dong Xuebing entered the ward. “Why are you still awake?”

Luan Xiaoping turns and smiled. “I just woke up and is not sleepy. Oh, has the driver been caught?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Yes. We know the identity of the driver.”

“Ok. You must be tired too. Go back and have a good rest. Let your men go and catch the driver.”


Dong Xuebing was relieved to see his mother in good spirits after chatting with her for a while. He asked his mother to go back to sleep while he went to the duty doctor to ask him about his mother’s condition. Doctor Wang told him that she is recovering well, and her blood pressure and heart rate had stabilized. All she needs is to have enough rest and maintain a relaxed mental state.

On the other side, a middle-aged man entered the ward.

Luan Xiaoping looks at the visitor. “… You are?”

The middle-aged man replied with a stern face. “I am the Chief of Investment Promotion Agency, Meng Xianglin. I am the overall in-charge of receiving the investment site visit team.”

Investment site visit team? Investment Promotion Agency? Luan Xiaoping doesn’t know what happened, but she knows the Chief of Investment Promotion Agency is a Section Chief position, and this person is a higher rank than her son. She tried to sit upright. “Chief Meng, please have a seat.” She thought Meng Xianglin was there to visit her.

Meng Xianglin replied emotionlessly. “No need. I will leave after saying a few things.”

Luan Xiaoping could sense Meng Xianglin’s hostility and was confused.

“It’s like this. The person who knocks you down is from the Japanese Investment site visit team. They are here to invest in a factory in Yan Tai County, and it is a significant amount. Even our County’s Party Secretary and Mayor Xie are very concerned about this.” Meng Xianglin saw Luan Xiaoping was getting worried and he continued. “That’s why the higher-ups want me to tell you to think of the big picture. Tomorrow, they will send the medical fees over, and that will be the end of this incident. You must also persuade Chief Dong not to do anything that will jeopardize this investment. Everything is for the good of Yan Tai County, and we cannot let this incident affect it. Xiao Luan, you are a teacher and also a Party member. I think you should know what to do.”

Luan Xiaoping got a fright. Even the County’s Party Secretary and Mayor are concern about this investment?

Meng Xianglin continued. “You should know Chief Dong’s temper. The higher-ups are worried he would do something and asked me to talk to you. If this investment is called off because of Chief Dong, it will be bad for his prospect. He cannot afford to bear the responsibility of losing this investment.”

Luan Xiaoping turned pale. “Xiao Bing will be held responsible?”

Meng Xianglin was not willing to come and speak to Luan Xiaoping himself. But he had no choice. If Luan Xiaoping and Dong Xuebing refused to stay silent and continued to create trouble, things might get out of hand. That’s why Meng Xianglin must have a ‘good talk’ with Luan Xiaoping. Actually, he is here to scare her and let her know of the consequences. After all, a village woman will not dare to go against the County. “… Do you understand? You did not suffer any serious injuries and just ask for higher compensation from them. Don’t get your son into trouble because of you.”

Luan Xiaoping panics. “I know… I will speak to Xiao Bing now!”

Meng Xianglin nodded.

Luan Xiaoping was very worried. She did not expect her accident to be so complicated. The person who knocks her is an important investor to the County, and even the Party Secretary is concern about this investment. To her, nothing is more important than her son. She doesn’t mind what will happen to her as long as her son is safe. She must not let her son get into trouble because of her. If the County’s Party Secretary hates Xiao Bing, then Xiao Bing’s future will be gone!

The more Luan Xiaoping thinks, the more anxious she became. Suddenly, her face turns white!

“I will be going off.” Meng Xianglin was about to leave the ward.

Suddenly, Luan Xiaoping was in pain, and she is holding to her chest with sweat pouring down her forehead. Beep, beep, beep… the vital signs monitor started a loud alarm. Luan Xiaoping’s blood pressure is increasing. 120… 130… 140… 150. Her heart rate is also getting faster. 80… 100… 120… 135… She tried to reach for her Instant-effect Jiuxin Pills, but she fainted on the bed!

Meng Xianglin frowned, as he did not expect Luan Xiaoping to be so timid.

Meng Xianglin stood there for a few seconds and left the ward quickly. He wants to leave the hospital as soon as possible.

All the monitoring devices in the wards are connected to the nurse station. When the alarm sounded, the nurses will be notified. Doctor Wang and a few nurses are running towards the ward, and Dong Xuebing is following behind anxiously. They do not understand why Luan Xiaoping’s condition suddenly turns for the worse. Even her heartbeat and blood pressure are worse than the time she was sent to the hospital. It seems to be an acute heart attack.

Mum! Nothing must happen to you!

Dong Xuebing’s eyes were all red and did not notice Meng Xianglin when he passed him. All of his focus was on his mother.

Meng Xianglin did not call out to Dong Xuebing as he does not want to be held responsible if Luan Xiaoping dies. He quickly walked to the lift lobby and took the lift down, and left the hospital.


When they entered the ward, they saw Luan Xiaoping lying on her side motionlessly.

Dong Xuebing grabbed Doctor Wang’s arm. “Doctor! Quick! Save my mother!”

Doctor Wang quickly took a glance at Luan Xiaoping’s heartbeat and blood pressure before shouting to the nurses. “Quick! To the ER now! Call Director Zhao and Chief Sun!”

Dong Xuebing quickly asked. “What happened to my mother? She was fine a while ago!”

Doctor Wang replied with a serious look. “Her heart attack might have been caused by getting too emotional. I cannot confirm the details, and we need further checks.” After giving Dong Xuebing a brief explanation, Doctor Wang ordered a nurse to give Luan Xiaoping an injection and asked the rest to get ready. He then turns to Dong Xuebing. “High blood pressure patients will tend to have heart problems. Although your mother does not have heart problems all these while, …

Dong Xuebing’s face turns pale. “Can you save her?”

“I can only say I will try my best.” Doctor Wang did not dare to promise anything.

After the Doctor and nurses pushed Luan Xiaoping out of the ward in a hurry, Dong Xuebing covered his face in his hands and leaned against the wall. His hands are shaking, and Doctor Wang had just told him that Luan Xiaoping could be discharged in a few days. Why did she get a heart attack suddenly? She was too emotional?! Impossible. Mum was still joking and smiling with me before I look for Doctor Wang. Was her condition caused by the shock she received from the accident?


Wait a minute!

Dong Xuebing suddenly remembered something and grabbed a nurse who walked past him. “Who was inside my mother’s ward earlier?”

The nurse was stunned. “I think I saw a man entering her ward.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Is he Meng Xianglin?”

“… I don’t know. Who is Meng Xianglin?”

Dong Xuebing remembered seeing Meng Xianglin in the corridors but is not sure. He immediately looks up and saw there is a CCTV camera in the corridor. “Nurse, bring me to the surveillance room and show me the past twenty minutes of this floor’s footage!”

If it were someone else, the nurse would ignore him. But it was Chief Dong who requested, and she cannot reject him. After all, the Public Security Officers can view their surveillance cameras. She immediately returned to her nurse station and called the hospital’s leaders. Her leader immediately approved, and Dong Xuebing was brought to the surveillance room. Dong Xuebing was staring at the monitors without blinking.

“I found it.”

“During this time, right?”

Two staff pointed to a monitor.

Dong Xuebing lowered his head. “… Yes. Zoom in!”

In the footage, a middle-aged man appeared, and Dong Xuebing recognized this person’s back. It was Meng Xianglin, and he entered Luan Xiaoping’s ward. About five minutes later, around the same time when the alarm sounded, Meng Xianglin quickly left the ward and left the hospital.

Dong Xuebing was infuriated! This old bastard!

Dong Xuebing knew why Meng Xianglin had visited his mother. It must be to threaten and scare his mother because of the accident. He must have threatened her not to pursue this matter! Luan Xiaoping had just recovered from her shock of the accident, and her emotions are not very stable. Now, after getting scared by Meng Xianglin, she got a heart attack!

Xiang Daofa! Meng Xianglin!

F**k you both!

Dong Xuebing felt his blood rushed to his head, and he threw his bag on the floor. My mother was knocked down by their car, and not only you two did not help to catch the culprit, you still dare to threaten and scare her?! What is this? You are trying to kill my mother! Did my mother asked to be knocked down by those Japanese?! How come it seems like it was my mother who drove and knock down those Japanese?! Who the f**k is the victim here?!


You all are doing these because you all want to get credit for this investment, right? You all dislike me, right?

If I, Dong Xuebing, let you all get this credit, I will f**king change my surname!

Dong Xuebing picks up his bag, stormed out of the hospital, and sped to the hotel where the Japanese team was staying!

Translator’s notes: Instant-effect Jiuxin Pills, aka. Quick-Acting Heart Reliever is a type of Chinese medicine pills for heart attacks. Sorry, I can’t find any English articles on this medicine.

If what the writer wrote was how the Chinese government officials do things in real life, there must be lots of cover-ups there. This is unacceptable. Dong Xuebing is going to do something extreme in the next chapter.


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