Power and Wealth
Chapter 302 – County Party Committee Meeting
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 302 – County Party Committee Meeting

The next morning.

Lui Dafa’s house. Li Hong had prepared Lui Xiaolei’s bag and asked him to go to school.

After her son had left the house, Li Hong no longer hides the unhappiness on her face. She turns to her husband. “I had withdrawn the money. 120,000 RMB. Do you know how much money is left in our savings? Our bank account is almost empty! I had never seen such a useless government leader like you! Our son had been disfigured! Even if I had scratched that bitch’s face, what can they do? Ah?! That Dong Xuebing had also hit our son and me! Why didn’t you settle the score with him, and we still have to compensate 120,000 RMB to them?! How are we going live without any savings? Ah? Tell me!”

Lui Dafa hit the table. “Enough!”

“You are useless, and you still dare to bang tables in front of me?!” Li Hong stared at Lui Dafa.

Lui Dafa shouted. “If you did not create this mess, I will not need to give in to them.”

These two days, Lui Dafa and his wife quarreled day and night, and in the end, Lui Dafa cannot be bothered to quarrel with her anymore. “I had agreed to compensate them is because I want to settle this as soon as possible. The County’s Party Committee Meeting is today, and the Chief’s position will be finalized. During this period, I cannot afford to have any accidents. After I become the Chief, a few hundred thousand RMB is nothing. Why can’t you have some foresight?”

Li Hong thought for a while and asked. “Is your promotion confirmed?”

“No problem.” Lui Dafa replied. “It had been confirmed.”

Li Hong heard that and stopped quarreling with Lui Dafa. “I will cook something for you. What would you like to eat?”

“I will eat at my workplace and wait for news at the same time.” Lui Dafa’s mood was not affected by Yu Meixia’s incident. Just like he said, if he becomes the Chief, he will have everything.


County Party Committee Building.

Xiang Daofa and Publicity Department Director Chen Tongbing are chatting in Xiang Daofa’s office.

“Secretary Xiang.” Chen Tongbing said. “I heard Mayor Xie had been busy recently.”

Xiang Daofa smiled and did not think much about it. Since Xie Huilan was transferred to Yan Tai County, she had minded her own business, and seldom clash with Xiang Daofa during important meetings and decisions. Xiang Daofa knew Xie Huilan is waiting for an opportunity and will not go against him if she is not confident of winning. But this time Xie Huilan had suddenly nominated Dong Xuebing as the Chief of Investment Promotion Agency. This move is obviously putting herself against Xiang Daofa openly, and it surprises Xiang Daofa. He did not expect Xie Huilan to be so concerned for Dong Xuebing. If it was because Dong Xuebing had saved her life and she wants to return the favor, then Xiang Daofa will think she is not matured as a Mayor. Or could it be that Xie Huilan is confident she will win?

Chen Tongbing also does not understand why Xie Huilan is doing this. Xiang Daofa controls the majority of the votes in the Party Committee, and no matter what Xie Huilan does, she stands no chance. Why is she still trying to go against Xiang Daofa? What is she plotting?

“I heard Secretary Cao…” Chen Tongbing said.

Xiang Daofa nodded. “I know about it. Old Cao had told me. It’s fine.”

Chen Tongbing was relieved when he heard Xiang Daofa’s reply. He is very close to Lui Dafa, and Lui Dafa can join Xiang Daofa’s faction is because of his recommendation. He does not want any accidents to happen.


At the same time, Commission for Political and Legal Affairs Secretary Huang Li is also in Xie Huilan’s office.

Huang Li had disagreed with Mayor Xie’s decision to go against Xiang Daofa openly now, as he felt this is not the right time. Dong Xuebing will not win against Lui Dafa, and other than Lui Dafa, no one else can take over the position of the Chief of Investment Promotion Agency. Xie Huilan’s reputation and authority will be affected. But Huang Li did not stop Xie Huilan, because he is the only person in Yan Tai County who knows Dong Xuebing is Xie Huilan’s boyfriend. Mayor Xie will not sit around and watch her boyfriend gets bullied. Secretary Xiang had tried to suppress Dong Xuebing several times. He even plots to get rid of him. That’s why Huang Li will not stop Xie Huilan from standing up for her boyfriend.

In the office, Huang Li discussed the meeting agenda with Xie Huilan before the meeting.

At the end of their conversation, Huang Li brought up the topic of Investment Promotion Agency’s Chief.

Xie Huilan smiles and looks at Huang Li. “Secretary Xiang’s faction is not as united as you think. All of their members have their own thinking and don’t belittle Xiao Dong. Xiao Dong had achieved many amazing feats within a year of joining the Public Security Bureau. I know many people do not like Xiao Dong and felt he is immature, rash, and kept offending others. But many people had forgotten Xiao Dong had helped many people.”

Huang Li remembered Cao Xupeng and immediately understood why Xie Huilan had nominated Dong Xuebing.

Huang Li realized that Xie Huilan had thought about this. She is not only going to support her boyfriend but also to stir up a storm!


Dong Xuebing quietly closed the doors of Yu Meixia’s ward. He went to ask the doctor about Yu Meixia’s condition, before driving back to the County’s Public Security.

The Party Committee Meeting is about to start, and Dong Xuebing cannot accompany Sister Yu anymore. During this period, he must return to work and not let others get any opportunities to complain against him. When Dong Xuebing thought about the Party Committee Meeting, his face turns cold. He had put in all his efforts, and this meeting will decide on his future, Yu Meixia’s revenge, Xie Huilan’s authority, and many more. To Dong Xuebing, this is a war he cannot afford to lose.

Dong Xuebing must win!

He must get the Section Chief rank’s position!

Dong Xuebing crossed his arms and sat in his office with his eyes closed.

As Dong Xuebing waits for the results, the Party Committee Meeting starts.

The air is tense in Meeting Room 1, and the committee members slowly entered the room. Most Counties Party Committee Meeting will place nametags on the table, and all the members will know where they are seated. However, in Yan Tai County, there are no nametags on the meeting table. But that does not mean the committee members can sit wherever they want. For example, the head of the table is reserved for the County Party Committee Secretary, followed by the rest of the members based on their rankings. Every time the members’ rank changes, their seats will change.

Almost all the members had arrived except for the Party Secretary and Mayor.

The leaders will usually arrive slightly later, and this is their culture.

After a while, Xiang Daofa and Xie Huilan walked towards the meeting room together. They were chatting and smiling as they entered. On the surface, they look harmonious, but all the Committee members knew this is the hypocrisy of government leaders.

Xiang Daofa is the number one leader in Yan Tai County, and that’s why when both entered the meeting room, Xie Huilan walks slightly behind him. Although she is not lagging Xiang Daofa by a lot like other subordinates, she had given him respect. As both were about to enter the meeting room, Xie Huilan stopped chatting with a smile and entered the room first. This is to let Xiang Daofa be the ‘finale.’ No one can find any fault with Xie Huilan’s actions.

Xiang Daofa cleared his throat, and everyone sat upright.

The door closed, and Xiang Daofa walked to the head of the table and sat down.

This is the second Party Committee Meeting of the mount. County’s Party Committee Secretary – Xiang Daofa, Party Committee Deputy Secretary / Mayor – Xie Huilan, Party Committee Deputy Secretary – Cao Xupeng, Organization Department Head – Yang Tao, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee – Huang Li, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection – Duan Zhengan, Head of the Publicity Department – Chen Tongbing, Executive Deputy Mayor – Zhou Pingzhi, Head of People’s Armed Forces – Xiong Zhiyong, Head of the County’s Party Committee Office Administration – Lian Yanshan, Deputy Mayor – Geng Yuchao, were all present. The meeting minutes will be recorded by Xiang Daofa’s Secretary Zhou Jun.

After a while, Xiang Daofa opened the document in front of him and took a sip of tea from his teacup.

This is Xiang Daofa’s habit, and the meeting will start officially when he placed his cup back on the table.

As usual, there are the meeting starts with the more straightforward issues which the members have no differences. Xiang Daofa read out a document from the City Government and announced the instructions from the top. After that, he talked about Yan Tai County’s economic developments, City developments, etc. It is almost the end of the year, and their meetings will mostly discuss the positive issues and will leave the problems until next year.

An hour passed, and the meeting was only halfway.

At this time, some controversial issues were brought up for discussions.

This year’s National, Provincial, City had raised issues on the water conservancy projects conducted by the Counties’ Party Committee and Counties’ Governments. This is an important order from the top about the water conservancy developments. The leaders and departments at all levels must compile with the Central Government’s orders to strengthen agriculture and speed up the vital water conservancy projects on the rivers within the cities and integrate it with the surrounding infrastructure. The projects will be divided and assigned to different levels. All levels of the government must be proactive in working on these projects and must increase the investment.

This had been planned before Xie Huilan was appointed as the Mayor. But now, she suddenly proposed to let the County Government supervise all the funds that are being used for the projects and let one of the Deputy Mayor be the overall in charge of the projects.

Deputy Mayor Geng Yuchao knew this proposal will not be approved, and Mayor Xie should be using this proposal to see Xiang Daofa’s reaction. But after Xie Huilan finished speaking, Geng Yuchao still showed his support for the proposal. Geng Yuchao had some differences with Xiang Daofa in the past. After Xie Huilan comes to the County, he immediately joins her faction. Every Committee Meeting, he will be the ‘Vanguard’ of Xie’s faction.

Xiang Daofa did not say anything and took a sip of tea.

The Head of People’s Armed Forces, Xiong Zhiyong, was the first to open fire. “What proposal is this? You are just showing that you do not have trust in our leaders!”

Xie Huilan also did not say anything. She sat there, sipping on her tea, and flips her documents. Although this proposal was submitted by Xie Huilan, as the Mayor, she will not argue with someone uncouth like Xiong Zhiyong.

Geng Yuchao frowned and said. “This is not a matter of trust. We are just putting the person in charge to lead the project. This is the correct procedure, and we can monitor the fund better. We are just following the City’s orders to increase transparency, and we can prevent any corruption too!

Xiong Zhiyong is tall and big. He also has the loudest voice within the committee members. “The water conservancy project is going smoothly, and we should avoid changing the person at the top! What you are doing will disappoint our comrades.”

“Director Xiong.” Huang Li said. “I heard one of the leaders involved in the project had received bribes, and the Commission for Discipline Inspection had confirmed his crimes.”

Xiong Zhiyong looks at Huang Li. “That is an individual case. How can you treat everyone the same? If someone from one of the departments under the Political and Legal Department received bribes, are we going to hold the leader responsible?” Xiong Zhiyong is referring to Huang Li, and he continued. “Furthermore, the fund for the water conservancy project is monitored by relevant departments. The projects are ongoing smoothly. If we put someone in charge suddenly, and affected the morale of the men on the ground, causing delays, who is going to be responsible for it?”

Publicity Department Head, Chen Tongbing added. “Director Xiong is right. The waterworks department, Old Xu is capable and experienced. He should carry on heading these projects.”

The Head of the County’s Party Committee Office Administration, Lian Yanshan, also disagrees with Xie Huilan’s proposal.

Xiong Zhiyong said emotionlessly. “That’s why this proposal is not well planned.” After attacking Geng Yuchao and Huang Li, Xiong Zhiyong starts to attack Xie Huilan.

They still have not discussed the most critical issue of the day, and both sides are getting aggressive.

Huang Li and Geng Yuchao look at each other.

Xiang Daofa listened to both side’s arguments and put down his teacup. “Let’s vote to decide.”

The outcome from the voting is obvious. Including Xie Huilan’s vote, her proposal only got four votes. Geng Yuchao, Huang Li, and Executive Deputy Mayor, Zhou Pingzhi, had voted to support this proposal. During the restructuring of the County’s leaders some time ago, Zhou Pingzhi had not chosen a side. Still, he is the Executive Deputy Mayor, and Xie Huilan is his direct supervisor. Thus, he is closer to Xie Huilan, and this Waterworks Department proposal was submitted after the County Government discussed it. Naturally, he will support this proposal.

This test had shown much information about the committee.

Huang Li felt things are not looking good for his side.

Xie’s faction can only get four votes at most. Mayor Xie, Huang Li, Geng Yuchao, and Zhou Zhiping.

Xiang’s Faction is their opposite.

Out of the remaining seven party members, six voted to oppose this proposal, and Xiang Daofa was the only one who did not vote.

Needless to say, Lian Yanshan, the Party Committee’s Office Director, will undoubtedly support Xiang Daofa.

Xiong Zhiyong is obviously Xiang Daofa’s men, and also their faction’s vanguard.

Chen Tongbing, the Head of the Publicity Department, was groomed by Xiang Daofa, and Xiang Daofa had helped him get promoted to his current position.

Cao Xupeng, Duan Zhengan, and the head of the County’s Organization Department, Yang Tao, are leaning more towards Xiang Daofa’s faction. They had been very supportive of Xiang Daofa since he was promoted to the Party Committee Secretary.

The result is obvious. The Party Committee is one-sided.

Xie Huilan seems to have expected this result and did not say anything.

The following issue to be discussed is a proposal put up by Xiang Daofa. He wants to realign the direction of the villages’ infrastructure upgrading. Xie Huilan held up her teacup graceful, and Geng Yuchao got the hint. Mayor Xie wants her faction to be heard in this meeting, and Geng Yuchao immediately opposes this proposal. Huang Li also step forward to oppose Xiang Daofa’s proposal.

After some debate, Xiong Zhiyong started attacking. “I don’t understand. Improving the infrastructure of the villages is for the benefit of our people. Don’t tell me that you all want to see our villages in a run-down state?”

Geng Yuchao controlled his anger. “Director Xiong! Stop twisting my words! When did I say we should not upgrade our villages’ infrastructure?”

Xiong Zhiyong frowned. “Secretary Xiang’s proposal is targeting our Yan Tai County’s current situation. Why are you all worrying so much?! With so many worries, we might as well don’t do anything!”

Huang Li and Geng Yuchao had a grudge with Xiong Zhiyong for a long time before.

Xiong Zhiyong is an uncouth fellow, and usually, the Head of the Armed Forces has the least say on these policies. But Xiong Zhiyong did not realize this and wants to interfere with everything. He is the type who pinpointing others without any regard for the facts. He was one of Xiang Daofa’s supporters when the former Party Secretary, Chang Lei, was still in power. Xiang Daofa only needs to give him a look, and Xiong Zhiyong will voice out against Chang Lei. Now, he is doing the same to Xie Huilan. As long as it is something proposed by Xie Huilan, he will oppose it. Also, the words he used are crude and rude.

Huang Li and the rest cannot do anything to Xiong Zhiyong’s behavior.

On the other hand, Xiang Daofa likes Xiong Zhiyong very much. The latter will always be the first to attack the other faction and is not afraid of offending others. This is someone Xiang Daofa needs at the Committee meeting, and Xiang Daofa knows Xiong Zhiyong is not as rash as he looks.

After Xiong Zhiyong started attacking Xie Huilan’s faction, Lian Yanshan, Chen Tongbing, and the rest joined in.

The proposal had to be voted, and Xie Huilan’s faction got four votes from the same people again. Other than Cao Xupeng, who had given up his vote, everyone else voted to support the proposal.

Another defeat.

Xie Huilan was still smiling and sitting there steadily.

Geng Yuchao was panicking. He felt Mayor Xie had chosen the wrong time to pick a fight with Xiang Daofa.

They have no chance to win!


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