Power and Wealth
Chapter 303 – Fierce Confrontation
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 303 – Fierce Confrontation

Party Committee.

Meeting Room 1.

The Party Committee Meeting was more than halfway done. After the first two times of voting, Xie Huilan did not bring up any issues, nor oppose Xiang Daofa’s proposals. She seemed to be retreating, but the people from the Xiang’s faction are still out for blood. When Huang Li or Geng Yuchao said anything, Xiong Zhiyong, Lian Yanshan, and Chen Tongbing will just attack them mindlessly. Xiong Zhiyong was the most aggressive, and he even directs his attacks on Xie Huilan, without showing any respect to her rank. This is to challenge Mayor Xie’s authority and influence. Xiang Daofa did not say much at the meeting as he had planned everything before the meeting.

Geng Yuchao and Huang Li are under immense pressure, and they did not look good after being targeted by Xiang’s faction.

Even after all these, Xie Huilan did not say anything to retaliate, and she only narrows her eyes and smile.

Ten minutes…

Half an hour…

One hour…

The meeting is coming to an end.

In the spacious meeting room, Xiong Zhiyong said loudly. “I disagree with what Mayor Xie said.” He had said this line several times today. “The Central Government is encouraging economic development. Why must we be overly cautious like this? We must monitor our men closely, and need to do this and that… If we are going to do all these, we will not have time for any developments! What you are doing is to demoralize our men!”

Xiang Daofa smiled and said. “Mayor Huilan only wants our men to be on high alert.”

Xiong Zhiyong lowered his head and took a sip of water.

“Alright. Let’s put this issue aside first.” Xiang Daofa did not let Xie Huilan speak again.

Geng Yuchao and Huang Li were mad as they watch Xiang Daofa and Xiong Zhiyong putting up an act. They knew their side must put up a forceful retaliation, or Mayor Xie’s authority and influence will be affected after this meeting. Xie Huilan had been transferred from other places not long ago, and it will be hard for her to do anything if she lost the respect from the men on the ground.

Xie Huilan was still smiling and drinking her tea as if nothing had happened.

Huang Li was impressed. How many people can have such a spirit like Mayor Xie?

Finally, the grand finale of the meeting.

Xiang Daofa flipped open a document and look at Xie Huilan and her people. “Old Meng of the Investment Promotion Agency had applied for early retirement because of his health. This is an important position… and we need investments to improve our County’s economy. Let’s discuss who is more suitable to take over this role.” He turns to the head of the County’s Organization Department, Yang Tao. “Old Yang, what is the outcome of the Organization Department’s investigation?”

Everyone at the meeting was on high alert.

This is the highlight of today’s meeting. During the Party Committee Meetings, Mayor Xie’s first proposal is very sensitive. But compared to the appointment of key positions, her first proposal is not worth mentioning. Everyone knows Xiang Daofa wants to deal with Dong Xuebing and had even ordered the Commission of Discipline Inspection to investigate him. But the moment the investigation is over, Mayor Xie nominated Dong Xuebing for promotion. This is a challenge to Xiang Daofa’s authority, and this challenge can decide many things. Almost every government staff in Yan Tai County are watching this closely.

The meeting room immediately becomes tense.

Yang Tao cleared his throat and opened a document. “Under the instructions of Party Secretary Xiang and Secretary Cao, we had looked into two candidates, Investment Promotion Agency Deputy Chief Lui Dafa and Public Security Bureau Deputy Chief Dong Xuebing. Lui Dafa had outstanding performances at work and has shown a stable character. He has the foresight and…” Yang Tao introduced Dong Xuebing and Lui Dafa briefly on their positive points.

Xiang Daofa nodded in acknowledgment.

Geng Yuchao said. “I think Dong…”

“Old Yang, who do you think is more suitable?” Xiang Daofa interrupted Geng Yuchao.

Geng Yuchao was forced to stop and is looking terrible.

Lian Yanshan, who was sitting beside Geng Yuchao, looks at him with a smirk.

Yang Tao steadied himself and said. “I think Old Lui is more suitable. Secretary Xiang is right. The role of the Investment Promotion Agency Chief is very important. We had mentioned earlier that our County will be focusing on getting investors next year, and we need someone like Lui Dafa. I am not sure about Xiao Dong’s ability to attract investors. Still, he is only twenty-four years old, and his age is not suitable for this role.” As the head of the County’s Organization Department, his views are objective. Even if Yang Tao is not on Xiang Daofa’s side, he will also not agree to let Dong Xuebing take over this position, because of his age.

Xiang Daofa nodded.

Xie Huilan turns and looks at Geng Yuchao.

Geng Yuchao immediately says. “I admit Chief Dong is young, but who says being young is not capable? In fact, I think Xiao Dong’s age is his advantage. All of us know that our County had failed to attract investors all these years, making us lose out to other Counties. The problem is with our conceptions, and it is time to inject new blood into this department. If Old Lui takes over this position, nothing will change. That’s why I think Chief Dong is more suitable.”

The County’s Party Committee Office Director Lian Yanshan retorted. “I know about Chief Dong’s resume. He had joined the State Security before he was transferred to the Public Security, and these two places are under the Police system. I will not doubt Chief Dong’s ability to solve cases and arrest criminals. But attracting investors is too different from Public Security. Can you ask a martial arts expert to write literature? It is the same.”

Huang Li interrupted. “Don’t jump to conclusions. Who is good at everything when they are born? Director Lian, you are also from the military, and what you are doing now is different from the army.” He paused for a second. “From what I know, Chief Dong was doing administrative work in the State Security and was in charge of General Affairs Office. He has experience in administrative duties, and I believe he can take up this role.”

Chen Tongbing shook his head. “What if he can’t succeed in this role? No one had seen Chief Dong’s ability to attract investors. If we choose him, it will be a gamble, and it will be irresponsible.”

Lian Yanshan coldly added. “Director Chen is right. The Japanese investment site visit team had left our County because of Xiao Dong. This shows that he does not have experience in dealing with investors. How can he take on such an important role? I still think Chief Lui is more suitable. He has the experience and had been working in the Investment Promotion Agency for some time. He is familiar with the work and can hold his ground by speaking with investors.”

Huang Li frowned. “The Japanese site visit team had committed crimes, and what’s wrong with Xiao Dong executing his duties? He is a leader with the Public Security Bureau and not from the Investment Promotion Agency at that time. Are you saying that Xiao Dong should also do the job of getting investors while solving cases?”

Lian Yanshan looks at him. “I am saying Xiao Dong is too aggressive!”

Huang Li replied mockingly. “Upholding the law is a serious issue. Are you expecting the authorities to educate the criminals nicely and don’t charge them for their crimes?”

The Committee Members argued without any conclusion.

While they are arguing, Xiang Daofa and Xie Huilan did not say a word.

After a few minutes of arguing, Xiang Daofa took a sip of tea and put down his cup, making a sound.

Everyone stopped and looked at Xiang Daofa. They knew Xiang Daofa is about to say something.

Xiang Daofa raised his head and said. “Old Lui will be the Chief of Investment Promotion Agency. Dong Xuebing is too young, and he is not even thirty. He should gain more experience first.” Xiang Daofa did not even ask the committee members to vote and decided on it. What he said about Dong Xuebing seems to be referring to Xie Huilan too. Everyone knows Mayor Xie’s age is around thirty.

Geng Yuchao and Huang Li’s face changed.

Lian Yanshan and Chen Tongbing were gloating by their side.

Suddenly, Xie Huilan, who had been keeping quiet, looks at Xiang Daofa with a smile. “I think Xiao Dong is more suitable. Secretary Xiang, let’s vote on this.”

The air froze.

Since the start of this meeting, this is the first time Xie Huilan opposes Xiang Daofa’s decision openly.

Lian Yanshan looked at Xie Huilan and thought. Is she going to retaliate? But where did she get her confidence?! Can’t she tell the committee is not in her favor?

Chen Tongbing had more information than Lian Yanshan and is not surprised.

Xiang Daofa looks at Xie Huilan calmly and smiles. “Alright. Let’s vote.”

“I support Secretary Xiang’s decision.” Lian Yanshan was the first to vote. “Lui Dafa is more suitable to take over the Investment Promotion Agency!”

Geng Yuchao said. “I support Mayor Xie’s decision. The Investment Promotion Agency needs a younger leader to lead them!”

Huang Li added. “I also agree with Mayor Xie’s nomination. Xiao Dong has been outstanding in his work, and we must appoint him to take on bigger roles!”

Yang Tao looks at them. “I stand by what I said. Old Lui.”

Within a minute, both sides hit a stalemate—3 votes vs. 3 votes.

But this draw is only temporary. Chen Tongbing said. “I support Secretary Xiang’s decision. Xiao Dong is too young, and an older leader should oversee the Investment Promotion Agency. I pick Lui Dafa.”

Xiang Daofa has four votes, and Xie Huilan has three votes. The winner will emerge soon.

Geng Yuchao is nervous and kept looking at Xie Huilan. Among the remaining Committee Members, other than the Executive Deputy Mayor Zhou Pingzhi, they might not get another vote. This will be their defeat!


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