Power and Wealth
Chapter 304 – The deciding vote!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 304 – The deciding vote!

At this critical moment, Xie’s Faction is not looking good.

Xie Huilan is indifferent to the existing number of votes and played with her teacup on the table. She smiles and looks at Cao Xupeng.

From the start of the meeting, Cao Xupeng has been on Xiang Daofa’s side. Other than giving up his vote once, he had supported all the proposals put up by Secretary Xiang. But when Cao Xupeng saw Xie Huilan looking at him, he said. “… I support Dong Xuebing.” He did not give any explanation for his decision.

Yan Lianshan frowned and took a glanced at Cao Xupeng.

Geng Yuchao was surprised and took a deep breath.

It is four votes against four votes!

Xiang Daofa, Chen Tongbing, Huang Li, and a few others were not surprised by Cao Xupeng’s decision. Before the start of the meeting, Cao Xupeng had told Xiang Daofa that he will be voting for Dong Xuebing because Dong Xuebing had volunteered to replace him as a hostage during the jailbreak case. This is equivalent to saving his life, and he had to repay this favor no matter what. But he is also worried Xiang Daofa will misunderstand his action. That’s why he went to Xiang Daofa before the meeting to tell him about his decision.

Xiang Daofa did not get angry and was glad that Cao Xupeng had told him this before the meeting. If Cao Xupeng had not told him anything about this and voted for Dong Xuebing during the meeting, he will be mad.

Xiang Daofa had a faint smile on his face and was unfazed with Cao Xupeng’s vote.

Everything is still under his control.

Lian Yanshan and Geng Yuchao remembered some rumors and understood why Cao Xupeng supported Dong Xuebing. He was not supporting Xie Huilan and had voted for Dong Xuebing because he owes Dong Xuebing a favor.

Geng Yuchao suddenly felt his side might have the chance to turn the tides around!

Cheng Tongbing, Yang Tao, and the rest were not worried at all. Cao Xupeng’s decision will not change anything except giving Xie Huilan’s side one more vote. Nothing will change. Duan Zhengan, Director Xiong, and their votes will add up to six votes, and it’s more than half of the eleven votes.

It suddenly becomes tense for a while after Secretary Cao voted for Dong Xuebing, but it was only for a while.

The room was silent for a few seconds after Cao Xupeng vote.

Xie Huilan suddenly made an expected move. She looks at the Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Duan Zhengan, and smiled. “Secretary Duan, what about you?”

Lian Yanshan, Chen Tongbing, and the rest were stunned. The way Xie Huilan asks this question is weird.

Geng Yuchao and Huang Li exchanged looks and don’t understand why Mayor Xie is asking someone from the Xiang’s Faction.

What happened next surprised everyone. Duan Zhengan, who had been supporting Xiang Daofa’s proposals since the start of the meeting, hesitated. He looked down at the document in front of him and said. “… Dong Xuebing.” After he said Dong Xuebing’s name, he did not look at anyone and sat there quietly.

No one expected Duan Zhengan to switch sides too!

Geng Yuchao, Yang Tao, and the rest were speechless.

Xiang Daofa frowned and stared at Duan Zhengan angrily. Duan Zhengan had not discussed this with him about this, but he had heard rumors that the child Dong Xuebing saved at Fen Zhou City’s zoo is related to Duan Zhengan. Xiang Daofa thought nothing about it, and as he does not believe the rumors. But from Duan Zhengan’s decision, the rumor should be true.

What is Old Duan doing?!

Xiang Daofa is not angry with Duan Zhengan voting for Dong Xuebing. He is angry with him because Duan Zhengan had not informed him before the meeting.

At this time, Lian Yanshan, Chen Tongbing, and the rest remembered about the rumor they heard about the Wildlife Safari Zoo and understood why Duan Zhengan voted for Dong Xuebing. Some of the Committee Members’ faces changed and knew things are not looking good for them.

Geng Yuchao’s heart is racing.

Huang Li exchanged looks with Geng Yuchao.

Five votes against four votes!

Geng Yuchao is very excited. He had thought it is a bad decision for Mayor Xie to go against Secretary Xiang now, and she will stand no chance against him. But now, the tides had changed, and they are only one step away from victory. Five vs. four, and with Zhou Pingzhi’s vote, Mayor Xie will get six votes, and it is the majority votes!

We won?!

Geng Yuchao could not believe this is happening.

Huang Li had thought more about Xie Huilan’s actions than Geng Yuchao. He was deeply impressed with her, as he realized Xie Huilan had not brought up a few controversial issues and proposals to see her opponents’ reaction. She had done everything for this appointment issue. She knew from the start that Xiang Daofa controls most of the votes in the Committee, and what’s there to test their reactions? It will only increase her opponents’ morale and make her look bad.

But because of the sensitive issues, Xie Huilan brought up, Cao Xupeng and Duan Zhengan supported Xiang Daofa by voting for him and had made enough contributions. That’s why when it comes to the appointment of the Chief of the Investment Promotion Agency, they were not pressured to vote for Dong Xuebing. If Mayor Xie did nothing and brought up the issue of Dong Xuebing’s appointment, Cao Xupeng and Duan Zhengan might not support Dong Xuebing because of Xiang Daofa. Xie Huilan had provided them a platform to minimize their pressure to vote for Dong Xuebing.

What a grand strategy!

All this while, Xie Huilan had placed her bets on the last issue!

Five votes vs. four votes! Xie Huilan’s Faction can be declared the winner!

On the other hand, Lian Yanshan and Chen Tongbing were shocked. They had belittled Xie Huilan all this while and did not expect her to be so cunning.

Xiang Daofa shifted his eyes from Duan Zhengan to Xie Huilan and smile suddenly.

Chen Tongbing and the rest thought everything is over when they saw Xiang Daofa’s expression. This is not the end?! Secretary Xiang still has a hidden card up his sleeves?

The answer is revealed shortly.

When Huang Li and Geng Yuchao look at Zhou Pingzhi, Xiang Daofa also turn and looks at him.

Zhou Pingzhi hesitated for a second and said. “… I support Secretary Xiang’s decision.”


Huang Li’s face changed immediately. You support Xiang Daofa?! What are you saying?!

Chen Tongbing and Lian Yanshan did not expect this outcome and were suddenly relieved. They looked at each other and smiled.

Geng Yuchao held his cup tightly. Although Zhou Pingzhi had not expressed his desire to join Xie Huilan’s Faction, he had been close to him from the start. He can be considered their allies! When was he bought over by Xiang Daofa? Why did he switch sides at this critical moment? Could it be Zhou Pingzhi is a mole planted by Xiang Daofa in the County Government? Or could they have some private agreement?

Zhou Pingzhi had changed everything with his vote.

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes to a slit as she looks at Zhou Pingzhi.

Zhou Pingzhi lowered his head after voting and pretended not to see or hear anything.

Five votes vs. five votes! It’s a draw now!

Geng Yuchao’s heart sank and almost banged the table from his anger. He wants to question Zhou Pingzhi why he voted for Xiang Daofa. His vote will determine Xie Huilan’s victory! What was he thinking?

Huang Li sighed silently as he knew all their efforts were in vain. Every Committee member had voted except for the head of the Armed Forces, Xiong Zhiyong. Everyone knows who Xiong Zhiyong will vote for. He had been a hardcore supporter of Xiang Daofa since the latter was appointed the Mayor of Yan Tai County, and is the enemy of the Xie’s Faction. Since Xie Huilan was appointed as the Mayor, Xiong Zhiyong had challenged Xie Huilan countless times during the Committee Meetings.

That’s it!

After plotting for so long, they still lose to Xiang Daofa!

Huang Li and Geng Yuchao were unwilling to accept defeat!

Xiang Daofa let out a laugh softly. “That’s settle. Lui Dafa will be appointed the Chief of Investment Promotion Agency.”

Chen Tongbing, Lian Yanshan, and the rest smiled. This was a close shave for them, and when they thought about it, they still get the shivers.

Xie Huilan looked at Xiang Daofa and said. “Secretary Xiang, if I remember correctly, the votes now are five vs. five, and we have eleven committee members. There should be one more vote.”

Xiang Daofa paused for a second and laughed. “Director Xiong still has not voted, right? Zhiyong?

The winner had been decided, and everyone looks at Xiong Zhiyong. Some of them start to wonder why Old Xiong had been keeping quiet after the voting started. He has been aggressive and on the offensive since the start of the meeting. Is he tired?

Huang Li and Geng Yuchao did not even look at Xiong Zhiyong as they felt the outcome had been decided.

Xie Huilan smiles and looks at Xiong Zhiyong with narrowed eyes.

Xiong Zhiyong noticed everyone was looking at him and drank his water in one gulp. After finishing his glass of water, he looks at the rest of the Committee Members and said something shocking. “… I support Mayor Xie’s nomination.”


You support Xie Huilan?!

Everyone was stunned by what they heard.

All the Committee members had encountered all sorts of difficult situations, but they still gasped in shock!

Lian Yanshan, Chen Tongbing, Cao Xupeng, and Duan Zhengan were dumbfounded!

Everyone might not be so surprised if it was anyone of them in this meeting room that supports Xie Huilan. How is it possible for Xiong Zhiyong, the leader of the anti-Xie Faction, to support her?!


Xiang Daofa’s face turned black immediately!

Translator’s notes: Why did Xiong Zhiyong switch sides at the final minute? Was he bribed by Xie Huilan and is a mole within Xiang Daofa’s Faction? What did Xie Huilan do? This meeting had been going on for 3 chapters.


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