Power and Wealth
Chapter 305 – Win!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 305 – Win!

“… I support Mayor Xie’s nomination.”

Xiong Zhiyong had cast his deciding vote.

6 vs. 5 – Xie Huilan had won!

What happened? No one can figure out what was going on!

Chen Tongbing’s face changed because of his anger. He took a glance at Lian Yanshan and Yang Tao, and noticed they are looking terrible. After Xiong Zhiyong cast his vote, one could hear a pin drop in the meeting room. Xiong Zhiyong also lowered his head and looked at the document in front of him.

Huang Li and Geng Yuchao looked at each other in shock.

Xie Huilan stopped smiling and looks at Xiang Daofa. “… Secretary Xiang?”

Everyone at the meeting turned to look at Xiang Daofa.

The results are out, and it’s not the time to wonder why Xiong Zhiyong decided to backstab Xiong Daofa at the last minute. As the Party Committee Secretary, the most powerful man in Yan Tai County, he has the power to veto the result forcefully. But no Party Secretaries will use this power easily. He would be telling the City Government leaders that he does not have control over the County.

Xiang Daofa kept quiet.

Lian Yanshan, Chen Tongbing, and the rest of the committee members knew Xiang Daofa is considering vetoing the result.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Xiang Daofa sighed in his heart.

Xiang Daofa cannot veto the result. If the candidate is someone else, he can still use it and try to make up for it later. But the candidate is Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing had solved the Provincial Museum break-in case, saved many people, fought a tiger, and made numerous contributions to the County. Many higher-ups had heard of Dong Xuebing. If Xiang Daofa forcefully stopped Dong Xuebing from getting appointed, the Provincial and City leaders will think badly of him, and this decision will affect the morale of other staff in the County.

That’s why Xiang Daofa cannot veto!

The consequences are too big for Xiang Daofa to bear!

“… Dong Xuebing will be appointed as the Chief of Investment Promotion Agency.” After saying this, Xiang Daofa close the document in front of him and said. “That’s all. Dismissed!” Xiang Daofa does not have the mood to continue with the meeting. He thought he would dominate the meeting, but he lost to Xie Huilan. This is his first defeat after he becomes the Party Secretary.

Lian Yanshan, Chen Tongbing, and the rest packed their stuff quietly and prepared to leave.

Duan Zhengan was the first to stand up and was about to leave.

“Secretary Duan, I need to speak to you.” Xie Huilan smiled and walked beside Duan Zhengan. “Let’s talk on the way.”

Duan Zhengan is responsible for Xiang Daofa’s faction defeat today and felt he should give him an explanation. He was about to go to Xiang Daofa’s office to wait for him, but Xie Huilan stopped him. Duan Zhengan was speechless, but Xie Huilan is the Mayor, and he cannot reject her.

Chen Tongbing cursed in his heart as he looks at both walking out of the meeting room.

Huang Li looks at Xie Huilan’s back and immediately understood what she is doing. Xie Huilan is trying to split Xiang Daofa’s faction members and make them doubt each other. He quickly winked at Geng Yuchao and approached his old friend Cao Xupeng. They were formerly under Party Secretary Chang Lei and were close friends.

“Old Cao, it’s almost lunchtime. Let’s have lunch together.” Huang Li said.

Cao Xupeng waved his hand. “I still have some work to do.”

“I can wait.” Huang Li quickens his pace and walks out of the meeting room with Cao Xupeng.

Geng Yuchao saw Xiong Zhiyong carrying his teacup out of the meeting room and chased after him. “Director Xiong, let’s walk together.”

Chen Tongbing is furious to see what Xie Huilan’s men are doing.

Although Chen Tongbing knows this is a provocation, he can’t help getting angry with Xiong Zhiyong and Duan Zhengan.


County Investment Promotion Agency.

Lui Dafa had just returned from lunch, and his phone rang.

Lui Dafa’s heart starts to race as he saw it was Chen Tongbing calling. He had been waiting for this call the whole morning. He answered the call, excitedly. “Director Chen.”

“……” Chen Tongbing kept quiet, and Lui Dafa can only hear his breathing.

Lui Dafa said. “Director Chen?”

Chen Tongbing replied. “Something unexpected happened. Dong Xuebing is appointed.”

“Ah?” Lui Dafa was stunned. “Dong Xuebing?”

“Old Lui, you must stay calm.” Chen Tongbing sighed and consoled him. “You will still have opportunities in the future.”

After hanging up the call, Lui Dafa felt his head was spinning and almost fell. He was in a daze as he thinks of what Chen Tongbing said. How is this possible? If he cannot get promoted this time, he will never get any chance in the future. With Dong Xuebing as his superior, how can he get any opportunity?

Ring… ring… ring… Lui Dafa’s phone rang again.

Lui Dafa answered the call in a daze.

It was Li Hong who called. “Old Lui, has the Committee meeting ended? When is your official appointment?”

Lui Dafa flared up. “Shut up!”

“Why are you shouting at me?!” Li Hong is in a good mood as her husband is going to be promoted, but she got a scolding from him instead. “What’s wrong with you?! Are you drunk?”

“I am not appointed as the Chief!”

“… what do you mean?”

“Dong Xuebing was appointed as the Chief! Understand?! Ah?!”

Li Hong is shock and furious. “Him? He is going to be the Chief of the Investment Promotion Agency?! Didn’t you say Secretary Xiang and Director Chen is supporting you, and it had been decided? What happened?”

“How do I know?!”

The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment! Lui Dafa and Li Hong had expected to get the Chief’s position and cannot accept reality.


At the same time.

County Public Security Bureau. Dong Xuebing is in his office smoking. He had smoked a packet of cigarettes in the morning, and his office is filled with smoke. Dong Xuebing opens his window to air his office when Xie Huilan called.

Dong Xuebing held his breath as he answered. “Hello, Mayor Xie.” Dong Xuebing will address Sister Xie as Mayor Xie most of the time as he is afraid someone will hear him.

Xie Huilan laughed. “The results are out. Make a guess.”

“Ah… just tell me the result.” Dong Xuebing replied impatiently.

“Hehe… you ah…” Xie Huilan paused. “Director Xiong, Secretary Duan, and Secretary Cao had helped you at the meeting. Don’t forget to thank them.”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “That means… I succeeded?”

Xie Huilan continued. “The County Party Committee had decided, and the official document will be submitted to the City. But the official appointment will not be out so soon as the approval for Meng Xianglin’s retirement is not out. Furthermore, it will be the Lunar New Year in three weeks. During this period, the Investment Promotion Agency must put up their annual report, and you cannot start work if you go over now. Old Meng had been discharged from the hospital and let him settle the reports. His retirement approval will be out after Lunar New Year, and you can take over then.”

Dong Xuebing is overjoyed!

“Oh, how did you make Xiong Zhiyong switch sides? You had not told me.”

“He owes me a favor.” Dong Xuebing explained. “When I was just transferred over to Yan Tai County, I was assigned a case, and he owes me a favor because of it. This is before you arrive.”

That’s right. Xiong Zhiyong is Xiao Hua’s father. Xiao Hua had hacked into the County’s government website and switched Xiong Daofa’s title, who was the Mayor at that time, with a Deputy Mayor. If not for Dong Xuebing had closed a blind eye on Xiao Hua secretly, this matter might still be ongoing.

Dong Xuebing knew Xiong Zhiyong is unsure if he is still holding on to any evidence. If this hacking case is brought up again, it will affect Xiong Zhiyong and Xiao Hua greatly. That’s why Xiong Zhiyong decided to repay Dong Xuebing this way.

Dong Xuebing told Xie Huilan about the government website hacking case.

“Haha… you are quite capable. Work hard, and don’t disappoint me.” Xie Huilan laughed.

“I will not disappoint you!” Dong Xuebing remembered Sister Yu and asked. “Sister Xie, what is Lui Dafa’s reaction?”

“What do you think?”

“I think he should be vomiting blood now.”

Dong Xuebing had snatched the Chief’s position from Lui Dafa, but this will not be the end. Dong Xuebing will not let him off so easily. He wants to kick him out of the government and make him and his family suffer! Dong Xuebing is revengeful and will take revenge for Sister Yu!

Noon. News of Dong Xuebing’s promotion had spread.

Many people were shocked to hear this piece of news.

Everyone knew Xiang Daofa has the most power in Yan Tai County and controls the majority of the votes in the Party Committee. How many leaders in Yan Tai County will dare to vote against Xiang Daofa? That’s why it is almost impossible for Xie Huilan to win against Xiang Daofa. Many people still do not believe the Party Committee Meeting had approved Dong Xuebing’s promotion!

But Dong Xuebing is promoted! Party Secretary Xiang had lost to Mayor Xie! The leaders at all levels in Yan Tai County were shocked!

A few who had access to insider information were more shocked. They might be surprised to know Duan Zhengan had joined Mayor Xie’s side, as Duan Zhengan was only close to Xiang Daofa and had not officially join Xiang Daofa’s faction. But the Head of People’s Armed Forces, Xiong Zhiyong, had switched sides!

Who is Director Xiong?

Xiong Zhiyong had been Xiang Daofa’s support all these years!

Now, Xiong Zhiyong had stabbed Xiang Daofa’s back with his deciding vote!

Why did Xiong Zhiyong switch sides suddenly?

Is this a joke?

A storm is brewing within Yan Tai County’s top leaders. This is an obvious sign that Xiang Daofa no longer controls the Party Committee.


Public Security Bureau.

Dong Xuebing walks out of his office to go upstairs.

Along the corridor, Dong Xuebing met some Public Security Officers. “Congratulations, Chief Dong.”

“Thank you.” Dong Xuebing smiles.

Deputy Bureau Chief Qin Yong saw Dong Xuebing and greeted him. “I was just about to go to your office. Are you going to give us a treat this evening?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sure.”

“Hahaha… See you tonight.”

Qin Yong was surprised to hear Dong Xuebing was promoted. Qin Yong was transferred to Yan Tai County Public Security when Dong Xuebing joined the Government Service. When Dong Xuebing was promoted to Deputy Section Chief, Qin Yong was still Deputy Bureau Chief. Now, Dong Xuebing is going to be promoted to Section Chief, and Qin Yong is still a Deputy Bureau Chief. Qin Yong can only laugh at himself. Dong Xuebing had joined the Government Service for less than two years and was promoted twice! How many Government Officers in the Province can get promoted as fast as Dong Xuebing?


Dong Xuebing knocked and entered Liang Chengpeng’s office. “Chief Liang, are you looking for me?”

“Yes. Have a seat.”


Dong Xuebing sat down on the sofa, and Liang Chengpeng sighed. “To be honest, I do not want to let you go. You are most suitable to remain Public Security with your capabilities and guts, and I had thought of letting you gain more experience here.” Liang Chengpeng paused for a few seconds and look at Dong Xuebing. “But since the Party Committee had decided, I can only let you go. The job at Investment Promotion Agency is a test and, at the same time, a great opportunity for you. Work hard!”

Dong Xuebing sighed and said. “Actually, I also don’t want to leave.”

Liang Chengpeng laughed. “Stop being modest. You are getting a promotion, and you don’t want to leave? It’s too fake.”

“I am speaking the truth.” Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly. “You should know my character and is always getting into trouble. If you had not shown me the ropes, I might still be running around in circles. I am afraid I might not cope in the new environment.” Dong Xuebing is no longer a newbie in the Government Service and knows what to say when facing different people. When facing his former leader, he will not say the same things as what he said to Xie Huilan.

Liang Chengpeng replied. “Don’t lose faith. With your ability, I believe you will do well in whichever department. But you should change your foul temper.”

Dong Xuebing laughed and nodded.

Liang Chengpeng knows Dong Xuebing will never change, and he shook his head. He chatted with Dong Xuebing for a while more, before letting him leave. Dong Xuebing’s departure is a heavy loss for the County Public Security Bureau. Liang Chengpeng might seem to be nonchalant about Dong Xuebing transferring out, but he unwilling to see him leave. If possible, he wants to keep Dong Xuebing by his side forever.


The whole afternoon, Dong Xuebing has been answering calls.

Dong Xuebing’s handphone and office phone had been ringing nonstop as everyone calls him to congratulate him.

Dong Xuebing was 23 years old when he is promoted to Deputy Section Chief, and everyone felt he was too young. Now, he is 24 years old and was promoted to Section Chief. This is unbelievable.

Public Security Bureau’s Gong Zhongwen and Sun Changhong, Hui Tian Village Station Liu Dahai, and Chen Fa, Dong Xuebing’s relatives, the leaders of various departments had called to congratulate Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing does not have time to meet up with all of them and pushed away some of their dinner appointments. He gathered those that he cannot reject and treated them to a banquet, as he wants to bring Yu Meixia to do skin grafting before Lunar New Year.

Nevertheless, Dong Xuebing was still overjoyed to get his Section Chief rank.

Dong Xuebing had been waiting for this day, and he had finally gotten it!


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