Power and Wealth
Chapter 310 – Challenge the Schools!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 310 – Challenge the Schools!


Dong Xuebing woke up at around 8am and took a warm shower at the hotel. As the warm water splashes his face, he thought about the Chinese who got assaulted by the Taekwondo students in Korea. Dong Xuebing’s eyes turned cold. These people from the Taekwondo schools in Seoul are too arrogant. Instead of apologizing, they even ganged up to attack the Chinese. This had crossed the line, but Dong Xuebing does not have any solution to get back at them.

After leaving the bathroom, Dong Xuebing went logged on to the internet and checked the Chinese forums.

The hacking had stopped but not the scoldings.

“My brother was beaten up in Seoul! F**k!”

“My parents had gone to Seoul for a holiday, and their luggage was damaged by two men in Taekwondo uniforms. My parents wanted to report to the police, but they can’t speak Korean!”

“Don’t let me see this group of bastards! I will kill every one of them!”

“These hooligans!”

“What are the foreign affairs doing?! So many of our fellow countrymen were beaten up, and they are not taking action!”

In China, anger against the Koreans had not subsided. The Korean’s arrogance had escalated this incident further. This is no longer about Tianma Taekwondo school. The whole Korean Taekwondo world must apologize for what had happened, and they must hand over all their students who had assaulted the Chinese. They must compensate the victims!

Korean Taekwondo Association chose to keep quiet about the anti-Chinese incidents around Korea. Despite the Korean police arresting several Taekwondo students, it did not deter the rest of the students, as most of the Korean students felt it was the Chinese who caused this incident. Those overseas students had lost the fight, and yet they instigated hackers to attack their websites. They even smash the windows of the Taekwondo schools in China. Apologize? Dream on!

There are at least 20 to 30 Taekwondo schools in Seoul.

More and more students from these Taekwondo schools participate in these assaults, and the police couldn’t catch all of them!

Chinese University students refused to accept the inactions of Seoul’s Taekwondo schools, and they started protesting together with a few high schools.

These protests happened yesterday.

Dong Xuebing shut down his laptop and lit a cigarette. He knows the higher-ups will not let this carry-on and will take action. But the higher-ups will only suppress these conflicts by force, and medical compensations should not be a problem. But to get an apology from Seoul’s Taekwondo Association and those Korean students is impossible. After all, too many people are involved.

When Dong Xuebing knows that revenge is impossible, he got frustrated.

Yu Meixia is awake when Dong Xuebing arrived at the hospital. She is holding up a small mirror looking at the bandages on her face.

“Sister Yu, you are up?” Dong Xuebing walked over. “How was your sleep last night?”

Yu Meixia put down her mirror and asked. “… Xiao Bing, when can the bandages be removed?”

Dong Xuebing laughed and looks at Yu Meixia’s face. “Don’t be anxious. You still have another treatment this afternoon and need to apply two more times of medication. I think the bandages can be removed the day after tomorrow.”

Yu Meixia asked worryingly. “What if… what if…”

“There is no ‘what if’ and everything will be fine. Trust me.”

“… ok!” Yu Meixia picks up the mirror to look at herself again.

Zhang Jingjing had shown Dong Xuebing photographs of Yu Meixia’s face after the operation. All the scratched scars were covered up by the skin from her butt. But there are some swelling and small blisters around the skin, which is normal. Dong Xuebing does not understand all the medical terms, but he knows the new skin needs time to adjust to the conditions of her face. Considering Yu Meixia’s condition, Dong Xuebing and Zhang Jingjing did not let her see her face and will only allow her to look at her face in the mirror after the swelling is gone and the wounds heal.

“Xiao Bing, are you troubled recently?” Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing and asked.

Dong Xuebing hesitated for a second and nodded. “Yes.”

Yu Meixia asked. “I can tell you are feeling down. Is it because of those overseas students? How are their injuries?”

“They were seriously injured, and some of them are still hospitalized.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “I am not troubled by the students. Now, many Taekwondo students and instructors in Seoul are attacking Chinese… Sigh… let’s not talk about this. What would you like for lunch?”


“I know you don’t like the food here. How about we go to a Chinese restaurant?”

“Ok… But… can I leave the hospital?”

“Haha… it’s not your legs that are injured, and the doctor said you have been staying in your ward and need some exercise. She asked me to bring you out for some fresh air.”

After packing up, Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia walk out of the hospital.

Yu Meixia smiles as she felt the fresh air outside.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing saw Li An, Chen Dahui, and two other students who had recovered arguing in a parking lot near the hospital. A few men were standing opposite them, and Dong Xuebing had met one of them. It’s that young man who stared at Yu Meixia on the plane. Since Han Shangyu is an instructor from Tianma Taekwondo School, this young man must also be one of his students.

Dong Xuebing walks over. “Let’s go over and take a look!”

The men seemed to be arguing over something.

Kim Hee Jin, who was standing in front, threw an envelope onto the ground and laughed. “This is the medical fee. Watch your words in the future, or else, we will beat you up whenever we see you!”

Chen Dahui shouted. “I dare you to say that again!”

Li An stared at Kim Hee Jin. “You think this will end after compensating the medical fees?! Apologize to my friends!”

Another Korean student from Tianma Taekwondo shouted. “We gave you all the medical fees is because we pity you! Apologize, my ass!”

Kim Hee Jin laughed. “You all should know the rules in our school. We are just sparring, and who can you blame when you all are weak?! Train harder!”

The Koreans roared with laughter. All of them are from Tianma Taekwondo School.

Chen Dahui scolded. “You all outnumbered by us by a few dozens! What sort of sparring is this?!”

A Chinese student with bandages all over his face shouted. “I dare you to fight us one on one!”

“I can’t be bothered with you all.” Kim Hee Jin laughed. “You bunch of losers only knows how to bark. Fight me on one?! Sure! I welcome you to challenge me anytime!”

After saying, the Koreans boarded a car and left.

“Bastards!” Chen Dahui shouted at them.

Dong Xuebing had reached and found out that guy is called Kim Hee Jin, and he was one of the students who attacked the Chinese students. Sun Zhi’s injuries were caused by him. If they had not reached the hospital in time, Sun Zhi would be dead!

“We will get our revenge with them sooner or later!” Li An replied angrily.

Another overseas student went to pick up the envelope of money from the floor. “I think we should just let this go. Their Taekwondo Schools are almost all Koreans, and we… sigh…”

Chen Dahui also sighed.

Dong Xuebing patted Chen Dahui’s shoulder. “Go and pay the medical fees and wait until all the injuries are healed.”

After the Chinese students left, Dong Xuebing felt annoyed. He continued to bring Yu Meixia to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and strolled along the streets with her after their meal.

Yu Meixia asked. “Xiao Bing, can you stop them?”

Dong Xuebing threw the cigarette butt away. “I am only a small leader in a County. What authority do I have to interfere with this? This is the job of foreign affairs.”

“Then those people were beaten up for nothing? During lunch, the boss of the restaurant said lots of Chinese students and tourists were injured. Why are the authorities not doing anything?” Yu Meixia is softhearted, and when she heard of her fellow countrymen getting humiliated, she felt bad.

Dong Xuebing did not reply to her.

As they were strolling, three men walked towards Dong Xuebing from the opposite direction.

One of them is wearing a Taekwondo uniform, and the other two had dyed their hair red and blonde. They look like they are from a nearby Taekwondo School and had just finished lunch.

The red hair guy laughed. “That woman seems to be speaking in Mandarin.”

“I think so.” The blonde hair guy looks at Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia. “They looked Chinese.”

The guy in Taekwondo uniform said. “Then what are we waiting for? I had wanted to beat up these Chinese!”

Dong Xuebing was deep in thoughts and did not notice in front. He was strolling towards a junction when the tall blonde guy knocked into him. Dong Xuebing had to take a few steps back to regain his balance, and he saw that red hair guy used his shoulder to knock into Yu Meixia, causing her to fall!

The yellow hair guy shouted: “Where are you looking!? Watch where you are going?”

The red hair guy laughed. “My clothes are dirtied. Pay up!”

When Dong Xuebing saw the guy in Taekwondo uniform at the back, he knows what was going on. His blood boiled when he saw Sister Yu’s head almost hitting the wall. “Do you all want to die?!”

Both parties don’t understand each other.

The yellow hair guy gave Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia a side glance and points at them. “You and you… apologize to us, and we will let you off.” This guy had seen the demands for the Taekwondo Association to apologize on the internet, and he decided to do the same to the Chinese.

Dong Xuebing stared at the three of them in their eyes. “Bastards! Don’t push your luck!”

The yellow hair guy looked at his friends. “What did he say? Did he apologized?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t think so.” The red hair guy replied. “This person seems aggressive!”

Dong Xuebing walked over to Yu Meixia and stood in front of her to protect her. If he is alone, he would have beat up these three hooligans. But Yu Meixia is around, and he cannot fight and protect her at the same time. For Sister Yu’s safety, he decided not to take the risk.

Both sides looked at each other for a while, and the yellow hair guy starts to move.

“Beat him up!”

The yellow hair guy kicked at Dong Xuebing, and the red hair and the third guy surrounded him.

Dong Xuebing dodged the kick, and suddenly police siren sounded.

The three hooligans stopped and turned towards another direction. No one wants to get themself into trouble, but Dong Xuebing’s stare had made the yellow hair guy pissed. He sneered and waved for his friends to leave, before walking up to the patrol car.

The patrol car stopped, and two Officers alighted.

The yellow hair guy points at Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia. “I lost my phone, and those two people were walking beside me earlier. They must have stolen my phone.”

The police officer frowned. “What model is your phone?”

The yellow hair guy continued to talk to the Police Officer.

Dong Xuebing saw the police had arrived and helped Yu Meixia up. “Are you hurt?”

“I am fine.” Yu Meixia rubbed her ankle as she felt some pain.

Before Dong Xuebing can reply to Yu Meixia, the two Officers walked towards Dong Xuebing. They shouted at Dong Xuebing. “Return the phone you stole!” The yellow hair was standing by the patrol car, looking at Dong Xuebing with a smile.

Dong Xuebing does not understand the Officers.

The Officer frowned. “I am talking to you! Where is the phone?”

Dong Xuebing looks at the Officer. “Why are you shouting at me?! That yellow hair is trying to find trouble with me, and instead of arresting him, why are you looking for me?”

Both parties do not understand each other, and the slightly older Officer said. “Bring him back!” The other officer walked up and escorted Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia towards the patrol car.

Dong Xuebing is furious. “What the f**k are you all doing?”

“Shut up! Come with us!”

Dong Xuebing knew what was happening even when he does not understand Korean. That yellow hair guy must have accused him and Yu Meixia of something. If not, the police Officers will not treat them this way. Damn! Dong Xuebing turned his head and saw the smiling yellow hair guy. He pushed the officer’s arm away and made a call after he consoled Yu Meixia. After that, he boarded the police car with Yu Meixia. The Officers also asked the yellow hair to follow them back to the police station.

“Xiao Bing, why are they arresting us?” Yu Meixia is nervous.

Dong Xuebing replied emotionlessly. “Don’t worry. It’s fine.”

Dong Xuebing put on a straight face after entering the police station. He controlled his breathing and looks calm. After a while, a male officer conducted a body search on Dong Xuebing, while a female officer searched Yu Meixia’s body. Nothing was discovered on them. About 15 minutes later, Li An, Chen Dahui, and other students entered the station. They had received Dong Xuebing’s call and are here to be his translator.

1 pm.

An Officer with small eyes waved at Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia. “Alright. You all can leave now.”

Li An translated the Officer’s words to Dong Xuebing.

“You want us to leave?!” Dong Xuebing looks at that Officer. “That yellow hair had made a false report to accuse us! Shouldn’t you all catch him?”

The Officer replied. “He might have mistaken. After all, you all were beside him, and it’s normal to have some misunderstanding.”

Li An shouted angrily. “What do you mean by normal?! Do you all know how to investigate cases?! He is making accusations! How did you become an Officer?!”

The Officer stared at Li An. “We don’t need you to tell us what to do!”

After leaving the station, the rest of the overseas students who were waiting outside went forward to ask what happened.

Dong Xuebing replied. “I am fine. All of you should go back now. Thank you.”

Li An, Chen Dahui, and the rest of the overseas students respect Dong Xuebing, as Dong Xuebing had offered to help them pay more than 100,000 RMB of medical fees first, or else they might not receive any treatment at the hospital. That’s why all of them were agitated when those Taekwondo students bullied Dong Xuebing. How dare they find trouble and still make false police reports to accuse Dong Xuebing?!

The yellow hair guy had left the station earlier than Dong Xuebing and is looking at Dong Xuebing from the opposite of the road with his friends. They sneered and left.

“Fuck! That guy’s Taekwondo uniform is from Shuiyuan Taekwondo School!”

“After them!”

Chen Dahui and the rest wanted to rush forward.

Dong Xuebing stopped them. “Thanks for the concerns. All of you should stay out of this.” He paused and points to Yu Meixia. “Can I trouble one of you to send my sister back to the hospital? I don’t want to let her go back herself.” A Chinese student immediately agrees.

Yu Meixia panicked. “Why are you not going back?”

“I had something on. Just go back to the hospital first.” Dong Xuebing patted Yu Meixia’s hand.

Li An is puzzled. “Brother Dong, you…”

“Do you know where Shuiyuan Taekwondo School is? Also, have you all consolidate the addresses of all those Taekwondo schools that are involved in beating up the Chinese?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Li An replied. “Yes. I know the addresses of many of those schools. What do you want to do with the addresses?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Good. Li An, be my translator for today.”

Dong Xuebing had been extremely calm from the start of this incident. But Li An and Chen Dahui start to panic. “Brother Dong, I can be your translator, but can you tell me what you are going to do?”

Dong Xuebing’s anger had reached his limit. “It’s time to settle everything. Insulting and assaulting the Chinese?! Fine… The authorities are not doing anything?! Fine… The Taekwondo Schools do not want to apologize?! Fine… I will force them to bow down!”

Dong Xuebing can no longer hold back his anger!

Public image and reputation?! F**k it!

If I don’t stir up a storm with the Taekwondo Schools, I will change my surname!

You all think you all are good at fighting?! Let’s see who is better!

“Li An! Let’s go!” Dong Xuebing walked towards the direction where the yellow hair guy left.

Li An was stunned. “What are we going to do?!”

Dong Xuebing replied angrily. “Challenge the Taekwondo Schools!”

“… Huh?”

“Challenge schools?!”

All the Chinese students were stunned!


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