Power and Wealth
Chapter 312 – Brother Dong!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 312 – Brother Dong!

Afternoon, at 3pm.

Outside of Tianma Taekwondo School.

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes as he looks at the school’s signboard across the road. This is the second target today. Everything started from this Tianma Taekwondo School. If their students had not seriously injured the Chinese students, the instructors had not sided with the Korean students. They had compensated the medical fees earlier, this incident will not escalate to this extent. That’s why Dong Xuebing will not let this place off.

“Brother Dong, are we going in?” Li An asked.

Chen Dahui added. “Why don’t you rest a while more? Your stamina…”

“I have enough rest.” Dong Xuebing straighten his collar. “… Let’s go!”

After seeing Dong Xuebing beat up Instructor Zhang at Shuiyuan Taekwondo School, Chen Dahui, Li An, and the rest were very excited. They followed Dong Xuebing across the road.

Suddenly, two cars came to a screeching stop by the roadside.

A few reports alight with recording pens and cameras. When they saw Dong Xuebing and the rest, they rushed over. Dong Xuebing does not understand Korean but knew news of his challenge at Shuiyuan Taekwondo School had spread. That’s why the reporters had come to interview them. However, Dong Xuebing does not want to be interviewed. He is a government leader after all, and some things should not be said by him. Dong Xuebing saw the reporters and quickly dragged Li An, Chen Dahui, and the rest into Tianma Taekwondo School.

A few staff were chatting on the first floor when they saw a group of people entering the School.

Dong Xuebing looks at them. “What are you looking at?! I am here to challenge the School!”

The few staff were stunned and looked at each other.

Suddenly, the School’s door opened again, and a group of people rushed in. “Li An, Dahui! We are here!”

“Hahaha… are we really going to challenge the School?” The people who entered are all Chinese students and are speaking in mandarin.

“I heard Shuiyuan Taekwondo School had lost! Hahaha! Good job! Who is Brother Dong? Where is he?” All the students are very excited.

Li An quickly introduced Dong Xuebing to the students. They are all overseas students studying in some Korean Universities. Li An and Chen Dahui are worried that they might be ambushed by Tianma Taekwondo School students and called their friends to back them up. However, they only know fifteen of them and don’t know the remaining twenty to thirty people. They also don’t know who called them. Some of them are students, some are working adults, and some tourists from China. After asking them, they found out that they learned about the challenge on Seoul Taekwondo Schools from word of mouth. After Li An called his friend, those Chinese students called all the Chinese they know over.

With the supporters, they had become a big group.

Tianma Taekwondo School’s staff saw them and quickly close the doors to stop the reporters from entering, before notifying the instructors and person-in-charge.

Dong Xuebing walks in front of the training hall.

The training hall is about 100 sqm, and a lot of Korean students were sitting neatly in rows. Most of them are blue and green belts. In the front row, Dong Xuebing saw Kim Hee Jin, Han Shangyu, and Park Eunji. Two black belt instructors are sitting beside them.

Dong Xuebing looks at them. Three black belts?

Park Eunji is Tianma Taekwondo School’s Chief Instructor and is also overall in charge. He frowned and asked. “Are you the one who defeated Shuiyuan Taekwondo School?”

Li An translated softly for Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Tianma Taekwondo School will also lose to me.”

“Young man, don’t be overconfident.” Park Eunji laughed. “Don’t think you are the greatest after learning some moves.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Old man. I am supposed to teach you this, but you had said it for me.”

The Korean students started scolding. “It’s just another f**king Chinese! What’s there to be arrogant?!”

“Is Shuiyuan Taekwondo School’s instructor is not around today? If not, how can you challenge them?”

“Go home and train for another hundred years! You young brat!”

The Chinese students heard the insults and started to scold them back. It suddenly becomes tensed.

Dong Xuebing took off his coat and threw it on the ground beside him. “Let’s start!”

Park Eunji looks at Dong Xuebing. “Hee Jin, go and test him.”

“Yes!” Kim Heejin stepped forward and started to warm up his limbs with a cold smile.

Dong Xuebing saw the blue belt on his waist and shook his head. He knows the other party had sent this blue belt to test his skills but did not say anything. He had wanted to beat up this Kim Hee Jin for mocking Sister Yu and beating up the Chinese students. Dong Xuebing stepped forward and shake his wrist and ankles. His warm-up is done.

“Brother Dong! Do your best!”

“Show them the real deal!”

The challenge started.

Kim Hee Jin clenched his fists confidently and started moving closer to Dong Xuebing slowly with Taekwondo’s basic footwork.

Dong Xuebing did not even move and stood there with his hands by his side, staring at this opponent. Dong Xuebing’s stance is full of weakness, and compared to Kim Hee Jin’s footwork, he looks like a noob. However, Dong Xuebing had not done this purposely. He had not learned any martial arts and does not know about fighting stances.

“Hek!” With a yell, Kim Hee Jin made the first move.

Kim Hee Jin took a big step forward and unleashed a series of kicks. The first kick is a fake move, and his second kick is the actual killing blow!

But Dong Xuebing did not even move his legs nor try to dodge.

Kim Hee Jin let out a ‘Hmph’ and put all his strength into this kick!

We won! This was the first thought in those Korean students’ minds.

During real fights or competitions, the only way to deal with such a powerful kick is to step back or sidestep. Very few people will try to block it, as there will be follow up attacks after this kick. The best option is to dodge. But Dong Xuebing did not dodge. Instead, he punched towards his side!


The fist and leg clashed!

Arm strength is no match for leg’s strength, and Kim Hee Jin had been practicing Taekwondo for three to four years. Most of his training is focusing on his legs, and it will not be easy for Dong Xuebing to block this kick. Even if Dong Xuebing can block it, there will be a third kick, which is harder for him to avoid. The distance between both men is around one meter now.

But to everyone’s surprise, when the fist and leg made contact, someone shouted in pain!

It was Kim Hee Jin who had shouted. He did not follow up with the third kick, and his leg went limped!

Dong Xuebing had hit a nerve on Kim Hee Jin’s leg and made him numb!

Dong Xuebing had punched the weakest part of the thigh and made use of Kim Hee Jin’s strength against himself. With just a simple punch, he stopped Kim Hee Jin’s consecutive kicks. Dong Xuebing immediately kicked upwards with his right leg, and Kim Hee Jin’s leg is numb and could not continue with his attack or move. He can only grit his teeth and throw his body to one side.

But Dong Xuebing seems to know which direction Kim Hee Jin will be moving, and his right leg switched direction in mid-air. Bam! Kim Hee Jin moved towards Dong Xuebing’s leg, and the kick landed on his face!

“Argh!” Kim Hee Jin was sent flying, and his face swelled up immediately!

One move!

Dong Xuebing had defeated Kim Hee Jin with only one move!

The Chinese students started cheering and clapping!

Dong Xuebing walks up to Kim Hee Jin to help him up. “Young man, learn to behave like a human being first. If you cannot even behave like a human being, what’s the use of learning Taekwondo? Stop disgracing yourself.”

Kim Hee Jin is furious, and suddenly punched towards Dong Xuebing’s face!

Dong Xuebing punched towards his side. Bam! Hee Kim Jin shouted in pain again. He was hit on another ulnar nerve on his arm!

“Stop!” Park Eunji stared at Dong Xuebing in his eyes.

Dong Xuebing stood up. “Who is next? Hurry up!”

Two black belts looked at Park Eunji. “Chief Instructor, let me go!”

Park Eunji shook his head and straighten his uniform. He decided to face Dong Xuebing himself. From the match earlier, he knows all the black belts in his school are no match for this young Chinese man. It takes more than eye power and reaction to hit a person’s ulnar nerve point. Even Park Eunji is not confident of doing it within a split second. What sort of martial arts is this?! Attacking acupuncture points?!

This is the strategy Dong Xuebing developed when he was facing Shuiyuan Taekwondo School, and it is the best attack that compliments his BACK.

Dong Xuebing lacks experience, strength, speed, the sudden burst of strength, etc. when he faces his opponents. Yesterday’s match with that black belt instructor, Dong Xuebing, had used BACK dozens of times to avoid getting hurt. Furthermore, Park Eunji is a 5th Dan black belt and is one of the top Taekwondo masters in Korea.

So, Dong Xuebing had formulated this dirty trick for his opponents.

Attack the nerve points! Anyway, I will just hit all the vulnerable areas.

Dong Xuebing has BACK and can try many times until he hit the points. That’s why this dirty trick suits him the most!

“Come!” Dong Xuebing is ready and wants to try out his dirty move on Park Eunji.

Park Eunji steps forward with wide steps.

This time, Dong Xuebing did not wait for Park Eunji to attack. He also steps forward to close the distance. The Korean students and the Chinese students and tourists held their breaths as they looked at both men.

Suddenly, Park Eunji made the first attack!

Park Eunji shifted his body weight to his left leg, raise his right knee and spin. His left leg kicked out with the momentum, and it’s a Taekwondo’s sweeping kick. Park Eunji had put in precision, strength, angle, and speed into this kick.

Dong Xuebing also moved. He kicked out with his right leg to block his opponent’s kick!

Bam! Both men kicked met.

Park Eunji felt a numbness start to spread from his leg to his waist, and it was too painful. Dong Xuebing had found his weak spot on his leg so fast!

Dong Xuebing is not feeling well either. When he was facing Kim Hee Jin, his strength is weaker than him, but Dong Xuebing can make use of Kim Hee Jin’s strength against himself and escaped unscathed. But Park Eunji is a 5 Dan black belt. His kicks are too powerful. Even when Dong Xuebing had hit him on the nerve point, Dong Xuebing’s right leg is also painful!

After exchanging blows, both men stopped attacking.

They stood still and looked at each other warily.

Park Eunji is a Taekwondo master. He knows Dong Xuebing had not kicked his nerve point on his leg by luck, and he must not let Dong Xuebing hit his weak spot again. He thought for a while and did not use his legs anymore. After the numbness in his leg subsided, he started circling Dong Xuebing, looking for an opening.

Suddenly, Park Eunji stepped forward and punched Dong Xuebing’s face!

Dong Xuebing raised his arms to block and used one of his knuckles on his fist to hit his opponent’s punch. Two fists met. Bam! Dong Xuebing’s arm becomes numbed. He felt he had just punched an iron wall! But Park Eunji is also feeling terrible. When the two fists met, Dong Xuebing’s knuckle had landed on the space between Park Eunji’s middle finger and ring finger. Once again, he felt pain and numbness all over his body! Even his mind had gone blank for a second!

This is an acupuncture point!

Park Eunji’s body shook, and veins were popping on his head!

Both men continued to exchange blows. One time, two times, three times… When Park Eunji punched, Dong Xuebing will also punch. If Park Eunji kicked, Dong Xuebing would also do the same, and every time fists and legs met, Dong Xuebing will hit Park Eunji’s acupuncture points or nerve points. After a few rounds, Park Eunji was covered in a cold sweat!

What sort of move is this?!

This is too despicable!

Park Eunji is going crazy, as he had fought in numerous competitions and had never met such a despicable opponent. This opponent seems to understand human anatomy very well. Every hit will land on the most painful spot. Dong Xuebing had hit his acupuncture and nerve points on his arms, fists, thigh, and back!

Park Eunji pants as he felt his lower body had become stiff.

Park Eunji was hurt more than a dozen times!

The Korean students do not understand what was going on with their Chief Instructor today. Why didn’t he use continuous attacks? Why did he stop and rest after every hit? What is he doing?

Dong Xuebing is in a better condition than Park Eunji despite the pain in his arms and legs. But when he saw Park Eunji covered in sweat, he knows his tactics had worked. This time, he did not wait for Park Eunji’s attack and gave a straight punch! This is the first time he initiated an attack in this match!

The clashes had made Park Eunji scare of initiating attacks. When he saw Dong Xuebing’s punch, he is overjoyed. This time, you are the one throwing the punch, and you will not know where I will attack. You will not find my weak spot this time! So, Park Eunji let out a shout and punched towards Dong Xuebing’s elbow. He wants to hit Dong Xuebing’s nerve point to let him taste his own medicine. However, the moment Park Eunji threw his punch, Dong Xuebing’s punch changed direction and landed on Park Eunji’s arm!

Another nerve points!

Park Eunji’s arm immediately become numb!

An opening! Dong Xuebing kicked with his right leg, and his kick landed on an acupuncture point on Park Eunji’s right leg. Seeing Park Eunji’s leg almost giving way, Dong Xuebing continued with another attack. He dodged Park Eunji’s punch and used his elbow to hit Park Eunji’s abdomen. Bam! Dong Xuebing’s elbow strike landed and used his head to push up. Bam! Dong Xuebing’s head hit Park Eunji’s lower jaw, and he followed up with a heavy blow with his knee!


Park Eunji collapsed on the ground holding his stomach!

The training hall was silent!

One second… two seconds…

Suddenly, the Chinese students and tourists cheered!

“We won! We won!”

“Brother Dong! You are the best!”

Screams, cheers, and applause!

Chen Dahui’s tears almost flowed out as he is too excited. No words can describe his feelings. Dong Xuebing had won!

Dong Xuebing is also exhausted. He wiped his sweat off his forehead and points to Park Eunji, who was still on the floor. “I will return what you said earlier. Don’t think you are the greatest after learning some moves! F**k you! Listen up! Our people were beaten up at your Taekwondo School, and this is not over. I will give you one day to reconsider your decision. If you and your Taekwondo School don’t make a public apology, I will fly to Korea every week in the future to challenge your School! You can try me!”

The Korean students can only stare at Dong Xuebing angrily!

“Brother Dong! Good job!”

“Brother Dong! Brother Dong! Brother Dong! Brother Dong!”

The Chinese students and tourists chanted Dong Xuebing’s name again and again!


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