Power and Wealth
Chapter 314 – Arrested!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 314 – Arrested!

The next day, the storm had not died down.

Compared to the celebration mood in China, Korea’s Taekwondo was embarrassed.

After Tian Ma Taekwondo School made the public apology, that Chinese youth did not continue to challenge the schools. The dust seemed to have settled down, but the Koreans are not willing to let it die down. So, another round of scolding started on the internet. Many Koreans went to the Chinese forums to scold and insult the Chinese. The Chinese retaliated and went to the Korean online forums to scold them.

“Attention! This forum had been taken over by us!”

“Taekwondo is shit!”

“Haha! All we need is a tourist, and you all are defeated!”

“Are you all angry? Say something! Seven Taekwondo schools are not a match for a Chinese tourist! What can you all say?!”

Scolding and insults between both sides will not end anytime soon.


A Chinese restaurant in Seoul.

Dong Xuebing and about a dozen Chinese students were seated around the table filled with dishes.

When all the dishes were served, Chen Dahui stood up and raised his glass. “Brother Dong, thanks to you, we can get our revenge. You had helped us pay for the medical fees first, and took care of us these few days. We are very grateful to you.”

Li An also raised his glass. “Thank you, Brother Dong.”

All the Chinese students raised their glasses and finished the alcohol in one gulp.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Don’t mention it.”

After drinking, a pretty Chinese student looks at Dong Xuebing. “Brother Dong, what are you working as in China? Why are you so good at fighting?”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Err… I am not good at fighting. It’s just some simple moves.”

“Simple moves, and you are so powerful?”

“That’s right. I think you are stronger than those Taekwondo Olympics medalists.”

“Alright, stop flattering me.” Dong Xuebing laughed. “Also, don’t tell others about what I did. If my leaders know about it, I will be reprimanded. Please keep everything a secret.” It’s not good for a government’s leader to fight outside. If Sister Xie or the other leaders in Yan Tai County knows about what he did, he will be scolded.

Li An, Chen Dahui, and the rest had wanted to treat Dong Xuebing to this meal.

But Dong Xuebing will not allow these students to spend money and had settled the bill during the meal.

After leaving the restaurant, the students left. Dong Xuebing did not take a taxi and strolled slowly towards the hospital. He wants to visit Sister Yu, as it’s about time for her to remove the bandages. He wondered if her wounds had healed properly. Once Sister Yu recovered her looks, they can return home.

But not everything is going according to Dong Xuebing’s expectations.

When Dong Xuebing reached the hospital’s entrance, six to seven police officers alighted from two police cars.

Dong Xuebing saw the officers walking towards him and frowned. “Are you all looking for me?”

“Are you Dong Xuebing?” A tall skinny police officer asked in Mandarin. But from his accent, Dong Xuebing knows he is not Chinese.

“Yes. What is it?” Dong Xuebing asked.

The skinny officer showed his identification. “You are under arrest. Come with us.”

“Hah…” Dong Xuebing let out a cold laugh. “What am I arrested for?”

The skinny officer replied. “Assaults, Public disorder. Are you the one who had beaten up those people in the Taekwondo schools? Come with us!” All the officers surrounded Dong Xuebing, and two of the officers’ hands are on their guns.

Dong Xuebing looks at the officers. “You all even brought guns along to bring me back to the station?”

“It’s arrest!” The skinny officer waved his hand and said in Korean. “Bring him into the car!”

Dong Xuebing’s anger had subsided after beating up more than a dozen black belts from the seven Taekwondo schools. But this group of police officers made him mad again.

Police Station.

In the interrogation room. The skinny officer sat opposite Dong Xuebing. “… Name.”

“Why are you arresting me if you don’t even know my name?”

“… Sex!”

“If I say I am a woman, will you believe me?”

The skinny officer banged the table. “Do you know what this place is?! Be serious and confess to your crimes!”

Dong Xuebing coldly replied. “Confess your head! Assault?! Public disorder?! Stop accusing me!”

“Where were you two days ago at 2pm?” The skinny officer had gotten agitated.

“You are talking about me challenging the Taekwondo schools? Are you retarded? Do you understand the meaning of challenging the school? This is sparring, and both parties agreed to compete fairly! When I challenged them, I had made it very clear! They accepted my challenge, and how can this be considered assault?! What school did you graduate from?! Police?! You are a disgrace!” Dong Xuebing paused for a second. “Public disorder?! When those Taekwondo students are attacking the Chinese along the streets, eat without paying, why are you all not arresting them?”

This is what Dong Xuebing is angry about!

When that group of Koreans attacked the Chinese, the Police turned a blind eye!

All I did was to beat up a few Koreans, and the Police show up immediately.


Dong Xuebing had restrained himself when he challenged the schools. He did not seriously injure his opponents and will stop once the instructors admitted defeat. He also did not attack their students. But now, the Police had arrested him for his challenges.

The interrogation could not go on smoothly.

The Skinny officer knows he could not get anything out from Dong Xuebing and stormed out of the room. The law did not forbid challenging martial arts schools, and challenges can be considered sparring. But someone was injured from Dong Xuebing’s challenge, and this cannot be considered assault. That’s why the Police seldom interfere with challenges to the Taekwondo schools. But this time it’s different. All the Taekwondo schools in Seoul were humiliated by this person, and the higher-ups are furious. Furthermore, the people from the Taekwondo schools had made police reports against Dong Xuebing, and that’s the reason why the Police decided to arrest Dong Xuebing.

Disregarding the fact if challenging the Taekwondo schools is illegal, the Korean Police decided to lock Dong Xuebing up for a few days first.

Korean Taekwondo schools were defeat by a Chinese, and the Police also felt insulted. Nationalism exists everywhere.


At the same time.

Yan Tai County. 12.30pm. County Mayor’s office.

Xie Huilan and County’s Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Huang Li, and County’s Public Security Bureau Chief were having a meeting on the security issues last year. Xie Huilan is also informing them of the directions issued by the City Government. For example, the prevention of fire from fireworks and firecrackers. Heavy penalties must be implemented on poor quality fireworks and firecrackers. It’s going to be Lunar New Year soon, and the Public Security must start enforcing this law.

Ring… ring… ring… Xie Huilan’s mobile phone rang.

Xie Huilan signals to the other two to carry on with the discussion, as she answered the phone.

“Sis, it’s me!” It was Xie Hao calling. “Hahaha… have you heard about it? Those Korean Taekwondo people were beaten up by us!”

Xie Huilan smiled. “I knew about this yesterday. Is this why you are calling?”

Xie Hao replied. “Why do you sound like this? This is something we should celebrate!”

“I am very busy. Can you go straight to the point?”

“Ah… Don’t hang up first.” Xie Hao laughed. “I just want to ask you if you know who that person that challenged and won seven Taekwondo schools is? I read on the papers, that guy is from Beijing. Sis, you are well-informed, can you help me find out who this person is? Everyone in my school is talking about this.” Xie Hao is very excited. “He had made all of us proud. Is he an instructor of a martial arts school?”

Xie Huilan laughed and shook her head. “How do I know?”

“Sis, can you help me find out more about him? Please…”

“Don’t you know a lot of people too? Go and find out yourself.” Xie Huilan hangs up after chatting for a while more. Huang Li and Liang Chengpeng were almost done with the discussion, and Xie Huilan put down her phone on the table. “The challenges against Seoul’s Taekwondo schools had blown up. Are there any Korean tour groups visiting our County? Chief Liang, you must get your men to watch over those Korean businesses like Taekwondo schools, etc. in our County. We do not want anyone to create trouble here.”

Hu Silian knocked on the door and entered with a set of documents for Xie Huilan.

Liang Chengpeng nodded. “A Korean brand boutique was smashed up in Fenzhou City a while ago, and we don’t have such incidents in our County. But I will keep a lookout for it.”

Huang Li laughed. “I wonder who this person that challenged seven Taekwondo schools by himself is. Hahaha…. Many of my staff are saying they want to learn Wushu because of this incident.” Huang Li smiled wearily. “My nephew visited me yesterday to ask me if there are any martial arts schools in Fenzhou City.”

Xie Huilan and Liang Chengpeng laughed.

The whole nation, including Yan Tai County, is talking about what Dong Xuebing did. People are proud to know someone had kicked the Koreans’ asses, and it’s been years since something like this happened.

But in the government service, the leaders are not supposed to comment or join in with the discussions.

Xie Huilan looked at her watch and smiled. “It’s lunchtime now. Let’s go for lunch together.”

“It’s 12.30pm.” Huang Li and Liang Chengpeng stood up.

“Oh…” Xie Huilan asked. “Is Xiao Dong back to work?”

Liang Chengpeng replied. “He had applied two weeks off from work to bring his friend overseas for plastic surgery and should be back soon.”

Huang Li laughed. “Xiao Dong went to Korea?”

“Yes.” Liang Chengpeng replied. “I think he is in Seoul.”

No one noticed what Liang Chengpeng said at the moment, and as they walked out of the County Government Building, Xie Huilan stopped suddenly. “… Xiao Dong is in Seoul?!”

“Yes. He did mention this when he applied for leave.” Liang Chengpeng replied, and he paused.

Huang Li and Hu Silian looked at Mayor Xie’s and Chief Liang’s expression and realized Dong Xuebing is in Seoul!

All of them stopped in front of the County Government Building. After a pause of about two seconds, Liang Chengpeng took a deep breath. “I think it should not be him… even if Xiao Dong is rash and impulsive, but challenging seven Taekwondo schools by himself… should not… should not…” Liang Chengpeng could not continue. Even he cannot convince himself with what he said.

If it’s another government staff, they will never do such things.

This is for sure.

But all of them knew Dong Xuebing well. Others might not do this, but Dong Xuebing will definitely do it! This guy is reckless and ignores all the rules and regulations when blood rushes to his head! When they think of what happened in Seoul… Damn! This is what Dong Xuebing will do! Other than Dong Xuebing, no one else will do something so shocking and is so good at fighting.

Liang Chengpeng took a deep breath. “I will contact the Korean side to find out where is Dong Xuebing now.”

Liang Chengpeng tried calling Dong Xuebing’s phone, but the line could not get through. After a while, Liang Chengpeng got Yu Meixia’s phone number and called her. What Liang Chengpeng found out from Yu Meixia made him speechless.

Xie Huilan looks at Liang Chengpeng. “How is it?”

“It’s Xiao Dong.” The corner of Liang Chengpeng’s lips twitched. “The Chinese tourist reported on the papers is him.”

Hu Silian’s eyes almost pop out. She never expects Dong Xuebing is the person where the whole nation is talking about!

Huang Li rubbed the center of his brows. “This Xiao Dong… he just can’t stop creating trouble. I thought he will stay low when he is overseas, but he created a bigger mess.” Huang Li had been working in the Government service for decades and had never met a bigger trouble-maker than Dong Xuebing. Arresting the Japanese investors, offending Party Secretary Xiang… Huang Li could not count the number of troubles Dong Xuebing created.

Xie Huilan said. “Contact Xiao Dong and ask him to return immediately.”

Liang Chengpeng replied. “Xiao Dong is arrested by the local police and is uncontactable.”

“Arrested?” Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “… Is challenging the Taekwondo schools illegal?”

Liang Chengpeng knew this incident will not end so easily. After all, Dong Xuebing is not in China, and the Korean Police can just accuse him of a crime and lock him up for months. “I will try to contact our people in Korea.”

An hour later.

News of Chief Dong challenging Seoul’s Taekwondo schools spread in Yan Tai County.

Everyone who heard of what Dong Xuebing did was dumbfounded.

Luan Xiaoping was marking her students’ homework at school when other teachers told her about this news. She almost fainted from anger. She had not expected her son to create such a big mess in Korean, and even shock the whole nation!

The Officers in the County’s Public Security Bureau were in awe of Chief Dong.

Single-handedly challenging seven Taekwondo schools to get back for the overseas students and Chinese is too daring. He is the role model of all Public Security officers!

Dong Xuebing is terrific!

So, the Chinese tourist is Chief Dong!

As Yan Tai County is still recovering from the shocking news, Xie Huilan sat in her office and made a phone call on her mobile phone. “Hello, Uncle Qi? I’m Huilan… Haha… how are you? That’s great… how’s Auntie?” After exchanging some pleasantries, Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and said. “Uncle Qi, I need your assistance… Yes… I have a friend who is arrested by Seoul’s Police… yes… it’s about the challenges on Taekwondo schools… Dong Xuebing… Can Foreign Affairs do something to help him? I am not sure which station he is locked up in… Yes… Xiao Dong’s actions are not against the law. His challenges on the Taekwondo schools are considered sparring, and both parties agreed. How can the Korean Police arrest him?”


Korea, Seoul.

Police Station.

Dong Xuebing suppressed his anger as he stares at the skinny officer in front of him. “I will say this one more time! Don’t push your luck! It’s been three hours! When are you releasing me?!”

The skinny officer laughed. “If you don’t confess to your crimes, you will be locked up for the rest of this year!”

Dong Xuebing shows him a thumbs up. “Fine. I dare you to lock me up forever!”

Ring… ring… ring….

The skinny officer pointed at Dong Xuebing and answered the phone. “Chief.”

Dong Xuebing can hear a middle-aged man’s voice. “How is that Chinese guy?”

“I am interrogating him now. Don’t worry… these few days, we will make him…”

That man interrupts the skinny officer. “You don’t need to interrogate him anymore and release him immediately.”

The skinny officer paused for a second and doesn’t understand what was going on. “Release him? This morning, you said…” This Chief was the one who ordered Dong Xuebing’s arrest.

The Chief is in a bad mood and shouted. “Just release him now! The embassy’s vehicle will be arriving in five minutes! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China’s Deputy Minister had called the higher-ups to ask for Dong Xuebing! You dare to still keep him locked up?!”

Foreign Affairs wants the release of this Chinese guy?

The embassy’s vehicle is coming to fetch him?

The skinny officer’s heart skipped a beat, and knew this Chinese guy is a nobody! If not, China’s Foreign Affairs will not interfere and knows his name!

The skinny officer is scared as this incident involves Foreign Affairs. After hanging up, he said something to his fellow officers, before turning to Dong Xuebing. “You can go now. Your embassy’s car is waiting for you outside.”


Dong Xuebing immediately know it was Xie Huilan who had helped him. He looks at that officer. “You are releasing me now?! Hah! I thought you are going to lock me up for a year or two? Ah?! What did you say earlier?!”

The skinny officer kept quiet.

“Useless piece of shit!” Dong Xuebing stood up and walked out of the interrogation room.


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