Power and Wealth
Chapter 325 – Senior Xie’s inscription!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 325 – Senior Xie’s inscription!

The next morning.

The warm sunlight shines through the windows.

Dong Xuebing yawned as he opens his eyes and looks around him. Huh? Where am I? This place looks like a Mansion… Oh… Sister Xie and I went to Senior Xie’s Mansion for dinner last evening. This place should be Xishan Mansion. Did I spend the night here? Dong Xuebing suddenly felt the terrible hangover and rubbed his tempers to relieve the headache. How much did I drink last night?! I remembered I drank a lot during dinner, but how did I end up in this room? How come I couldn’t recall a thing?

Knock… knock… knock… Someone knocks on the door.”

“Xiao Bing, wake up.” It’s Xie Huilan.

Dong Xuebing quickly got up. “Sister Xie… Can you come in for a while?”

The door opens, and Xie Huilan entered with a smile. “What’s wrong? Are you asking me to help you dress up?” Dong Xuebing realized that he was only wearing his long johns. His coat and pants are folded neatly on a chair beside the bed. He knew someone had undressed him last night, as he does not have the habit of folding his clothes. “Err… did I got drunk last night? How come I ended up sleeping here?” Xie Huilan looks at Dong Xuebing. “You still dare to mention yesterday?” Dong Xuebing blushed. “Errr… my clothes… did you help me remove my clothes?” “If it’s not me, who else will help you?” Xie Huilan looks at Dong Xuebing. “I almost broke my back to remove your clothes.”

Dong Xuebing replied apologetically. “Sorry to trouble you.”

“Go and wash up now. It’s time for breakfast.”


Dong Xuebing quickly wore back his clothes and asked. “Oh, did I embarrass myself last night? Did I vomit?” This is what Dong Xuebing is concern about.

Xie Huilan glanced at Dong Xuebing. “I don’t know what to say about you. Are you feigning ignorance?”

Dong Xuebing froze. “Did I puke? Where?” Xie Huilan smiles helplessly. “It’s fine if you puke all over the place. But you did not and only say lots of nonsense.”

“Ah? What did I say?”

“You played chess with my Grandfather in the room, and the loser had to drink a glass of Moutai. You drank three to four glasses and got drunk. After that, you called my Grandfather as Old Xie, and had your arms over his shoulder.” Xie Huilan could not hold back her laughter and burst out laughing. “Xiao Bing, I didn’t know you are so daring in the past. You did not only address my Grandfather as Old Xie but also criticize him for what he has done. After that, you started singing the National Anthem.”

Dong Xuebing paused for a few seconds. “Impossible!”

“……” Xie Huilan ignored him.

“This is impossible!” Dong Xuebing continued. “Sister Xie, stop kidding around.” Xie Huilan replied. “You were so loud, and I can hear you from downstairs. Almost everyone in the Mansion can hear you. Why should I lie to you?” Dong Xuebing’s face turns green.

“Did I really call him Old Xie?”

“What do you think?”

“I seldom talk nonsense when I get drunk.” Dong Xuebing said. When Dong Xuebing drunk a lot, he will not speak nonsense, but he had never drunk so much before. From Sister Xie’s reaction, she should not be lying to him, and the hair on Dong Xuebing’s back stood up.

“Did I had offended Senior Xie again? What should I do? He must have a worse impression of me now.” Xie Huilan smiles. “My Grandfather did not say anything.”

“What do you mean?”

“He did not scold you and had a good time chatting with you. Both of you sang the National Anthem together. Hahaha… It’s been a long while since I heard my Grandfather laughing so loudly.” Xie Huilan shook her head. “I wonder what’s so funny? Hahaha…”

Dong Xuebing blinked and asked. “You are saying Senior Xie did not get angry?”

“How would I know what he is thinking?”

“Ah…” Dong Xuebing grabbed his hair as he slowly remembers bits of what happened last night. He slapped his forehead a few times to clear his mind. I called him Old Xie, and he still sang the National Anthem with me? This means he did not get angry. Oh… Senior Xie is magnanimous… Dong Xuebing’s impression of Senior Xie changed, but he was still nervous. He had embarrassed himself last night and wonders how he is going to face everyone.

About ten minutes later, Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan went downstairs.

Along the corridor, they met Xie Jing, who is carrying a stack of Xuan paper. She looked at Dong Xuebing weirdly and greeted him. “… Brother Dong, you got up?”

“Ah… I just woke up. Are you busy?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Xie Jing nodded. “Grandfather is writing calligraphy, and I am bringing him the Xuan paper.”

Xie Jing had spent the night at the Mansion last night. She had wanted to leave last night, but the commotion in the study room was too loud. Dong Xuebing had criticized Senior Xie and even sang the National Anthem with Senior Xie. It was chaos, and no one can stop them. The commotion lasted until almost 11 pm, and it was too late for her to return home.

On the way downstairs, Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan pass a few helpers.

All of them are looking at Dong Xuebing weirdly.

Why are all of you looking at me this way? Dong Xuebing blushed embarrassedly.

Dong Xuebing saw Senior Xie’s back when he reached the first floor, and his body shook. Xie Hao and Xie Ran stand beside the table, and Xie Jing places the Xuan Paper on the table. The brushes and ink on the table are arranged neatly, and Senior Xie grinded the inkstick himself. After that, he picks up a brush, closed his eyes for a few seconds, before he started writing a few words. His movements are flawless, and is very skilled in calligraphy.

Xie Huilan did not disturb Senior Xie and walks up to him quietly.

Dong Xuebing went forward embarrassedly and saw what Senior Xie wrote. “Upright and Righteous.”

Xie Hao noticed Dong Xuebing and started making eye signals with a smile.

Dong Xuebing returned with a stare. He knew this rascal will make fun of him!

“Grandfather… your tea.” Xie Ran’s attention remains on the words. “Every time I look at your words, I can feel the strength in the words.

Senior Xie laughed and shook his head. “Flattery!”

Xie Ran replied. “This is how I feel when I look at your writings. Can you give me these words? I will frame it up when I get back.”

Senior Xie nodded.

Xie Ran was overjoyed as he kept the piece of paper carefully.

Dong Xuebing felt Xie Ran must be pretending, and he could not see anything special about those words. At most, the words are considered pleasing to the eyes, and nothing else.

Xie Hao shouted. “Grandfather, I also want some words.”

“You?” Senior Xie looks at Xie Hao. “Hmph! You could not even pass the Junior High School’s Chinese exams. Can you even read what I write?”

“Ah… Just write something for me. Quick.”

Senior Xie is in a good mood today and agreed to Xie Hao’s request. He thought for a while and dipped his brush into the ink, before writing some words on the paper. But when Xie Hao went forward to get the piece of paper, his face changed. “Study hard every day.” These eight characters seemed to be mocking Xie Hao, and he kept the piece of paper unwillingly.

Xie Jing laughed and said. “Grandfather, you must be fair to all of us. I also want your writing.”

Senior Xie laughed. “What words do you want?”

“I am thick-skinned. I want the words “As beautiful as the flowers and moon.”” Xie Jing replied with a laugh.

Xie Hao immediately teases his Second sister, and Xie Ran also laughed at his younger Sister.

Senior Xie laughed and shook his head. He rested for a moment and picks up his brush again to write “As beautiful as the flowers and moon” on the paper in front of him. After he is done, he changed a new piece of Xuan Paper and wrote “stunningly beautiful” on it.

Xie Hao grumbled. “Grandfather, you are biased. Why did you give Second Sister two sets of writings?”

Senior Xie did not reply.

Xie Jing understood what Senior Xie is thinking. “This set of writings are not for me. Other than your Eldest Sister, who else can claim they are “stunningly beautiful?” Hehe… Grandfather, is this piece for my Elder Sister?” Senior Xie replied with a ‘Hmph!’. This is how he speaks to Xie Huilan.

Xie Jing knew she guessed it correctly and passed the “stunningly beautiful” words to Xie Huilan. “Sis, Grandfather, is biased. “stunningly beautiful” is so much better than “As beautiful as the flowers and moon””

Xie Huilan smiled and said. “Thank you, Grandfather, for giving me these words.”

Everyone got a piece of Senior Xie’s writing except for Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and felt this is the right moment for him to apologize. “Grandfather, I’m sorry for what happened yesterday… I got too drunk, and I…” Senior Xie heard what Dong Xuebing said and laughed.

Everyone knew Dong Xuebing had embarrassed himself last night and started giggling.

Senior Xie did not say anything and picks up his brush again. He dipped his brush into the ink and closed his eyes for almost three minutes. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and wrote four characters with powerful strokes.

Have a clear conscience!

Senior Xie is writing, ‘Have a clear conscience!’

When Senior Xie finished, he wrote his name on it. “… Xiao Dong, this is for you.”

Everyone there was stunned!

Senior Xie wrote his name on that piece of paper!

Xie Ran and Xie Jing exchanged looks, and even Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. They could tell Senior Xie treats Xiao Dong much better than them. He signed off that piece of writing for Dong Xuebing. This had never happened before! Senior Xie really likes Dong Xuebing so much?!


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