Power and Wealth
Chapter 326 – Xie Family’s approval!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 326 – Xie Family’s approval!

‘Upright and Righteous’

‘Study hard every day.’

‘As beautiful as the flowers and moon.’

‘Stunningly beautiful.’

When Senior Xie wrote the words for Xie Ran, Xie Hao, and the rest, the time taken to think and prepare himself is much shorter than ‘Have a clear conscience.’ The strokes of the characters are much stronger and beautiful than the words he wrote before. Even Dong Xuebing, who does not know much about calligraphy, can tell this is Senior Xie’s masterpiece. ‘Have a clear conscience’ is what Dong Xuebing said last night when he was drunk. Senior Xie had remembered what he said and even write it down on paper for him!

Dong Xuebing felt flattered and quickly thank Senior Xie. “Thank you, Grandfather.”

Senior Xie joked. “Haha… are these words pleasing to your eyes?”

“Yes…” Dong Xuebing wiped the sweat off his forehead. “It’s beautiful. I will remember these four words in my heart and will have a clear conscience.”

Xie Hao moves forward. “Grandfather, I also want you to sign off my words.”

Senior Xie waved him away. “Go aside. Stop bothering me.”

“Hehe… you had signed off my Brother-in-law’s words and should do the same for me.” Xie Hao argued, but Senior Xie did not give in.

Senior Xie’s personal doctor was puzzled when he saw Senior Xie gave Dong Xuebing the piece of writings. He was around when Dong Xuebing visited the last time and clashed with Senior Xie. He does not understand why Senior Xie changed his attitude towards Dong Xuebing suddenly. But he knew Senior Xie knows what Xiao Dong had done in the past. For example, Xiao Dong fought a tiger off to save a child, defused a timebomb to save Xie Huilan, etc. Although Senior Xie did not mention any of these incidents, he knows everything.

After breakfast.

Dong Xuebing found a box to keep the piece of writing.

Xie Huilan walks over with a smile. “Hehe… Grandfather likes you now. What did you do to make him change his attitude?”

“Huh?” Dong Xuebing replied. “Senior Xie had also written for all of you.”

Xie Huilan shook her head. “How can it be the same? Didn’t you see he signed off his name on the writing?”

Dong Xuebing was puzzled.

“My Grandfather’s writings are not given out easily. He is a former Premier, and you should know the weight of this piece of writing. Furthermore, he signed off his name at the bottom. I had never seen my Grandfather signing off any of his writings in my life. Even my father and uncles don’t have this honor, let alone us.” Xie Huilan laughed. “I will not comment on how good my Grandfather’s calligraphy is, but this piece of writing is very important. It might be a talisman to save your life in the future.”

Dong Xuebing blinked. “Talisman…”

Xie Huilan laughed. “I don’t know why my Grandfather gives you these words, but I can tell he likes you.”

Dong Xuebing’s hand shook and suddenly felt the paper is heavier.

“Have a clear conscience…” Xie Huilan laughed and nodded. “This is your style.”

Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly. “I am not worthy enough, and I said it because I was drunk last night. How many people in this world can have a clear conscience? I felt I owe you too much.”

Xie Huilan gave Dong Xuebing a glance and said. “Pack your things and get ready to leave. We have to inform Grandfather that we are leaving.”


Mansion’s backyard.

Senior Xie and Xie Ran are playing chess, and Xie Jing and Xie Hao are sitting beside as spectators.

“Brother, you made the wrong move. You should move that piece over there… Ah… why did you move that piece? What are you thinking? No… No… you should move the elephant!” Xie Hao shouted.

Xie Jing laughed and scolded Xie Hao. “A true gentleman should keep quiet when watching chess.”

Xie Ran laughed. “If I listen to you, I will lose faster.”

Xie Huilan held Dong Xuebing’s hand as they walk over. “Grandfather, we are going back. I still have some unfinished work in the County. We will visit you again.”

Senior Xie turns to Xie Huilan. “You still want to come back?! Hmph! Can’t you give me some peace?”

Xie Ran and Xie Jing knew their Grandfather did not mean what he said. When Xie Huilan was almost blown up by the timebomb in Yan Tai County, their Grandfather was furious. He almost fires the whole Fengzhou City’s Party committee. Their Grandfather did not sleep well for a few days after that incident and even shouted Xie Huilan’s name in his sleep. Everyone in the Xie family knew about this.

After bidding goodbyes to Senior Xie, Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan got ready to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Senior Xie stopped them suddenly and said something to his helper.

The helper immediately returns to the mansion to take something.

Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan do not understand why Senior Xie stopped them, and Xie Hao, Xie Ran, and Xie Jing looks at them curiously.

The helper returned from the Mansion with a roll of paper. It should be calligraphy and was framed up. Senior Xie waved his hand, indicating the helper to show Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan.

‘A Match Made in Heaven’

These are the four words written on it!

Senior Xie stroked his beard. “This is for you two. Bring it with you.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned.

Xie Ran and Xie Jing look at each other in shock. Although Dong Xuebing is Xie Huilan’s boyfriend, he had not gotten the approval from any of the Xie Family. But with this calligraphy, everything changed. ‘A Match Made in Heaven’ signifies Senior Xie had given Dong Xuebing the approval and is ready to accept him as his Grandson-in-law!

Senior Xie is the head of the family, and he represents the whole family!

In other words, this is considered an engagement!

Xie Ran smiles and said. “Congratulations.”

Xie Hao also started cheering.

Dong Xuebing regained his senses and quickly thanked Senior Xie.

Xie Huilan laughed and held the writing. “Thank You, Grandfather. Did you prepare this before I come? Haha… Why did you keep it until now?”

Senior Xie gave Xie Huilan an angry stare. “Pack your things and quickly leave. I can finally get some peace.”

“Haha… I might return anytime to visit you.” Xie Huilan laughed. “Let’s go.”

With Senior Xie giving Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan these four characters, Xie Jing’s attitude towards Dong Xuebing also changed. “Sis, Brother-in-law, take care.” She addresses Dong Xuebing as Brother-in-law now.

Xie Ran shouted. “Brother-in-law, you must teach me some moves the next time we meet. Oh… my classmates want your autograph. Sign some autographs for me before you go!”


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