Power and Wealth
Chapter 329 – New Changes to BACK!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 329 – New Changes to BACK!

The next day, Dong Xuebing returned to the Bureau to start work.

Dong Xuebing can hear the firecrackers from outside of his windows. The Lunar New Year is in another two days, and he will be leaving the Public Security Bureau. He will be getting into his new role after Lunar New Year, and he is getting some jitters. He had never worked in the Investment Promotion Agency and does not even understand what the role is. So, he got someone to bring some data and information about the Investment Promotion Agency to read.

The morning is over.

After lunch, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang the moment he entered his office.

Dong Xuebing looks at the caller display, and it was from the County Government Office. “Hello, Chief Dong? I’m Yao Yi.”

Yao Yi is the County Government Office Director. Dong Xuebing immediately answers. “Director Yao.”

“You will be starting work in the Investment Promotion Agency after the New Year, and I had asked my men to prepare your apartment in the County Party Committee Quarter, and you can move in anytime. Oh, if you want, you can continue to stay in the County Public Security Bureau Quarters. It’s up to you.” Yao Yi is speaking politely, as Dong Xuebing is on the same level as him now.

Dong Xuebing quickly thanks Yao Yi. “Thank you, Director Yao.”

“It’s fine… so, what’s your decision?”

“No problem. When do you think I should move to? I still have not taken over the role. Will it be too early for me to move in?”

“Hahaha… you will be appointed sooner or later. Alright. I will get someone to pass you the keys, and you can move in whenever you like.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “No… I will go over to collect the keys from you.”

Dong Xuebing is pleased to move into the County Party Committee Quarters as it symbolizes power and authority. He immediately drives over to the County Government to collect the keys. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and decided not to move into the new apartment first. He is still not officially the Head of the Investment Promotion Agency, and people might gossip if he moves in now. He must do his best in the Public Security Bureau in his last few days to prevent others from talking about him behind his back.

In the past, Dong Xuebing would not have considered too much and would rush to move in. Dong Xuebing felt he is more matured now.

Back in the Public Security Bureau, Dong Xuebing continues to read up about the Investment Promotion Agency.

After reading the information, Dong Xuebing revised his English.

Everywhere in China is talking about attracting foreign investment. Even the County Committee Party is anxious when the Japanese investment team comes to Yan Tai County. This shows how important investments are to the County. Dong Xuebing’s trip to Korea made him realize that not knowing a foreign language is very inconvenient. In the future, he might face investors from all over the world, and he needs to pick up his English skills again. Dong Xuebing had learned English in High School and University, but he had not used it for more than a year. He just needs to read the dictionary and can recall everything.


Dong Xuebing picks up an English-Chinese dictionary and starts flipping and reading the words aloud.





There was a flash!

The dictionary returned to two pages before, and time had returned to one minute ago.

Dong Xuebing was stunned and then slapped his forehead hard. Damn! Why did I read BACK? If I use it in a sentence, it will still be fine. But if I only say this word, it will be a command, and time will return. I had wasted one minute for nothing!

Dong Xuebing continues to read the dictionary.

One hour… two hours… three hours…

Dong Xuebing is someone with perseverance. Once he decided on something, he will do his best. To fulfill his role with the Investment Promotion Agency in the future, Dong Xuebing is pushing himself hard. He spent the whole afternoon practicing his English by reading the thick dictionary. Of course, he did not read every single word. He only chose the commonly used words to read.





Suddenly, Dong Xuebing felt something triggered in his mind, and a screen appeared in his eyes!

It was so sudden that Dong Xuebing got a shock. F**k! What is going on?! Why is there a screen in my eye? He immediately rubbed his eyes, but the things he saw is from his brain and not in front of him!

It is not his eyes playing tricks on him!

Something had happened to him!

Dong Xuebing suppressed his fears and closed his eyes to see what that thing is.

After closing his eyes, Dong Xuebing should not see anything, and it should be in darkness. But in front of him is a clock. It’s a round virtual clock with some markings, and a second hand is moving slowly. It looks like those virtual clock widgets on mobile phones. The time on the clock is exactly the same as the real world, and there are some numbers above the clock. The numbers are not the time and seem to be unrelated to the clock.

A meter? Numbers?

What do these numbers mean?

Dong Xuebing knew what he is seeing must be related to his power, BACK, as this is too weird.

But before Dong Xuebing can continue to examine the clock, the clock and numbers disappeared.

Huh? What is going on? Where is the clock?

Dong Xuebing felt he is going crazy, but he suddenly recalls if the clock acts like his power, BACK. The clock should not have appeared for no reason, and it must be him saying the command unintentionally. What word had triggered the clock? That’s right. It must be the words he was reading earlier.

“Mr.?” Nothing happens.

“Men?” Nothing happens again.

“Menu?” The clock and numbers appeared again!

Menu? This is the word that triggers the clock! The meaning of Menu is a list of items to choose from!

Dong Xuebing got excited to know that reversing the time is not his only power. He might still have undiscovered powers.


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