Power and Wealth
Chapter 334 – Got setup!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 334 – Got setup!

Breaking bricks with one hand?

The performer is Investment Promotion Agency’s Chief Dong Xuebing?!

After the host, Su Jia finished her sentence, the audience starts to whisper among themselves. This performance is too sudden. Everyone in the audience is leaders within the county government. When they heard Dong Xuebing will be representing the Investment Promotion Agency to break bricks with one hand. Lots of people frowned, but the people from the Public Security Bureau cheered. All of them were eager to watch Dong Xuebing’s performance.

Clap… clap… clap… the audience starts to clap.

Dong Xuebing was still seated in his chair and did not move.

Xie Huilan was smiling and enjoying the performances. But after Su Jia announced the performer’s name, she frowned slightly and turns to look at the County Government Office Director Yao Yi. “Breaking bricks with one hand? How come I not aware Xiao Dong will be performing today?” Yao Yi replied softly. “I am not sure too. His name is not listed as one of the performers yesterday when I check the program list.”

Xiang Daofa raised his brows and whispered something to the Publicity Department’s head, Chen Tongbing.

After waiting for a while, and no one appeared on the stage, the audience starts to look around for Dong Xuebing. Xie Huilan, Xiang Daofa, and other leaders also turn around to look for Dong Xuebing. Xie Huilan and Xiang Daofa immediately understood what happened when they saw Dong Xuebing’s gloomy face. Dong Xuebing had not registered this performance, and he is not prepared!

The person-in-charge of the performance saw Dong Xuebing’s expression and was shocked. He immediately called his assistant over and screamed. “What are you doing?! What is wrong with Chief Dong’s performance?” The assistant replied. “It was added last night.”

“Who registered this performance? Why is Chief Dong not aware?”

“It’s from the Investment Promotion Agency. I thought…”

The person-in-charge shouted angrily. “Why didn’t you call Chief Dong to confirm the performance? Huh?! Did you even check what he is performing? You add in this performance just because someone informs you? Do you have brains?” The assistant replied. “How can I check the program with someone at Chief Dong’s level? What should we do now?”

The person-in-charge paced up and down and ordered. “Start the music! Move the bricks!”

“But…” The assistant said. “Just go!” The person-in-charge can only hope Dong Xuebing can pull this off.

“Ah…” The assistant quickly runs out to carry out the orders.

The person-in-charge knew it’s not his assistant’s fault. When the departments inform them about their performance, they will rehearse together. But it is still necessary for the person-in-charge and his assistant to check their performance first. Or else, the performers might put up a boring performance and ruin the night. However, the Investment Promotion Agency had informed that Chief Dong will be performing. At Dong Xuebing’s level, it will be inappropriate to check with him about his performance.

This is a major screw up!

Dong Xuebing does not know he is supposed to be performing today!

Chief Dong is the head of the Investment Promotion Agency, and he will not forget he has to perform. This will put his career at risk, as Party Secretary Xiang and other County leaders are seriously treating this celebration. They had even issued official orders for tonight’s performance. From Chief Dong’s expression, everyone knew he was set up!

Qin Yong asked anxiously. “Is it Meng Xianglin?”

“Other than him, who else can it be?” Dong Xuebing took a deep breath, as he is burning with rage inside.

Meng Xianglin, the former Chief of Investment Promotion Agency, was forced to retire due to a stroke from the elevator incident. He believes Dong Xuebing was the one who had caused the elevator’s cable to snap. But the Public Security found no evidence of foul play after their investigations. Since he is going to retire due to medical reasons, he had nothing to worry about. Before he left his office, he secretly registered Dong Xuebing’s name as one of the performers to make him make a fool of himself.

This must be it!

This old bastard!

The music started, but the main performer, Dong Xuebing, was still seated among the audience.

Not everyone knew Dong Xuebing was being set up, and some were still wondering why no one is going up the stage.

Qin Yong said nervously. “How about you go up the stage first?” An old leader from the Cultural Department sitting beside Dong Xuebing said. “It’s just breaking bricks with one hand. I think…” But at this moment, a few of the staff carried five bricks onto the center of the stage. The bricks were stacked and tied tightly, and everyone knows it is impossible to break all the bricks with bare hands. The one who set Dong Xuebing up is too despicable.

Lots of people are looking at Dong Xuebing.

Go up the stage and break the bricks with one hand!?

Dong Xuebing understood what is going on. He can break the bricks one by one with one hand, but he cannot do this performance. The issue here is not whether if he can break the bricks. The County’s Art Troupe had performed songs and dance. In contrast, the Environmental Protection Department had performed a sketch to tell the audience not to litter. The Public Security Bureau had performed Wushu to show their fighting abilities, and the Cultural Department had performed calligraphy and painting. But the Investment Promotion Agency is performing bricks breaking?! This will be a disgrace!

Furthermore, Dong Xuebing is no longer with the Public Security, and Xie Huilan had reminded him to change his image. Dong Xuebing must have an image in line with the Investment Promotion Agency, as he is the leader of this department. He must be the role model, and how can he break bricks with brute force?! He will be a laughing stock!

That’s why Dong Xuebing does not want to go up onto the stage!

But all the leaders and colleagues are looking at Dong Xuebing now!

Dong Xuebing cannot go up on the stage and say he had not prepared for this performance. All the government leaders are present, and not everyone knows he is being set up. If he really announced that he is not prepared, his reputation will be tarnished, and lose respect from others. Also, the County’s top leaders had issued orders that every department must put up at least one performance. If this performance is canceled, then the Investment Promotion Agency will be the only department with no performance.

Dong Xuebing is in a difficult situation now.

Xie Huilan, seated in the front row, saw everything, but she did not say a word. She only narrowed her eyes and continued chatting with the other leaders beside her normally.

There is nothing Xie Huilan can do now.

In government service, anything can happen suddenly. Being about to handle sudden situations is what differentiates a good leader and a bad leader. Now, it is all up to Dong Xuebing.

Deputy Mayor Geng Yuchao turns and looks at Dong Xuebing. He might be with the Xie faction, but he does not interact with Dong Xuebing before. He had been curious why Mayor Xie is supporting and grooming Dong Xuebing. Now Dong Xuebing is in a difficult situation. This is the opportunity to see if Dong Xuebing has what it takes to handle this well. Break the bricks, it will be an embarrassment! Cancel the performance, the consequences will be more severe!

Geng Yuchao also could not think of a solution.

Huang Li, Liang Chengpeng, Qin Yong, Hu Silian, and others close to Dong Xuebing were worried. They also could not think of any solution, and no matter what Dong Xuebing did, he will embarrass himself. It is only a question of how to lower the severity of this situation.

Lui Dafa, who was seated in the second row, turns to look at Dong Xuebing gloatingly.

Publicity Department’s head, Chen Tongbing, Party Committee Office Administration Director, Lian Yanshan, Public Security Executive Deputy Bureau Chief, Hu Yiguo, Deputy Bureau Chief Zhao Jingsong, etc. were all looking at Dong Xuebing with a smile.

Qin Yong pushed Dong Xuebing lightly. “Brother Dong? Brother Dong?”

Dong Xuebing did not reply.

The host, Su Jia, was also anxious. She saw someone from the backstage signaling to her, and she is about to go up the stage to announce the next program. She had no choice, but if she really skipped Dong Xuebing’s performance, the impact will be greater. People might think Dong Xuebing is irresponsible.

Qin Yong pushed Dong Xuebing harder. “Brother Dong!”

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and looks around him. He turned towards the stage and stood up. He straightened his collar and started walking towards the stage.

Su Jia saw Dong Xuebing is going up the stage and quickly stopped her announcement.

Dong Xuebing’s face immediately changed after he got onto the stage. He smiled and said. “Haha… Sorry to keep all of you waiting. Breaking the bricks with one hand… I was preparing my Qi earlier for this performance.”

The moment Dong Xuebing stepped onto the stage, he got an idea to get out of this sticky situation!


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