Power and Wealth
Chapter 337 – Terrific Xiao Dong!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 337 – Terrific Xiao Dong!

“Impossible! Where are the bricks?”

“That’s right. How did the bricks disappear?”

“Show us the bottom of the table!”

“Are the bricks hidden somewhere? This performance is good enough to be performed on CCTV Gala night!”

Dong Xuebing smiled at the audience and lifted the tablecloth to show the tabletop. Other than some dust from the bricks, it was empty. Dong Xuebing knocks hard on the tabletop. Bam, bam, bam… the tabletop is solid, and there is no mechanism. He knows the audience will not be convinced and called the host, Su Ja, over.

Su Jia was still shocked as she walks over to the table. She touched and looked at the tabletop and even lifted the tablecloth.

“There is nothing wrong with the table! OMG! Where are the bricks?! Are my eyes playing tricks on me?” Su Jia made a shocked expression and looks under the table. “This is impossible!” As the host of the event, she must also show her surprise even if she knows the magic trick. But this time, Su Jia is really shocked. She is the only nearest to Dong Xuebing during the performance and had been staring at him. But she could not understand how Dong Xuebing takes the bricks away.

In the backstage, the person-in-charge and the staff were stunned. They knew there is nothing wrong with the table, as the table had been used all this while in the hall. The bricks were also carried onto the stage by them and are not magic tricks props.

The audience was speechless.

Dong Xuebing’s magic performance had surprised everyone. Despite the cameras focusing on the bricks from different angles, none of the audience can see through the trick. Dong Xuebing is not a professional magician, and he can make ten bricks disappear by “chopping” them. The audience went quiet for two to three seconds due to their shock.

Clap… clap… clap…

Xie Huilan was the first to clap. “Good!”

Huang Li laughed loudly. “Breaking bricks with one hand!”

Geng Yuchao, Liang Chengpeng, Qin Yong, and the rest also cheered loudly.

The whole hall applause and cheered!

The applause and cheers are louder than all previous performances!

Lui Dafa, Yu Zhengzhi, and the rest could not believe their eyes. This is too unexpected. How did Dong Xuebing make those bricks disappear? Isn’t he set up by the former Investment Promotion Agency Chief Meng Xianglin? He should not have prepared for any performance. How can he put up such a good magic performance without any preparations? This guy is good at adapting to sudden situations. Even under such circumstances, he can still pull it through!

Xie Huilan and Huang Li nodded as they look at Dong Xuebing.

That’s right. Dong Xuebing had pulled himself out of this sticky situation.

No one had expected Dong Xuebing to pull this through because breaking bricks with one hand is a Wushu performance and will tarnish his image as the Investment Promotion Agency leader. Dong Xuebing must not break the bricks. But changing the performance last minute will soften the impact. Still, at the same time, Dong Xuebing’s authority will be affected. There are no ways around this.

But Dong Xuebing did it!

Dong Xuebing even did it astonishingly!

Dong Xuebing did not change the performance and even continued with it. He changed the performance of the breaking brick into a magic show, and it was outstanding. Not only did he not tarnish his reputation and authority, he even leaves a good impression with all the government staff.

Many people were impressed in their hearts. Breaking bricks ended up as a magic show.

Dong Xuebing is terrific. Despite being forced to perform at the last minute, he managed to save the situation! Who else can adapt to this sudden situation like him?

This is an eye-opener for many people today. not only had they watched a splendid magic performance, but they also saw how Dong Xuebing saved himself from losing face. Many people realized that this young Xiao Dong does not have low political wisdom like the rumors. He is not like what the rumors said, where he only knows how to use his fist.

This magic show had shocked everyone.

Geng Yuchao finally understood why Xie Huilan put Dong Xuebing up for promotion. Xiao Dong is very capable.

Dong Xuebing, who is still on the stage, is also pleased with his performance today. Not only he had saved himself from Meng Xianglin’s plot, but he also earned the respect of the government staff. He had also changed his image in everyone’s heart, and it will help for his future work at the Investment Promotion Agency. He picks up the microphone and bow. “Thank you.”

“Chief Dong, perform one more trick!”

“That’s right. Perform one more trick!”

“If not, you can show us how you did that trick earlier.”

“How did you make those bricks disappear?”

Dong Xuebing is speechless as he thought to himself. How can I show you the secret of this magic trick? Other magicians are using illusions and props for their performance, but I am different. I had really made those bricks disappear. He smiled and said. “This is a magic trick, and if I tell you all the secrets behind it, it will be meaningless. Hahaha… thank you, everyone. My performance shall end here, as there are many other performances lined up for today.” Dong Xuebing quickly got off the stage after he finished.

Many of the audience were disappointed. Dong Xuebing’s performance is good enough to be performed on national TV. After his performance, all other performances are no longer interesting. This performance, “Breaking bricks with one hand,” is no doubt the best tonight. A few minutes ago, no one had expected this outcome.

The back row of the Grand Hall.

Dong Xuebing returned to the back of the hall, and the nearby staff clapped for him again.

Dong Xuebing smiled and thanked them before returning to his seat.

Qin Yong gave Dong Xuebing a thumbs up and said. “Brother Dong, I am very impressed today. Breaking bricks with one hand… Hahaha…. Terrific!”

“Thank you. I was also forced to do this and had no other choices.” Dong Xuebing smiles. “If I were to change the program, what can I perform? Sing? I can only sing the National Anthem, but if I sing, it will be an embarrassment.”


At the same time.

Meng Xianglin, who was looking at his phone in his hospital ward, is sneering.

Ring… ring… ring… this is the call he was waiting for.

Meng Xianglin knew Dong Xuebing’s performance should have finished by now, and quickly answer the phone. “Hello, how did Dong Xuebing fare? Did he break the bricks?”

The background of the caller is very noisy. “Yes… he performed, but…”

“Hahaha… he really performed breaking those bricks? How many bricks did he break?” Meng Xianglin smiles for a few seconds before shouting angrily. “What?! He made all the bricks disappear?! What are you talking about?! Huh?! Magic…? What magic show? Say that again?! He changed the performance into a magic show, and it was a success?!” Meng Xianglin was in a daze and could not even remember when he hangs up the call.

The moment Meng Xianglin regained his senses, he threw his phone onto the floor angrily!

Meng Xianglin was sure that Dong Xuebing had made his condition worse by scaring him, and is determined to revenge. Even when he was forced to retire, he purposely set up Dong Xuebing. But Dong Xuebing still managed to escape and even earned the respect of all the staff.

Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing!

How did he diffuse such a difficult situation?!

“Arggghhhhh!” Meng Xianglin suddenly had a terrible headache, and his condition worsened!

A nurse heard Meng Xianglin’s cries and quickly rush to get the doctors.


At around 10 pm, the event ended.

Outside of the Party School, Dong Xuebing noticed it was different from the time he arrived. More people had gone up to him to greet him, and some even invited him to have dinner together. Dong Xuebing knew it must be his performance that had left a good impression with these staff. This is different from his former image of being rash and impulsive.

Suddenly, someone tapped Dong Xuebing’s shoulder.

Dong Xuebing turns and smiles. “Secretary Huang.”

Huang Li laughed and patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulder hard. “Your ‘breaking bricks with one hand’ is very impressive! Well done! Hahaha!” Huang Li said and walked towards his car, which was waiting for him in front.

Dong Xuebing seldom receives praise from the leaders since he was transferred to Yan Tai County.

On his way home, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Xie Huilan called. “You ah… you are always full of surprises. Haha… tonight’s performance is impressive.”

Dong Xuebing felt proud when he heard what Xie Huilan said.


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