Power and Wealth
Chapter 340 – Naked!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 340 – Naked!

Night. 11 pm.

It’s an hour away from the New Year.

Dong Xuebing, who had only his long john pants left in the living room, felt he was tricked by Xie Huilan. Sister Xie is on a winning streak, and Dong Xuebing knows he cannot continue to lose. He had trained his memory when he took the Civil Servant exams and is confident that he will not lose so badly. He must win.

The next game started.

Dong Xuebing concentrated on the cards and was not distracted by Xie Huilan’s sexy figure. He did not even look in her direction.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Do you need to be so serious?”

“You will not be saying this when you are almost naked.” Dong Xuebing stared at the cards to memorize them.

“You still have three pieces of clothing left, right?” Xie Huilan threw a card down. “It’s still early. Slow down. Hahaha.”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. I shall see if you can still laugh later. Dong Xuebing is serious now, as he is determined to look at Xie Huilan’s sexy long legs.

Dong Xuebing had put all his concentration into the game and had gotten some results.

Ten minutes later, Dong Xuebing won this round.

Dong Xuebing is overjoyed. “It’s my turn to pick my choice of your clothing.”

Haha! I can finally see more of her flesh!

“Hehe… picking the piece of clothing is the last game. I did not say it will apply to this game, right?” Xie Huilan crossed her legs and took off her suit jacket. “Alright. Let’s start the next game. I think I should treat this game seriously now.”

Dong Xuebing: “……”

“What’s wrong? Hurry up and shuffle the cards.”

“Sister Xie, I realized that you are very cunning.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Being cunning is an important requirement for a government official. Are you praising me?”

Dong Xuebing is speechless. Everything must be going according to Xie Huilan’s rules. This is cheating! Fine. “Hold on. Let’s set the rules before we start this game. Why must I give in to you when I win, and I must listen to your rules when you win?”

Xie Huilan looked at her watch and laughed. “Alright. It’s almost midnight, and we still need to countdown to the Lunar New Year. How about the loser take off three pieces of clothing in this game?” Even if Xie Huilan takes off three pieces of clothing, she will still have her underwear on.

Dong Xuebing tapped on his thighs. “It’s cold today, and I am wearing two long john pants. That means I still have four pieces of clothing on me. The loser shall take off four pieces of clothing.”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Ok. Four pieces of clothing.

Dong Xuebing rolled up his sleeves and took a deep breath. “Let’s start.”

This game is either make or break!

Dong Xuebing shuffled the cards and dealt the cards.

Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan did not say a word, and they tried to memorize all the cards. Xie Huilan’s memory is much better, and every time she threw a card out, she can collect two to five cards from Dong Xuebing. This game is not in favor of Dong Xuebing, and he started to sweat. No… I will lose if this carries on. No matter how hard he tried, he can only remember a small portion of cards.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing has an opportunity.

Dong Xuebing had won Sister Xie’s K, and he held Ace in his stack. There are no more cards on the table, and Dong Xuebing threw out the K. As the number of cards on the table increases, Xie Huilan made a few mistakes, and Dong Xuebing threw out his Ace. He won all the cards on the table!

Xie Huilan does not have many cards left, and Dong Xuebing finally won against her after half an hour!

I won! Hahaha!

Dong Xuebing is very excited. This time, he can finally see more of Xie Huilan!

Xie Huilan pushes the card away from her and laughed. “Do you need to be so happy?”

“Sister Xie, we agreed on four pieces of clothing earlier.” Dong Xuebing sat up straight and looks at Xie Huilan. “You cannot go back on your words this time.”

Xie Huilan smiled and stood up. Her hands reached for her waist and unbuckled her belt. After that, she unbuttoned her pants and slowly slide her pants down her long legs. She stepped out of her pants and place it on the sofa. She took off her long john top and threw it aside. Xie Huilan seems to like black colored underwear. This time, she is wearing a pair of black bra with small red prints.

Dong Xuebing is looking at her body without blinking.

Xie Huilan glanced at Dong Xuebing and took off her long john pants.

Xie Huilan’s long sexy legs are finally exposed to Dong Xuebing, and he even gets to see her lacy underwear.

Xie Huilan is left with her bra and underwear now.

“How many pieces have I taken off?” Xie Huilan stopped.

“… three pieces.” Dong Xuebing replied. “You still need to take off one more piece.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Really? How come I think I had taken off four pieces? Can you count again?”

“Your suit pants, long john top, and long john pants. I don’t need to count.” Dong Xuebing’s eyes are roaming on Xie Huilan’s body. This is the chance of a lifetime, and he will not miss it.

Xie Huilan did not move and looks at Dong Xuebing. “Can I owe you this piece of clothing?”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Sister Xie, we had agreed on the rules, and you are the one who suggested this. Furthermore, err…” Dong Xuebing lowered his voice. “It’s not like I had not seen you naked before.” When Dong Xuebing saved Xie Huilan from drowning and brought her home, he had seen her naked before. Xie Huilan was generous at that time and did not even try to cover herself up. Dong Xuebing knew Sister Xie is not someone shy because of that incident.

Xie Huilan laughed. “How can you compare then and now? I had no choice at your place as all my clothes are wet. Furthermore, I was puking at that time.” She said and sat down on the sofa. “It’s almost time for the countdown to Lunar New Year. Can you let me keep some modesty?”

Dong Xuebing had wanted to say no but gave in. He sighed and said. “Alright…”

It’s such a pity. Dong Xuebing thought he could look at Xie Huilan’s breasts up close this time.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Can I wear back my clothes?”

“Ok. Don’t catch a cold.” Dong Xuebing did not wear back his clothes as the apartment is not cold. Moreover, he is still wearing his long johns.

Xie Huilan carried her clothes back into the bedroom. After a while, the door open and Dong Xuebing heard her heels.

Dong Xuebing turned and was shocked. Xie Huilan was wearing a white blouse with a plunging neckline and is not wearing her long john. Part of her black bra is showing, and she is only wearing a pair of stockings at her bottom. It was too sexy.

“Why are you not wearing your clothes?” Dong Xuebing pretended to ask. “It’s cold.”

“Haha… This is what I wear at home. It’s comfortable.”

Dong Xuebing remembered the last time he came to Xie Huilan’s apartment during their quarrel, she was only wearing a thin top and no pants. Now, her blouse is long enough to cover her lacy black underwear, and it looks sexier. Dong Xuebing knew no one will wear stockings and heels at home… Is she wearing stockings and heels for him?

Dong Xuebing is getting heated up.

Xie Huilan walked over to the sofa and crossed her legs.

Dong Xuebing felt he is on fire. He looks at her thighs and legs. Xie Huilan’s dressing is too seductive for Dong Xuebing. “Sister Xie…”

“Huh?” Xie Huilan turns to Dong Xuebing.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Haha… what if I say no?”

“Err… can I touch your legs?”

“… what do you think?” Xie Huilan smiles.

Dong Xuebing got bolder after looking at Xie Huilan’s expression. He reached out for Sister Xie’s neck and lowered his head. Xie Huilan was still looking at him with a smile. Dong Xuebing looked at her and kissed her. He bit her lips and sucked on her tongue.

Dong Xuebing finally kissed Sister Xie again after a long time.

Dong Xuebing is overjoyed and kissed her for a while.

Xie Huilan did not kiss him back but remained there expressionless for him to kiss.

Dong Xuebing did not expect Xie Huilan to react because he was still feeling guilty about that incident with Aunt Xuan. Being able to kiss Xie Huilan is already a breakthrough.

Their lips separated. Dong Xuebing smiled and held Xie Huilan’s hand.

Xie Huilan also tightened her grip on Dong Xuebing and stroked Dong Xuebing’s fingers lightly. “It’s starting…”

The countdown for Lunar New Year started.

Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan held hands and watch the TV host counting down.

“10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4…”

Dong Xuebing tightens his grip on Xie Huilan’s hand.





Lots of firecrackers and fireworks were let off!

Everyone in the quarters and in the TV cheered!

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sister Xie, we had held hands from last year to this year… We held hands for a year!”

Xie Huilan pushes Dong Xuebing’s other hand, which was on her thighs, away, and laughed. “You had also touched my thighs for one year. You had taken advantage of me for one year too.”

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