Power and Wealth
Chapter 348 – The Secretary candidate is confirmed!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 348 – The Secretary candidate is confirmed!

Dong Xuebing spent the whole afternoon thinking of reducing Lui Dafa’s influence within the agency.

Lui Dafa is the biggest obstacle in front of Dong Xuebing, and even someone without much political wisdom can see it, let alone others. For example, Deputy Chief Sun Shuli, Pu Yang, Guo Junbao, the Section Chiefs of Business Section Offices, etc. Everyone knows that if Chief Dong cannot get rid of Lui Dafa, he cannot proceed with his work. He will give everyone in the agency and the County’s leaders the impression that he is useless. Most likely, he will not last long in his position, let alone showing outstanding results.

The decision to reduce Lui Dafa’s authority is ruthless.

But that is not enough to turn the tides in Dong Xuebing’s favor.

If Dong Xuebing doesn’t make another move, people might think Lui Dafa is in control of the agency. Chief Lui had been very scheming, and this is not impossible. After what happened in the morning, many staff can tell Lui Dafa had started his retaliation against Dong Xuebing.

But other than Office Director Luo Haiting is on Dong Xuebing’s side, the rest had not made any moves. They are sitting on the fence, and it’s not the right time to choose a side. Even with Mayor Xie getting more powerful, Yan Tai County is still under Xiang Daofa’s control. They had also heard rumors that Chief Dong had offended Xiang Daofa. Who knows how long Dong Xuebing can remain as the Chief of the Investment Promotion Agency? That’s why the rest of the leaders are waiting for the outcome from Dong Xuebing’s clash with Lui Dafa.

If Dong Xuebing can suppress Lui Dafa, the rest of the leaders will support him. But if Dong Xuebing cannot do anything to Lui Dafa, they will wonder how long this young Chief Dong can last within the agency.

A storm is brewing within the agency.

It’s the first day of work after the Lunar New Year, and the situation within the agency had changed.

Pu Yang, Guo Junbao, and the other offsite Office Directors did not return to their offsite offices. They remained in their offices within the agency because they still had not received this year’s tasks. More importantly, they want to see how capable Chief Dong is. Can he suppress that cunning old fox, Lui Dafa? Many of the leaders are unhappy with Dong Xuebing, as he is very young and is transferred in by the County Government. These are the difficulties faced by Dong Xuebing. He is too young and inexperienced.

Suppose it is someone in his forties and had experience in Investment Promotion Agency. In that case, the situation within the agency will be different.

Towards Chief Dong, no one in the agency is supporting him wholeheartedly.

Everyone shows respect for Dong Xuebing on the surface, and many people are questioning his capability. Many more are waiting for Dong Xuebing to become a laughing stock. They want to see how he is going to stop Lui Dafa. The majority of the staff don’t think Chief Dong can win against Lui Dafa. If it’s a fight, no one in the agency can win against Dong Xuebing, but it is different in politics.

It’s not uncommon for the Deputy Chief to gain control of the department from the Chief with the higher-ups’ support.

That’s why the struggle between Dong Xuebing and Lui Dafa will determine many factors. Everyone within the agency is watching them.


4 pm.

Dong Xuebing went for his rounds on the various departments. He could feel the weird atmosphere within the agency. Back in his office, Dong Xuebing frowned and poured a cup of tea for himself. He must make his next move against Lui Dafa carefully. If he is not careful, he backfires and hurts himself instead.

But Dong Xuebing is not afraid of challenges. Since young, he had not been afraid of anyone.

Dong Xuebing made a call and asked Luo Haiting to go to his office.

“Sister Luo.” Dong Xuebing needs a breakthrough, but he is not very clear about the situation within the agency. “Can you tell me more about the agency within the agency?”

Luo Haiting blinked and asked cautiously. “Which area do you want to know?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Anything. It’s up to you.”

Luo Haiting knows what Dong Xuebing means by anything. She knows Dong Xuebing wants to more know about Lui Dafa, and he is facing some difficulties. “Then… let me talk about the leaders within the agency. Chief Sun is an expert in getting investments. He is very capable and is not within the agency most of the time. He is always outstation visiting the investors and is hardworking. But… but he does not like to get involved in the matters within the agency. Chief Lui…” Luo Haiting lowered her voice. “is clean and does not have any issues with his personal lifestyle.”

Dong Xuebing looks at Luo Haiting. “Haha… our government needs officials who are clean.”

Luo Haiting paused for a while and continued. “Chief Lui finances should have no problems.”

This is what Dong Xuebing wants to know, and Luo Haiting got the hint.

Dong Xuebing heard this and frowned in his heart. Luo Haiting is the Office Director and oversees the finances within the agency. Even in the past, when she got to report to Lui Dafa, she prepared the accounting report. Since Luo Haiting said this, that means Lui Dafa had kept his finances clean. At least he did not touch the money within the agency. Luo Haiting is telling Dong Xuebing that he can’t use the old accounts against Lui Dafa. Even if Lui Dafa is corrupted, the Investment Promotion Agency’s reputation will be affected. It will do no good for Dong Xuebing.

There are no problems with Lui Dafa’s finances.

There are no problems with Lui Dafa’s lifestyle.

Dong Xuebing does not know where to start now.

After chatting for a while, Luo Haiting said. “I will go back to work now.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “The promotion brochures must be out by today. Mayor Zhao wants to see it tomorrow morning. Help me monitor the progress, and if it is not ready by the end of the day, ask them to work overtime.”

“Alright. I will hurry them.”

“Those new investment programs must be positioned in front and let me see once it is completed.”

“Yes.” As Luo Haiting was about to leave, someone knocks on the door.

Luo Haiting opened the door and saw a man in his thirties standing outside. She had not seen this person before but felt he is familiar.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Panwei! When did you arrive?”

Guo Panwei laughed. “I had settled the paperwork in Beijing this morning and rushed over. I had just arrived in the afternoon.”

Luo Haiting knew who this person is, as she had seen Guo Panwei’s resume.

Dong Xuebing is overjoyed to see his former subordinate. He is still troubled to have no one to help him. “Let me introduce. This is Guo Panwei, my former subordinate. His transfer order should have arrived this morning. He will be the Investment Promotion Agency Office Deputy Director from today onwards. Panwei, this is Director Luo Haiting, your direct superior. You must do your best to assist her.”

Guo Panwei quickly extended both his hands to shake Luo Haiting’s hand. “Director Luo. Please guide me along in the future.”

Luo Haiting laughed. “Don’t mention it. The Office Department has lots of work, and I need your help with the workload.”

Dong Xuebing can sense Luo Haiting is wary towards Guo Panwei. Dong Xuebing had just been appointed and immediately transfer his former subordinate over. This person must be someone he trusted and is his trusted aide. Furthermore, this person is transferred to the Office Department, and Luo Haiting wonders if Chief Dong has other plans. Is he going to replace her with Guo Panwei? Luo Haiting had leaned towards Dong Xuebing initially because she wants to secure her position.

Dong Xuebing does not want to let Luo Haiting get the wrong idea. He laughs. “Director Luo, Panwei’s duties in the future, will be overseeing my office. You are the senior here. Please guide him along.”

In charge of the Chief’s office?

Isn’t that the Secretary’s duty?

When Luo Haiting heard this, her eyes become friendlier when she looks at Guo Panwei. Chief Dong had transferred him over to be his secretary. That means Guo Panwei’s headcount is under the Office Department, but he will not hold any power there. She is relieved to know that Chief Dong has no intention to replace her.

Guo Panwei heard this and is also overjoyed.

Deputy Director? Guo Panwei got a headache when he heard this title. He had been the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office for about a year. His workload is heavy but doesn’t have any power. He still has to endure his superior and does not want to experience it again. But being a secretary is different. Guo Panwei also wanted to be Dong Xuebing’s secretary. There will be more opportunities for him than being a Deputy Office Director.

Dong Xuebing knows that Guo Panwei is not the best candidate for a secretary.

It’s not about Guo Panwei’s capabilities. It is because Guo Panwei is new to the agency like Dong Xuebing and doesn’t know anything. His knowledge of the agency is worse than Dong Xuebing. This is his first time in Yan Tai County, and had not met any of the leaders within the County. He will face problems communicating with them. But Dong Xuebing had no choice. There are no suitable candidates within the Office Department, and Lui Dafa is influential within the agency. Who knows if the secretary he picks randomly can be trusted? At least Guo Panwei can be trusted. It’s hard for him to work, then he must slowly adjust. Everyone must go through this phase.


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