Power and Wealth
Chapter 350 – The swaggering Xiao Dong
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 350 – The swaggering Xiao Dong


Prostitution activities?

Dong Xuebing and Luo Haiting, who were still in the room, were stunned.

Knock… knock… knock…! Knock… knock… knock…! The knockings got louder!

Luo Haiting’s face changed, and panicked. She quickly got up and grabbed her coat to cover herself. But she thought about something and turned to Dong Xuebing. “Chief… what should we do?” Although she had come to Dong Xuebing’s room for work, they were alone in the room. Luo Haiting still has a family, and if someone saw her in Chief Dong’s room, there will be gossips, and her reputation will be ruined. Furthermore, Luo Haiting sensed this is not coincident.

Why did the Police go to the sixth floor instead of other floors?

Dong Xuebing is also looking terrible as he knows there’s more to this.

Prostitution activities? How can it be a coincidence? They had just entered the room for a while, and the Police are here?!

Dong Xuebing had been working in the Public Security Bureau for a year and knew their procedures well. The Police will visit nightclubs and other entertainment nightspots for raids almost every week. But this time is different. Firstly, it is not the crackdown period, and secondly, the hotel is not a nightspot. Furthermore, this hotel is very clean and is not involved in illegal activities. If not, Dong Xuebing will also not stay here. Even if someone reported prostitution activities in this hotel, the Police would usually ignore it. There is only one explanation for the Police to be here. The Police have a target!

Who is the target?

Dong Xuebing feels he is the target!

The hotel is located not far from the Investment Promotion Agency, and it’s not long after working hours. Someone must have seen Luo Haiting, and him entering the hotel and inform Lui Dafa. Lui Dafa and some leaders within the County are looking to get Dong Xuebing into trouble, which is the best opportunity. If they caught Dong Xuebing in bed with Luo Haiting, his reputation would be ruined. The Agency’s Chief sleeping with the Office Director on his first day will destroy Dong Xuebing’s career and embarrass Xie Huilan.

Dong Xuebing knew that even if the Police entered the room and didn’t catch him doing anything with Luo Haiting, Lui Dafa and the people behind him would not let Dong Xuebing off easily. They will still spread rumors about him!

This is too scheming!

Dong Xuebing is furious. He was still thinking about how the other party will deal with him, and this happened!

This is too despicable, and Dong Xuebing is about to explode.

Dong Xuebing and Luo Haiting are innocent, and this is false accusations!

Although Dong Xuebing commands high respect in Yan Tai County’s Public Security, there are still people who don’t like him. The hotel is located within the City Police Station’s jurisdiction, and the Station’s Chief is Chang Wantao. He is close to Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong and is related to the Jin Di Mansion’s case. He is one of the people within the Public Security Bureau who has grudges with Dong Xuebing. That’s why Dong Xuebing does not surprise the Officers from the City Police Station dares to find trouble with him.


Do you all really think I am a pushover?!

Knock… knock… knock…! The knocking continues. There are some noises outside in the corridor, and the Police had checked three rooms. There is a couple in one room from the voices, a family of three in another, and the last room is a businessman.

“Room 603 is not opening the door!”

“Get the keys and open it!”

The Police Officer shouted.

The hotel staff replied. “Sir… we don’t have any illegal activities here. You all are…”

“Shut up! Just open the door!”

Dong Xuebing’s room is 603.

Luo Haiting panicked. “Chief! We…”

Dong Xuebing calmly replied. “It seems like someone is getting impatient. This is trying to get in into trouble.”

Luo Haiting confirmed her suspicions, but if the Police entered the room and saw her alone with Dong Xuebing, they can’t clear their names. “Then… what should we do?” Luo Haiting starts to regret it. They should have read the documents in Dong Xuebing’s car.

Dong Xuebing exhaled and said calmly. “Sister Luo, please wait in the bathroom for a while.”

Luo Haiting replied. “Err… the Officers will find me easily inside.”

“Just go. It’s fine.” Dong Xuebing wore his coat and took his bag.

Luo Haiting did not think hiding in the bathroom can escape the Police. But she had no choice but to listen to Dong Xuebing. She entered the bathroom nervously and closed the door.

Clink… clang… it is the sounds of keys.

The three Officers are ready to rush in once the door is opened!

This is the sixth floor, and it is impossible to escape through the windows. That means Dong Xuebing is trapped inside, and he will disgrace himself within the Agency. But the Officers do not know that this might be checkmate for others, but… this is nothing for Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing looked at the door coldly and thought to himself. You all had messed with the wrong person!


Everything stopped!

The curtains that were moved by the wind froze in mid-air. A bird flying outside of the window stopped, and the world becomes silent. Luo Haiting, who is in the bathroom, had stopped moving with a worried expression.

Dong Xuebing straightened his collar and opened the door.

In the corridor, the staff holding the key, is about to push it into the keyhole. One Officer is sneering behind him and staring at the door. The other two Officers are in a position to rush in once the door is opened.

“You all want to arrest me?!” Dong Xuebing looks at them and locks the room’s door.

Dong Xuebing will never let the ones who dare to accuse him off easily!

Dong Xuebing turned to the Officer on the left and reached out for his pocket. The clothes are heavy, and it took five to six seconds for Dong Xuebing to take out his work pass and wallet. After that, he searched the other Officers for their identification cards and wallets. After a while, all their wallets and identification cards were in Dong Xuebing’s hand!

Dong Xuebing turned and walked down the stairs.

Fifth floor…

Third floor…

Ground floor…

After walking out of the hotel, Dong Xuebing looks at the people and cars on the road. Everyone is frozen in place. He walked away from the hotel and pushed the Officers’ wallets, and work passes into a drain cover. Because there is no gravity, the wallets were hanging above the slits of the drain cover and did not drop inside.

Hmm…. It’s over.

Dong Xuebing looks around for a hiding spot, as he cannot appear suddenly in front of others when time resumes.

Dong Xuebing walked over to a dark corner beside a florist and snapped his finger. “STOP!”

Time resumed!


Beep! Beep! Beep! Cars are sounding their horns!

“Hey! Do you know how to drive? Why are you stopping there?!”

“Stop blocking the way! If you want to turn, hurry up!”

The road is bustling with activities, and the few wallets fell into the drain. People, who had just finished work, are hurrying down the walkways, and Dong Xuebing slowly lit a cigarette before walking out of the shadows. He looks up at his room on the sixth floor and saw a few shadows passing by the window. Those three Officers should have entered the room.

Go ahead and search!

Don’t forget to look under the bed.

Dong Xuebing stretched lazily and suddenly noticed a Toyota parked opposite the hotel. The car had blocked the traffic, but the driver is not in a rush to move his car. He kept looking at the higher floors of the hotel.

It’s Lui Dafa!

Dong Xuebing recognized the driver’s back view, but when he looks closer, he is wrong.

It’s not Lui Dafa, but someone that looks similar to him. They are also about the same age!

Dong Xuebing knew that this person should be either Lui Dafa’s elder or younger brother. He must have seen Luo Haiting and Dong Xuebing entering the hotel and told Lui Dafa. That’s why the Police arrive to conduct a raid!

Damn! Do all these people thinks I can be easily bullied?!

Dong Xuebing is furious and walks over.

Lui Dacai did not notice his side, and his car windows are opened. He is looking at the sixth-floor windows with a cold smile. He had never met Dong Xuebing before, but he saw Dong Xuebing from afar twice and seen his photograph. But Lui Dacai knows Luo Haiting. When he got off work today and saw Dong Xuebing and Luo Haiting entering the hotel, he immediately calls his elder brother Lui Dafa as he knows about the grudge between Dong Xuebing and Lui Dafa. Lui Dafa is excited and asked Liu Dacai to stay there to watch them. So, Liu Dacai remained there and stared at the Hotel’s main entrance. Dong Xuebing and Luo Haiting had not left the hotel, and when the Police Officers arrive, he knew Dong Xuebing is in trouble.

Suddenly, there is a loud Bam!

Someone slapped Lui Dacai’s shoulder hard. It was so hard that he felt his arm was almost dislocated!

“Are you crazy?!” Lui Dacai shouted angrily as he turns around. He was shocked, and his jaws dropped!

Damn! It’s Dong Xuebing!

When did Dong Xuebing leave the hotel?!


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