Power and Wealth
Chapter 352 – Got something against you!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 352 – Got something against you!



After sending Luo Haiting off, Dong Xuebing sat in his room and smoked a cigarette. This is not the end. Since Lui Dafa and the people behind him had made the first move, that means they will not let Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan off. Dong Xuebing will not hold back anymore. He needs to do something, or else he will not achieve any Investment Promotion Agency results. To prevent affecting Xie Huilan’s influence, Lui Dafa must be eliminated. He had wanted to wait for a while, but Lui Dafa had acted fast. Dong Xuebing cannot afford to wait any longer!

You want to create trouble for me?!

Then I will make you suffer too!

Dong Xuebing had just settled the foot soldiers, and it’s time to settle the score with the person behind them!

Dong Xuebing must act before his enemy makes the second move. He immediately leaves the hotel and drove out. He called a former subordinate in the Public Security Bureau to ask for Lui Dafa’s address. After getting the address, he drove straight to an estate built around the 1990s. Dong Xuebing parked his car at a corner and walked towards the estate.

The Investment Promotion Agency does not have their own quarters and only has a small building. This estate is shared with other Government agencies. The red building on the left is the Investment Promotion Agency and the Cultural Department’s quarters. The buildings at the back are the County’s Political Consultative quarters, Industrial department, Tax revenue, etc. quarters. This is a large estate, and many top leaders are staying here.

Dong Xuebing entered the estate’s compound.

The guards at the entrance do not know Dong Xuebing, but they did not stop him.

After entering the estate, Dong Xuebing went straight to the red building.

Lui Dafa is staying on the sixth floor, 601. Dong Xuebing looks at the building. Other than a low railing on the first floor, there is no railing from the second floor. After all, very few burglars will choose to steal from government employees’ quarters. That’s why no one from the second floor onwards built railing. But despite this, it’s too hard to climb up from outside of the building. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and entered the building. He walked up to the sixth floor and pressed the doorbell of apartment 601.

Ding Dong… Ding Dong…

Dong Xuebing pressed the doorbell and quickly walks down the stairs to the fifth floor.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Click… the door opened. Lui Dafa’s wife, Li Hong, sticks her head out. “Who is it?! Who pressed our doorbell?”

Before Li Hong looks down the stairwell, Dong Xuebing shouted. STOP!

Time stopped!

Everything in this world stopped!

Dong Xuebing immediately shouted MENU to check his remaining time. During the New Year Holidays, he had accumulated some time and is sufficient. Dong Xuebing walked up the stairs and looked at Li Hong. He still remembers the moment when Sister Yu was disfigured by Li Hong. He suppressed the urge to kill Li Hong and lowered his body. He squeezed himself through space beside Li Hong and the door frame and entered the apartment.

Two men are sitting in the living room. They are Lui Dafa and the man which Dong Xuebing met outside the hotel.

Lui Dacai’s expression seems to be complaining to his brother.

Lui Dafa had a cigarette hanging on his lips and is looking gloomy. The cigarette smoke is currently paused in mid-air.

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes and walked to the first room. He used a lot of strength to push the door open. This should be Lui Dafa’s son, Lui Xiaolei, room. That brat is not around.

Dong Xuebing continued his way to the other room. It’s Lui Dafa and his wife’s room!

After closing the door, Dong Xuebing snapped his finger. Stop!



Dong Xuebing can hear outside from the room.

“Xiao Hong, who is it?” Lui Dafa asked.

“I don’t know. There is no one outside.” Li Hong closed the door and grumbled. “I wonder which idiot is playing with our doorbell.”

Lui Dacai replied. “Sister-in-law, maybe it’s the kids from other apartments.”

Lui Dafa said. “Alright. Just let them be. Dacai, let’s continue. Tell me what happened earlier. How can Dong Xuebing disappear from the hotel? Also, the Officers who I sent to raid the hotel room are all arrested by the Detectives. I was told that they are arrested for impersonating Police Officers. They had only entered the hotel, and all their identification cards went missing! What is going on?! Ah?!”

Lui Dacai sighed. “I also don’t know when Dong Xuebing had left the hotel…”

Dong Xuebing did not continue to listen to their conversation and started looking around the room.

Dong Xuebing’s purpose for sneaking into Lui Dafa’s apartment is very simple. He wants to look for evidence that can be used against Lui Dafa. When Dong Xuebing was still with Beijing State Security, he had found several bank books with a large amount of cash. If anyone wants to hide something, they will most likely be hidden at home. Dong Xuebing needs to get something that can be used against Lui Dafa. It might not be evidence of him accepting bribes or corruption. He just wants to have something that can lower his influence and affect his reputation.


I don’t believe you are so clean that you don’t have any secrets!

Lui Dafa and his family are still talking outside and do not know someone is searching through their room.

Dong Xuebing checked under the pillows, blankets, mattresses, closets, between the drawers, etc. He even checks every pocket of the clothes hanging in the closet. He had worked in the Public Security Bureau and had been trained in searching. Dong Xuebing moved cautiously and tried not to make any noise. After searching, he placed the items back in its original place.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Twenty minutes…

Dong Xuebing searched the room but cannot find anything.

Dong Xuebing looks at the 30,000 RMB savings printed on a bank book before placing it back into the drawer.

Is Lui Dafa really this clean?!

How is this possible?! This old bastard must be hiding something!

Dong Xuebing looks at his watch. It’s 8.15 pm. He continued to search and even flipped through all the books on the bookshelf and knocks on all the floor tiles lightly. But he still cannot find anything. Dong Xuebing wonders if Lui Dafa had hidden his secret in the living room or his son’s room.

This time, the conversation outside attracted Dong Xuebing’s attention.

Li Hong said. “Old Lui, that bastard Dong Xuebing is very revengeful. We had offended him previously, and you tried to frame him this time. Will he revenge on you?”

Lui Dacai added. “That’s right. Brother, you should watch out.”

“Don’t need to worry.” Lui Dafa let out a cold laughter. “He dares to do something against me? What else can he do? Check my accounts? I am not afraid. My lifestyle? I don’t have any lifestyle issues! Even if the Commission for Discipline Inspection investigate me and our family’s account, they will get nothing. I will welcome Dong Xuebing to check with open arms. When he cannot find anything, he will be in trouble!”

Li Hong worryingly asked. “Is it really fine?”

Lui Dafa replied. “Don’t worry. You should know me well enough. Will I leave evidence for others to catch me?!”

Li Hong sighed in relief. “Ok.”

Dong Xuebing frowned when he heard this. If Lui Dafa can say this confidently, that means he should not leave any evidence around. He doesn’t have to boast in front of his family, and Dong Xuebing pulled a long face. Lui Dafa does not have any financial and lifestyle issues. How am I going to drag him down? Don’t tell me that I must seek help from Xie Huilan? No! That will be too embarrassing! Dong Xuebing had promised Xie Huilan he will settle this, and he must not let his girlfriend thinks he cannot even handle his subordinates.

Dong Xuebing cannot find anything against Lui Dafa?!

If this fails, I will try something else!

Dong Xuebing is prepared to go all out. If all else fails, he will take naked pictures of Lui Dafa and Li Hong, and put it up for everyone on the streets to see. But that is the last resort. Lui Dafa will be embarrassed, but everyone will know he is the one who did it. Dong Xuebing’s reputation will also be affected. People will think he is someone unscrupulous.

Suddenly, someone’s phone rang.

Ring… ring… ring…

Lui Dafa answered. “Hello, I’m Xiao Lui… yes… that’s right… that incident… ok… I will go over to your place now.”

It should be a call from a Leader.

After hanging up, Lui Dafa said. “I need to go out. Don’t worry. Even if we cannot get Dong Xuebing this time, I can still find ways to embarrass him tomorrow or the day after that.”

Li Hong asked. “Where are you going? What time will you be back?”

Lui Dafa replied. “I am going to meet a Leader and should take at least an hour or more.”

“Ok.” Li Hong said. “Drive carefully.”

Lui Dacai asked. “Brother, do you want me to wait for you?”

Lui Dafa replied. “Ok. I need to discuss something with you later. Just chat with your Sister-in-law first.”

About thirty seconds later, Dong Xuebing heard the sound of the door closing.

Dong Xuebing shook his head. Damn! The main lead had left, and he cannot even take their nude photos. Sigh… Dong Xuebing felt it’s useless to remain there, and there’s no point in taking their nude photos. He does not want to be dragged down by Lui Dafa, as it’s not worth it.

Dong Xuebing decided to go back first.

Dong Xuebing mumbled. STOP!

Dong Xuebing opened the bedroom door and was about to walk out.

But the next moment, Dong Xuebing saw something that shocked him. He immediately paused and returned to the room. He couldn’t believe what he saw. Lui Dacai is hugging his Sister-in-law, Li Hong, in the living room! Time had stopped, and they are frozen in a hugging position!


Dong Xuebing knew what he can use against Lui Dafa now!


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