Power and Wealth
Chapter 356 – Mum is dating someone?!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 356 – Mum is dating someone?!

One day…

Two days….

Three days….

One week had passed. Since Dong Xuebing had dealt with Lui Dafa, this old bastard finally quiets down. He returned to work after three days, but he locked himself up in his office most of the time. He did not make things difficult for Dong Xuebing anymore and admitted he had lost all his influence and authority. During these few days, Dong Xuebing familiarized himself with his work in the Agency. He is in charge of the Agency’s macro perspective and assigned the work to the various departments. Everything went smoothly.


Dong Xuebing looked at his watch under his blanket and returned to sleep.

Because of the Investment Promotion Agency’s work nature, weekends might be busier than weekdays. But Dong Xuebing is the Agency’s Chief, and he decided to give himself a break today.

Suddenly, the door of the apartment opened.

After a while, someone pushed Dong Xuebing, who had returned to sleep.

“Xiao Bing, Xiao Bing.” It’s Dong Xuebing’s mother, Luan Xiaoping. “It’s almost 9am. Wake up.”

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes and yawned. “I am not working today. Let me sleep for a while more. It’s been very tiring in the past few days.”

Luan Xiaoping looked at her son and wiped the dirt on his eyes before pulling his blanket to cover his feet. “You always don’t listen to me. I told you to rest more, and you never listen. Sigh… go back to sleep. I will help you clean up your apartment and prepare breakfast.” During Lunar New Year, Dong Xuebing gave his Mum a set of keys to his apartment. Luan Xiaoping was here to help him clean his apartment and wash his clothes. She knows how lazy her son is, and the whole apartment will be in a mess if she doesn’t come over in two weeks.

Dong Xuebing closes his eyes and nods. “Thank you, Mum.”

“What’s there to thank?” Luan Xiaoping stroked her son’s hand. “Go back to sleep.”

Luan Xiaoping walked out of the room and started doing the household chores.

About an hour later, Dong Xuebing woke up and walked out of his room lazily.

Luan Xiaoping is standing by the windows, hanging the laundry.

Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly. “Mum, take a break. I will do the rest.”

“You woke up?” Luan Xiaoping turned and smiled. “No need. I am not that old. Hurry up and brush your teeth. Breakfast is ready.”

Dong Xuebing blinked and said. “Mum… I just realized that you are getting prettier recently.”

Luan Xiaoping gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Rubbish! How can I be pretty when I am almost 50?” She smiled.

Dong Xuebing continued to look at his mother. “Hehe… I am telling the truth. You had put on makeup?”

Luan Xiaoping blushed and quickly said. “Stop saying nonsense and brush your teeth.”

“You had really put on makeup?!” Dong Xuebing becomes curious as his mother seldom dolled up. In the past, it is because they are poor, and his mother had never owned any cosmetics. But after Dong Xuebing becomes rich, his mother also did not buy any new clothes or cosmetics. Maybe she doesn’t see the need to dress up, or she is used to it. But today…

Luan Xiaoping quickly turns around and continues to hang the laundry. “If you continue to look at me, I will get angry. Go….”

“What’s the special occasion today?” Dong Xuebing continued. “It’s not your birthday today… and it’s still Lunar New Year. Oh, tomorrow is Yuan Xiao Festival, but you don’t need to dress up for that…” Luan Xiaoping cannot stand Dong Xuebing’s mumbling and pushes him into the bathroom.

These few months, Dong Xuebing had neglected his mother. Firstly, he is busy with work and promotion and went to South Korea with Yu Meixia for her cosmetic surgery. Secondly, he is used to be taken care of by his mother. He doesn’t need to visit his mother at her school’s hostel, and Luan Xiaoping will visit him to take care of him. Dong Xuebing thought back to Luan Xiaoping’s recent visits previously. His mother used to visit him every weekend and will stay in his apartment from morning to night. But during the past two months, her visits have become less frequent. Something is wrong. Dong Xuebing becomes worried.

During breakfast, Luan Xiaoping helped her son peeled a salted duck egg. “Eat it with the porridge.”

“Mum, are you hiding something from me?” Dong Xuebing asked. “I noticed you are strange recently.”

Luan Xiaoping blushed. “… no.”

Dong Xuebing puts down his chopsticks. “No, you must be hiding something from me. What is it? Tell me.”

“… nothing. Stop guessing.”

“Just tell me. I have no appetite if you don’t tell me.”

Luan Xiaoping took a sip of her porridge and softly asked. “Err… then I will ask you something. Your father… your father, had died for many years. I had not forgotten about him, but… All these while, I have never thought about this… but…” Luan Xiaoping stuttered. “Ok… let me put it this way. If I… get you a stepfather, will you… be unhappy?”

Dong Xuebing jumped up. “You are dating someone now?!”

Luan Xiaoping quickly waved her hands. “No… no… This is only a simple question.”

“How can this question be asked casually? You must be dating someone now.” Dong Xuebing has complicated feelings and asked anxiously. “Who is he? Is he a teacher at your school? How old is he? What is his name?” Dong Xuebing asked. “How can you hide such important things from me? Shouldn’t you discuss it with me first? When and how did you start dating him?”

Luan Xiaoping panicked after being questioned. “We are not dating. I am just asking.”

“Ah… you are still trying to deny?”

“… then you… answer me first.” Luan Xiaoping looks at her son. “Do you think it is not right also? Never mind. Just treat it as I have not mentioned anything.”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. You nearly scared me to death. How can I pretend you never ask? He thought for a while and sighed. “Mum, it’s not that I don’t agree. Dad had left us for so many years, and it’s normal for you to look for another partner. How can I be unhappy about this? I want you to be happy, but I am afraid you are being conned. There are not many good people around now, and you are so kind. What if you are cheated…”

Luan Xiaoping gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “I can see through others better than you!”

Dong Xuebing continued. “No matter what, you must let me meet that old man first.”

“What old man? Don’t be rude.” Luan Xiaoping is mad.

Dong Xuebing suddenly felt jealous.

After breakfast, Luan Xiaoping held Dong Xuebing’s hand when they were sitting on the sofa. “I will not hide this from you. At the end of last year, I went to the City with my colleague for shopping, and we saw a young man faking an accident to claim compensation. He tried to cheat an old lady, and I was afraid that the old lady will fall for it and reminded her. But that young man started arguing with me and even rolled up his sleeves to hit me. At that time, a man in his fifties alighted from a car parked along the streets. He gave that young man a stare, and that young man ran off.”

Dong Xuebing let out a ‘humph’ unhappily. “Saving a damsel in distress.”

Luan Xiaoping raised her voice. “Do you want to listen or not? If you don’t want to hear my story, I will not continue.”

“… alright… Carry on…”

“I thanked him and got to know him.” Luan Xiaoping was smiling sweetly. “He gave me his mobile number, and I gave him my apartment’s phone number. After that, we met up a few times. Oh, sometimes when I go to Feng Zhou City, we will have tea. Old Yang is a nice person, and his family background is quite similar to mine. His wife had passed away a few years ago.”

“He is working in the City? What’s his name?”

“Yang Zhaode.”

Dong Xuebing continued to ask. “Then what is the relationship between both of you now?”

“Nothing.” Luan Xiaoping quickly replied. “We are just friends. Friends that can get along well.”

Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes. “Save it. We youngsters will look for passion when we date. You all are different. Keeping in touch over the phone and meeting up once in a while to chat is already considered dating.” Dong Xuebing knew his mother well. She will never admit she is dating as she is shy, and she should be hiding a lot more details from him. She is already dating this man.

Luan Xiaoping could sense Dong Xuebing is feeling unhappy, and she stroked Dong Xuebing’s hand lovingly. “You… if you think this is not right, I will not contact him again.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “When did I say I object to this?”


“You should decide for yourself, but I must meet that man first.” Dong Xuebing does not object to his mother dating someone. But he is worried she will be cheated. He needs to know the other party’s character first. Although Luan Xiaoping is in her late forties, she is considered quite pretty among her age range after putting some makeup on.

Luan Xiaoping looks at Dong Xuebing. “Old Yang is quite busy with work these few days. Let’s have a meal together when he is free.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Ok.”

Luan Xiaoping sighed with relief. “Xiao Bing. Thank you.”

“Thank me for what?”

“I thought you will object, and… that’s why I don’t dare to tell you.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You are my Mum, and I will be happy if you are happy. What’s there to object? It’s just a stepfather. If Comrade Old Yang has a good character, I will agree. You are alone at your age and should find a partner. I am busy with work, and it’s good to have someone to accompany you.”

Luan Xiaoping laughed. “What Comrade Old Yang?”


Translator’s notes: The older generation in China are still very conservative when it comes to relationship.

Yuan Xiao Festival falls on the 15th day of the First Lunar month.


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